Happy Easter Waco

April 12, 2017

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Happy Easter Waco

Well at least we now know what the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals in Waco gave up for Lent. It took a vow of silence.

Forty-three days into Lent, Boss Appeals Judge Tom Gray and his loyal bunnies Rex (Davis) and Al (Scoggins) have yet to rule on a writ filed by Dallas lawyer Clint Broden in December 2016.

Broden’s writ is analogous to a motion filed by Assistant United States Attorney Eric Fuchs in the racketeering case against former Bandidos Motorcycle Club president Jeff Pike. Almost a year into that case, and dog years into the underlying investi- gation, Fuchs found two witnesses against Pike whom he alleged had once been advised by Pike’s lawyer, Kent Schaffer. Fuchs argued that Schaffer could not cross examine his former clients. To do so would violate the lofty moral standards for which lawyers have always been famous. So U.S. District Judge David Ezra ruled Schaffer had to go and the result of that was to further delay Pike’s day in court.


Parenthetically, there is an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie connection between the federal Bandidos case and the state Twin Peaks case. On March 29, McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna filed an official federal excuse for not trying any of the men and women he personally ordered arrested on May 18, 2015 after what is now commonly referred to as The Battle of Twin Peaks, The Bloodiest Biker Brawl in American History That Led To The Arrest Of 177 Criminal Gang Members: How One Crusading District Attorney Dared To Take Them On!!! Reyna told the court that he had heard from United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas, Richard L. Durbin, Jr., who had heard from his loyal bunny Eric Fuchs, “that the federal investigation has information which relates to the events at Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015.” So, in the interest of fairness and justice Kim Jong-un style, Reyan has suggested that none of the, at present, 192 Waco defendants can be tried until after Jeff Pike, and after whichever former Bandidos prospects happen to be appended to the case in the coming decades, are tried. It is an absurdly Zenonian rationale for a massive local, state and federal coverup.

Broden’s idea was to take a machete to this knot of sophistry, innuendo and propaganda by removing Reyna and his assistants from the Twin Peaks case and replacing them with a special prosecutor.

Reyna and his assistants participated in the “investigation” that preceded any of the Twin Peaks arrests.

During the mostly secret, early evening spin and strategy session that followed The Battle, The Crusading District Attorney unilaterally established – either off the top of his head based on the knowledge and experience he gained from watching every episode of  The Devils Ride or with the assistance of federal authorities, you make the call – the criterions for arrest. Then Reyna coerced a local detective into perjuring himself when he signed the probable cause statements for each of the arrestees. And, then Reyna went on television and jabbered like a monkey in a monkey tree that if the innocent victims he had had arrested were really innocent he wouldn’t have ordered their arrest.

Prosecutorial Discretion

Broden announced that he intended to examine Reyna and his assistants about their part in telling police who to arrest and moved that a lower court remove Reyna because, among other reasons, he would have a conflict of interest as both a prosecutor and a witness. If it worked for Schaffer why shouldn’t it work for Reyna? But District Judge Matt Johnson – who, in another amazing coincidence, was partners in law with Reyna – ruled against Broden and another defense attorney named Abigail Anastasio who had filed a similar motion.

Then Broden filed his appeal and argued his case before the bunnies on Ash Wednesday.

The bunnies were almost cruel to Broden. They wanted to know if there really was a line between prosecutorial misconduct and just damned good public service, and if there was a line where it was and what case defined it and what law book contained that case and so on. Harmon lectured Broden that “The DA has broad-sweeping authorities and powers.” He didn’t say if those powers have any limit and if so what those limits are and what case established those limits.

They were able to paint Broden into a corner because most rulings concerning “prosecutorial discretion” involve cases where prosecutors have failed to charge a Klansman or a crooked politician. A smaller body of law exists to describe the prosecutorial limits of vertical and horizontal overcharging. But there doesn’t seem to be any law to describe the fantastical thing Reyna did: Which was to say that since somebody who had a piece of cloth on his person may have committed a crime, everybody who had a similar piece of cloth on his person probably committed the same crime.

Since the hearing the appeals court has become our Lady of Silences calm and distressed. The real beginning of spring comes this Sunday but nothing has changed over the years so nothing will be reborn. The glee you hear this weekend will come from children. The men who run things in Waco will all be exercising their right to remain silent.


8 Responses to “Happy Easter Waco”

  1. FedUp Says:

    Hunter S Thompson … writing about the HA.

    “Their political views are limited to the same kind of retrograde patriotism that motivates the John Birch Society, the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party. They are blind to the irony of their role … knight errants of a faith from which they have already been excommunicated. The Angels will be among the first to be locked up or croaked if the politicians they think they agree with ever come to power.”

    (not that I’m making out Hunter Thompson to be any kind of hero or genius … but he kinda had a point when he wrote that)

  2. BMW Says:

    Personally, I believe that the political police now realize that they overplayed their hand as LEO tried to set up the Texas COC. Not everyone will agree, but I still smell Stevie Cookiestealer’s foul odor within this cover-up.

    LEOs and politicians have been trying to destabilize state COCs for years, because the COCs DO reduce senseless conflicts between clubs. Kneejerk conflicts, created and fanned by CIs has been a tactic for LEO for years. Every time LEO or the crooked politicians get caught misbehaving, they incite other parts of the community to violence to redirect attention away from the LEO or political establishment. Local newspapers, radio and TV are always willing to help.

    Having overplayed their hand, it is clear that the political police and corrupt WHACO public officials are together trying to stretch this debacle out until the few honest observers lose interest. Realistic reimbursements to the victims for false arrest, false imprisonment and financial losses could be well above the level of the million dollar bail demanded of the victoms…

    L, H & R, BMW

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    Those out there in the Tea Party movement, or any group that wants to limit Big Government for that matter, pay attention! This is just the test bed and these extrajudicial punishments will soon be used against ANYONE seen as a threat (or even an irritation) to the ruling elites. Hey, Sean Hannity and Mark Levine, why aren’t you all over this? Bikers are the Canaries in the Mine because they revel in and represent what the would-be-rulers hate most, individual freedom.

  4. Sharon Cox Says:

    This whole thing stunk from the get-go due to the presence of LE….does anyone doubt they may have shot some club members themselves?

  5. Downtown Says:

    They just don’t like ‘biker clubs” and have figured out a way to punish and destroy clubs by making false arrest, placing unreasonable high bonds on those arrested,and causing those arrested to amass huge legal fees The goal was not to get convictions. The goal was and is to financially destroy the bikers, cause them to lose jobs, homes and family in some cases. Punishment before conviction and after they destroy your life and bank account they will simply drop charges and walk away having accomplished their goal of punishment without conviction

  6. Gandalf Says:

    “LE has no intention of letting the myth go of how bikers were slaughtering each other at Twin Peaks when LE fanned the flames of a supposed biker war long before anyone set foot at Twin Peaks that day.” This is exactly why I believe all charges will be dropped after May 17, 2017… Blamed on the Feds (who got them into this mess) and Whatever Lawsuits will be settled and the myth will live on. No Trials. IMHO This is their only way out.

  7. Iron Rider Says:

    Reyna’s pal have to make it look like they are considering things when we all know it just for show because LE has no intention of letting the myth go of how bikers were slaughtering each other at Twin Peaks when LE fanned the flames of a supposed biker war long before anyone set foot at Twin Peaks that day.

    Have to keep the appearance that everything is up and up and that the defendants are getting equal treatment under the law which couldn’t be further from the truth, but that’s what illusions are all about making one think something is there when it isn’t.

    Reyna and his pals in LE that created the mess that Twin Peaks turned into and nine innocent people lost their lives over and another 177 has had their marriages, families, jobs and homes hanging in peril while bearing a financial burden because of insane bonds that were set for those whose only crimes was to be at Twin Peaks that day are still felling the financial pain that I am sure Reyna and co are hoping will resort in some taking a plea deal to stave of financial doom and the further losses they have suffered.

    Twin peaks has shownb us all how LE and its partners in crime are more than willing to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to manufacture a crisis and fan the flames of alleged discontent while pursuing those who wear a patch.

    Reyna and his pals will drag this out and deny justice to those 177 people for as long as they can and the Feds are more than willing to help, meanwhile the victims who lost their lives will continue to see justice denied and for those in LE that killed 4 people that day are free to roam the streets waiting for their next opportunity to kill again.

    There is a tragedy here, and it is how pathetic the justice system is for those who are so deserving of it while those who should be facing it are free to keep perverting it.

  8. Paladin Says:

    “The glee you hear this weekend will come from children. The men who run things in Waco will all be exercising their right to remain silent.”

    I think some of that “glee” will be from the men running things in Waco, celebrating their continued success in their just-us system.


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