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March 23, 2017

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Fake News

Skip Hollandsworth, the executive editor of Texas Monthly, published a sloppy, inaccurate and fatuous 2.500 word account of the Twin Peaks biker case in his magazine today.

Hollandsworth is a big deal in Texas. At 59, his resume includes jobs as a reporter, columnist, author, producer and screenwriter. His mantelpiece is crowded with awards and he has reached the point in his career where most readers assume that what he says must be true because he said it.

Not this time. The terrible feature he published today is titled “The Wild Bunch.”
It is headlined “Two years after a deadly Waco shoot-out, the local district attorney is trying to take down the Bandidos and Cossacks biker clubs. It won’t be easy.” And the whole waste of perfectly good trees reads like a movie pitch.

The least Hollandsworth could have done is hire a fact checker.

Cripple The Bandidos

Hollandsworth asserts that the Twin Peaks brawl happened because the Bandidos “learned that members of the Cossacks, a rapidly growing rival club, had begun wearing patches on the backs of their vests that read ‘Texas’ in capital letters.” That’s likely to be what “local district attorney,“ a “burly and affable” man named Abelino Reyna, “known for his ability to connect with jurors” will argue if there is ever a trial in the case. But the assertion is provably not true.

Hollandsworth states that “Reyna had an opportunity to do something no other district attorney in Texas had ever done: Seriously cripple the Bandidos and Cossacks in one fell swoop.” He doesn’t seem to understand that local district attorneys don’t do that. He doesn’t say how Reyna arrived at the opportunity to cripple the two motorcycle clubs. He doesn’t seem to wonder how you cripple motorcycle clubs. The answer, should he ever find this reply to him, is that you cripple motorcycle clubs by making them pay lawyers more than they have to pay. And then the next step is to watch as members of the clubs sell guns and drugs to raise the money to pay their lawyers. And then the step after that is to arrest those bikers for selling drugs and guns. Duh-uh.

Basic facts

Hollandsworth ignores the most basic facts of what is happening in McLennan County, Texas. For example, he tells his readers: “Twenty-two bikers had their charges dropped because of a lack of evidence connecting them to the Bandidos or Cossacks. Still, 155 bikers were eventually indicted by a grand jury.” That isn’t even close. One indictee and one potential indictee died. One hundred fifty- four, living people are currently under indictment. Nobody has been cleared. Thirty-eight people, including women, are still “under investigation.”

Hollandsworth informs that, “Reyna plans to try a Bandido, whose name has not yet been publicly revealed.” Actually, his name is Jake Carrizal and he is scheduled to stand trial beginning on May 22. Carrizal has always maintained that he was simply trying to back his motorcycle into a parking space when the first shots were fired. Prosecutors will try to prove Carrizal ran over the foot of a 52-year-old Cossack prospect named Clifford Pearce as Cossacks streamed into the Twin Peaks parking lot to prevent the arriving Bandidos from parking. Pearce told detectives that nobody ran over his foot. But the idea that the fight started when some Bandido ran over a Cossack prospect has been repeated a thousand times – beginning with another half-assed account in the esteemed Washington Post. Texas Monthly says confidently that, “One of the Bandidos’ bikes either struck or nearly struck a prospective member of the Cossacks in the parking lot.”


Carrizal is unlikely to be tried in May anyway. So far his attorney, Landon Northcutt, has received only about half the evidence Reyna claims is pertinent to Carrizal’s case. And Northcutt wants some amount more than $30,000 to go to trial. Carrizal doesn’t know where he will get the money. Northcutt will be in Waco for a voir dire hearing tomorrow and The Aging Rebel expects him to ask District Judge Ralph Strother to excuse him from the case then.

Hollandsworth has the delusion that Carrizal’s trial “will be followed by another one, and then another and another, on and on—enough cases to fill up the dockets of two of Waco’s state district courts for at least two years.” But Reyna has already taken great pains to keep anyone from going to trial – a fact to which Texas Monthly is oblivious. Numerous observers think the trials will take at least a dozen years to complete. As of today there are only five trials scheduled. They are: Jake Carrizal’s which is likely to be continued until he can find a new lawyer and that lawyer is given access to any evidence that might be used to prove his guilt or innocence; Kyle Smith on June 5; Paul Landers on some date in July; Cody Ledbetter on September 11; and Matt Clendennan in October.


What the Twin Peaks seems to be most about is a coverup. Abel Reyna is an elected public official who has either gratuitously or nefariously prevented any clarification or resolution of any of the, at present, 192 criminal cases that resulted from the Twin Peaks bloodbath. Hollandsworth allows the possibility that Reyna is just an idiot – like Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

Texas Monthly quotes Houston lawyer Paul Looney who describes Reyna as, “A complete fool.”

But Hollandsworth already knew what he wanted to say about these 192 cases before he wrote a word. In his head and on the page he anticipates a “scenario” in which “Reyna will become one of Texas’s most celebrated prosecutors: the district attorney who took on the outlaw bikers.”

And, before he began he already knew how he would conclude. Like this:

“…anyone who thinks that any of this will bring down the Bandidos should think again. A former Texas Department of Public Safety official who investigated motorcycle clubs for fifteen years told me that another group of Bandidos has already stepped up to lead the club. ‘And they are just as badass as the previous officers,’ he said. ‘Listen, the Bandidos aren’t going away. And neither are the Cossacks. Outsiders don’t understand: these bikers are more loyal to their clubs than they are to their own families. Outsiders also don’t understand that these guys have very long memories.’

“When I asked him what exactly he meant, he said, ‘None of them are ever going to forget about Twin Peaks. For them, there is still unresolved business from that day. And no matter what law enforcement tries to do, and no matter who gets sent off to prison, the Bandidos and Cossacks will go at it again. Somewhere down the road, they’ll fight again. That’s just the biker way.’”


67 Responses to “Fake News”

  1. The Kraut Says:

    @ Tom Barker: I am also one who needs not to know or talk with you.

    Rebel showed great restraint in not shit-canning you.

    Whatever I consider myself to be an “expert” in I keep to myself.

    I strongly urge you to follow my lead and STFU.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  2. Paladin Says:

    Tom Barker Says:
    March 28, 2017 at 9:34 am

    “However, remember that many of those arrested belonged to no Outlaw Motorcycle Club; they are the ones whose civil rights have been violated.”

    Hey asshole,

    In case you hadn’t noticed, EVERYBODY’S RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED THAT DAY! You really are quite the self-aggrandizing cunt aren’t you? Please shut your cock washer and be gone. You’re under appreciated here.


  3. Gandalf Says:

    @ Tom Barker “Sexual Predators in Blue: Police Sexual Misconduct.” Wonderful. I see you took my advice and are writing about things you know. But Hey, Don’t expect the Cops to respect you like you expect these 1%ers to do. I’m sure you will get the same disrespect on LE’s Blog after that baby comes out. Prob just more BS targeting Cops instead of Bikers. Anything for the Benjimins.
    1 more piece of advice Sir: Go to Waco. Investigate. Get published in the Texas Monthly and expose what IS OBVIOUS. Then watch the Country get behind you like a flood once the Trials and real evidence starts pouring in. There is a Pulitzer Prize in Waco with your name on it… Ya just got to get on the side of Truth and real Justice. Gang or Not the Cossacks were encouraged by LE to be there. The Fake News Propaganda LE machine went/is going Full Steam ahead. Cossacks not on Gang List. Cossacks not 1%ers. Cossacks victims of Bandits. Cossacks interviewed right after (Reporters sent by Police). “Just Good O’l local Boys” GIVE ME A BREAK!

  4. RIDER 1 Says:

    Tom Barker,

    Stick to writing books about dirty cops,something you probably know about given your LE background, and leave the books about 1%er’s to someone who knows what they are talking about.

    RIDER 1

  5. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Tom Barker,

    Shut your fucking pie hole and stop wasting our time with your drivel.

  6. RtC Says:

    Barker, you are a SPECIAL kind of STUPID aren’t you?! ME,ME,ME.
    As a friend would say “Why don’t you test out the warning on a plastic bag?”
    People on here already know who they are. I for one sure as fuck don’t want
    YOU to know me. You’ve proven yourself to be just another “expert” in a
    subject you know actually NOTHING about, EXCEPT what you’ve read,ie: POLICE
    reports, Gov. reports, NEWSPAPER articles… yeah, ALL real credible sources.
    Never let the facts get in the way of a good story, huh, Tommie?
    RESPECTS to Rebel & the rest of the REAL

  7. Gandalf Says:

    @ Tom Barker.
    The Media (You and Your Students) are Experts on Propaganda/Fake News. What make you In-American is you KNOW the Texas Monthly was a “Hit Job” for the purpose of Jury Tampering and General Propaganda. Leaving things out or minimizing the Fact that there are 36 Texans arrested yet not tried, The arrest warrants were sworn lies copy&pasted, The Judge said bail was 1mil “to set an example” Etc… 36 IS A LOT OF PEOPLE! CHAVEZ LIED! You know EXACTLY what I am saying. Your a propaganda expert! I know you see it.
    When a Judge gets mad because 1 biker needs more time while there are MANY who want to go to Trial He obviously has an agenda. You and Your Friends stand by and just let Waco get away with it. SHAME! “Your Fake News/Speeches/Articles Teachings are all a Disgrace. “Your killing the Very Country you claim to Love.” YOUR A TEACHER FOR GODS SAKE!

  8. Tom Barker Says:

    Mr. Crandall, I might as well share my latest works with you. I have just finished, Sexual Predators in Blue: Police Sexual Misconduct. The book presents police officers who were serial killers, rapists and child molestors. It is at the publisher. I am almost finsihed with Outlaw Biker’s Legacy of Violence: Altamont to Waco. The book presents Outlaw Bikers who have been serial killers, rapists, mass murderers and child molestors. I forecast that book is two months away from submission to a publisher.

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tom Barker,

    Please tone it down. Please understand that you are telling people you do not know who and what they are and that they do not necessarily appreciate the box you have put them in or the label you have painted on the side.



  10. Tom Barker Says:

    I would have told you that all you had to do is ask. I have hiden nothing about my self. However, remember that many of those arrested belonged to no Outlaw Motorcycle Club; they are the ones whose civil rights have been violated. Motorcycle profiling by Law Enforcement authorites pulls in a lot of innocent people who have no connection to Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs/Gangs. That is what I have said and will continue saying. That is, who I want to help and if you read my article you will see that. I believe and have argued for years that motorcycle clubs can be placed on a Conitnuum from social clubs to gangs involved in organized crimes. Rebel knows that as does all the other writers on biker clubs such as Bill Hayes and Ed Winterhalder and others who are or who have been Outlaw bikers. Read what I have written. I do not call names and involve in vulgar rants to make my points. I have hidden nothing about by backgound or work. IDENTIFY YOURSELF tell us about you and what you have done.

  11. Paladin Says:

    @ Gandalf,

    After reading your post, I’m surprised Barker isn’t on Reyna’s payroll or clerking for Strother.

    Long May You Ride,


  12. Gandalf Says:

    AGAIN: “Dr. Barker has steadfastly argued that the majority of OMC’s and their chapters are not motorcycle clubs but are in effect adult criminal gangs known for their violence and criminal activity. His research documents that American based OMCs, such as the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, Mongols, Sons of Silence, Vagos and Warlocks have expanded their violent criminal organizations worldwide.” WHAT KIND OF GAME ARE YOU PLAYING? And You want my Name? LOL I’m the White Wizard and you are a Troll. That’s all you need to know. Now everyone knows.

  13. Paladin Says:

    It’s rather pathetic when one has to spend one’s own money to get noticed. It’s beyond the pale when one brags about it.


  14. Tom Barker Says:

    I said I would not comment again, but Mr Crandall’s comment deserves some attention. I wonder if the Waco authorities are monitoring these posts. They might wonder who WE are? If they are monitoring Mr. Crandall’s post should be valuable to them. Just a thought.

  15. Gandalf Says:

    “Dr. Thomas Barker, a national and international expert on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, is Emeritus Professor of Criminal Justice at Eastern Kentucky University. A former police officer, police academy instructor, professor at four universities, and Dean of the College of Criminal Justice at Jacksonville State University, Barker has been conducting research and writing on biker gangs for the last 15 years. He is past president of the Southern Criminal Justice Association and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, and the author or co-author of 17 books and numerous articles.”
    That said, Instead of offering Paladin 500 bucks to appear as an expert witness why don’t you offer to be an “Expert” Witness for the Defense. You can explain to the Jury about “Police Deviance” and “Police Systems and Practices”. On another note ” Thomas (Tom) Barker is Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice at Eastern Kentucky University. The former police officer, police academy instructor, and Dean of a College of Criminal Justice has been teaching, researching and writing on police subjects and adult criminal gangs for over thirty years, For the past fifteen years, he has devoted his research to the study of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs (OMC). Dr. Barker has steadfastly argued that the majority of OMC’s and their chapters are not motorcycle clubs but are in effect adult criminal gangs known for their violence and criminal activity. His research documents that American based OMCs, such as the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, Mongols, Sons of Silence, Vagos and Warlocks have expanded their violent criminal organizations worldwide. (Consider your card pulled!)

  16. Tom Barker Says:

    Mr. Gandalf, for your information I have not made a dime from the article I published on Waco-an author is not paid for articles published in peer reviewed journals–and the two presentations at national and international meetings were at my expense, several thousand dollars. I have been invited to make a presentation on the Waco fiasco in Australia, and I am trying to fit that into my budget. There is actually a lot of interest in the civil rights violations at Waco. I have received requests from the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands for information. I am trying at my own expense to get as much interest in what happened. I will not respond again to any comment that comes from individual’s who hide their comments behind a mask of anonymity. You and the rest of those criticizing me know who I am. I have not said anything I would not say to anyone’s face or in court under oath. If you want to crirtize me or anything I say Identify yourself. Remember If you want respect give respect.

  17. Crandall Says:

    tom barker:
    As Gandalf said – ur seen coming a mile away. Stop making this shit about YOU and what you “think” people need to be doing. You take the steam right out of a great fucking article and the proper comments and discussion that typically follow so you can get exposure. Shut the fuck up and If you want to help – do it in private like the rest of us do. We don’t need a damned pat on the back.

    And if you fucking agree with ol Skippy that the Bandidos can be brought down, you have got to be the biggest idiot around. These men have seen and dealt with more shit this month than you will do in your entire lifetime. These Bandidos are fucking men and you better understand that asshole. Do you not understand there will always be 1%ers, the men that don’t take shit from people and properly put them in their place when they open the fucking mouth. Just like you. You wish you had the stones to be these men but you and skip can only sniff from the edges when WE allow you too. Making stupid comments and supporting stupid shit will get you exposed here rather quickly as you have found out. NOW STFU.

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