Waco Day 639

February 13, 2017

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Waco Day 639

The various criminal and civil cases associated with the Waco Twin Peaks bloodbath 639 days ago remain fossilized and nobody – certainly not the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas – gives a damn.

It has been a year, eight months and 28 days since the illegal, mass arrests. The ACLU’s stated mission is “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.” But the disillusioning truth is that the ACLU is just another meetup group for sanctimonious law school grads. And, for the last week, they have all been busy filing Freedom of Information Act Requests “to expose how Trump administration officials are interpreting and executing the president’s Muslim ban.”

As Terri Burke, Executive Director of the ACLU of Texas wrote two weeks ago: “Over the past 48 hours, our legal team, along with dedicated volunteers from all across the state, has worked day and night to free those illegally detained by the President’s executive order. Thanks to their tireless efforts, we have prevailed, for now. But ours was only an early tactical victory in what will be a long, hard fight for our nation’s soul. There is still much to do.”

Burke and the rest of her dedicated gang of bourgeoisie bohemians see nothing to champion in Waco. They never have. Maybe the problem is that the victims of the illegal arrests that followed the “Battle of Twin Peaks” were actually Americans.

What Happened

What happened, in case someone somehow connected to the ACLU sometime, somewhere stumbles across these few words, was that about ten score citizens who care about issues that are mostly, only important to bikers – issues like mass detectors at controlled intersections that don’t detect motorcycles, and how license plates may be legally displayed on motorcycles, and how high handlebars should be allowed to be and that sort of thing – went to a political meeting sponsored by a wholly legal group called the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents and found themselves charged with criminal conspiracy to commit murder. Many of the accused had well deserved reputations for their civic mindedness and for their charitable works on behalf of animals, abused children and veterans and so on. Virtually all of the accused were simply trying to not get shot by police.

Among the attendees were two score members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club; which is regularly smeared as a “criminal organization” by sensationalist television journalists, lazy prosecutors and the sorts of postmodern cops who think they are storming Iwo Jima every time they drive their Lenco BearCats down to the donut shop. The Bandidos were, at the time of the bloodbath, proud sponsors of the Confederation. They are also actually about as criminal as most labor unions and a lot less criminal than the Baylor football team but the police, particularly the federal police, are always trying, without much success, to catch them at something. Which may explain why more than a score of police were waiting for Bandidos to pull into the Twin Peaks parking lot that day.

About four score members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club – which is not a member of the Confederation and so had no particular reason to be there – arrived early and while more than a score of police watched, claimed all the seats that had been reserved by the Confederation and most of the parking spaces. There is significant, anecdotal evidence that the police invited the Cossacks there in hopes of getting the Bandidos to react. There is documentary evidence that the police expected violence to result. There is video evidence that the police did nothing to prevent the violence. Nine people died and another score were injured seriously enough to be taken to a hospital.

15,336 Hours

The local prosecutor, a bald, America Ferrera look-alike named Abelino Reyna, interjected himself into the subsequent investigation and ordered that everybody who literally or symbolically stated “I think the Bandidos are nice” or “I love me some Cossacks” should be arrested, incarcerated and held on million dollar bails. Local officials immediately portrayed the bloodbath as a real life episode of a ridiculous television show called Sons of Anarchy. The great, restless herd of the world’s migrating press stampeded toward that angle. This all ruined many lives and many Texas lawyers have been trying to straighten out the mess Reyna created ever since.

Because of this official obstruction all the criminal and all the civil cases that resulted from the Twin Peaks bloodbath are officially on hold. So far there have been five evidence dumps in the case. An evidence dump is the release of massive amounts of putative evidence from prosecutors and police to defense attorneys with the intention of concealing a few relevant leaves in a deep, dark forest. The last evidence dump, Evidence Packet Five, was released in August. Evidence dump six, which contains cell phone records and information collected from social media, was released and almost immediately recalled in September because, officials announced, it contained child pornography. After evidence six there will also be an evidence dump seven and an evidence dump eight.

Official Proceedings

The first trial in the case, against an as yet unnamed defendant, is scheduled to begin on April 17 but that now seems unlikely because of the mass of evidence that prosecutors continue to hide under their skirts.

There will be an appeals court healing on March 1 in which a couple of defenders named Clint Broden and Abigail Anastasio will argue that Reyna and his assistants should be disqualified from the criminal cases because they will be “necessary witnesses” at the criminal trials: Necessary because it will be legally necessary to ask them why they ordered police to accuse and incarcerate so many people they knew to be innocent.

If the appeals court eventually rules against Reyna, he will be replaced by a special prosecutor who may act legally and fairly. Or maybe he won’t. Over the weekend, a source familiar with the criminal cases said he expects a special prosecutor to dismiss the criminal charges against all but “eight” of the defendants.

In the meantime, since prosecutors have obviously been concealing something for almost two years, it might seem reasonable for the ACLU to ask its scores of “dedicated volunteers from all across the state” to work “day and night” to demand access to and evaluate the evidence Reyna claims to have that implicates 190 indicted and unindicted coconspirators in the murders of nine men and the felonious assaults of a score more.

Isn’t that what the ACLU is supposed to do? Obviously not.

Think about that the next time the ACLU asks you to write them a check.


54 Responses to “Waco Day 639”

  1. Austin Says:

    “FTW is our attitude. Don’t look for help from any snowflake org, just keep the faith in your brothers and keep your head down. Fly under the radar when you can, as much as you can.”

    Amen to that!

  2. Austin Says:

    What does Waco want? There should be locals calling BULLSHIT and pushing for answers. What I see looks like TeeVee based consumers (sorry Millennials,but it looks to be mostly you guys) looking for another shopping/dining experience. The Waco-Ites want to give it to them and take their money, so I am sure they are on-board with burying ALL DIRTY LAUNDRY.
    P.S. Dear Waco people like Chip & Joanna,
    How can you promote Waco as the vacation experience of a lifetime – if you can’t be sure your local Johnny Law will not ensure it will be a round trip?

    Looks like they want to become something like a resort destination ;

  3. LoneWoofWoof Says:

    If the Texas legislature would enact a specific Speedy Trial law, it would go a long way in preventing a repeat of this situation. Because, in Texas, the length of time the government has to take a case to trial is based on case law interpretation of “reasonable” rather than a specific time period such as “180 days from the date of arrest” a prosecutor in Texas is able to utilize the extended period of time as leverage in it’s prosecution strategy. In one Texas case, 8 yrs. was considered “reasonable”. Travesty.

  4. Paladin Says:

    @ Shovelhead,

    It really is unfortunate that more people don’t think as you do.

    Long May You Ride,


  5. Shovelhead Says:

    I’ve turned my back on Societies rules…but have to obey societies Laws. Have no choice if I want to stay free!
    I only expect society and Law Enforcement to also obey societies Laws. In other words, don’t lock me up because of the way I choose to live and I won’t punch you in the face for the way you choose to live!!

    Respect for 1%ers

  6. Paladin Says:

    There are many that embrace the fact that they live on the motorcycle outlaw frontier, where they’ve turned their back to society’s norms, rules and laws. Yet, at the same time demand the same protections afforded by society’s norms, rules and laws. It’s kind of like California proclaiming its hatred for the Trump administration and wanting to succeed from the Union, Yet at the same time demanding federal funds to fix the Orville Dam reservoir. No?


  7. hoosier.roadie Says:

    Thanks for another great article on a (third) world class miscarriage of justice.

  8. Mad Dog Says:

    Rebel, thanks for you efforts to hold the ACLU’s feet to the fire on the Waco travesty. I’m a long-time fan of the ACLU, but their silence on Waco leaves me bitterly disappointed. Except for the demographics of the defendants, law enforcement’s autocratic conduct in Waco is extraordinary only in the number of people held hostage. You know this same scenario is playing out on a smaller scale all across the country. The ACLU crows about its defense of unpopular causes, yet they’re totally missing the boat here.

  9. Katya Kakhov Says:

    Where have you been the last 40 odd years ? The ACLU is nothing more than a merry band of Frankfurt School Marxists bent on destabilizing the US . Observe their actions and not their words

  10. Katya Kakhov Says:

    Where have you been for the last 40 odd years ? The ACLU is nothing more than a merry band of Frankfurt School Marxists bent on destabilizing the US . Simply observe their actions , and not their words .

  11. Shovelhead Says:

    The ACLU is the biggest racist organization in the US. They only want to help Blacks, Hispanics, trans genders, etc. If you’re white and especially a white male. They don’t give a fuck if your Constitutional rights are being stepped on. You don’t exist to them.
    ACLU always portrays themselves as fighting for the good of all Americans to get donations. We all know that’s a lie. Waco is a perfect example of that lie and is White discrimination.
    Fuck You ACLU! Bunch of Pretend Hippies and racist assholes.

  12. Steel Says:

    Great article Rebel. ACLU could care less about justice. They care about pushing a particular agenda. Well done Rebel.



  13. YoungGun Says:

    Thank you aging rebel for always bringing the truth and speaking it for all to hear. As one of the many individuals arrested that day I can honestly say that my heart is just in shreds how our judicial system has treated us. I’m not surprised because of one thing this life has taught me in the years that I’ve been a part of it, is that the government really does not like us. So they will try anything, I’m mean they’ve even gone up to people’s jobs even before Waco just to stir up trouble at their jobs. I cannot tell you the countless numbers of times that I’ve heard witnesses you know tell their stories of how their local law-enforcement would harass them at their jobs and you know make the boss or the owner uncomfortable and then they would lose there job because of it. It’s all intimidation tactics the truth is they fear what the COC & I can do politically. It’s not the 1960s anymore, to be productive things have to be done the legal way, and that is so powerful and they’re afraid of that.

  14. Glenn S. Says:

    Iron Rider said:
    “I honestly am starting to believe that Reyna and Co have asked or got a backroom deal for the ACLU and Texas Criminal Lawyers and their association as to why they have been so stone silent on this case.”

    I can’t help but notice that all of the MC cases have an entirely different set of norms. The traditional “civil rights” groups never take up the cause. The judiciary always rubber stamps law enforcement. Rights that would be protected if it were a case against a banker are ignored in ways that don’t pass the laughability test in biker cases. And it’s done in a way that makes it obvious that they don’t give a shit who knows it. Wonder what will happen when the checks and balances in the American system fail from willful neglect? Scratch the surface in any legal case involving MCs.

    It’s not a deal between law enforcement and the ACLU. It’s an understanding between law enforcement and the judiciary.

    I don’t think the American justice system has ever been about the what. It’s always been about the who. Cop kills a minority, the Department of “Justice” investigates the entire poleese department and makes them change. Cop kills a white man, the local cops find no wrongdoing and that’s the end of it. (Google Zachary Hammond, Seneca, SC for an example.) A handful of foreigners get detained in an airport, a federal judge puts a stop to it at the speed of light. The same number of Americans get arrested for being somewhere while exercising their 1st amendment right to express support for any damn body they please, from La Cosa Nostra to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and damn near two years later there’s not a day in court in sight. If there was an independent judiciary, they’d force this case to trial or dismissal.

    Best conclusion I can come up with is that the separation of powers concept is a scam. It does not really exist. There is no real distinction between the judiciary and law enforcement. They’re all in the same tribe.


  15. Gandalf Says:

    “just keep the faith in your brothers and keep your head down. Fly under the radar when you can, as much as you can.” East Coast Wisdom. :)

  16. Neuro Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to the women. I am going to rock a stiff shot of Alprostadil (Caverject quadmix). Are you ready for the Allstar Team tryouts?

  17. Dutchboy Says:


  18. Dutchboy Says:

    I can just imagine the scene in the Texas ACLU offices. “Just a bunch of knuckle dragging, beer swilling,trailer trash white bikers. Probably all vote Republican! Not OUR KIND of people at all!”. If any ACLU members are reading this consider for a moment and look past your prejudices and stereotypes. What the LEOs attacked was not a “biker party” but a POLITICAL MEETING. COC seeks to support the rights of a minority that is harshly demonized by the mainstream society. Hmmm, who does that sound like? Understand that when LEO wants to try out a “extra-legal” process they first target a group no one else really cares about. So they practice on the dirty bikers. Then when they have the system worked out they go after bigger fish. The COC and bikers today, the ACLU and other “troublesome minorities” later. Like the old saying “When they came for the Jews I said nothing…”. Benjamin Franklin said “We must hang together or we will surely hang separately.”. It is time to get in the right for EVERYONE’S FREEDOM.

  19. rob Says:

    It’s that cultural divide thing again. Heavy odds that you’d be hard pressed to find a single 1%er club in the US populated by left wing liberals (which the ACLU identifies with). Assholes don’t know what they’re missing!

  20. Road Rage Says:

    What BigUglyMotherFucker said below…although I am not sure we scare them anymore – or at least until the pack blasts past with the roar of freedom and they have a “WTF was that?” moment.

    Fuck the ACLU and all of the alphabet cunts – they’re all about the money. Government or not-for-profit they are all the fucking same.

    All we have is our honor, each other, and the will to keep on keeping on. Personally, I would rather shake hands with a respected enemy rather than stand alone against the might of this worldwide police state…but that is for individuals and clubs to decide.

    Thank you Rebel for keeping the light on. The picture’s not getting any prettier.

    To the regulars – I don’t post much but I read everyday. Stay Strong.

    Ride Hard, Die Free

    Road Rage

  21. Glenn Says:

    Thanks for keeping this story alive, Rebel.

    The ACLU will defend the right of Nazis to march in Skokie, IL but will not defend the basic right of bikers not to be shot down in cold blood.

    I donated regularly to the ACLU years ago and I still get mailings and phone calls from them. All I give them anymore is an earful about ducking out on the big issues.

    Twin Peaks is an indictment of the police, the courts, and the media and if that doesn’t qualify as big then nothing does.

  22. Filburt Says:

    Has a complaint been filed with the aclu to possibly get their attention?


  23. East Coast Says:

    We can always count on you, Paladin, to sum it up, especially when describing the sheep.


  24. East Coast Says:

    …..what Sieg said!

    …..online tracking? WTF? Unless you work for cash, bank with a paper bag in your mattered and ride an shovelhead or older…..everything you do is tracked. Phone, cage, shopping, bills, banking, and if you noticed they just put chips in your ATM cards. Tracking your every breath.

    FTW is our attitude. Don’t look for help from any snowflake org, just keep the faith in your brothers and keep your head down. Fly under the radar when you can, as much as you can.

    Thanks for shining the light where needed Rebel.


  25. Woodstock Says:

    There it is. FTW

  26. Paladin Says:

    No one’s going to care about bikers until the plight of bikers start to have a negative impact on the general public. Waco, TX is a glaring example of this.

    Wondering about the cognitive abilities of the American citizenry? Well, when one considers the fact that at least half the citizenry of this Country want to welcome to this Country the very same refugees that are destroying Europe, one need wonder no further.


  27. Iron Rider Says:

    @ nc rider I would also like to see a response from the ACLU and the Texas Criminal Lawyer Association on the Twin Peaks issue, but sadly I doubt they will. I have wondered aloud before about their silence about the 177 people charged, and we havent heard a peep.

    I honestly am starting to believe that Reyna and Co have asked or got a backroom deal for the ACLU and Texas Criminal Lawyers and their association as to why they have been so stone silent on this case.

    Normally people would be screaming out about the travesty this has become, but even just a few in the media (such as Rebel) are asking what the hell is going on with this case. It has been radio silent for the most part.

    The longer this case goes the more questions it raises about Law Reinforcement’s role since Twin Peaks occurred and how shady this whole fiasco has become

  28. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Sieg While the ACLU does work for minorities as advocating on their behalf they also do work on issues that have a broader scale such as teaming up with the EFF when a case was before the courts where there was suspected use by the police of a Stingray device used to locate someone, the hitch in that case was that the police left out the fact that they deployed a Stingray and pretty much lied to the court about how they got the subjects info and tracked them down.


    The fact that the Stingray use was deliberately left out of disclosure to the defense and police initially denied using one and it was discovered with the help of the ACLU and the EFF who helped expose the Stingray use in my eyes was a great things. I dont much care for the fact that our online movements are tracked, but most know that and take the appropriate steps to protect ourselves.

    However the fact that Law Enforcement is deliberately misleading an accused’s counsel and the courts about how they got information to nab this subject that they were seeking signals to anyone facing a criminal charges that the playing field is not level and that the evidence used against you is tainted but if Law Enforcement is willing to mislead defense counsel and the courts then an accused is really up against it. Nor do I like that the Law Enforcement wants to use surveillance against a person but lies to the court and misleads the court how they obtained the evidence they did and how some courts just pass it off as no big thing, it’s a huge thing IMHO.

    I have been critical of the ACLU not stepping into say anything about the twin peaks case, and that hasn’t changed. Hence why I stated they do some good work, but I have an issue that they haven’t said boo about the twin peaks case.

    As I said in my earlier post, it looks in my opinion like the ACLU doesn’t seem to want to touch the twin peaks issue because it is tied to people that are part of an MC or an associate of an MC, or who happened to be ride. I think that is a travesty because a lot of people who were at twin peaks are innocent of any crime and the state of Texas knows it.

  29. NCRider Says:

    Maybe the ACLU will care to respond???

    Paladin – Thank you!


  30. panamaa Says:

    Sieg Says: Name one thing they have done in the last 20 years for someone who wasn’t a minority of some sort.

    You’re right the fuck on there Sieg..

  31. TX_Biker Says:

    @Paladin Old SoCal won’t have the funds to keep the Sheriff behind bars for very long….

  32. Sieg Says:

    Damn…so many people I agree with!

    Glenn, “I continue to wonder why, whenever the cops illegally kill somebody, they don’t round up everybody nearby who has a “support your local police” decal on their car”. There would be too many motherfuckers locked-up, they’d run out of holding cells.

    BigUglyMotherFucker, fucking exactly, every word of it.

    Iron Rider, “The ACLU does do good work,” Bullshit. the ACLU is nothing but a front-group for the CPUSA. Name one thing they have done in the last 20 years for someone who wasn’t a minority of some sort.

    Phuquehed, well, what can I say-you always put it so right!


  33. Filburt Says:

    Phufk all muslims and the aclu.

  34. Phuquehed Says:

    The aclu gets one out of fifty things right. That kind of score is shit and they’ve always been thought of by me as nothing more than a bunch of pussy communists with deep-pocketed liberal friends who tell them who to ‘save’ and who to ignore.

    I wrote them 16 years ago to see what they thought of an gimp being attacked in his own front yard and the law doing nothing about it. They told me that they only do work that will help ‘many’ people afterwards. I replied and asked them if they didn’t think there were enough disabled people in the country to make “many”. Of course I never got an answer to that one.

    As far as I’m concerned, anyone who is a member of the aclu and anyone thinking of joining (or however those useless fucks do things), all deserve nothing more than to catch a deadly, incurable and painful in the utter extreme disease, pass it on to their friends and family and survive long enough to watch them also suffer.

  35. Glenn S. Says:

    I continue to wonder why, whenever the cops illegally kill somebody, they don’t round up everybody nearby who has a “support your local police” decal on their car.

  36. Sapper Says:

    Outstanding Rebel.


  37. Peachy Says:

    Thank you rebel for keeping this in the news! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  38. BigUglyMotherFucker Says:

    FTW, We have it as ink on our skin. We have it as a patch on our cuts. For those too young to remember, it means “Fuck The World”. No one but us will be here for us. Everybody who ever ran for a political office has used us as a scapegoat to stoke fear among the sheep. Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, They and their goons with badges and batons, will always try to crush those that seek real freedom. We scare them more than ISIS or the KKK. We are the minority among minorties who will brainwash thier sons and rape their daughters and we live next door.
    Ride free and die free, its what we do, who we are, and we only need ourselves to be ourselves.
    Fuck the ACLU
    We’re just riding through anyway

  39. Largeandy Says:

    I agree with Kraut, Screw the ACLU, If the CAUSE IS NOT SOME WHINNY liberal ass issue they simply do not get involved. I would not give those sons of bitches a thin dime ever!

  40. popeye Says:

    I still believe that eventually the light will be shown on this disaster and these men will all be exonerated. I believe that they will also all have excellent cases against the government for these flagrant civil rights violations. If theres a lack of lawyers now they will be lined up for blocks waiting to cash in on the windfall of money that the civil suits will bring. Very few lawyers give a shit about anything but money unless theyre being interviewed by the press. Lastly I believe this will be a case that is extensively studied in law school during constitutional law lectures and will be regarded as another example of the civil rights fight in America

  41. Paladin Says:

    On a much happier note; the feds are doing their level best to put retired Sheriff Leroy Baca behind bars. Baca also has to personally pay damages of a 100K in an excessive use of force civil suit he lost a while back. So, as dark as things are in Waco, TX, there’s a bit of sunshine out West of the west, in old SoCal.

    And a Happy Valentines Day to the ladies of this page,


  42. The Kraut Says:

    Fuck the aclu.

  43. Iron Rider Says:

    I agree with what Rebel has said about the ACLU. In a couple of previous stories on the Twin Peaks fiasco, I mentioned aloud why the ACLU and the Texas Criminal Lawyers association haven’t been screaming about why these 177 people have has their civil, criminal and constitutional rights violated and the fact that was that these people belonged to an MC or were associated to one or just happened to ride.

    The ACLU does do good work, but it seems to me that they dont think 177 people who have had their lives turned upside down and inside out are worthy of their time. Rebel has said maybe the ACLU doesn’t have an interest because the 177 are Americans, I’d hate to think that fact would give the ACLU pause.

    IMHO it is because these 177 people are either members of an MC, associates of an MC or perceived to be. The very fact that the 177 are all perceived by Law Enforcement to be part of the OMG and were publicly labelled as such should be even more of a reason for the ACLU to get involved. I think it is sad to see that these 177 people can be left swinging in the wind and the ACLU could care less.

    Maybe the ACLU is more concerned with what plays well to the public and the media when it chooses a cause to get behind. I guess a 177 people that have had their lives on hold and constitutional, civil and criminal rights violated and still are to this day just doesnt meet the ACLU’s high standards.

  44. Gandalf Says:

    Don’t forget the Drag Queens and the bathrooms… Before the Muslim Ban and Trump inauguration the ACLU Lawyers were busy investigating bathroom rights and the 3 misdemeanor arrests of Transgender bathroom violators. Obviously perpetrated by the bully Police. CRAZY!

  45. Sieg Says:

    Unless you happen to be, say, a Black Vietnamese Lesbian, the ACLU won’t even talk to you. 60’s, 70’s, or today.

    Stay on em Rebel, at least SOMEONE is paying attention.

    FTF / FTP

  46. Kimberly Richards Says:

    The ACLU and all other organizations that should be looking into this won’t. Our family members and friends that have been labeled, by Reyna, as members of motorcycle gangs involved on organized crime have been through enough. The family members and friends that stand beside them and fight day after after, need a break. It’s time for the horrible nightmare to be over. The only way we’ll get the attention of the ACLU is if everyone starts calling and writing letters everyday until we get their attention and they step up and do their job. Thank you Rebel…

  47. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Don’t feel bad , I got the same thing from the Department of Justice & Inspector General Officer’s. Perhaps the Judicial Watch should be next? Yes it pisses me off to no end that criminal illegals set free while innocent American Citizens are being charged with a crime that they didn’t commit.
    By the way cop’s fired 1rst hitting a guy twice on the sidewalk and you can see him fall long before everyone took off running. That is premeditated murder in the eyes of the law…

  48. Danielle Luther Says:

    The ACLU is not what it used to be in the 60s and 70s.

  49. Danielle Luther Says:

    Day 2 I found out that the ACLU doesn’t act on anything that doesn’t put miney in their pockets.

  50. Griz's Gal Says:

    Thank you, Rebel. Folks who read my page have often asked why we don’t ask the ACLU for help. I’m glad you addressed it.


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