All Waco Trials Delayed

March 29, 2017

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All Waco Trials Delayed

As recently as this morning it seemed impossible, but the Twin Peaks legal fiasco got even more ridiculous this afternoon.

McLennan County, Texas District Attorney Abelino Reyna, who is gratuitously prosecuting 192 people who were at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015, filed a ridiculous “disclosure” in the 19th Judicial District today, “in the spirit of Brady, the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 39.14 (the Michael Morton Act), our ethical obligations under Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, and our duty to ‘see that justice is done.’ The document is titled “State’s Disclosure of the Existence of Federal Evidence Not in its Possession or Control.”

Disclose This

The disclosure begins: “On March 28, 2017, the McLennan County Criminal District Attorney’s Office received a letter from the United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas, Richard L. Durbin, Jr. This letter provides the broad outlines of an investigation into the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club, United States v. John Portillo, et al., Cause No. SA-15-CR-820 (see attached). In the letter, Mr. Durbin declines to share any information or evidence relating to that investigation at this time. Mr. Durbin has indicated that the information will be disclosed to the McLennan County Criminal District Attorney’s Office once the trial is complete.

“Although no specific disclosures were made, Mr. Durbin acknowledges that the federal investigation has information which relates to the events at Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015. Although the federal investigation was underway when that incident occurred, neither the fact of the investigation nor any information pertaining to the investigation were shared with this office.”

The “disclosure” continues:

“Despite repeated efforts to obtain this information, our office has no specific knowledge of the contents of the federal investigation. The information is subject to a protective order and not in our control, preventing our actual or imputed knowledge of the specific information. Tex. Rules Prof. Conduct 3.09; Rubalcado v. State, 424 S.W.3d 460 (Tex. Crim. App. 2014). The federal investigation has been ndependent of this prosecution, and no collaboration between the offices has occurred. This information may be exculpatory, mitigating, or impeachment evidence as contemplated by Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963).”


Reyna has been lip synching the same song for more than a year and a half. The disclosure is tarradiddle. The Waco bloodbath was the result of  a federal investigation into the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. That was where Patrick Swanton got his “intelligence.” And anybody who has ever looked at multiple federal investigations of motorcycle clubs knows they all employ the same game plan. Federal investigators or deputies drawn from state and local police forces infiltrate and try to ingratiate themselves to the target club. The infiltrators act as agents provocateur, buying guns and drugs at well above market price, asking to store cigarettes in a club brother’s garage, offering large sums to out-of-work men for a few hours of “security” and encouraging violence.

Waco has always been reminiscent of the murder of a Mongol named Manual Vincent “Hitman” Martin on the Glendale Freeway in the middle of the night in 2008. Undercover agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had foreknowledge – if they did not kill him themselves – that Martin was going to be murdered. The undercover agents, whose names were Gregory Giaoni, Paul D’Angelo and Darrin Kozlowski, not only allowed the murder to occur but they incited it by picking on the wrong, bad dude in a bar. The next day Kozlowski used the murder as an opportunity to try to incite Mongols leaders to go to war. Something like that self-evidently happened at the Twin Peaks.

What’s Really Just Happened

Reyna has just plausibly denied that he ever knew anything about the federal Bandidos investigation, or its connection to the Twin Peaks. He did not arrest 177 people on the spot because he wanted to shut up all the witnesses to the brawl until the migrating press moved on. He arrested them all because it was his “duty.” Now he and his duty are hiding behind the federal case. And why, exactly 14 months after the Bandidos indictment was unsealed, should anything about the investigation that preceded it remain secret?

But what happened today is not merely about Reyna covering himself. Today’s “disclosure” was strategic. Reyna’s proclamation that there is evidence that might prove the people he has been persecuting for the last two years are innocent is almost as offensive as his statement that he made today’s filing because he is duty bound to “see that justice is done.” Everything Reyna says sticks to your boots and stinks.

What Reyna has been doing for the last two years – beside stalling – is trying to find a case he can win, with a poisoned jury, in Waco. Earlier this month there were five, scheduled Twin Peaks trials. Who Reyna really wanted to try, according to multiple sources, was a Bandido named Jake Carrizal. Reyna thought he could get a Waco jury to believe that Carrizal started the whole mess by running over a Cossack prospect’s foot. That did not happen but the accusations against the 192 defendants in the case have never had anything to do with consensual reality. It is at least possible that Reyna would have tried to convince a jury of his homeboys that Carrizal, not the Texas Rangers, erected the polecam just outside the Twin Peaks patio where the fight started. The way these things usually go, Reyna would have accused Carrizal of putting up the polecam because he wanted a “trophy video.”

But that’s not going to happen now. Carrizal’s trial was continued last Friday and it will be continued again because Reyna just learned yesterday that the feds might be holding evidence pertinent to all the Twin Peaks cases. Just yesterday.

Just Yesterday

So it is now Reyna’s “duty” to make sure nobody goes to trial until all the evidence can be disclosed. And that can’t happen until  after the trials of former Bandidos President Jeff Pike and former Bandidos Vice-President John Portillo, and four more defendants who were just appended to the Bandidos indictment, are complete.

There have been three indictments in the Bandidos RICO case so far. Who can guess how many superseding indictments there will be this year? Next year? The year after that? And all of them so secret that no one who is a mere citizen is allowed to know anything more about the Bandidos case than the accusations.

Undoubtedly, some defense attorneys in the Waco case will want to take their clients to trial before the federal case finds its putative conclusion. But Reyna, and the feds, will never allow that to happen. Reyna has his “duty” you know.


34 Responses to “All Waco Trials Delayed”

  1. FedUp Says:

    Looks like Abel “Brer Rabbit” Reyna done got himself hold of a tar baby!

  2. Badd Guye Says:

    Anal Reyna, hiding behind something other than Judge Matt’s “Johnson”, now that’s REAL news!

  3. Gandalf Says:

    @ Phuquehed… Sorry I stepped all over your eloquent Post. It certainly deserves a repeat.
    “Die, Reyna, you cowardly, corrupt, lying sack of shit. Just die…step in front of a garbage truck, jump off a cliff at the Grand Canyon, drink a gallon of drain cleaner, stick yourt head in a cement mixer, but just die and do this once great nation a favor! It’s shit-stains like you, Reyna and that air-wasting fuck judge that are destroying this nation.” LOL I agree. :)BTW, What’s a yourt?

  4. Gandalf Says:

    “To determine when a OMC becomes an OMG I examine the number of members who were involved in criminal activities.” HOW DO YOU KNOW? By convictions? By arrests? By word of LE?

  5. Gandalf Says:

    BTW “Knowing” is a Crime. Anyone who says “I knew” is Guilty. We are talking about people who say, “I didn’t know”. So if the Cop said, “I didn’t know” would you tell him to, “Tell it to the jury?”

  6. Gandalf Says:

    @Tom Barker… Funny I don’t think ALL Cops are bad either. I’m not stupid and would know the Partner is bad too but without any proof against Him personally… I gotta take His word. Of course not too many Police Officers are charged by RICO statutes and I’m sure if 90% of a Police Force (including their leaders) were arrested for taking bribes…. I can’t even imagine the other 5% being charged in a RICO action. I’m sorry but your comparison doesn’t fit … not even a little. ie: Your “fundamentally” wrong be it cop or Club member.

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    Now that sounds more like the Phuquehed we’ve all come to know here.


  8. Tom Barker Says:

    Mr. Gandalf, as I would always say when I was training cops, do not come to me to me and say I knew what my partner was doing but I wasn’t involved. Tell that to the jury do not try to BS me was my response. To determine when a OMC becomes an OMG I examine the number of members who were involved in criminal activities and the extent of the leaders involement. If a member wants to say I knew but I didn’t do any crime. My response would be tell that to a jury do not try to BS me. That is just the way I roll.

  9. Gandalf Says:

    @Tom B. BTW When you said, Only “Some Clubs” are Organized Crime your missing the point. Just because a Club could be (or even is) Organized Crime doesn’t mean ALL Members are involved. Again, As an American we can’t paint groups of anyone with a single brush. RICO was always against the Constitution. (ie: Guilt by association.) Unless LE can prove 3 or more people are actually involved in crimes…. The rest of the group should be Innocent until proven Guilty.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    @ Tom B. I have and read Rebels book. Waiting on a book U2 collaborate on. Some things you think are real…. is really Fake News/Propaganda. Some are Probably true… A Waco book following LE and Media Narrative would be nothing but Fake News. Keep searching your a smart guy.

  11. Tom Barker Says:

    A lttle suggestion, if you are really interested in what happened and is going on in Waco, read Rebel’s book on the Twin Peaks Ambush. I have read it twice and bought a second copy and gave it to one of my sons to read. Actually, the posts here serve to up-date what was in the book. I am sure he will publish another book on this subject if it ever comes to an end. In fact, I have read all of Rebels books and he has not paid me to say that.

  12. BMW Says:

    So only now does the sleeping, but corrupt Reyna wake up to the federal inquisition? Does he also not know about little Stevy Cookiestealer’s fake, LEEA-funded “Bikers are the devils of the Apocalypse ” traveling medicine show, was scheduled for a Whaco stop about this same time? Could the “Cookiestealer’s Traveling Medicines Show” have anything to do with the mistaken hysteria that gripped the crooks/cops and caused them to stake out the scene–BEFOREHAND — BEFORE ANY CONFLICT — with machineguns?


  13. Gandalf Says:

    And lets not forget that the people of Texas will be told that The Bandits got away with murder due to a Technicality at Twin Peaks making them upset and more likely to convict in the RICO Trials. Like someone else said, the Feds will indict more Bandits based on the Cell Phone evidence from Twin Peaks.
    NOT TO MENTION… If the Feds made a deal with the Cossacks then shot and arrested them… they let them all go. The fact is ONLY The Cossacks could have been found guilty at Twin Peaks because they were not invited, came armed and early, stole the reserved patio and obviously attacked the Bandits.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    After 2 years of closely following Waco Twin Peaks I thing there is a GOOD chance we are looking at the “END GAME”. The Defense Lawyers will file Motions to Dismiss and Reyna will beg the Judge to agree. Every single case will be dismissed. The Trials that never happened. I have come to this thought because of these things. 1- The Feds got Reyna into this mess and now have given Him a way out. 2- The Feds got what they wanted from the start. Lots of Cell Phones of Bandits to support Operation Texas Rocker. 3- The dismissals will not hurt the Civil, false arrest trials. 4- The Media can continue to slam the Bandits saying they got off on a Technicality. 5- People will become less upset about the Twin Peaks arrests. 6- The RICO charge against Mr. Pike & Co never mentioned Twin Peaks allowing the Trials to also not mention it. 7- Waco PD and assorted LE will never be exposed for setting up the Cossacks at Twin Peaks. 8- It will save Waco a huge amt of $ and cap the Amt at the damages to date. IMHO

  15. Tom Barker Says:

    Mr. Gandalf, very good questions to ask. Thnaks

  16. Gandalf Says:

    And after 2 years of Punishment, 200 Cell Phones worth of evidence to Support Operation Texas Rocker… The Feds have givin DA Reyna a way out. “Not my fault” I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Judge dropped ALL the Twin Peaks Cases and the Media continued the Narrative of “Bad Bandits” got off on a Technically. It’s the only End Game that keeps what they provoked quite and doesn’t hurt the Civil “False Arrests” Trials. IMHO

  17. Gandalf Says:

    @ Tom Barker. Ask yourself these Questions. 1- Why were the Cossacks not put on the gang list even though they were “at war” with the Bandits? Who could have kept them off? Why did the Cossacks put the Texas Rocker on their Jackets and who could have done that? Why was the Fed Operation called Texas Rocker and started about the same time the Cossacks added that Texas Rocker? Who gave that Operation it’s name and why? Why didn’t the Cossacks have the 1%er Patch and why didn’t they use it? Who could have left that patch off? Why were the Cossacks Humanized and Bandits De-Humanized by the Press? Who could have put out that Narrative? Why were Cossacks and Cossack wives interviewed and who could of sent them there? Why did the Police Lie about the Bathroom and the Bikers, “Not being from there”? This Plan was either Pre-Meditated or orchestrated by 1 place. The Feds? DA Reyna? To me the arrest’s were an obvious grab for the cell phones. Why? Who wanted/needed that evidence? Follow the $/Logic and it will become easy. See the early Police depositions… It will all come together.

  18. Gandalf Says:

    @ Tom B. 1 more thing. ALL the Police and Judges kept saying… “They are not From Here.” and variations of that. John Wilson IS from Waco and most of the Cossacks were Local. AND LE obviously knew it… So why say that? There is only 1 answer to that Question. Because it was decided ahead of time to blame the Bandits. Why say, “It started in the bathroom” when LE had the Video and eyewitness Officers there? WHY? Because it was premeditated that The Twin Peaks would be blamed… No other reason for these 2 statements. LE KNEW both were Lies. IMHO The Plan was to arrest JUST the Bandits but the Cossacks went Crazy… The Officers with the Sniper Rifles simply Shot at who they saw as the aggressor. Now count the dead and wounded. Why on earth try to Humanize the Cossacks in the Media? Because it was the plan.

  19. stroker Says:

    Dear People of Waco:

    (oh yeah, I’m betting some of you read this page….!)

    YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! You have, lurking in your midst, a multi-headed snake, that is using it’s high office to persecute the very people that work in your city/county/state. They ARE NOT just bikers! They are PEOPLE just like yourselves, who are being unfairly targeted because of a private war your DA is waging, betting you’ll go along with his charade, because, you know, it’s BIKERS! And BIKERS are less than equal people…who are all criminals, because we (LE and Reyna)say they are. You must believe us. WE ARE THE LAW! Therefore, we are always right! Don’t look behind the curtain! Don’t look at the facts, don’t look at the evidence not seen, just believe us! We are keeping you safe!

    Dear citizens of WACO…..WAKE THE FUCK UP! You’ve got a fox in your henhouse! (Actually, more like a posse of ticks and leeches) You are going to feed this monster by your apathy, until one day, he and his cronies are gonna suck you dry, or COST YOU DEARLY. Throw the bum out!


    Rebel…thank you for “Tarradiddle”.

  20. Gandalf Says:

    @ Tom Barker. Google search by Date. May 15, 2015 to July 30, 2015 and read the Stories. Keep in mind that The Cossacks WERE NOT on the Gang List but obviously were by ANY LE standard. Remember that ALL REPORTERS must have a creditable verification of who they interview. Read the Stories and follow the “Cossack just Good O’l Boys being picked on by Bandits”. KNOW that the Media follows a Narrative ALWAYS and that Narrative is calculated and put out by whoever. Once you see ALL the 1st News being directed at a Narrative. Then watch the Patio Video… It is important to know that the 1st Patio Video leaked out (Stamped Waco PD) to CNN was edited. The part taken out is more important than the part we 1st saw. IE: The Armed Cossacks jumping the railing… WHY? Who? Certainly the Cossacks couldn’t make the News portray them as “Good O’l Boys” It’s OBVIOUSLY false. At some point it will begin to snowball and become clear…. No longer “Unclear”

  21. Tom Barker Says:

    Actually Gandalf, I do not believe that all Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs are engaged in organized crime, but some are. The problem with Waco is that is what the police thought. They painted all motorcycle clubs as ‘criminal street gangs” which is TERRIBLY WRONG and that is what I am saying in the book and my presentations. You would be surprised to see the “horrified” expression from police representatives outside the US when I tell them what went down at Waco. Texas is looking real bad. I think you might like the book when I am finished. And, I do appreciate your thoughts and comments. The law enforcement community is not very happy with what I am saying, but they have been mad at me before.

  22. Gandalf Says:

    By “Set up” I mean… SENT THERE (by LE)

  23. Gandalf Says:

    @ Tom Barker. BTW The only reason that Waco Twin Peaks seems “unreal” to you is because of the Fake News put out in the last 2 years. You believe most are guilty and there MUST BE EVIDENCE to prove it. Get past that thought and Hypothetically believe there IS NO EVIDENCE and THEY ARE INNOCENT or were SET UP by LE and it all makes perfect sense. No longer “Unreal” but predictable.

  24. Gandalf Says:

    @ Tom Barker. I’m not a 1%er or even a Biker. I’m an American. I like you… Your Smart. And Old like Me and Rebel. Please Understand, Respectfully, that your notion that Biker Clubs are Organized Crime is fundamentally wrong. Guilt by association has long been outlawed by GWashington @ Co in 1776. THATS what makes you UnAmerican. You also know and Understand the Court System AND the Media so it’s hard for me to consider, an Expert such as yourself, to not be able to see what is going on in Waco. Your New book, “Altamont to Waco” appears to be a collection of Police Reports and Media Reports. (ie Fake News) It would be nothing but another “Hit Job” on these guys. KNOW THIS: Should Waco go Renya’s way your book will be just another “Bikers Rape and Kill” Ho-hum book like all the rest of them. On the other hand should your book be “Altamont to Waco” A story of Fake news and Questionable Police DA Tactics and Set Ups…. AND Waco goes the way everyone on this board (including you) believes it will… Your book would be in position to become a best seller. Fake News and Police DA Mis-Conduct are very big these days…
    Rebel writes a book and people say He’s biased. You write the same book and they can’t say that about you. You know what’s going on here. WRITE IT! Be a real American. Do something worthy. Collaborate with Rebel! He can tell you what’s fake and what’s real. REBEL CAN TELL you what has been going on From “Altamont to Waco” Some is True I’m sure… But Much is Fake News Propaganda put out by LE. You want to Help these Bikers, Veterans, Texans, Americans…WRITE THAT BOOK! DO NOT FORGET THE CLIMAX is in Waco… THE VERY WORSE of Police DA Mis-Conduct and Media FAKE NEWS!

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    Die, Reyna, you cowardly, corrupt, lying sack of shit. Just die…step in front of a garbage truck, jump off a cliff at the Grand Canyon, drink a gallon of drain cleaner, stick yourt head in a cement mixer, but just die and do this once great nation a favor! It’s shit-stains like you, Reyna and that air-wasting fuck judge that are destroying this nation.

  26. Tom Barker Says:

    this is certainly unreal. My board is not large enough to diagram what is going on.

  27. Austin Says:

    So the Feds sent Instructions, and 6 weeks later …

  28. Largeandy Says:

    Seems an opportunity for defense attorneys to file for motions to dismiss based on denial of due process and speedy trial issue or should I say ” seedy trial issue”? The fact that ACLU is not on involved here shows what a bunch of liberal phony cocsuckers thry really are. This is flat getting down to a true civil rights issue. The DA here is a corrupt SOB, the cops broke the law worse than anyone, the legal big guns should be jumping all over this one. The clubs if they want to survive are going to have to get together and disregard territorial claims because the LEO’s are using that matter to divide and conquer..

  29. wilson Says:

    Not entirely on the subject, but I thought some readers might be interested to learn that US Atty Richard Durbin Jr is unrelated to Sen. Richard Durbin. I grew up across the street from the Durbins in Springfield IL. Sen. Durbin’s only son is Paul.

  30. Gandalf Says:

    OK, I counted to 10. I love my Country. These guys need to file a Motion to dismiss Charges. They have not and can not be given a Speedy Trial.(plus other things) Keep appealing that ruling while you wait for Trial.

  31. Paladin Says:

    “There have been three indictments in the Bandidos RICO case so far. Who can guess how many superseding indictments there will be this year? Next year? The year after that? And all of them so secret that no one who is a mere citizen is allowed to know anything more about the Bandidos case than the accusations.”

    At this point the indictments may be so secret that those indicted don’t even know about them.


  32. fozz Says:

    Almost every American TV show is a cop show ‘ and in each one the cops are really fair impartial and justice is the aim ‘ that’s why I don’t want American TV shows there bullshit

  33. Gandalf Says:

    I’m tired of this BS! Fuck it. Burn it down and Start over! Our Country I’m talking about…. I’m starting to HATE IT! (Sorry)

  34. Sieg Says:

    Gosh, what a surprise, the FedCoats are involved in the Second Massacre at Waco.

    Reyna could use this as an excuse to drop all charges-without prejudice, of course, and get himself and the cou ty out from under the mountain of shit coming at them,or he could use it to stonewall until all the defendants are broke.


    FTF / FTP

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