Life, Death And Honor

April 4, 2017

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Life, Death And Honor

One percenters live by a code that embodies courage, strength, pride, individualism and that does not tolerate humiliation.

The motorcycle club world is not about money – although enough money is always delightful to have. It is about honor and about living by an honor code. That code is not about being the mafia on wheels, or selling drugs, selling guns, selling women, or bullying civilians. The argument can be made that it is Beowulf’s code. The honor code is strict enough that it inevitably leads to violence and that violence fascinates authors, television producers and reporters who simply cannot imagine any reasons for say, the Twin Peaks bloodbath other than profit or insanity.

So most of what you will read about three parking lot murders in the last two days – two in San Bernardino, California and another in Daytona Beach, Florida – will be fatuous and condescending.


Sunday evening in San Bernardino, about halfway through 60 Minutes, three members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club got into an argument at a bar called the Sports Page. They took it outside. It ended quickly. The police haven’t speculated what the argument was about. A Berdoo police spokesman named Mike Madden told the San Bernardino Sun. “There was an altercation in the bar that spilled out into the parking lot. It looks like the suspect and victims all knew each other…. All of the involved parties are members of the same outlaw motorcycle gang.”

Scott Gardner, the president of the San Bernardino chapter of the club and Brian Davis were pronounced dead at an unnamed “local” hospital. A third Vago, Beau Gabriel Hempel fled the scene on his motorcycle and later turned himself in to county sheriffs in Morongo Valley which was about 60 miles away. Hempel was charged with two counts of murder and is now being held without bail. He is unlikely to be executed but he will face the death penalty.


Last night, about 25 hours after the fight at the bar on the edge of the California desert, a member of the America Outlaws Association named Christopher “Louie the Lip” Keating got into a fight with two men in a Daytona Beach bar named the Crook’s Den. The fight spilled out the back door and Keating was mortally stabbed. He was pronounced dead at Halifax Health Medical Center. No one has yet been arrested. A police spokesperson named Lyda Longa later identified the suspects as members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

The murder in Florida may attract the most attention. There are currently at least seven one percenter motorcycle clubs in South Florida including the Outlaws. Pagans, Mongols, Warbird Warlocks, Harpy Warlocks, 69ers and the Kinfolk. The Aging Rebel believes this confluence of clubs has attracted the attention of at least one federal police force but is unaware of any details of any ongoing federal investigation.

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44 Responses to “Life, Death And Honor”

  1. Kelly obinbon Says:

    My condolences go out to the Outlaws and Louies family and his club brothers I Love you Outlaws

  2. Westside Says:

    Rest in peace Louie Da Lip 1%er. You are a legend and will not be forgotten.

  3. RIDER 1 Says:

    Peace to the families of those who are no longer among us.

    Kinfolk in FL, what a joke. Go ahead and continue to spread your asses thin across the country. You take a ex Bandido that was living in Fl for work and add a couple misguided idiots and some ex mom & pop club members who were kicked out and put them together so you can claim that you have landed in FL? You idiots act like you landed on Mars. What a fuckin’ joke! There are at least two real 1% clubs that come to mind who will be more than happy to welcome you to FL. Maybe you guys will ride igconito like most of you idiots do here in TX. You guys in FL wearing black and white? Hmmn……

    RIDER 1

  4. Huh Says:

    Also forgot to mention in Florida you have ; Sons of Silence, Phantoms, Renegades, Thunderguard, Outcasts, WOS, chosen few, sin City disciples, and their myriad of support. It’s a big ol melting pot!

  5. Sharon Cox Says:

    Something is off with the Vagos situation….condolences to Green Nation on the loss of your brothers….
    Sad day for the Outlaws….RIP AOA Keating…..

  6. LilHeathenSYLV Says:

    Condolences to the whole Green Nation. LL&R From Spokane Washington

  7. Ken Says:

    Met all three Vagos involved and honestly I’m surprised. It’s very un Vago like and Beau was a well liked member so this is all very disappointing and weird. Condolences to the families of the lost ones and if it turns out all true than shame on you for killing your own brothers! Hope we hear the truth some day but if not hope the club does. Stellar as always Rebel!!

  8. LoneWoolf Says:

    Sieg, you still riding that Hyosung you liked so much?

  9. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    To all of those that have posted condolences, well wishes and positive thoughts for the families of our Brothers lost and my Club a sincere thank you. This reaffirms my belief that regardless of ones team of choice it all remains to be about respect for the mans walk.

    For the opportunistic swine wanting to post punk shit all I have to offer is a simple fuck you.

    Viva Los Vagos

  10. 2 Pecker Goat Says:

    Brotherly love in the Green Nation

  11. sherides Says:


    I am sorry to read of this tragic loss of life. My condolences to you, your Brothers, and the families and loved ones of the lost.


  12. Chris jr Says:

    From family and friends, thank you for your kind words. He was a family man, a father, grandfather, a mentor, a teacher, he taught so many things that most never have the privilege to learn. He is a fucking legend and it WILL NEVER be forgotten. To his brothers, thank you for your support the last 30+ years. LDL 1%er forever!

  13. Been around Says:

    Louie Da Lip was killed in Daytona by a few pagans. Not sure what the fuck jose-a looked into. Pagans ganged up on him and stabbed him in the back. Fuck 16


  14. IcemanB&W Says:

    Cowards hide in all crowds. It’s a shame to be gunned down by one of your own. Some brotherhood that is. My condolences to the families of those who were lost.



  15. CitizenZ Says:

    Definitely not bogus. Was across the street when it happened at the One Horse walking to the Den.

  16. Hose-A 1%er Says:

    I’ve done some checking and it seems that the altercation in Fla. might be bogus.
    Hose-a 1%er P.M.C. retired

  17. The Kraut Says:

    Respects for the fallen and condolences for those who loved and rode with them. Respects to the Green nation.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  18. BMW Says:

    Condolences to the Brothers, Families and Friends of the fallen. May You Ride In Peace Forever!

    Damn, we have so few good people, and we seem to be losing them left and right. We actually lose more to bad and texting drivers, but that’s not an excuse!




  19. russell1946 Says:

    rest in peace, old friend.

  20. Sieg Says:

    woof-ticket, don’t you have donuts to eat, dogs to shoot, handicapped kids to tase?

  21. Sieg Says:

    RIP Louie the Lip 1%’er GBNF
    Seated in the Great Hall of Warriors
    What goes around, comes around

    Condolences to the Brothers, family, and friends of the fallen Vagos.

    MLL&R Sieg / SYLO

  22. Maven Says:

    Condolences to the brothers, friends and families. May they rest in peace.


  23. panamaa Says:

    Seven MC’s in south Florida… My, my… That seems like nothing but trouble.

    Condolences to the families and brothers…

  24. Adios Says:

    Rest in Peace Louie the Lip 1%er until we ride again in the Forever Chapter

  25. LoneWoolf Says:

    “One percenters live by a code that embodies courage, strength, pride, individualism and that does not tolerate humiliation.”

    Nothing demonstrates the ideals of that code better than the video of the Warlock snorting Tabasco. Get a grip.

    Condolences to the innocent family’s.

  26. RLG Says:

    Condolences to the families and friends of the departed.

  27. Stevo Says:

    @FL Boy

    Making threats on the internet shows the calibre of you and your club.

    My thoughts, love and respect go out to the families of the lost.


  28. JMacK Says:

    Condolences and Respects to the families and Brothers of the fallen.



  29. Gandalf Says:

    Just saw a Kinfolk Patch coming through DFW on I-20.

  30. FL BOY Says:

    @ huh. Just let me know what Cafe you would like to meet at I’ll make sure that I’m there so you can see a Kinfolk patch

  31. Huh Says:

    Yet to see any Kinfolk. Perhaps I’ll start riding near Internet cafes.
    Condolences for the dead and their families.
    Nobody wins these things in the end.

  32. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    For those who may wish to contribute.

    Viva Los Vagos

  33. KFFK Says:

    Our deepest condolences to you and the families @ AVAGOVFFV.

  34. FL BOY Says:

    I only got the 80 bucks your ol’lady paid me.

  35. rw Says:

    80 bucks and u 2 can be one.

  36. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Gentlemen, How about a few condolences for the families that suffered a enormous losses so suddenly then we can share with the world the brilliance, wisdom and opinions we hold.

    There are kids and wives associated with this tragedy which are left here to figure things out.

    Humbly a sincere thanks.

    RIP My Brothers you will be missed by many and heart felt condolences to the families and friends effected by this tragedy.

    Viva Los Vagos

  37. KFFK Says:

    We are in Florida
    No need to wonder…

  38. Fr. Abraham Says:

    @Huh, unfortunately, they appear to be spreading like cancer. Very similar to a certain other “club” that doesn’t seem to have any respect for the way of life.

  39. FL BOY Says:

    yes sir Kinfolk is in FL. KFFK

  40. Surprise Says:

    Yes Kinfolk is in Florida… they are awesome dudes that don’t cause shit and enjoy to be part of the charity events. They would help anyone that needs the help. Very up standing individuals who are all about having a good time without the bs.

  41. Rusty Says:

    Damnit fellas

  42. Huh Says:

    Kinfolk in Florida??

  43. Paladin Says:

    The two incidents may be related in that the common denominator might have been one or possibly two too many glasses of stupid.


  44. Sieg Says:

    Should get interesting.

    FTF / FTP

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