Hunt For Real Killers Continues

March 15, 2017

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Hunt For Real Killers Continues

Dallas attorney Don Tittle filed another 11 civil rights lawsuits against the city of Waco, McLennan County and the rest of the evildoers yesterday. Those evildoers, in case you have just returned from the secret prison colony on the far side of the Moon, are former Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman, a lying Waco cop named Manuel Chavez, local district attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna and an as yet undetermined number of John Does.

The 11 new complainants are Daryle Walker, Michael Woods, Don Fowler, David Cepeda, Kevin Rash, Richard Kreder, Greg Corrales, Bobby Joe Samford, Jimmy Spencer, Jr., Craig Rodahl and Arley Harris III.

Like Morgan English, the Zeta Tau Alpha from Brenham who filed suit against the same evildoers for $350 million plus exemplary damages last week, all of yesterday’s complainants were arrested on May 17, 2015 for loitering in the parking lot of the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant. Like English, they were all arrested on a trumped up charge of  “engaging in organized criminal activity.” Like English they were all given a Skimmington ride, slandered, humiliated, incarcerated and impoverished. Unlike English, they have not yet calculated the height of the big pile of Benjamins it will take to once again make them whole – which leaves open the possibility that $350 million might just be a starting point.

Let’s see if the calculator that comes with every iPhone works: Eleven times $350 million is $3.85 billion. Is that what you got, too?

Where’s The News

Like English, none of the new complainants has ever been indicted – even by the witch dunking contest Waconians call a grand jury. And none of them has ever been no billed by one of these pro-forma grand juries. “No billing” is the grand jury procedure that declares a suspect innocent. So far, only the Waco cops who did most of the killing have been no billed.

The new, 55-page lawsuit includes the same, familiar litany of police state atrocities that went unnoticed by the world’s ravenous pack of  migrating press and to which even people who care have become numb.

“It is undisputed that members of law enforcement fired upon individuals at the gathering, although it is yet unknown the extent of the injuries caused by law enforcement. Regardless of the manner or cause of the deaths, the loss of life that occurred that day is, without question, tragic. Unfortunately, the actions of law enforcement, including members of the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office, compounded the tragedy by causing the wrongful arrest and incarceration of countless innocent individuals,” the humble reporter reads.

“Despite a total lack of particularized evidence relating to specific individuals, Defendants Stroman, Chavez, and Reyna determined that individuals would be arrested and charged with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity based entirely on their presence at Twin Peaks, the motorcycle club that Defendants presumed an individual was associated with, and/or the clothing they were wearing at the time of the incident. Rather than investigating the incident and relying on actual facts to establish probable cause, Defendants theorized that a conspiracy of epic proportion between dozens of people had taken place, and willfully ignored the total absence of facts to support their ‘theory’,” the reporter continues.

And his crusty, old editor – if there still are, in fact, crusty, old editors – impatiently replies, “And where, exactly is the goddamn news in this goddamn lawsuit?”

Between The Lines

The news is between the lines. The news was filed in a related document last Friday, March 10 by the evildoers’ lawyers – a clown car law firm named Haley & Olson.

Last June Haley & Olson convinced a federal judge name Sam Sparks to suspend the civil suits against their clients until the complainants’ actual guilt or innocence was established at trial. “A false arrest claim should be stayed until resolution of the criminal charges, as until that time it may be difficult to determine the relation between the two,” they argued on behalf of Reyna and so on as if Reyna wasn’t actually preventing the resolution of the criminal charges.

Tittle and his clients had to eat that one but they eventually filed a motion in federal court that would allow suits by complainants who have never been indicted to proceed. The idea was to get on with the lawsuits before the statute of limitations runs out on the discovery of certain types of evidence. Evidence like: What was the criminal “intelligence” that led militarized cops to the Twin Peaks parking lot that day; what did the Texas Department of Public Safety expect to record when they installed a pole camera in the Twin Peaks parking lot at seven that morning; what did police propagandist Patrick Swanton mean when he said, “we expected issues;” and what did Jeffrey Rogers, Waco’s “detective of the year” the year before, mean when he wrote, “In my mind I expected some tension, some arguing, pushing and shoving, fights, I didn’t expect that.”


There has been a coverup underway in Waco for the last 669 days. Since the pools of blood dried into stains the coverup has been accomplished by official bullying, manufactured confusion, misleading false narratives, prevarication and contrived delays. The coverup is intended to conceal an illegal conspiracy by federal, state and local authorities who were desperate to create racketeering predicates to which the general public could relate for a pending case against officers and members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. What could be more relatable than a “mafia on wheels” shooting up a mall?

Three distinct facts may illuminate this coverup.

First, a joint federal, state and local investigation of the Bandidos was underway at least a year before the Twin Peaks bloodbath. The racketeering indictment that resulted from that investigation was full of accusations that the Bandidos were engaged in a “war” with the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. The same indictment, which has been superseded twice, doesn’t mention what happened in Waco once.

Second, although it will come as no surprise to reporters who investigate stuff, the lead in a Washington Post story this morning read: “The Obama administration in its final year in office spent a record $36.2 million on legal costs defending its refusal to turn over federal records under the Freedom of Information Act, according to an Associated Press analysis of new U.S. data that also showed poor performance in other categories measuring transparency in government.”

And third, as reporters who investigate stuff already know, the standard reason for denying a FOIA request is that the requested material is relevant to an “ongoing investigation.”

Consequently, you should not be shocked to learn that the evildoers’ lawyers reply last week to Tittle’s motion argued, “The unindicted Plaintiffs in this case were arrested. The investigation of these individuals remains open. That they have not yet been taken before the grand jury does not mean that they will not be taken before the grand jury. These individuals have not been absolved of criminal wrongdoing.”

More plainly stated Reyna, through his lawyers, threatens to yet indict Morgan English, the Zeta Tau Alpha from Brenham because, after 669 days, Reyna is not yet convinced of her innocence of the charge against her. It is a blatantly mendacious argument. Reyna should be dunked to see if he floats.

In a cell at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, O.J. Simpson, who once vowed to find the “real killer” of the people he stabbed to death, is embarrassed for Waco and Stroman and Chavez and Reyna.

It is about time for the rest of the United States to start feeling embarrassed about this travesty of justice, too.


17 Responses to “Hunt For Real Killers Continues”

  1. Tom Barker Says:

    Great the House of Cards is Coming Down.

  2. Mike Smith Says:

    Gandalf: You mean like Anthony Tait.

  3. IcemanB&W Says:

    This case is a reflection of a greater problem going on in this country. Fueled by the libtard leftists, more and more American citizens have been willing to give up their rights and look the other way, fooled into thinking that Uncle Sam is going to take care of them and give them a hand out when the SHTF. People need to wake the hell up and quit looking the other way when there is a gross miscarriage of justice going on like this. If it happens in Waco and we let the police state get away with it, then it will continue on as the status quo and be used as a tool by the LEO cartel. I can only hope that this gets sorted out and proper justice is served and Waco gets its just desserts.

  4. Dutchboy Says:

    Notice how the lame-stream media is covering this? To our famous third estate the Waco LEO Massacre is less important than what bimbo is going into rehab for the twentieth time in la la land. Keep up the good work Rebel! To those outside the biker community understand this:. The Waco LE Ambush was a testbed and training event. If LE can get away with this expect similar “incidents” at TEA Party events or targeting other out of favor groups.

  5. RIDER 1 Says:

    Bravo, very well thought out and written! The call for peace is being looked at by some as weakness but I believe it is a very smart move.
    I believe the Fed was originally trying to uncover a suspected organizational level drug ring. When that failed they decided to use the rocker to incite emotions and create crimes to prosecute.
    Level heads need to prevail right now. No one needs this to result in further investigation with more indictments. I believe the goal is to drag this out for as long as possible and incite further mayhem to drum up more charges. In the mean time the innocent will continue to suffer. I would not be surprised if before every thing is said and done, someone from the county govt side meets a suspicious death. We all know who the finger will be pointed at and the man responsible will not be around to stand trial!
    RIDER 1

  6. Kentucky Rider Says:

    I hope the lawsuits keep piling up and I could care less if Waco goes bankrupt. The feds still have blood on their hands from 1993. Killing and ruining people’s lives seems to be “their thing”.

  7. Water Boy Says:

    Right on point again Gandalf. All’s that needs to be done is look behind the Big O’l curtain. It’s time the Cossack’s admitted the truth at least to themselves and start righting this shit storm and save whats left of your club. And why is there now a Cossack’s website proclaiming they are a 1%er club. You just fucked your entire membership AGAIN little O because your original defense was yall were just “good ol boys” that did nothing wrong.?. Cossack’s need to wake the fuck up! Clean house in your club start asking for forgiveness for your stupidity!

  8. Gandalf Says:

    BTW If you want to find the Cossack who might be UC or CI look at all the Video. You man would know where ALL the Cameras were… He would stand in front of 1 to prove later that He wasn’t involved in starting anything. He will also have a “marker” in the form of something bright and different from the crowd. That marker needs to be seen from far away. He will also be one of the 1st people pulled out. Happy Hunting.

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    Too bad the lawsuit(s) didn’t also cover those judges who have been aiding and abetting Reyna and company.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    In the 1st weeks after Twin Peaks the Media interviewed a unnamed Cossack Leader who “was there but escaped”. I’ll call Him Houdini. Houdini was quick to tell the world that the “War” was over the Texas bottom rocker that the Cossacks were using. Hmmm??? I find it VERY curious that the name of the Fed Investigation was “Operation Texas Rocker” and the Cossacks put that rocker on shortly after that Investigation started. Think about that Cossacks? Who amongst your leaders pushed to have that “Texas Rocker” put on your backs? He’s the guy who made the deal with LE that killed 7 of you and got ? of you arrested. (I know Y’all know it in your hearts)
    The next thing I find curious is that many Cossacks including the wife of Big O said, “We were set up” Hmmm??? By the Bandits? How could the Bandits set you up? By asking Y’all to show up an Hr early, armed and even buy chains at Home Depot on the way to the “peaceful truce meeting?” I THINK NOT. The only explanation for that statement is LE “Set you up”. You know it and I know it.
    Did anyone ever identify that Cossack Leader was who was interviewed after escaping Twin Peaks? I’m sure a Cossack would know. Understand that The Media NEEDS a creditable source to confirm that He truly was a Cossack leader and ONLY LE’s word and direction could put this guy in front of the Reporter. Think about that. Do you really believe Big O’s wife was picked at random to be interviewed? LE sent The Media to both of these people for interviews. Why?
    But Hey, The good news is after LE killed, and arrested Y’all they have not given up and, true to form, the 1 trick pony LE seems to be running the same play with their 2nd string patsy. The Kinsfolk. Y’all can join up with them and crash another COC&I meeting in the future. Coming to a town near you.

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    One other little gem about Obama and transparency and that open government he promised the people. The Obama Government prosecuted more whistle blowers than any other U.S. government in History, and that include journalists.

  12. panamaa Says:

    Best of luck to the complainants… It should all be resolved in about ?????


  13. Austin Says:

    “particularized evidence”, “actual facts” … love love love this.

    “Diminishing returns on the relationship” That’s damn straight. Pull the plug on those bitches and see where the flood gates take them.

    Tenacious and invaluable reporting. Thanks be to God someone is paying attention.

  14. Iron Rider Says:


    I agree. As the Lawsuits pile up and the taxpayer start screaming when the settlements start getting paid out, there will be finger pointing and everyone will be scrambling for cover and some poor schmuck is going to be fingered as the fall guy and I would bet isnt going to like being fingered for this mess and will start throwing the next person under the bus and so on and so on.

    And to think this is only the first round of the many lawsuits to come. Wait till the worngful death lawsuits are filed and paid out, those are going to be in the millions and even then it will never be enough for those families that lost loved ones, and the killers will still be out there “protecting” the citizens.

  15. Dasein Says:

    All of Waco’s finest will probably get heaved under the bus as soon as the Feds begin to realize diminishing returns from their relationship with those local authorities, which is probably right about now.

  16. Gw Says:

    This case reminds me of what happened @ the Pink Poodle strip club in San Jose ca.
    A HA bouncer (Tauson) killed a customer in 1997.

    As a result, the DA’s office, along with others, used this as a pretext to raid the San Jose clubhouse, engaged in property damage and killed at least on dog.

    As a result, the HA’s, in 2006 were awarded 990,000$ For damages caused by the Santa Clara Sheriffs dept as a result of the 1998 raid on the clubhouse, for using the Pink Poodle killing as a pretext for such a raid..

  17. Paladin Says:

    “U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, of Austin, who is presiding over the civil litigation, lifted a stay last month that would have put the civil lawsuits on hold until after the criminal cases are disposed of.”

    Looks like ol’ Judge Sparks just opened the flood gates, and Waco is directly downstream.


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