Next Up The Bridgerunners

February 24, 2017

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Next Up The Bridgerunners

According to a reporter named Leslie Albrecht who works for DNAInfo in New York, cops may be running out of opportunities to raid God’s Only Demons MC social club in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Albrecht reports that the building that houses the club is currently listed for sale at $4.25 million and “will be delivered vacant upon sale.” Brooklyn is currently running out of warehouses because so many of them are being creatively “repurposed” into offices and condominiums.

According to DNAInfo, “Investors are especially eager to enter the Gowanus market because the city is considering a rezoning of the area that could open the door to more residential development and drive real estate prices up.”

Zero Tolerance

New York City and its zero tolerance police have been trying to drive the social club out of business for years. Things got particularly out of hand last Saturday night when acting on an anonymous tip, as if there is any other kind, a reinforced company of infantry cops including at least one Swat team, dogs and helicopters broke in and arrested 18 men and six women. Nineteen of those had outstanding warrants.

Police confiscated three pistols – two .380s and a nine – an inoperable, souvenir, prohibition era, Thompson submachine gun, a BB gun and “assorted” ammunition. Police also seized marijuana and cocaine and drug paraphernalia including a pack of rolling papers and a corn cob pipe. Marijuana is legal to use just for fun in eight states and for medical reasons in 20 others but it remains a mortal sin in the Big Apple. Cocaine is also an illegal drug – even in the city that never sleeps – that has remained particularly popular with actors, stock brokers, high end realtors and lawyers throughout the 46-year-long War on Drugs declared by President Nixon in June 1971.

Charges against three of the five arrestees were dropped “due to insufficient evidence.” Victor Vazquez was charged with illegally possessing weapons. His bail was set at $20,000. Anthony Rosario was charged with possessing illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. His bail was set at $25,000.


As the New York Daily News put it, New York wants to close the God’s Only Demons because it is “a cesspool of violence and illegal alcohol sales.” Also, it is in a building worth $4.25 million.

And it is not the only biker associated business that is being driven out by redevelop- ment. The Brooklyn chapter of the Bridgerunners Motorcycle Club has a clubhouse about two blocks from God’s Only Demons.

DNAInfo reports that a company named Alloy Development wants to turn the clubhouse in “a creative office complex.”


3 Responses to “Next Up The Bridgerunners”

  1. Sohn Says:

    You have a nice biker club house there, it would be a shame if we gentrified it!

  2. BMW Says:

    Should have realized it was really all about money. For a decade or so, I was the guy fixing street lights in the area and on the Gowanus x way. Neat area, cheap rents back in the eighties and early nineties. “The good old days” when working people coulike afford to live in Brooklyn!


  3. Sieg Says:

    Damn nasty scooter-trash hanging around in perfectly good buildings that could house worthwhile stuff, like lofts, and studios, and lawyers offices!


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