Angel Killer Gets Death

February 7, 2017

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Angel Killer Gets Death

After a five-hour trial, a Thai provincial court has found 28-year-old Australian kickboxer Antonio Bagnato guilty of murdering an Australian Hells Angel named Wayne Rodney Schneider in Pattaya in December 2015. Under Thai law, Bagnato will be sentenced to a year in prison and death.

Pattaya is a sex-tourism destination on the Gulf of Thailand about 90 miles south of Bangkok. Several motorcycle clubs including the Hells Angels have established chapters there.

When he was murdered, Schneider had lived in Pattaya for about a month in a villa he shared with former Comancheros president Amad “Jay’’ Malkoun. Schneider was kidnapped from the home by five men wearing masks after a night of drinking with Malkoun and an unidentified Australian. Bagnato and Schneider were partners in a health club in  Sydney and Bagnato had worked as Schneider’s bodyguard.

Schneider had been accused of various crimes by Australian police. In 2007, he was listed as a “most wanted” fugitive after being accused of shooting a nightclub bouncer in the knee. He was acquitted of that charge. But he also accused of trafficking “large quantities” of a GHB-like bodybuilding drug called 1,4-Butanediol in 2009. Sydney police also arrested Schneider for having 200,000 in betting chips from a local casino in his car. Police thought there must be something illegal about that. Schneider explained he was just lucky.

Case Quickly Solved

The day after he was kidnapped, Thai police found Schneider’s body in a deep grave  near a Buddhist temple. Bagnato (photo above) became a suspect immediately. Police arrested Bagnato’s Thai wife and accused her of renting the car used to kidnap Schneider. Bagnato had previously been accused of murder in Australia.

Within hours, police arrested a 21-year-old American named Tyler Joseph Fulton Sheen Gerard at the Cambodian border. Gerard admitted driving Bagnato to the border and was eventually sentenced to two years in prison.

Bagnato was arrested the next day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Multiple witnesses connected Bagnato to the kidnapping. GPS records for the car rented by Bagnato’s wife put the car at Schneider’s grave around the time of his murder. According to published reports in Thai newspapers, DNA evidence also linked Bagnato to Schneider’s murder.

Bagnato maintained his innocence since his arrest. He claimed he had spent the night Schneider was murdered with a whore.


10 Responses to “Angel Killer Gets Death”

  1. QM\SS Says:

    Kraut, just reading Olongapo, and Barrio Barrera made me smile, hung at a place called the Island Girl in the 80’s. When were you there??

  2. QM\SS Says:

    Kraut, just have to say you brought a smile to my face reading the words Olongapo, and Barrio Barrera. I was there in the 80’s hung at a bar called the Island Girl in the Barrio

  3. Mark Says:

    Lived in the Philippines for 19 years till 2008 and almost every other month would make a trip to Pattaya.
    About the last 5 years I would go there the prices had risen and it is more of a Euro Family Tourist destination than a sex tourism place.
    Lots of big hotels and lots of shopping malls now!

  4. Lou Sassel Says:

    A wise man once said “He who goes through turnstile sideways is definitely going to Bangkok”

  5. The Kraut Says:

    I got liberty in Pattaya too back in 1989…fact is it was Xmas.

    Phuquehed nailed it in his closing…the best liberty ports were the ones where fucking civilians were NOT THERE!

    Thailand was better than the PI back then, but we owned Subic, Olongapo and the Barrio Barretto.

    Good post Phuquehed…thai peppers are literally chemical weappons.

    Respects, Kraut

  6. Paladin Says:

    When on the prowl in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc., it’s wise not to forget that one a stranger in a strange land.


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    @Dasein – Yeah, I saw that too and like the way they think, heh.

    Man, Pattaya sure ain’t the way it was in ’81. It was a hell of a lot nicer and cleaner – looking and feeling. One could tell the difference between a chick who was a whore in a bar at night (or during the day) or just a regular chick.

    I happened to be in Pattaya during some kind of festival where they threw a white liquid on everyone they could. The crowds I was in were away from the bar scene, just the regular people of Thailand and everyone was having a blast. Those people laughed more than any other people I’d been around during my time in the Navy.

    Matter of fact, I don’t remember hitting any of the main bars us military guys usually would hit in Pattaya, I was having so much fun getting to know the real people and not the whores and drunk every night like in PI. I do remember sitting in a small, outside, square open bar with maybe eight stools around it. Hadn’t ordered anything to drink ’cause I was sweet talkin’ the finest asian chick I’d seen ever. Told her I was starving and hated vegetables. She stopped a guy selling shish-kebobs and jabbered something at him and next thing I know I’ve got some nice shish-kebob’s with lots of meat and very few veggies sitting in front of me on the bar. I snatched one up and figured I could get past the string bean this one time and ate it with a big chunk of meat.

    Big mistake! I hadn’t heard her say *NOT* to eat the few vegetables on the sticks because they were those fucking hottest peppers on the planet!

    I was fucking screaming, eyes looked like I was bawling my head off they were watering so badly. I’m jumpin’ around like a fucking snake is trying to bite me, thrashing, slobbering like a fool. She handed me a cold beer and I chugged that fucker like I was never gonna know what cold food or drink was ever again. She handed me another and I chugged that one too. Ate a couple pieces of something like bread and chugged three more beers.

    Finally, the heat pretty much was gone, the blisters (itty, bitty tiny fuckers) on the inside of my bottom lip were still there but they didn’t hurt. Now though, I was damn near lit! I’m trying to figure out how the fuck *that* happened with just only 5 beers!

    Found out that Singha (Lion) beer is something like 16% alcohol. No wonder I was finally feeling a little better, heh.

    Meantime while all this screamin’ and holerin’ and cries of bloody murder etc, etc were going on, the chick is laughing her ass off, she’s telling other thai people what happened and *they’re* laughing their asses off, the vendor who sold me the shish-kebob’s is trying to apologize like a mother fucker and won’t let me alone while I’m trying to get over my mouth having a fireball in it, and I’m now getting lit.

    Turned out okay though. That chick was just a sweet girl (actually, she was a lady of 32 and I was a dumbshit of 18). She took me home and let me stay with her the two weeks we were there in Thailand. I’d buy groceries (well…I’d give her some money and she’d buy them) and she’d cook breakfast and dinner and supper and kept me in Singha beer. She never asked me for money and what I did the last day I was going to be there with her was to pay a months rent for her (it was something like $40 and hell, we were getting 20 Baht per american dollar at the exchange rate then!).

    Sure is a bummer to hear that the place is turned into such a shit-hole. I’d bet my bike that it mainly happened because of the asshole rich tourists knowing it’s the Golden Triangle, and shit-heads like these guys fucking things up.

  8. Neil O'Docherty Says:

    Maybe a bit harsh to describe Pattaya just as a “sex tourism destination”, I mean, it is – but there is a little more to the place than just drunken Australians and sex tourists.

    On a slightly tangential note, I wish someone would do a proper analysis of the biker culture in Thailand. Something along the lines of what Daniel Wolf did in Canada.

    The connection to Australia is, I assume, what initially propagated it into the country and I’d be really fascinated to hear some actual Thai bikers talking about what it means to them, what aspects their motorcycle culture shares with the rest of the world, and what aspects are unique to Thailand.

  9. FF Says:

    Don’t do the crime if uou can’t do the time.

  10. Dasein Says:

    “a year in prison and death.” Some creative sentencing right there, worse than “mere” death, a year to think about it.

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