Trump On Asset Forfeiture

February 8, 2017

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Trump On Asset Forfeiture

It is probably fair to say that most readers here enjoy President Trump’s candor and iconoclasm so much that they don’t care that his brain is made of hair. Maybe it is time to start caring.

The subject of asset forfeiture came up yesterday during a love in with about half the National Sheriffs Association. The subject dominated the conversation recorded in the video below for about six minutes starting at the 21-minute mark. Civil asset forfeiture provides a mechanism that encourages local, federal and state police to steal private property without finding the property’s rightful owner guilty of any crime. Usually all that is needed is an accusation. The practice is a national scandal and obviously the President is just now hearing about it for the first time.

At the end of the asset forfeiture discussion – at about the 27-minute mark – Harold Eavenson, who is the Sheriff of Rockwell County, Texas and who likes to dress up like an admiral, complained about a bill in the Texas Senate (SB380) cosponsored by Konni Burton (photo above) of Forth Worth and Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa of McAllen. Burton is a Republican and Hinojosa is a Democrat. Burton wrote the bill.


The new law would require a criminal conviction before prosecutors could proceed with asset forfeiture. Civil forfeiture would only be allowed if the property owner is unavailable or does not claim the property. SB380 would prohibit state and local law enforcement from receiving proceeds from forfeited property. All funds would go to the county treasurer. Currently in Texas, up to 70 percent of asset forfeiture proceeds go directly into law enforcement agency budgets. Critics refer to the practice as “policing for profit.”

Burton’s bill would also end the practice of transferring seized property to the federal government. Typically, in states with strict asset forfeiture laws, local police turn the assets over to federal officials who then return those assets to local police as a grant. California, for example, has strict state-level restrictions on asset forfeiture, but local police departments get around those laws by participating in a federal asset forfeiture program called “equitable sharing.” Federal officials then legally return 80 percent of the value of the seized assets to local departments and keep 20 percent for themselves.

Believe It

Sheriff Eavenson doesn’t like politicians touching the money his cops steal so he complained to Trump, “We’ve got a state senator in Texas who was talking about introducing legislation to require conviction before we could receive that forfeiture money.”

Trump, appalled, replied,  “Can you believe that?”

“I told him the cartel would build a monument to him in Mexico” Eavenson quipped back.

“Who is the State Senator?” Trump wanted to know. “Do I get his name? We’ll destroy his career.”

And then all the policemen and Trump laughed.

Today, Burton told the Dallas Morning News, “Property rights are one of the foundational rights in any free society and the taking of property by government is no small matter…. I will not be discouraged or deterred. The moment for reform of our system of asset forfeiture has arrived.”

“I have never met with Sheriff Eavenson,” Burton added, “nor even heard of him before yesterday.”

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52 Responses to “Trump On Asset Forfeiture”

  1. Hermis Says:

    Diddo that Sieg!

  2. Sieg Says:

    Man, this is like talking about something with a whole dayroom full of jailhouse lawyers!

    I’m gonna hit a few high-points, then I’m done with it. I’ve spent enough time and energy arguing with actual DemocRATS to waste much more!

    First, do I believe Trump is Wotan’s gift to riders? No. I believe he is the less harmful of the choices that were available.

    Do I believe that one of the other “candidates” for president, Paul, Sanders, et al, would have been a better choice? No. Socialism is communism lite, and neither has ever worked anywhere. Now, if you want to talk National Socialism, I might could be interested.

    Do I want to endlessly debate, rehash, and research arcane legal decisions that “prove” my points? No. Guess what, it don’t mean shit. That’s right, none of it. That TOSIAR on the bottom of my posts? That’s my default position. It is inevitable. When the Constitution was written, Jefferson was quoted as saying he believed it would last about 13 years. It’s arguably the finest document ever written for governing a homogenous population. That said, there is a clause there that basically says “fix it or fuck it”. We have been unable to fix the problems of our society in the last 60 years or so, so it’s getting on time to tear it down and start again.

    More and more people, young people especially, are starting to realize this, and to prepare for it, by learning, training, and planning. What I want from ANY politrixian now is time. Time for the Young Lions to train, time for them to stockpile the supplies they will need, and time for them make their plans.

    For that time, I will look to the RepublicRATS every time. The DemocRATS are, like it or not, the partei of big-government and big-brother. While the RepublicRATS are only marginally better, I’ll take it.

    As for friends being released or doing bits, dig it, I had a bro that caught LWOP for having a few joints in his pocket, hitchhiking in Texas back in the 70’s. He died inside in the 90’s. Guess I don’t have to mention that the governator and most of the partei-hacks in power during those years were DemocRATS. You can always find examples of cons being fucked by both sides-it’s kinda like statistics.

    Now, consider the flip side.

    Do I really have to lay out just how bad things would have been under yet another Clinton regime? If so, you obviously didn’t live through the first one! I had the (mis)fortune to spend a large chunk of time in the Holy Mo-Ark Border Region during slick willy’s reign of terror, and I can’t begin to imagine what the she-creature aligned with him would have done to this Nation had it had the chance.

    Asset forfeiture. Well, it sucks, no doubt, but it’s been around a long, long time. IT sure nuff isn’t something that the Donald has thought up, just to pesterlate you! Oh, it may get pushed a little harder under Sessions, it’s possible, but believe me, it gets pushed awful godamn hard right now, and has been for decades. I’ll even give you a little example. When the FedCoats popped me, one of their intentions, as stated later on during discovery, was to seize my farm, my vehicles, and my weapons. Unfortunately for them, I had bought all of the above with money earned working a JOB. Had the income tax records to back it up. Bottom line? They WANTED to seize all that stuff, but they didn’t get a goddamn thing. Even had to give my weapons back, as they were all legally held.

    Turns out if they can’t prove you bought something with “ill-gotten gains”, then they can’t seize it. That isn’t going to change. Oh, they can make life miserable for you, wipe you out financially, for sure-they did me. BUT. They always have been able to.

    Just to close out this little tribute to IronRider (!), let me agree with The Kraut. Anyone who is a part of the Life, whether it’s as a 1%’er, a hustler, ANY type of non-conforming lifestyle, has always been in the crosshairs. To what degree depends largely on what you’re into. To a citizen, it would probably seem like daily stops, daily searches, hassles, threats, all of that, are insuperable encroachments on a Citizens rights. To a PH, at least when I flew one, that’s the price of wearing the Rag. For an actual outsider, someone engaged in a trade that society has labeled “criminal”, you know, like selling a little weed, the price is all of the above, plus periodic incarceration, interrogation, beatings, you know, that whole bit. The citizen sees this conduct and can’t imagine living with it. The PH, or other outsider, sees it as a major pain in the nads, but normal.

    Kitchens, heat, dues, crime, punishment, all that good stuff. If you don’t want to ever get wracked-up, don’t ever do any kind of crime. If you do, and you get popped, don’t blame a political partei, and in one of the oldest, and surely the first lesson any real criminal ever learns, don’t look at what your rappie gets as a guideline for what YOU will get.


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