Bandidos Want Peace

March 13, 2017

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Bandidos Want Peace

Bill Morian, Jr. the Jasper, Texas lawyer who has become an official spokesman for the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, issued a brief statement over the weekend about the apparent murder of Kinfolk Motorcycle Club member Dusty Childress on March fourth near Abilene. Wesley Dale Mason, who has been widely assumed to be a Bandido, has been charged with Childress’ murder.

Morian wrote:

“Due to the tragic situation that has recently taken place in Abilene, Texas, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club has issued the following statement:

“The Bandidos Motorcycle Club is in no way directly involved with the death of Kinfolk member Dusty Childress. The Bandidos Motorcycle Club is not and will not be involved or be pulled into a war with the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club. The Bandidos Motorcycle Club does not have a political position for or against the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club.

“It is a sad situation for all families involved.”


The Kinfolk is a new motorcycle club. It was founded by a former Bandidos national officer named Dan “Chopper Dan” Schild and it now claims at least 170 members in 23 chapters in Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico. According to a Kinfolk spokesman, and an ex-Bandido, named  Dennis “Buddha” Price the Kinfolk includes  “predominantly ex-Bandidos” and “members of other clubs who have been kicked out. Everybody who comes gets a real, fair, genuine, second chance.”

Schild left the Bandidos after Bill “Big Deal” Sartelle became club president. Schild thought the job should have gone to him and when it didn’t he started his own club. Biker politics often result in hard feelings. The Kinfolk seem determined to confront the Bandidos in about the same way the Cossacks Motorcycle Club sought to confront the Bandidos. In numerous documents and social media posts, members of the Kinfolk have taken pains to portray the new club as a victim of the Bandidos. In a recent Facebook post titled “Is there a new Sheriff in TEXAS???,” a Kinfolk sympathizer who identified himself as “1% Anonymous” wrote:

“To push us, to try to control us would only become your nightmare. It would unleash the wolves that once guarded your thrones. The wolves that once gave you your strength and might. But now the wolves have a new master, they do their own bidding, and you shall soon see the wrath of our pack. You will hunt us, and we will stalk you and a few may fall. But the fangs and claws that once helped create your illusion of power and control, will now tear you apart. Piece by piece, you will be devoured in the name of our fallen brothers till nothing is left but a faint red and gold memory. And we will still be here. Once again at rest until the next tyrant awakens us. Our brotherhood and love will carry on for eternity as will our name. Some will call us friend, some even brother but all will know us for who we truly are. We are Kinfolk MC 1%er. The guardians of the old ways.”

Changing Times

To anyone who has seen the transformation of motorcycle clubs since the premiere of Sons of Anarchy, the Kinfolk’s rhetoric is reminiscent of both the Iron Order and the Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs. The Iron Order takes great pains to self righteously describe itself as a “traditional motorcycle club,” unlike all the other motorcycle clubs that have been playing by the same set of rules for the last half century. The Cossacks justified crashing a meeting of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents at the Twin Peaks in Waco in May 2015 because they self righteously argued that the Confederation was a Bandidos extortion racket which the Cossacks were honor bound to confront.

One result of  that confrontation in Waco was the eventual unsealing of a racketeering indictment against Bandidos which never mentioned Waco but did loudly proclaim that the Bandits had declared war on the Cossacks. The Kinfolk appeared  about the same time as the federal indictment of former club president Jeff Pike and former club vice-president John Portillo.

The Anti-Bandidos

In order to increase its membership as quickly as possible “the guardians of the old ways” motorcycle club established a set of very non-traditional rules for its new patch holders. The club rules start with an insult aimed at the Bandidos: “We are not like Bandidos. We are our own club and will not be run like a dictatorship.”

And they continue with rules that would make many patch holders of a decade ago wince: “We do not discriminate against former police officers.” “While we prefer American V-Twins the type of motorcycle is not important.” “If a member has his membership revoked, he will not be placed on no contact. There will be no out in bad standing. Either you are a member or not.” “Our prospective members will be called rookies, not prospects. Ingrain this in your brain.” “The order of receiving their patches will be as follows for rookies. Bottom rocker two months. Center patch four months. Top rocker and 1%er diamond after six months.” “You do not have to fly your patch if you feel you are in an uncomfortable area or it interferes with your job or position.”

Ironically, despite the Kinfolk’s unusual rules, the new club has been eager to portray itself as more aggressive, dangerous and masculine than the Bandidos. According to Price, the Bandidos are “evolving into a completely different group.”

And while the Bandidos see themselves as a club that is trying to keep its members out of prison, Price thinks, “The Bandidos have become a paper tiger. Look at the Waco thing. Years ago there would have been a bunch of quiet little murders in the middle of the night.”

All of this is the context that surrounds Childress’ death and this weekend’s extraordinary public statement.

Perception And Reality

The facts about the shootout that resulted in Childress death are more ambiguous than they have been portrayed by some reporters and commenters. Mason has been charged with murder and is being held in the Jones County jail until he finds $500,000 in bail. Police have said he “has ties to the Bandidos.” Police have also announced that two, unidentified eyewitnesses saw Mason get out of his pickup truck and fire “three to four shots” at Childress from a shotgun. Childress died from a shotgun blast to his torso.

Informed sources would neither confirm nor deny that Mason is currently a Bandido. He was a Bandido two years ago.

Lieutenant James Torres of the Jones County Sheriff’s Office told Brian Bethel of the Abilene Reporter that the gunfight was “biker gang related.” But Abilene is a comparatively small city with a population of about 120,000 and it seems at least plausible to think that the shooting arose out of a personal dispute.

Childress was riding his motorcycle just before he died. And although the easiest explanation for how he died is that Mason drove up beside him and opened fire, there are other plausible explanations. Childress did die of shotgun wounds but a total of nine shotgun rounds were found at the crime scene. A semi-automatic pistol and a shotgun holster were found near Childress’ body. Mason was wounded in the encounter and when police found his pickup truck, about a half mile from the crime scene, two of the tires were flat.

Both the police and members of the Kinfolk seem eager to portray the shootout as an act of aggression by the Bandidos against “the guardians of the old ways.”

The Bandidos took the unusual step this weekend of issuing a press release to deny that,


58 Responses to “Bandidos Want Peace”

  1. Huh Says:

    Such a focus on what clubs run their prospects as prospects the longest as if an x amount of days matter. Seen on a few occasions guys patch in to their 1% clubs long before their minimum due to doing exemplary shit. Though I do not personally know the man, I believe there is a long standing and well known Member from one of these discussed clubs that prospected for 30 days or some such. You gonna tell him what’s up? Don’t get distracted by minute details.

  2. Mojoman Says:

    The Bandidos do not want peace. They are doing one thing and saying another. Simple elementary cover up propaganda.

  3. Sieg Says:

    TX_Biker, no doubt six months of prospecting for a real Patch is a looooong time, and yeah, in a younger day, I did it, and got through.

    Thing is, if it’s GUARANTEED that you’re in after the six months, then really, all you have to do is survive, right? And that’s a whole different story. I know of a Patch that typically prospects for a year…ouch.


  4. TX_Biker Says:

    6 months is a minimum for a prospect. Some of y’all sound like you would like it to be longer. I can tell you from experience not many would survive the 6 months (and that’s a minimum) or however long it takes. Plan on no sleep, being at the beckon call of patch holders and making “meetings” as Sieg put it almost every night of the week and maybe as far away 450 miles. Oh and lets not forget runs and events, you won’t be sleeping or idle ever. You will work your ass off or you won’t make it. you won’t even be considered to prospect if no one knows you. you will end up in a support club at best and have to do 5 years there before you’re even considered. That gives you plenty of time to fuck up or become so much of an asshat that no club will want to call you brother. So yeah it’s real easy….

  5. RIDER 1 Says:

    The answer is how long a patch holder has known you and a hangaround period. 5 years known by a patch holder who is willing to vouch for you, at least one year as a hangaround and at least 6 months as a Prospect. Hangaround and Prospect times are minimums.
    REBEL 1

  6. R&R Says:

    @ Paladin

    “Based on the direction this thread has taken, I half expect someone to start talking about their Silver Star with “V” device.”

    Thanks for the best laugh so far today.


  7. Sieg Says:

    Sure, pick on the Angry Inch, Paladin!!!

    ANYTIME an org, ANY org, sets “time in grade” guidelines, then it is no longer functioning as anything but a social club. If you can rise to be a Grand High Exalted Poobah in six months, a year, whatever, simply by showing up at meetings, then you have proven exactly…nothing.


  8. Paladin Says:

    Based on the direction this thread has taken, I half expect someone to start talking about their Silver Star with “V” device.


  9. Coolaid Says:

    Completely agree Rider1,

    I just see a lot of these clubs pop up over the past years instantly claiming 1% or a variation of it.. IOmc with their diamond with 8 in it.. rebels while known in Australia were at one point led by some black dude who is now repping a new club overseas.

    Just saying it’s not as easy as popping up a club and claiming to be something.. there used to be protocol and respect and now it feels like Nobody want to respect the old ways.. sometimes things change for the better, sometimes not.. I guess we will have to wait and see how this goes..

    I don’t know patch holders in these clubs mentioned in this article.. just commenting on what I read.. and set time limits on any process to a patch is not going to end well.. too easy for weakness and cancer to get inside.. with the implied motives behind putting that diamond on, you and I both know what comes with that territory.. you’re either starting a fight you intend to win, or you’re in for a world of hurt..

    I like my local guys, and I like the relative peace in my neck of the woods.. just don’t want to see what is happening over in Australia come here.. Waco was the first shot in the new battle against any of,us wearing any patch.. do we really need to toss jet fuel onto it and fan the flames by having us creating headlines against each other?

    Easy for me to say this sitting in a fairly quiet area punching in letters to my tablet.. I just find it troubling when I see any organization not being able to fully vett their men. You just can’t see someone in every situation in 6 months time.. nor can you truly KNOW someone to call them your brother in 6 months time unless you are sharing a bunk.. it’s just in my opinion bad business.. to each their own. I wish all clubs the best of luck.. I also would guide any new clubs to do things the right way.. right isn’t always easy and easy is most likely not reality.

  10. Peachy Says:

    Thank you Rebel, I have many questions about this incident… First how did Mason end up with flat tires? If you look at the pictures, flat is putting it lightly. At least one of those flat tires was the right front tire. Childress’s bike is off on the left side of the road. There is a KF cut laying in the middle of the road. So the story is supposed to be a man was shot with a shotgun, his cut was removed and dropped in the middle of the road. And I did not see much blood on the cut or the road around it. And do not forget the secret witness, that drove away after seeing Mason with the shot gun. I know that you only report on what is fact, so I will say what I assume. There had to have been more people involved than Childress and Mason. And why does anyone need to say if Mason was currently a Bandido? The club has released a statement saying they were not directly involved. That should be enough. Of course none of us will ever know the full story, just those that were there know what truly happened.

  11. RIDER 1 Says:

    The 1% diamond signifies that the wearer is an accepted member of a 1% club, not necessarily that the wearer lives what alot of folks would consider the 1% lifestyle. I have known men who never wore a 1% diamond but lived what many would consider a 1% lifestyle.
    Ask yourself what does one have to do to be a TRUE 1%er? Does it mean you have to only own a bike, raise hell all the time, do drugs, drink heavily, commit crimes and all the other things that society is fed to make them scared of 1%ers? Could it mean that the wearer has proven loyalty to his club and his club Brothers? Maybe the wearer has demonstrated that he is a man of solid principles like honoring his word, thinks for himself and gets the respect of those around him because he conducts himself in a respectable manner?
    What alot of folks forget is that the man wearing the patch makes the patch and that the patch does not make the man!

    RIDER 1

  12. JMSJ Says:

    If all of you believe the Bandidos are a bunch of choir boys, you have another thing coming. The Kinfolk are a lot like I and many others are. They have had enough of the Bandidos shit. Tired of being threatened, black listed, and in general being pushed around. I hope that the Kinfolk take off and thrive. It is about time somebody stands up to these thugs and tells them we are not putting up with your shit any more.

  13. Coolaid Says:

    Wow, 6 months and I can be a real 1%er? Where do I sign up!?

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it makes my eye twitch knowing this seems to be the new norm.. I respect those that earned that or any diamond I’d be embarrassed to have it on my chest without truly earning the RIGHT to wear it.

    It was so much simpler even just 5 years ago..

  14. Donna Says:

    Donnie Brasco is a character in same name movie who worked his fed way in

  15. Gandalf Says:

    @ Joe. “Bandidos start shit and then blame it on everyone else when the cops show up.” I DONT KNOW SHIT but I think I know what Happened in Waco. That Statement is just crazy. Totally false at Twin Peaks. I might not know a lot about Clubs and Club Politics but I know when a guy is BSing and can see when I see another guy, who might really know, smacks them down… I think Rider 1 pulled your card nicely. “Seems everyone else is assuming and talking shit.” So Yes, I am “assuming” your “talking shit.” Don’t worry Joe… Like I said. I don’t know Shit either. (except that your full of it)

  16. RIDER 1 Says:

    Nothing wrong with full patch and 1%er diamond at 180 days IF it has been earned by a Prospect. Several real 1% clubs out there doing that. What cracks me up is apparently there is no hangaround time or time requirement a patch holder has to know you and I mean know you not know of you.

    RIDER 1

  17. RtC Says:

    Douchey Brasco,Tomball, Waldo &Joe
    FOESAD. You are evidently ASSociated with either the Cocksax or Kinfarts fuck-wads, don’t care which. I’m with RIDER 1! Ya’ll are a bunch of “couldn’t make it’s” OR “couldn’t STAND” POS’s. I’ve been around a LOT of different 1% MC’s & it’s no wonder you fucks are gone. Piss poor excuses for 1%er’s! LOL
    Ya’ll couldn’t even survive in MY world & I’m not patched, BUT I AM KNOWN.
    Pretty sad bunch of POS cheer-leaders for POOP-UP groups! Again, FOESAD you
    bastards talkin’ sh!t about ANYBODY!

  18. RIDER 1 Says:


    Go back and read what I said. You can update your own status if you really hate your old club that bad, never said I would or could.

    I was in a organization way back when. Hated it so much I got out first chance I could but I did what I had to do to get out in good standings. Have never uttered a negative word about them and never will. I’m not part of any problem, not even a member of any club. Just showing respect to those who have always showed me respect. Anyway, back on topic.

    RIDER 1

  19. Joe Says:

    Rider. Shut the fuck up. Your part of that problem. You update my status! You don’t know what the fuck your talking about. I say r&g and not bandido. Because I can. I wasn’t a sheep like most. Lot more I want to say. Ill leave it there.

  20. Dark Corner Says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I think anyone that would join a cop club that sports a 1% diamond is telling me they are a low rent twat with no self respect.

  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear donny brasco,

    From one Donnie to another, are you a troll?

    I know Bill Morian. There is a lot of federal heat on the Bandidos right now and so the club leaders measure their words carefully. That’s why Morian issued the statement. I don’t know if Wesley Dale Mason is currently a Bandido in good standing or not. I really don’t. He might have been required to quit the club as part of his plea agreement. I know he was a Bandido three years ago. Do you really think that is something I wouldn’t try to find out? I do know that within the last month, four guys who have apparently been out of the club for years were arrested and called Bandidos. There is obviously a determined effort by the federales to smear the Bandits. That’s the issue here. The feds are pulling cases out of their asses and I don’t whether the Childress murder was a gift from God to the ATF or what.

    I am pretty sure that you don’t spend a lot of time reading between the lines.

    From the first time I heard about the Kinfolk MC, which I think was last October, the club has struck me as very provocative. I don’t know whether Dusty Childress paid the price for that provocation or whether something else precipitated his final, fatal motorcycle ride. I don’t know who fired the first shot or why.

    Please calm down. I sense you are starting to piss off people. And, yeah, it is Bandidos, pronounced Ban-dee-dos.Okay?

    Thank you for reading and commenting.


  22. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Diamond and top rocker in 6 months? Seriously??? Think of all the SoA wanna-be’s who don’t have a clue that are gonna put that on for all the world to see. That’s some fucked up urine odor douche-baggery right there.

    I should start up a patch, ring, and trinkets business. Apparently, there’s going to be a lot of money about to depart from a lot of fools that go through those revolving doors.

  23. donny brasco Says:

    Rider sorry you feel that way, Your Legal” spokesman is also part of the new way!

  24. RIDER 1 Says:

    Donny Brasco,

    BANDIDOS or BANDIDO not Banditos, get it right dumbass!

    RIDER 1

  25. RIDER 1 Says:

    Donny Brasco,

    I know how a real 1% club earns the 1% diamond and that no 1% club gave it to Kinfolk. I also know that members are supposed to earn the 1% diamond.

    Whether or not an active Bandido was involved isn’t important to ME. To make your statement,”or are they just 1% on weekends like the Kinfolk and the Harley Owners Group?”
    is a stupid ass question and a insult to a major club in my opinion! Like I said ask a Bandido and get your answer straight from him, not the internet!

    RIDER 1

  26. donny brasco Says:

    rider1 the legal spokesman for the banditos did not confirm or deny the shooter was a Bandito. As far as the old ways do you thing giving out 1% patches like the kinfolk do is part of the old ways?

  27. donny brasco Says:

    joe, the legal spokesman of the Banditos{ bill Morain} did not confirm or deny That The “said” gunman was a Bandito. That was my point. For those that think the old ways at not dead then I ask why the Bandito’s need a lawyer To make that statement or want anyone to know anything about their business. My comment about the old ways refer to the kinfolk and Iron order. Does anyone here think 1% means much if it’s given out like merit badges?

  28. RIDER 1 Says:

    You claim to have gotten out in good standing and then go on the internet and talk shit about your former club and Brothers. Maybe your status needs to be updated?

    RIDER 1

  29. RIDER 1 Says:

    Were you a Bandido or in a support club? Bandidos I know don’t refer to themselves as R&G. Since you were R&G, you would have known the requirements for someone to get Probate patched. If you didn’t agree with someone getting Probated you should have questioned and kept on questioning, as a member you should have had the right to RESPECTFULLY question(not BITCH), until you got a satisfactory answer or were told to shut the fuck up. In life we have all at one time or another probably been told to shut the fuck up. You man the fuck up and keep going. Leadership doesn’t always have the time nor do they need to explain every little decision. This sounds like support club shit, any respectable 1%er would have known that shit!

    RIDER 1

  30. joe Says:

    donny brasco.
    I guess your an expert ? And if so. how ? Except for Tom Ball and Waldo. Seems everyone else is assuming and talking shit. I was red and gold. I got out in good standing some years ago. I know exactly whats up and do not have to assume.

  31. Joe Says:

    I read a lot of shit up there. What Tom Ball and Waldo makes sense. Really the only sense because it’s true. Everyone else just talking shit and assuming. I was R&G. It was a fucked up club then just like now. Not based on brotherhood, Integrity and all this so called ethical shit. It’s based on money, greed and power. Bandidos start shit and then blame it on everyone else when the cops show up. Bandidos have had hate for clubs in DFW for generations. The rest of Texas fell in line EXCEPT DFW and those little areas. Starting shit, blaming everyone else for it, then kicking out their members when they get caught is R&G style “brotherhood” Being a bandido is figuring out how to take another members shit ! Their are dumb asses on here that talk shit about patches out to soon or whatever. What is a bandido probate? Probates do not have the respect PROSPECTS DO. I prospected ! A probate patch are given to anyone and everyone. Unless you been R&G. Shut up ! Quit assuming mind your business.

  32. RIDER 1 Says:

    What I have learned over the years is that most bikers are type A personalities which explains alot of the ass biting by SOME for leadership. I have also learned that when you identify that ass biter, you get rid of him in a hurry because that cat ain’t gonna change his stripes!

  33. RIDER 1 Says:

    Hey Tom ball, would that be Tomball? As in Tomball, TX right smack in the middle of Kinfolk “territory”?

  34. TX_Biker Says:

    The Kraut is correct. You can’t operated as a democracy. But it is not wise to be a tyrant. I try not to make too many unilateral decisions, but sometimes you have to. I at least try to get the opinions of brothers that I know have the clubs traditions and best interests at heart. I know Chopper Dan, he was once the national president of another club I was a patch holder in. This new club seems to be a mixture of that club, which was as far from a 1% club as you can get, and his previous club. We really don’t need all this drama in Texas. What we need now is unity and focus on what we have been trying to accomplish the past 10 years as the motorcycle club culture evolves. There in lies the problem, There are many in the media and law enforcement that do not want MC’s to become more accepted in society. They want to portray us as the violent criminal underbelly of society, dressed in dirty jeans and a ragged cut. That’s just not us anymore and really hasn’t been for a long time. All we want is to left alone and ride with our brothers.

  35. RIDER 1 Says:

    Some of these new “pop up” clubs may very well be fronts for the Feds or are being directed by the Feds! Desperate men have been known to do desperate things to get their ass out of a jam. The majority of the folks in these clubs are just being used to shield the leadership and are too stupid to figure it out. Alot of these guys that were in support clubs never had a problem with a Bandido until they put on that patch! When trouble does find them, they will figure that out in a hurry and drop their colors. Do not let these posers provoke you into striking first! Remember, it is best to pick the time and place when the odds are in your favor and not react to a set up!

    RIDER 1

  36. rookery Says:

    An MC cannot effectively operate as a democracy. The Kraut Says: hmmm only fair to point out that the HAMC is just that. One man one vote, 2 thirds majority carries all decisions at charter, national or international level, That nice Mr Barger toes the democratic line just like the rest of the membership. no bosses and nobody gets paid anything except heavily audited expenses if the occasion or job description justifies the outlay. Seems to work for them……

    Not a critique of other clubs by the way. Each to his own….

  37. Phuquehed Says:

    Since the kinfolk are nothing but a bunch of; ‘out bad’, ‘ex pigs’ (and possibly current pigs), wannabe doctors/lawyers/drunk child molesters, and nothing a true club wants in it, then they should be named appropriately and quit beating around the bush…

    The Inbred. It still denotes ‘kinship’ so they should be happy with it.

    So fucking tired of these mom & pop pop-up clubs trying to tell everyone they don’t have to take orders bullshit. If they didn’t the clubs wouldn’t hold together longer than the glue holding their ironed-on patches to their worn-on-the-weekends-in-fair-weather-only-vests-their-mama’s-bought-for-them. Oh, and way to vet if the club really *does* get loaded with a child nolester or two…you’re in in 6 months no matter what, which means there is no vetting and it was a random number chosen to try and sound less pussy in the prospect stage than the urine odor or the leg-humping order.

  38. The "Old Ways" Says:

    Right on point as usual Gandalf. It amazes me that members and supporters of these 2 clubs clubs “cosacks & kinfolk” really believe that they are honorable men on an honorable mission. They have broken every code in the 1%er handbook and wonder why they are not accepted. I have seen them say over and over, its a free country and there is enough room for everyone to ride. Well they are correct about the physical space, what they have wrong is EVERYTHING ELSE. In a nutshell, both of these groups felt/feel they have something to prove and that they wanted to play in the big leagues. W

  39. RIDER 1 Says:

    Hey Donny Brasco, the old ways are not dead! If you want to confirm someone is a Bandido, step up and run your mouth! You will get your question answered and confirmation that the old ways are not dead! HOG has never been 1%er, why throw them in that pot? This life is easy, ride your ride and be respectful!

    RIDER 1

  40. Gandalf Says:

    1 more thing. Leaders don’t just make more $ because they are smart and have put in the work for years. They make more $ because chances are they will go to jail one day. Heck… Since RICO Italians don’t even want the job anymore. Too Dangerous. How many rank and file Bandits were indicted with Mr. Pike & Co? ZERO #asksonny

  41. Gandalf Says:

    I like the Bandits. They have class. They are smart. They are about to get paid by Waco. The bottom line is The Cossacks arrived an hr. early IN FORCE and armed. They also stole the reserved Patio seats and jumped the rail to threaten the Bandits when they arrived. THESE ARE PROVABLE FACTS! Easy Self Defense in court and easy false arrest because of the arrest warrant. IMHO Their Leadership played Waco perfectly. Now they are answering the BS Propaganda LE is putting out. They have to. It’s smart. IMHO
    @Waldo I thought that is what you signed up for… You Took an oath? The Kraut is right. No Business, Government, or Club can operate in a democracy. You vote on your leaders and that’s that. Do you think the LE “gang” operates as a democracy? NO. THEY KISS ASS FOR PROMOTIONS. They Don’t publicly complain about “the vote” or their leaders. Heck I hate Trump but I am an American and He is the Pres. THE END.
    I have found that there are 2 things you DO NOT want to be in the School Yard… The Weakest and the Strongest. Everyone wants to test The Strongest and the fact is… That’s what the Cossacks did… and Kinsmen are doing. It’s not the Bandits… It’s Y’all. Inferiority Complex. Standing up to them makes you “hard”… OK, I get that. It does. But mark my words The Bandits are REAL SMART and know that The Cossacks were taken down by the same trap they laid… The LE trap. I’m thinking they don’t need to war with the Kinsmen… No need to kill. One day LE might do it for them just like in Waco. BTW Those Leaders you dislike so much may have called the play to ride into that shit storm at Twin Peaks. Machiavelli would be proud. Those Leaders might have made the call that Killed Cossacks by the hand of Police…. Leaving them BOTH fucked! Not to Mention, IMHO a deal was made between Cossacks and LE. LE may have threw the Cossacks under the bus when shit went bad… Killing them and then Arresting them. Remember this Cossack Quote, “It was a set up” LE set them up. Made a deal then blew them away. Imagine that?

  42. Tom ball Says:

    You sobs wouldn’t know the truth if it stomped on your toes. The bandidos have played the oh me poor me shit for so long publicly and no one ever believes it. Trying to weed out the problem members. The only problem the members that got put out where guilty of was not committing crimes like murder and drug trafficking for your precious little red and gold king. You might choose to believe all the hyped up bull crap. But I know the truth because my ass was in the thick of a lot of that shit. And as for Wesley mason. That sob is a murderer and this isn’t his first time. All at the orders of the bandits national bosses. And if you’re going to spit out your so called facts. Then don’t pick and choose the ones you can twist. Show all the facts in there entirety and in the context of the original quote. Let the full truth be seen and then let people base opinions on the real facts.

  43. anon Says:

    I recall a wise man saying something about a tethered goat.

  44. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Yeah….”Guardians of the Old Ways”. Doesn’t prospect its members. Is made up almost exclusively of out-bads and former cops. Hands out patches, including a 1%er diamond, based on time since signing up instead of the character and action of the “rookie membership”.

    Um, can someone buy me a vowel or something? It’s almost as if there’s an ulterior motive for the existence of such a club, like maybe the purpose isn’t a love of motorcycling and brotherhood but rather to influence the public perception of motorcycle clubs.

  45. Waldo Says:

    Some people are puppets and some are not . simple as that . i was red and gold and if you didnt kiss there ass u had to answer to them

  46. RLG Says:

    “1%er diamond after six months”, why the wait? Just order them from with expedited shipping!

  47. Sieg Says:

    Let’s see, a poster who identifies himself with the work-name of a federal rat is gonna toss insults at one of the major clubs in the country. How does that work?


  48. Wow! just wow... Says:

    Seems the “secret” to these new pop up wannabe “guardians of the (new)old way” is to make sure everyone know you allow law enforcement. If you have, or even possibly have, law enforcement in your “club”, you do not have to worry about following any understood ways of operating, you do not have to show any respect, and, you certainly do not have to stand up and act like men: which has always been the very back bone of real clubs in the MC world. Also, reading what is said above by the Aformentioned, well respected, 50 year old motorcycle club, it seems to me as if their spokesman attorney is saying something that most 1% clubs have said and desired forever…” We want you to Just leave us alone.”

  49. The Kraut Says:

    An MC cannot effectively operate as a democracy. Opinions and personal views dilute the authority and purpose an MC functions as…a paramilitary fraternal motorcycle organization.

    Kinfolks listed “changes” as to its timeline required “time in grade” as well as terms changing prospects to “rookies” is but a weak attempt to redefine the reality that out bad isn’t some unfair designation…it means just what it says.

    Welcoming ex-badges just confirms you are cunts with no real respect due you, the patch you wear, and the ideal you formed your so called “club” around.

    You lame fucks can find purpose and employment working for Kurt Sutter as extras in his ongoing motorcycle soap operas.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  50. donny brasco Says:

    The old ways are dead.
    But It should be easy to confirm or deny who’s a Bandido and who isn’t or are they just 1% on weekends like the Kinfolk and the Harley Owners Group?

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