Wingman’s Killer Charged

March 6, 2017

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Wingman's Killer Charged

Alexander Lee Reed, who killed a member of the Wingmen Motorcycle Club named Cole Robert Jones last December 30 in an apparent road rage incident, was charged in Lebanon, Missouri Friday with second-degree murder. If he is convicted, he could be sentenced to as much as 30 years in prison.

Jones was riding his motorcycle and Reed was driving a borrowed Cadillac CTS on Highway 5 near Lebanon, Missouri when Reed apparently declined to let Jones pass. Reed, photo above, later told a man he talked to minutes after the collision that the two were “racing.”

Reed called the owner of the Cadillac and according to a probable cause statement, “became frantic on the telephone and told her not to tell anyone.” He told the woman “there were State Troopers everywhere and he was afraid there were cameras around that caught him.” That night, the car’s owner found a dent in her bumper.

Left For Dead

According to the charging document, “Reed claimed the motorcycle driver became mad and began to kick the driver side of the vehicle, ultimately damaging the driver side mirror. Reed then sped up to get ahead of the motorcycle. Reed then noticed the motorcycle was behind him, so he slammed on the brakes, causing the motorcycle to impact the rear bumper of the Cadillac.”

“Reed informed him he did not know if the motorcycle driver was okay, he thought he was dead and then left the scene.”

Reed, who is 22-years-old, was arrested on January 4 for probation violation and has remained in the Laclede County jail since his arrest.

Previous Charges

Reed was arrested in the same county in April 2016 for possession of marijuana, pled to possession of drug paraphernalia and was sentenced to five years supervised probation on November 7. Before he could plead in that case, he was charged on November 3 with misdemeanor theft.  He pled to misdemeanor property damage on November 28 and was sentenced to two years probation to be served concurrently with the drug offense probation.

The case against Reed seems open and shut. Telephone records indicate that he was on the road with Jones at the time Jones was killed; that he talked to the witness to whom he confessed; and that he talked to the Cadillac’s  owner. Missouri State Police believe they can scientifically prove that the dent in the Cadillac’s bumper was made by the left foot peg of Jones’ motorcycle. And fibers collected from the Cadillac’s bumper are “a similar color and some chemical similarities to the material composing the leather-like material of the saddle bag located on Cole Jones’ motorcycle.”

Jones was buried at Fairview Cemetery in Frankford. Missouri the same afternoon his alleged killer was arrested.


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  1. Phuquehed Says:

    Nice to see some sort of justice actually happen once in a while.

    Condolences to Cole Robert Jones’ family and friends and to his brothers in the Wingmen M/C.

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