Waco Day 678

March 27, 2017

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Waco Day 678

Friday was a typical day in the Waco Twin Peaks Organized Criminal Activity fiasco.

Some stuff got postponed. A self-righteously angry and apparently corrupt judge accused a defendant of not playing fair. A hundred eighty local citizens had their days wasted. Some defense attorneys expressed their concern that the apparently corrupt judge, “participated in ex parte conversations with the district attorney’s office regarding Twin Peaks. Most recently, in regards to trial scheduling and scheduling defendants to appear for invalid search warrants.” Ex parte is lawyer Latin for “acting on behalf of just one party in a dispute,” in this case the prosecution – to the detriment of the various defendants.

Oh, and also the apparently corrupt judge, a local politician named  Ralph T. Strother (above), issued another gag order.

A few years ago, in a rare and startling  moment of candor, an esteemed and generally very decent federal jurist remarked “If the people knew what goes on here they’d burn the courthouse.” Most judges will not admit that but they get it. Even Strother gets it which is why he had to issue his gag order. Most Texans have access to petroleum products and very many of them are heavily armed so official transparency is just not worth the risk.


There has been at least one, major television documentary and many print and television feature stories but there has not yet been a trial in the world famous, open and shut, biker brawl case. Instead, it has become a war of attrition.  Friday, a defendant named Christopher Jacob Carrizal was in court to witness the questioning of the prospective jurors who would  roll dice and throw darts at a board to determine whether he should spend the rest of his life in prison. The case against Carrizal is that he was trying to park his motorcycle when the first shot rang out and he is a Bandido so you know. He was there and he is not from Waco. “We know that for a fact.” So, you know.

This questioning of prospective jurors is called voir dire and it is done to determine how convincingly they can lie and whether they will be photogenic enough to appear on television after their public service is done. For about the last decade in biker cases in America prospective jurors are always asked if they have heard of a television program called Sons of Anarchy. And, if they understand that the television show was just a television show. And if they have ever encountered a real, live “motorcycle outlaw.” And did they soil themselves when they did. And if they have heard or seen any “news” coverage of the case at hand. And if they think they can be fair – whatever the hell “fair” means at this point.

Jake Carrizal

There may be some actual evidence that Jake Carrizal did something criminal but so far nobody has seen it. There is a persistent rumor that the prosecution’s evidence in the case will eventually be released to the defense attorneys and the accused in nine, terabyte-long batches. So far, Carrizal’s attorney for the last two years, Landon Northcutt, has been given six packets of “evidence” on big portable hard drives. Two of those hard drives were broken. There is some speculation that the Waco prosecutors are not merely half-assed morons. They may actually be corrupt. Three additional evidence releases remain so secret that not even Wikileaks has seen them. Legend has it that the actual evidence against the accused will be in evidence dump nine.

Carrizal was scheduled to go on trial May 22 and a week ago Northcutt told his client that Carrizal was going to have to find someone new. First there was the matter of the prosecutorial games. And there was also the matter of what lawyers like to call “Mr. Green.” And, Northcutt did not want to go to trial. Strother set him up for failure. In the words of one very informed observer, Strother “ambushed Northcutt by setting him for trial without Northcutt asking for a setting (while) many defendants have been begging for a trial.” Attorney Paul Looney of Houston, for example, has been practically begging for a trial for the last 18 months.

Prosecutors want to try Carrizal because they think they can convict him. They think they can get a jury to believe that the biker brawl started when “One of the Bandidos’ bikes either struck or nearly struck a prospective member of the Cossacks in the parking lot.” They even tricked a whore named Skip Hollandsworth to report that last week in Texas Monthly. Carrizal would be that Bandido. It never actually happened. It exemplifies what Adolph Hitler called “the big lie” but prosecutors think they can get jurors to swallow it.


Friday, Northcutt showed up in court with a woman named Casie Gotro and announced he was handing Carrizal’s case off to her. Gotro has a growing national reputation. Her nickname in Texas is “Bad Ass.” And Strother wasn’t thrilled to see her. He practically accused Carrizal of obstructing justice. He was “skeptical of the timing.”

“What’s going on here,” the apparently corrupt politician wanted to know. Strother pretended not to understand why the defendant in a criminal case that had been “pending almost two years now” wasn’t eager to face his lynching. “This is a sham. I am not going to allow it or put up with it.”

It was a memorable example of attempted official bullying. Strother furiously refused to let Northcutt resign from the case. He told Carrizal, “You can hire whoever you want but you’re going to trial May 22nd.”

Then Strother ordered Northcutt, Gotro and three prosecutors, District Attorney Abelino Reyna and assistants Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon to a courthouse annex where they compelled nine score prospective jurors to fill out questionnaires.

Eventually Strother asked the two sides if they were ready for trial. The prosecutors were but Gotro, stubbornly was not.

Gag Order

So, Strother let the prospective jurors go home and ordered the five lawyers into his chambers for a secret meeting. When they emerged, Gotro was Carrizal’s only lawyer, the trial had been postponed and a status hearing was scheduled for Wednesday, April 26. Also, no one could comment on account of Strother’s gag order. You know, because if the lawyers were allowed to talk the people might find out how the system really works.

Then the sun set and the vampires who hide in the McLennan County courthouse were free to indulge their thirst for tears and blood, sorrow and terror. And the prosecutors got away with it. And the apparently corrupt judge got away with it. And 192 mostly innocent men and women remained indelibly accused of being the Mafia.


18 Responses to “Waco Day 678”

  1. Roswell Says:


    You need to watch the documentary called “Disgraced” about the death of a Baylor basketball player.. watch to the end and you’ll see this isn’t Reyna and Strothers first rodeo. They’ve been around this corrupt block before.

  2. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Just when I think I can’t be any more shocked or outraged… well, you know.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you Strother, you useless shit-stain. Tell your wife I’m giving it to her in the ass tonight, just so she’ll go home to you pissed off and fuck your supper up and tell you, again so she says, what a useless fuck you are.

  4. Hangaround Says:

    I can totally see an up and coming defense attorney taking this case on pro bono. The publicity alone will be worth more than the hourly billing charges, not to mention the book rights that will follow at the end of the entire shit show, if it ever ends.
    Hopefully Casie Gotro lives up to her reputation and we conclude the first trial with a score of Bandidos 1, Waco 0.

  5. Filburt Says:

    A case over turned for a former Baylor football athlete because a McLennan county prosecutor with evidence.

  6. Kentucky Rider Says:

    This kangaroo court would be much better suited in stalinist russia but, then again, we’re not that far off these days. Just want to thank you Rebel for your tireless work in exposing this obscene miscarriage of justice.

  7. fallendesperdo Says:

    This whole thing needs a change of venue. No one will get anything resembling a “fair” trial with those insane Waco good ole boys.

  8. Sieg Says:

    Most hotshot defense shonskies build their reputations by taking high-profile cases pro bono. Prostitutors don’t typically have to have the defense attorney in their pocket to bury you.

    Well, unless it’s a FedCoat case. Or a murder case in Michigan.


  9. TX_Biker Says:

    How you haven’t won a Pulitzer prize I have no idea. That was the best read on this fiasco I have ever read. It will be enjoyable to watch the case and careers of the corrupt in Waco unravel.

    Go ahead, underestimate me, That will be fun.


  10. Tom Barker Says:

    Rebel, you are doing a remarkable job of putting it all together. My head is hurting from trying to do so. The House of Cards is Coming Down. The House of Cards is Coming Down.

  11. Dutchboy Says:

    The producers missed the mark with SOA and The Sopranos. Want to do a show about a REAL MAFIA? Want secret deals, sex violence? Want criminal collision to cheat and Rob? I give you the next big hit, Texas Courthouse. (Not to be confused with Texas Cathouse, the girls are at least honest about what they sell)

  12. Gandalf Says:

    A New Lawyer in the 11th hour? LOL #Surprise. I can’t wait to see ALL the Defendant’s with Public Defenders do likewise. Make sure your PD spends lots of time on those evidence dumps before you fire Him. Make sure you send LOTS of Certified (RR) complaints to your PD too… Ya gotta have a reason to Fire Him… Also Preserves appeal.

  13. Paladin Says:

    “Also, no one could comment on account of Strother’s gag order. You know, because if the lawyers were allowed to talk the people might find out how the system really works.” If the peole did find out how the system really works, those heavily armed Texans with access to petroleum products might take a hand.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    If i could not pay for a decent defense, and a “bad ass” lawyer offered free services, i would be suspicious…

    I can read between the lines but im not making any assumptions here.

  15. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    The defense attorneys don’t have all the evidence, I think more so that game will place who the DA really wants first up to hang all… there are people who are ready, but those can’t go, OH…why they did nothing but run & there is NO EVIDENCE ON THEM…

  16. david Says:

    The perverse entrenched corruption in this TX District court is daily clearly evident for the whole world to view.

    The fact the state office-holders and employees are corrupt beyond most peoples belief or understanding, is only due to the unwillingness of the honest people in the same county to end the corruption, which they are fully capable of ending.

    The honest people in the county have allowed corrupt bastards to usurp THEIR local government due to their own inattention, complacency, inactivity and lack of protest.

    Any time the people of the same county ever have enough of the corruption and DESIRE to end it, that will be the time the blatantly outstanding corruption ends.

  17. xplor Says:

    Landon Northcutt wanted Jake to give him $40,000.00. Casie “The bad ass” Gotro will do it for free.
    Why you ask ?
    The Rebel has told you this is a misscarage of justice.

  18. Sieg Says:

    One can only shake one’s head. That this farce has gone on as long as it has would be, in America, beyond belief. However, since we are living in post-Constitutional times, in amerika, inc., no lack of justice should surprise anyone, rather, someone actually finding some justice in our court system should be surprised.

    Keep pushing, Rebel, sure as hell isn’t anyone else trying for the truth.


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