God’s Only Demons

February 20, 2017

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God's Only Demons

As part of an ongoing campaign to make Brooklyn a yuppie enclave, New York City police raided a social club called God’s Only Demons MC about four Saturday morning.

The club caters to motorcycle enthusiasts. A couple of years ago the New York Times called the place “a members-only bikers confederacy.”

“You drive by a door that says God’s Only Demons and you’d think there’s child porn and heroin going on inside, but it’s not that,” the Times reported a local resident as saying. The Times speculated that complaints about the club were coming “from residents of new apartment buildings nearby.”


The club is at 324 Butler Street, in a neighborhood called Gowanus. And the city has been trying to shut it down since 2014. A neighbor told the New York Post that that it looked like every cop in the 78th Precinct was there. “All these cops came at the same time and just went in,” the unnamed witness said, “noting the presence of SWAT teams, dogs, helicopters and M-16s.”

There was a murder outside the club on October 27, 2012. According to the Brooklyn Vice Enforcement Division of the New York Police Department, the place was acting as an “illegal social club” and was serving alcohol without a license in February 2013. The club rented out space for private parties and according to police, at a high school party in August 2013 “alcoholic beverages were being openly and freely given to minors without their ages being questioned” One 16-year-old passed out and was treated for alcohol poisoning.

After that a resident named Nelson Garcia told DNAInfo, “If you can’t afford a $1,000 hall on Fifth Avenue, you can go to them, They’re neighborhood guys. The neighborhood knows them and they know the neighborhood.”

Anonymous Tip

After Saturday’s raid, another neighbor told CBS the club wasn’t a nuisance. “I mean you’ll hear them revving their bikes and things, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary,” the neighbor said.

Police claimed the raid was sparked by an “anonymous tip.”

Authorities arrested 24 people, 18 men and six women, and seized five pistols. Fourteen of those were arrested for outstanding warrants.


10 Responses to “God’s Only Demons”

  1. Bigger Says:

    Do you wanna know who drop dime

  2. Anthony Quinones Says:

    The tip is not Anonymous anymore please contact me

  3. Potmetal Says:

    That heffer holding the door is riot. She’s all decked out in her high speed low drag blue fatigues lol. That chick doesn’t look like she’s ran in her entire life, unless it was after the ice cream truck.

    Seriously, fucking service rifles, dogs, and helicopters!??! These clowns are awful full of themselves. I haven’t even heard stories of a clubhouse shooting it out with the porkers in years.

    Side observation, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of johnny law rounding up the military surplus army to launch an assault on any of the big inner city gang houses. Methinks that the big bad coppers are too afraid of return fire.

  4. Sieg Says:

    Gentrification is one of the most powerful social tools extant.

    Owned a large building-Chicago people will laugh-at Southport & Clybourn many moons ago. Got it from the city for a buck. Place was in the middle of a damn near uninhabitable ghetto then, shotguns were standard furnishings in every room. Had a bar, a dance hall, apartments, couple other small businesses. It was pretty cool.

    And then the DINKS (not THOSE dinks!) and the yuppies figured out that the neighborhood was close to downtown, and the old buildings could be had, cheap.

    Code enforcement went from nonexistent to ferocious, money for repairs was made unavailable unless you had some real serious hook ups, and any chance the local piggers had to take down your doors and leave your shit open while you got booked, best believe they took.

    I was out of their six months after their little campaign started…my folks raised ugly chiddrens, not stupid ones. Even made a few bucks on the place, but i can only shake my head when i go by it now-same building is o e of the anchors of the “Clybourn Corridor”, one of the trendiest-and priciest-areas of the city.

    From what friends in Nuevo Yorico tell me, a lot of folks are hoping to see Gowanus go the same way, and fatten up their own personal piggy banks.

    FTF / FTP

  5. Dutchboy Says:

    “Child porn and heroin”? No, you’re thinking of Congress. Anonymous tip? So much for the right to face your accusers. Damn bikers claiming they have rights like real people anyway! Once again LEO is used to forward gentrification.

  6. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Jesus! 3/4 of them had outstanding warrants? They kinda suck at that whole “staying under the radar” thing, huh?

  7. Grimey Says:

    watching our freedom erode away.

  8. The Kraut Says:

    Fuck the fucking civilians who dropped the dime and double-fuck the badges who raided the Gods Only Demons…

    Fake bikers = entertainment

    Real bikers = threat to societies mediocre and pathetic existence

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  9. TX_Biker Says:

    New York City. nuff said

  10. Badd Guye Says:

    So the world is a safer place now?

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