Bandidos Kinfolk Shooting

March 6, 2017

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Bandidos Kinfolk Shooting

Dusty Childress, a member of the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club, died in a shootout Saturday morning with Wesley Dale Mason, a recent member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, on Jones County Road 341 just east of the Abilene, Texas dump.

According to authorities, multiple shots were fired by each man. Childress was riding a motorcycle. Mason was driving a blue, Dodge pickup truck.

Jones County Sheriffs arrived at the scene about an hour after the shooting. They took Childress to the Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene where he was pronounced dead.

Lieutenant James Torres of the Jones County Sheriff’s Office told Brian Bethel of the Abilene Reporter that the gunfight was “biker gang related.” Torres did not say who he thought shot first.


Sheriffs and investigators from the Texas Department of Public Safety found Mason’s truck in a ditch about a half mile from the shooting scene. Mason was shot twice, in the foot and leg, and after driving into the ditch he fled to a nearby home where he was taken into custody about two Saturday afternoon.

Mason was in the news for two incidents since late in 2013. Last year he was sentenced to eight years in prison and fined a $1,000 for lending a large dog carrier and a dolly to John Patrick Gutierrez. Gutierrez used the equipment to move and bury the body of a man named Carey Rod Tate. Mason negotiated a plea and sentencing agreement in which he pled guilty to tampering with evidence. In return, his eight year sentence was deferred and charges stemming from a 2013 altercation between members of the Bandidos and members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club in the parking lot of a Logan’s Roadhouse were dropped.

Mason had his initial appearance in the county courthouse in Anson, Texas this morning. He was charged with murder and his bail was set at $500,000.


The relationship between the long-established Bandidos and the relatively instant Kinfolk has been strained for the last year. Bandidos leaders have compared the Kinfolk to the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.

In a recent Facebook post titled “Is there a new Sheriff in TEXAS???,” a Kinfolk sympathizer who identifies himself as “1% Anonymous” wrote:

“To push us, to try to control us would only become your nightmare. It would unleash the wolves that once guarded your thrones. The wolves that once gave you your strength and might. But now the wolves have a new master, they do their own bidding, and you shall soon see the wrath of our pack. You will hunt us, and we will stalk you and a few may fall. But the fangs and claws that once helped create your illusion of power and control, will now tear you apart. Piece by piece, you will be devoured in the name of our fallen brothers till nothing is left but a faint red and gold memory. And we will still be here. Once again at rest until the next tyrant awakens us. Our brotherhood and love will carry on for eternity as will our name. Some will call us friend, some even brother but all will know us for who we truly are. We are Kinfolk MC 1%er. The guardians of the old ways.”


31 Responses to “Bandidos Kinfolk Shooting”

  1. saturdays_all_right Says:

    @ Yeah Right

    Spot on. And people wonder why most Respected clubs do not give a shit about “pop-up” clubs in this day and age. Why chance prison for 30 years to shut them down, when they will shut themselves down in a year or two? When they build a club ( or add new chapters to their existing,once respected club) made up of other clubs thrown out bad trash, you already know what they get: a club built of other clubs not wanted, thrown out trash. It wasn’t that long ago that a club would never have taken someone that was out bad from another club. Now, that seems to be all the rage in adding to some clubs existing chapters for expansion, or popping up a “new” club. Trash is not a very stable foundation to build on!

  2. YEAHRIGHT Says:

    I love how in 2019 we see no Kinfolk members, all the people we knew as Kinfolk have left the club and they are just a faint retarded memory. The few that are left are hanging on to that diamond that never existed in the first place. All the real MC members knew this wasn’t going to last and whether or not you support Red and Gold, everyone knows you can’t take a bunch of idiots and go at them head on. RIP Kinfolk Motorcycle Club, you will be forgotten and your members died in vain.

  3. bruster Says:

    the diamond …lol every club out there started as a result of another,,, you don’t like it the politics or what ever the reason that’s how they all start..i think to believe the balance is already set and deal with it. everyone..wake up… having no option ever again lol … clubs split and those who do are usually at each others throats and know about each other.. its the cycle of clubs themselves.. the very ideal you need to be blessed to be accepted then what the point in the first place? some will watch and see where the cards fall,, others get it and will remain friendly.. find one club that hasn’t done it as well and no their own..

  4. Kaboom Says:

    Hey “Stating Obvious” or SOB as your known here, $80 AND 2 WEEKS GETS YOUR PATCH -RIGHT. Anyone stating they are “not skinflutes” is a skinflute. You ladies are not that bright, we know. If you were in ANY other MC you would not have that opinion, Yall are not that complicated. And all your hateful rhetoric “that means talk” is not doing anything to further your cause. Why? Because people on this site GET IT!! This is site that REAL and ELITE CLUBS come together when shits like you enter the arena. You or your club or any idiot that supports your favorite club is not liked or tolerated in the United States by ANY CLUB and you will get NO RESPECT no matter how loud you scream and call names. That will come back and bite your ass, as you well know. It’s simple, your bylaws “which are public” displayed in Denver very clearly state (cops, hondas, scared don’t wear, taking in anyone for a 2nd chance “THIEF’S, RATS, CHILD MOLESTERS, LIARS ETC) are not the “Guardians of the Old Ways”. Last I checked that was still the rule ALL REAL MC’s abide by. KNOWING YOU LIKE I DO, I am betting your a Rat and Liar. Am I right? Try reading “Take Charge of Your Emotions” $25 on Amazon. It will help you through your situation. Right now your in emotion 3 “Anger” and it hurts cuz no one is listening to you. It will get better for you! NO IT WON’T – I WAS BULLSHITTING YOU! But read the book it will help you. This advice is FREE – take it!!!! Now go ahead and reply something negative like you do. You will feel better for a second, but then reality comes back and your still a RAT and a LIAR and you have to look in that damn mirror. Anyway, have a good day.

  5. swampy Says:

    “The Guardians of the old ways.” Yeah, and all this business about “wolves” and…. “thrones.” Is this Game of Thrones? It seems if they’re trying to appeal to the Asatruar/Odinist/Norse side of things which may be intended as a “subtle slap” also. Or maybe not. I’m on a few fb Norse groups but only one is for posting; the others being for reading, study and thought. I should pay more attention to the Texas crowd before I go getting all “friendly” with someone from that group – Texas or not.

  6. Bill Morian Says:

    Due to the tragic situation that has recently taken place in Abilene, Texas, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club has issued the following statement:

    The Bandidos Motorcycle Club is in no way directly involved with the death of Kinfolk member Dusty Childress. The Bandidos Motorcycle Club is not and will not be involved or be pulled into a war with the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club. The Bandidos Motorcycle Club does not have a political position for or against the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club.

    It is a sad situation for all families involved.

  7. Stating Obvious Says:

    Kaboom or whatever…
    I have no relation to any of the clubs involved. You have no fuckin clue what club I belong to and it’s nobody’s fuckin business. You little fucks just like to argue with someone who has a difference of opinion. Kinda like a bunch of snowflake, liberals. Are you triggered now queer boy???!!! Hahahaha, fuck off.

  8. Neuro Says:

    Thanks Kaboom and TX_Biker, you guys are on top of it.

  9. TX_Biker Says:

    I live in the middle of of this. I know them all and met them when they were Red and Gold. They are a few disgruntled ex members. Out bad is out bad. putting on your own shit doesn’t make you anything if no one recognizes it.

  10. TX_Biker Says:

    I line in the middle of of this. I know them all and met them when they were Red and Gold. They are a few disgruntled ex members. Out bad is out bad. putting on your own shit doesn’t make you anything if no one recognizes it.

  11. Rainman Says:

    It appears Stating Obvious and Mojoman2001 are the same person. HMMMMM Tricky… lol

  12. Kaboom Says:

    LOL Captain Obvious, it’s clubs like skin farts and the urine oder that are fucking shit up! You and your ladies have not given any respect to any club in the country and that’s the reason ALL CLUBS consider yall pieces of shit. Your legacy is made, you cant undo how yall came to be the stain on the motorcycle community you are. If you were actually a 1%er, you would know the word respect and not have done your business this way. Is it true that an AMA Club actually did a number on a couple of your bullies. WTF – REALLY? Just go away.

  13. Not Surprised Says:

    Kinfolk. They need a better PR guy.

  14. Brandon Says:

    Mojoman2001, Dusty Childress was my cousin. He was a good man. He was a good father and a good worker. He did not deserve to be shot. I have not seen him in awhile. I hope that the individual who shot him receives the ultimate punishment. I am not going to comment about Dusty being in a motorcycle club because that was his business. May he rest in power and his family and friends receive justice.

  15. ShannonFreebirdHayes Says:

    Hey, Mojoman, its easy to sit behind a keyboard, typing shit, when no one knows your name, or what you look like. Try doing that face to face with one of those guys! Do you have the balls and intestinal fortitude to do that? I support the Bandidos!

  16. Mojoman2001 Says:

    A bunch of cocksuckers on this board. You know nothing about what has happened to redgold in the last couple years. That club is now a crew of yes men who seek power in numbers. Question the leaders of redgold then they just kick you out. A club of sychophants and asskissers. Redgold is a criminal enterprise focused on criminal activities run by criminals with a bunch of whiny ass brown nosing cocksuckers “donating” hundreds of thousands of dollars to the top guys who are always riding brand new motorcycles rolling around with stacks of ill gotten cash. Benefits, fundraisers, etc funnels every dime of those honest donations from thousands of supporters right into the pockets of the top guys. There is nothing benevolent, honest, charitable, or good about redgold. The Kinfolk formed to get away from that bullshit. We didnt ask their goddamn permission to put a 1% diamond on, nor will we. Fuck them and their club. That dumbass that shot our guy, will get the death penalty, and if I can I will be there to wave goodbye to the son of a bitch in Huntsville. We dont care if you dont like us. This isnt a fucking popularity contest. What kind of a club has guys that stalk riders and shoot them from cages? A club full of fucking cowards is who.

  17. Stating Obvious Says:

    While y’all are busy “sylobbin'” (sylb’in), y’all are missing the obvious in this and the other instances. I see it as when the fuck will they learn. A certain club, common denominator is starting to fuck it up for the rest of the clubs nationwide (1%er or not). This is giving LE and Judiciary all the ammo they need to impose stiffer penalties on MC members accused and possibly convicted of any crime. By reading most comments, it probably doesn’t affect most of you. But regardless of who you support, or if you’re strong enough in your own conviction to stand alone as an MC, then you’ll realize that we have a common, enemy. A real “gang” with far more resources than us. Texas is big enough for many clubs, though pop-up clubs only dilute this lifestyle, it could use the diversity.
    And, No hangaround, no one is going to just hand you a diamond patch, it’s not a fuckin merit badge and it’s more than just cloth. If you’re man enough to wear it and defend it, then be prepared to do so. Real 1%ers don’t wait around for permission to wear shit. We just do it.

  18. Retired Veteran Says:

    First thing is to know protocol, when forming a MC. Respect is earned, not given.

  19. Mexican hunter Says:

    Screw both clubs. I love swerving at you all in traffic…..Especially bandidos.

  20. Kaboom Says:

    The actual # is 8.. Ohhh 7 now, pardon me – 1 just quit in Winnie TX.

  21. Rebel Says:

    Dear jrnr,

    It depends on to whom you talk. Some people claim the Kinfolk have patched in hundreds of ex-Bandits. Other people say the number is closer to a dozen.

  22. Hangaround Says:

    Hey Rebel,

    Its my understanding that real 1% clubs are granted the one percent patch by another existing 1% club after proving that they are worthy.

    If this is correct I’d be curious to know who is handing out the diamond to all the new clubs in Texas. Perhaps some Rebel investigative journalism could shed some light on the subject.


  23. Wow! just wow... Says:

    “Guardians of the old ways”?? Wow…just…WOW!

  24. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Trying to build a case after the fact. Covering up the fact of the 3 released by the grand jury for said shooting those who banished weapons, meaning that they fired 1rst causing people to panic. Missing targets in the parking lot & hitting innocent bystanders just standing on the sidewalk.
    Cover up…to save the 2 officer’s who fired into the crowd of people by ruining over 200 innocent people’s lives .

  25. jrnr Says:

    The last paragraph eludes to the fact that a significant number of Kinfolk are ex bandidos


  26. Kaboom Says:

    Well, that’s some nonsense right there. “The guardians of the old ways” Really? A poop up club, that stole their patch from a movie poster “Unforgiven”, that allows cops, tells on people that defend themselves against these assholes, is formed of “OUT BAD” members from other clubs, known liars and thieves, Facebook video producing, that stole 2 REAL 1% Clubs Colors, that are always on the business end of ass whoopings by multiple clubs (even 1 AMA Club), that act exactly like the iron order, IS NOT THE GUARDIANS OF THE OLD WAYS! You are who you are, LIARS’s, SNITCHES, COWARDS, THIEVES, that could not make it other clubs. At least the urine odor is upfront and accept that they are the things above. Your even lower than them. The leaders you follow will be your downfall, stop drinking the cool aid you ignorant fucks and go home, your not 1%ERS. Real 1%ERS show respect and you ladies have not ever done that. More to come.

  27. Stand strong Says:

    So when is just giving away patches for $80 guarding the old ways.

  28. LoneWoofWoof Says:

    Based on the last paragraph, the Kinfolk were some wannabee support club, or……

    some 12 yr old has been reading too many comic books, or…..

    the Kinfolk were patched over from the Black Widows.

  29. Frank Atkinson Says:

    Guardians of naught patches and no honor. What’s old way in anything they are doing ? Even got pigs in the club. Bunch if pussies that could make or jeep a real cut. So they took their hurt feelings, used a pic if Clint Eastwood, make a patch, hand it to OUT BAD/NO CONRACT, and call themselves a legit MC. ? I say come at me if you feel like it. But during ain’t much of a living.. to quote their hero..

  30. Iron Rider Says:

    As if the heat wasn’t already turned up after Twin Peaks

  31. Paladin Says:

    It doesn’t get any more laughable than the last paragraph in this story.


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