Dave & Buster’s & Bikers

February 28, 2017

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Dave & Buster’s & Bikers

There was a strange and terrible moment last Saturday night at a Dave & Buster’s Money Pit in Kentwood, Michigan.

Kentwood is adjacent to the Grand Rapids airport. Dave & Buster’s is a chain of 83 restaurants that include adult game arcades. The chain’s marketing tag line is “Eat, Drink, Play, Watch.”

Two married couples who are all members of the American Legion Riders made a date to drink and play at the Money Pit. The first couple to arrive was Victor Murdock and his fiancé Adrienne Brown. “Me, my fiancé and my road captain and his wife, we had planned to meet up there,” Murdock told at least three Grand Rapids news outlets. “Just drink a couple beers and play some video games, you know?” Murdock and Brown didn’t get much farther than the front door.

First Murdock was told to remove his beanie by manager Josh Leibowitz and another Dave & Buster’s employee. “So I agreed to take it off, but that wasn’t good enough for the manager,” Murdock told Grand Rapids television station WXMI.

No Colors Policy

“As I turned to go to the bathroom to take off my beanie, the manager was standing there and placed his hand on my chest and told me I wasn’t allowed in there,” Murdock said. “We all asked why and he said it was because the jackets were gang related.” The gang being the American Legion Riders.

Members of the quasi-motorcycle club wear vests with a patch on the back. “Our vests have the American flag. The prisoner of war flag. They have our patch that has a big bald eagle on the back of it and it says our post,” Brown said.

According to Murdock, “Basically if we didn’t either turn them inside out or remove them that we would have to leave.” The couple refused and so they were kicked out.

Marketing VP

The American Legion Riders was started by two members of Legion Post 396 named Chuck “Tramp” Dare and Bill “Polka” Kaledas in Garden City, Michigan in 1993. According to the VFW website, “The two longtime riders wanted an environment where Legion family members could come together to share a common love for motorcycles.” The club now has 106,000 members and over a thousand chapters.

The Legion Riders are a charitable organization that also participates in events to honor and raise awareness of veterans issues including Rolling Thunder and Operation Wounded Warrior. You do not need to be a veteran to ride with the Legion Riders. In fact, Murdock is not a veteran. But his father was in the Navy and he told Hugh Carey of the digital marketing site MLive that he joined Friends of the American Legion and the Legion Riders “to honor his father and help other veterans.”

After reporters started calling Dave & Buster’s corporate headquarters in Dallas, April Spearman who is Vice President for Marketing for the corporation issued a press release that read:

“We are extremely grateful to all of our active military members and veterans and are honored to have them as valued guests in any of our locations. Our dress code, which prohibits evidence of gang affiliation, is in place to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment. Though we understand that the American Legion promotes a positive mission, for consistency reasons we cannot allow motorcycle jackets displaying patches or rockers. Our policies are in no way meant to be disrespectful and we apologize for any frustration this may have caused. In addition, please know that this group was not asked to leave, but to simply turn their jackets inside out.  Again, we apologize for any misunderstanding.


40 Responses to “Dave & Buster’s & Bikers”

  1. Adios Says:

    Yes Shovelhead after an ABATE meeting we stopped in the bar to visit with a couple ABATE members and have a beer. Fortunately The ABATE chapter did the right thing and moved their meetings

  2. Adios Says:

    I was there Westside

  3. Shovelhead Says:

    What the fuck…American Legion bitching about the exact same thing they’re doing??

  4. Westside Says:

    Ironically, I was kicked out of an American Legion not that long ago for wearing motorcycle gang colors.

  5. Mercyful Fate Says:

    This is exactly what happens when stupid people (to continue on Paladin’s thoughts) institute policies concerning apparel. Fucking Douche Bags.

    So are the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts next if they’re wearing their “gang” colors and patches? The idiocy that can be found everywhere within this country continues unabated.

    Hope the vets issue an advisory for a total boycott of that place. Hit ’em where it hurts – right in the wallet.

  6. Meh Says:

    donny brasco wrote:
    “They need to do the same thing for catholic priests! After all the children they molested! {it is a family environment after all}!”

    The priests are just trying to ensure all babyrape is performed with benefit of clergy.

    Fuck superstition and fuck Dave and Buster’s.Veteran orgs should spend their money in-house anyway. Biker veterans should keep biker dollars in the biker veteran community. Why put thousands of dollars into enemy pockets at the expense of your own?

  7. creeping de4th Says:

    Sounds like the manager has watched to many soa episodes and now thinks anybody in a cut off jacket is a gangster. Its getting hard as hell to just be free these days

  8. Va.Bob Says:

    A bar’s “no colors” policy can be situational,i.e. it may mean “no colors allowed unless we know you and like you”.I’ve seen that in practice,albeit not involving a franchise bar.The bar I’m talking about has a no-colors policy,but allows two different one-percenter groups,who happen to be rivals.They’re never there at the same time.Ironically,a “99 percent” club in the area can’t wear their shit there.I’m not complaining,I like the bar’s reasonable prices and convenient location.Official policy is not necessarily regular practice.Kind of like a poolroom posting a sign that states”No Cursing,No Gambling”.

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    @donny brasco – Thanks for that about priests. I wrote to D&B corporate with this:

    Since Dave and Busters has decided that the dress code says one “…cannot allow motorcycle jackets displaying patches or rockers”, will members of the clergy also be descriminated against and told they will have to remove or hide in some way anything they may be wearing that shows they are a priest or such member of the clergy? Afterall, far too many of them have been convicted of being and assuredly there still are those that have not been caught yet of child molestation? What about police officers? There was just a report on Yahoo today of seven cops in some city caught and charged with raketeering. Will there be a dress code against them also since cops are just as dangerous as you alledge people who wear vests with rockers and patches.

    Please let me know B&D’s stance on these questions of mine, as they are legitimate and I *will* be using them for further investigation into this descrimination.

    @BigUglyMotherFucker – Danmn straight! His hand on me would’ve meant he wanted a fight!

    Anyone wanna bet I hear not a fucking peep from the cunts at corporate?

  10. Sick Rick Says:

    And now it’s going from bad to worse. The discussion has turned to how to discriminate against “real gangs” without inconveniencing the “good guys”.

  11. Krobar Says:

    D&B sucks anyway. Most expensive video games I have ever seen. Service is bad, Other side of this is these guys have to be the biggest crybabies ever, LOTS of places do not allow you to wear colors I am in Orlando and half hour up the road in Daytona you can not wear any vest anyplace.. Crybabies

  12. Maven Says:

    My club recently had a party in eastern NC. We held it at a local watering hole that had two competing bars across the street. Last year, when we had this party those bars had a “no colors” policy so of course we stayed away. This year when we showed up they had taken the signs down. Come to find out, they had taken them down the day before in order to try and get some of our business. Fuck them, we still didn’t go.

    Fuck any place that has a no colors policy.

  13. Iron Rider Says:

    TX_Biker Says:
    March 1, 2017 at 2:21 pm
    A few years back we were pretty much banned from most bars around where I live. We slowly worked on that until just about everyplace now not only lets us in with colors on but wants us there because we spend money. If a bar or restaurant does’t want our money we will spend it somewhere else

    Isn’t that the truth. Law Enforcement loves to put out narrative that stereotype 70’s era movie where bikers are out looking to do some bar brawling every time they go somewhere and step off their ride.

  14. TX_Biker Says:

    A few years back we were pretty much banned from most bars around where I live. We slowly worked on that until just about everyplace now not only lets us in with colors on but wants us there because we spend money. If a bar or restaurant does’t want our money we will spend it somewhere else.

  15. Paladin Says:

    “As I turned to go to the bathroom to take off my beanie, the manager was standing there and placed his hand on my chest and told me I wasn’t allowed in there,”

    In both criminal and civil law, “battery” is the intentional touching of or application of force to the body of another person in a harmful or offensive manner without consent. One would be justified in defending oneself against such an act.


  16. LoneWoofWoof Says:

    Why did he have to go into the bathroom to remove his “beanie”?

    I went to a D&B one time and it sucked.

  17. Shovelhead Says:

    Hey April Spearmen of Dave & Busters…Go fuck yourself you anti-American Bitch. Your parents must have been some of those piece of shit Hippies that spit on returning Nam Vets to have raised such an ignorant racist cunt like you. Motorcycle Clubs are not Gangs!!!

    Sad thing is, this shit happens all the time to bigger Motorcycle Clubs. Maybe the American Legion Riders and other clubs will jump on the bandwagon and join us to stop this labeling and discrimination of Motorcycle Clubs.
    Jesus on a cracker…Car & Cycle clubs are as American as Apple Pie and Baseball.

  18. Dino Says:

    Corporate Office 214-357-9588
    Guest Relations 888-300-1515

  19. Docb Says:

    My Club hosted a regional event at our house and had a cook out and party for local clubs afterwards. A local Beef O Bradys restraint donated a couple cases of burgers. They asked if in return we’d help them organize a bike night. Then they told us they had a no colors policey on account of what happened in Waco. Read Paladins post carefully

  20. Grimey Says:

    They don’t want you to do your own thing unless its their thing.

  21. Centurion Says:

    Now, if the American Legion Riders can organize a protest……

  22. Centurion Says:

    the Legion Riders were spared from consuming that garbage that D&B try to pass of as edible food.

    Leave Dave and Busters to the lemmings…..time to ride and support those, who support you.

  23. Paladin Says:

    I see stupid people. They walk around like other people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re stupid. They’re so stupid the birds peck them. Stupid people, they’re everywhere.


  24. andy uk Says:

    Its an interesting turn of events that seems to be occurring in the USA and AUSTRALIA, it was quite common in the UK to see signs outside quite a few country pubs , bars and cafes especially in tourist areas stating “no bikers”, i think the change came when they realized that bikers were a good finance stream. Also given that the big 1% clubs have less press exposure, in fact just about all the news on bikers is either deaths on road or charity raising. As the world moves on i hope this approach to “BIKERS” does not return to our shores but i sure that the law enforcers in uk are aware of the actions being taken elsewhere against biker clubs and groups. stay safe , have fun.

  25. Dutchboy Says:

    Maybe pick up some ad revenue for the site and score is some coupons!

  26. Dutchboy Says:

    Seems like every other day we hear a story like this. Hey Rebel, how about a list of “hostile” businesses so before I go to Jackass BBQ or stay at Stuck Up Hotel I can see if they have expressed a desire to avoid my patronage? You could also have a list of “friendly” establishments.

  27. deuce Says:

    Chuckie Cheese for adult yuppies. Why would any self respecting biker go there?

  28. 10Gauge Says:

    Fuck that is ridiculous. Leave our veterans alone…they are not even a fucking motorcycle club.

  29. Iron Rider Says:

    Really? Dave & Busters staff are worried about some guys from the Legion who ride that are in their restaurant and have ” colors” on? Gimmie a break, someone at Dave & Busters needs their head’s examined.

    Last time I checked the guys from the Legion weren’t some outlaw MC club on the Feds list, so I dont think there needs to be any worry, I doubt they would have to worry if some guys from a real MC were there.

    What’s next for Dave & Busters, banning the Shriners? Seriously, the only jack asses who would pull some shit and cause trouble would be the Urine Order members who want top play bad ass on the weekend with the rest of those guys with the iron on patch sets.

    You see boat loads of bikers at Sturgis, and the whole town doesnt go to hell or huge brawls start up, wonder why that is? Yet Dave &Busters is worried about some old guys from the legion? Someone from Dave & Busters needs to lose their job and go work in ticketing doing parking enforcement where they can be a real hero.

  30. Philo Bedo Says:


    That caught my eye too. That’s a fight. Period.


  31. Philo Bedo Says:

    Tee Bonez in Brighton had, (maybe still does) the same punk policy. Had a sign hanging next to their front door stating, “No Patches or Colors Allowed”. We changed it to, “No Colored’s Allowed”. Then they replaced the sign. I think I still have that one hanging up in my garage..


  32. Ipsick Says:

    They have 106.000 members who now know not to eat there. Now there’s 3 times that who won’t eat there if you factor in HOG and all the other family clubs.

    I wonder if they allow baggy pants hanging around the knees?

  33. LONER Says:

    Fuck dave and busters.

  34. stroker Says:

    I viewed the D&B clip……so lemme see if I got this straight: You can come into Dave & Busters, and sit in a seat with a big skull on the back, but you can’t wear any clothing that might have a skull on it??!! 20 seconds in, you can clearly see 2 seats with big white skulls on them! Looks to me like Dave & Buster’s is promoting gang activities, and condones wearing skulls. Why then are MC’s banned? Because some of them have scary symbolism printed on them?
    Help me out here D&B….cuz frankly, I’m a bit confused!

    Getting serious for a moment, this is just more of a private establishment making arbitrary rules, to please the mindset of law enforcement, who says ALL bike clubs are gangs. It’s damn wrong, it’s for sure discrimination, and some groups have gone the extra mile to bring this crap into the light. Because D&B’s is a private establishment, they CAN ban anyone they want. Is it their right? Sure. It’s OUR right to call the public’s attention to this bullshit.
    I am a Legionnaire. While I’m not a Legion Rider (I’m in one of those scary clubs with skulls on our backs)….I call on the Legion to boycott in the strongest public terms, this petty, anti-biker, discriminatory place of (monkey) business.
    Dave & Busters: You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  35. BigUglyMotherFucker Says:

    “Placed his hand upon my chest”
    At that show of disrespect he should have had trouble speaking through his broken teeth.

  36. zero Says:

    American Legion is a gang now. What could possibly come next?

    I will never darken their doorstep. There is nothing they can do to change my mind. Their’s one about an hour ride and we’ve talked about stopping there. Won’t happen now.

  37. ak rack Says:

    I’m guessing Mr. Spearman has never actually tried to turn a for real motorcycle jacket inside out.

  38. BACKWARDS BOB1%er Says:

    Welcome to our world

  39. Adios Says:

    Fuck anyplace that refuses colors. There isn’t a chance I would spend money there.

  40. donny brasco Says:

    They need to do the same thing for catholic priests! After all the children they molested! {it is a family environment after all}!

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