Vagos Murder Twist

April 7, 2017

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Vagos Murder Twist

The investigation into the apparent murders of two Vagos named Scott Gardner and Brian Davis took a weird twist Wednesday.

The two men died of injuries sustained in the parking lot of a bar called the Sportspage in San Bernardino, California at about 7:30 p.m. last Sunday. Their alleged killer was another Vago named Beau Gabriel Hempel. A police spokesman declined to list Gardner and Davis’ injuries. The spokesman did say, “There was an altercation in the bar that spilled out into the parking lot. It looks like the suspect and victims all knew each other…. All of the involved parties are members of the same outlaw motorcycle gang.”


Hempel fled the scene on his motorcycle and turned himself in to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Morongo Basin Station sometime during the night. The station is about 60 miles from the Sportspage and Hempel lived in nearby Joshua Tree, He was formally arrested by the San Bernardino Police Department at 7:00 a.m. Monday and charged with two counts of first degree murder. Both counts carried mandatory penalties of either life in prison or death.

Hempel was born in  Mabank, Texas on March 21, 1979. He spent a night in jail for assault in Las Vegas in December 2011. After his arrest he lived with his father in Seattle and he moved to Joshua Tree before April 3, 2002. He likes motorcycles and tough dogs. His criminal record in California appears clean for the last 15 years except for 11 traffic tickets.

A member of the Vagos, speaking anonymously, said, “Beau was very respected. Everyone is pretty shocked.”


After his arrest Hempel was booked into the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga. Bail was not set and there is no record that he was ever represented by an attorney.

Thirty-four hours after his arrest Hempel was released from custody without bail. There is currently no record of the murder case with the San Bernardino Superior Court and the matter appears to be closed.

It is unusual for a double murder case to be resolved so rapidly and extrajudicially without any official explanation.

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  1. Y’all are all dumb asses Says:

    The title to this should be, when a biker drops two follow members because they were bullies. All this could have been prevented if the two weren’t bullies. None of you know the real story. Some of us that were their do.

  2. Kazy Says:

    I’ve known Beau since he was about 12 maybe 13 .. He was a good kid.. He grew into an even greater man. We,be kept in touch over the years. This news saddens me, breaks my heart. I read the article and shed tears. And it’s very hard to make me cry.. Very hard.. I’m worried about Beau.. I hope this situation is worked out quickly.. The truth about Beau is that he’s family man first and foremost. I believe in him and praying for him.. God bless him as well as the families who lost loved ones.. I’m here for if you need me man. Hold your head up ” NO WEAPON FIRMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER”..Kaz

  3. East Coast Says:

    I don’t comment here very often, but I must say I am very disappointed how many are talking about shit they know nothing about.
    Rebel usually does fair reporting and will certainly print the truth when and if it becomes known. Many of their brothers do not know what happened….why do you think you should guess?
    We take care of our own.
    Tom Barker…..what makes you think anyone wants your opinion here? You apparently are clueless.
    Respect to the few that have earned it.
    Condolences to my brothers and their families.

    -East Coast

  4. Trenton Says:

    2 officers went there to confront their member with some unsettling info they had heard. That news or secrete was worth killing over. Wasn’t just a patch pull once all cards were on the table.

  5. Jdog Says:

    Its not easy to get released for double murder sounds like someone is talking about more than that night.

  6. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Rottenclam No worries, no offense was taken by your razzing.

    Grammatically redundant? Maybe. Long winded at times, for sure!

  7. P Says:

    May I jus say one of these men is my dad, I’d really appreciate it if everyone would let us put our dad to rest with out all the he said she said stuff. Our family is hurt enough and reading all of this just makes me sick. No matter the situation my dad should have never lost his life and no one should be patting the man on the back who took him from us. So do us some respect and just STOP!!

  8. NCRider Says:

    First, my condolences to the family and Brothers of Mr. Gardner and Mr. Davis.

    Secondly, Barker – Its annoying and just stupid as hell how you claim to be an expert on all things biker, but you are actually going to critique the posts on THIS thread? You are actually going to preach and advise REAL BIKERS about the Vagos CLUB BUSINESS? Did you get that correctly? The Vagos. Like RtC said….why are you on this thread? I have worked with many people that were extremely smart but had absolutely no common sense. Just saying.

    Respectfully to the Real Regulars,


  9. Rottenclam Says:

    In my circle(s) they were always called handcuffs, bracelets, or cuffs. Never heard anybody call them ‘wrist bracelets’ before. Didnt think you were politically incorrect for one second…just grammatically redundant. Hah.

    Just playing with you a bit though. I read your post and saw that you kept saying ‘wrist bracelets’ over and over and thought I’d razz you a bit.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    When Mr. Barker finally finds a guy who He can understand…. and His name is Psycho. Go figure ;)

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Rottenclam There are a lot of different synonyms that people will use for handcuffs, been calling them wrist bracelets for ages, different synonyms for kitchens too.

    I have never worried about being politically correct, your free to substitute in what ever synonym you would like to use.

  12. Psycho Says:

    Absolutely Tom, go ahead. It seems it was my once a year turn to say something intelligent. Paladin, thanks for the encouragement, I haven’t commented here before, but always enjoy learning from reading yours.

  13. RtC Says:

    Damn BARKER! Thought you were too busy rooting around the Wacko case to stick
    your snout in elsewhere. Guess you just have to prove your EVERYWHERE as a
    POS expert.

  14. Psycho Says:

    Absolutely Tom. Go ahead. That’s just my two cents. And Paladin, I’ve never posted before, so thanks for the encouragement, because I always love reading your comments.

  15. Sibling Says:

    One of the realest brothers out there one thing about Beau he’s been about business you mess with family or get in that zone and your out of line it is what it is of course we feel bad for the fallen but in a situation like this I’m sure his MC will handle it amongst themselves Beau always his siblings backing him 100% “Til the casket drops” love you brother.

  16. Rottenclam Says:

    @Iron Rider – Aren’t all ‘bracelets’ by their very nature considered ‘wrist bracelets’? Do you also refer to all ‘kitchens’ as ‘cooking kitchens’ too?

  17. FF Says:

    3 men were alive, 3 men left the bar alive, 3 men were in the parking lot where two of those men were critically wounded and the 3rd man went for a ride.

    That is all I know about this or care to comment any further. Because anything after that is just some bodies narrative depending on their agenda.

  18. Paladin Says:


    Thank you. You have succeeded where I have failed, when trying to explain to Barker the “expert” on how things work in the real world.

    Iron Rider,

    Although you have absolutely nailed it, your post may be too lengthy for Barker the “expert” who may get lost along the way.

    Long May You Both Ride,


  19. Coward hater Says:

    Yes I did know the victims and they were both 10 year plus patch holders and officers of their Charter. The victims of her shot were the mother chapter president and Sergeant arms so there was an issue then an altercation in the bar. You figure a 1 percenter would know that and if you know but then you knew them and know that there was something way more than just an altercation for this to happen. Something happened that’s somebody’s covering up sounds like to me and Annie’s be further investigated then put on a bully show what you love you and your well-respected website. Because the two patch holders that were murdered we’re very well-respected and both fathers and husbands. So that’s what needs to be said so whatever altercation or whatever happened it was only two guys and one percenter I know sure as hell doesn’t need a gun for two of his own Brothers. Last I checked I thought bar fights happened I’ve heard the story and I heard different I heard the altercation earlier that there was a shot fired so are we sure that this respected man wasn’t getting his patch taken for being a disrespectful patch holder. Sounds like it to me and in due time it will come out I bet you so welcome home I hope that it was worth it I hope it was worth destroying two men’s families. Some shady s*** going on here and I hope that it comes out because the two people murdered deserve respect and closure of the families knowing why they were murdered by one of their own and according to everybody else well respected man does the Iron Horse you have my permission to post and publish this

  20. Coward hater Says:

    Well two vago brothers were murdered they also are very well respected 10 + year patch holders. So to sit here and say he’s a born leader is wrong. A born leader does not shoot his own Brothers. Those two or three all officers that was another problem that escalated from Wayback. Respected? Where in the bully world Maybe here this world in the world of Brotherhood fuck no. I hope they get to the bottom of what was really going on and why two murders are closed case and he’s made out like a saint for it. It sounds like a regular bar fight altercation what’s wrong with fighting doesn’t make any sense. I hope that he’s 86th and out bad for murdering two of his brothers. Cuz nothing could have been bad enough to destroy to people’s lives and take them away from their families. Any man that’s respected or has respect would have known that before they cowardly shot two unarmed men at a bar that he was in a club with. Sounds like some Falco s*** to me

  21. Iron Rider Says:

    Jesus, just because the cops slap the wrist bracelets on ANYONE does not mean you are guilty of a fucking thing! There have been tons of people taken into custody only to be released later because the COP didnt have shit to charge them with.

    Does anyone here honestly believe the cops wont hesitate to throw the wrist bracelets on a person even without evidence that a person committed a crime? The cops do this shit all the time. The cops will throw the wrist bracelets on a person for ” their safety”, The cops will throw the wrist bracelets on a person “for everyone’s safety”,

    The cops will throw the wrist bracelets on a person “to detain you for the purpose of investigation”, The cops will throw the wrist bracelets on a person “cause they want to identify you”, The cops will throw the wrist bracelets on a person” because you match a description”, The cops will throw the wrist bracelets on a person ” because you were in the vicinity where a crime occurred”, The cops will throw the wrist bracelets on a person ” because “your under arrest”

    The cops will charge a person for this or that even if they dont have evidence you did this or that, know why cause they fucking can, the cops could care less about your profession of innocence, they will charge you whether you did it or not and let the prosecutor and the court figure it out.

    The cops are all about their stats, how many tickets they write, how many arrests they make, what crime numbers are in this beat, or that sector or this neighborhood
    So just cause a person got arrested does not mean shit. There are plenty of people who have been arrested and charged and gone to court only to have the case against them dropped. There have been those that have went to court got convicted and sent to jail only to be found out later that they were innocent of a charge brought on to them and that they were convicted for wrongly, and yes those who did a crime and got convicted and are serving their time.

    The only people who know what happened that day are those who were there, the rest of this is speculation with the talk of he must have did it he got arrested and he was a CI or working for the cops is just fucking speculation.

    Anyone who is involved in the brotherhood of MC knows the rules of the MC. The brothers live by the MC’s rules and no one is going to sit there and no one is going to tell the cops club business. Period.

    Just because you see fuck ups like George Christie who want to play both sides of the fence or have watched a couple episodes of Sons Of Anarchy and seen how the SOA members are all buddy buddy with the cops and think this is how it is you couldn’t be anymore wrong.

    People can speculate all day long about the “what if’s” of what happened and what transpired. TI could give a rats ass what the cops say, because that is speculation in the grandest form, the cops aren’t going to get shit from someone who isnt going to give them anything.

    The MC will look after it’s own. The MC will decide for themselves” what happened” and the MC will decide if any rules were contravened and the matter will be dealt with in house as it should be by the MC.

  22. Coward hater Says:

    Any man that would take the lives of two of his own is not a respected man or a liter it’s someone you cant trust and obviously it’s not afraid to be Shady. To take two of your own there must have been something way more going on I’m just an argument what are you hiding that’s what I’m thinking what was really going on that made it so bad that you chose to take two of your own brother’s lives for that. Good luck I hope your brothers families are doing okay condolences to them sorry about your loss.

  23. Tom Barker Says:

    Psycho,very good explanation of the distinctiveness of the 1% lifestyle. Thanks. Do I have your permission to quote that and give you credit.

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