Harley And Trump

February 3, 2017

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Harley And Trump

Harley-Davidson remains the most potent symbol of the America that had muscle cars, choppers and miniskirts; before multiculturalism,  LGBTQ and fatal love diseases; before stupid wars; before soldiers started calling themselves war fighters; before cops thought they were commandos; when it was still a misdemeanor to punch a cop and the cops were more likely to punch you back and put you in a cell for the night than charge you. That America. You know the one everybody agreed was the greatest of all the English speaking nations: The America Donald Trump promises to resurrect.

Trump got elected because he was selling us somewhere back in our long ago. So the only surprise when at least five Harleys wound up parked on the South Lawn of the White House yesterday was that event took as long to occur as it did. Allegedly, Harley executives rode the bikes onto the White House grounds.

It was a feel good press event. Trump praised the Motor Company as, “a true American icon, one of the greats.”

“Your motorcycles have carried American service members in the war,” Trump said, “and they take care of our police officers.”

“You’ve given me tremendous support, your workers in particular.”

Devilish Details

The devil was in the specifics which are less easily captured by a staged photo opportunity than by mere words.

Like, for example, the meeting between Harley executives and union leaders was originally scheduled to be held at the company’s Powertrain Operations plant in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Numerous local and national outlets including the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune reported that the visit was cancelled because a group called the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump promised a protest outside the plant. Trump press secretary Sean Spicer said, “Look, it was easier for the executives to come here, considering the week and all of the activity that’s been going on.”

Most of the recent demonstrations are protests of the new President’s restrictions on immigration to the United States from the Third World. And that could have been potentially embarrassing for Harley at Menomonee Falls. When the motorcycle symbol of a preeminent America opened the plant, they layed off 125 American computer programmers and subcontracted their work to an Indian technical staffing company named Infosys. Layed off American workers who applied for jobs at the new Wisconsin office of Infosys claimed that South Asian workers were getting preferential treatment. The South Asians were imported to the United States with the aid of a something called an H1B visa. The visas allow American companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields – like computer programming.

During his campaign, Trump opposed the use of H1B visas, calling them a “cheap labor program.”

It has also been kind of a rough sales week for Harley. On Tuesday the company announced that sales were down again last year (to 262,221 bikes from 266,382 in 2015 and 270,726 in 2014. The same day Harley announced its dealers were still selling 2016 models.

But it would be great if Harley was successful. It would be great if it could symbolize what Trump says he is trying to accomplish. It looked successful yesterday on the White House lawn. It looked a model component in the rebuilding of America. It would also be great of that was true.


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  1. Hermis Says:

    Mr. Leonard.
    I am a Trumpster. And I do know “Some” things.
    One being: The rotten clitoris or the commie shlep promising “free” everything for everyone, that fought it out to be the loser to Trump, are exactly what America doesn’t need.
    Finally a President with balls!

  2. Sieg Says:

    Ah, Leonard…such a shame that kind, compassionate, caring hildabeast doesn’t have her boot on your neck, er, isn’t wisely administering justice to the oppressed now, yeah, that’s the ticket!


  3. Leonard Goveia Says:

    Trumps an ASSHOLE,anyone who thinks trump supports bikers,blue collar workers or anything that don’t benefit him personally has not listened to him..He said what he had to say to get into office ,you got to hand it to him ,he’s a cons con…he played the country…He’s a 50yr history of fucking over the little guy ,it’s all public record..all you trumpsters ,I hope your right..but my thinking is your soon going to be at the back of looooong line of good folks he’s fucked over to get what he wants….but then, what the fuck do know uh….lol

  4. popeye Says:

    If you want to understand Trump you just need to watch steve bannons 2010 movie. “Generation Zero”. Bannon has Trumps ear and Trump is following his advice .

  5. neverwaz Says:

    Dear Phuquehed,
    When I look at who President Trump has brought in to shape his government I see 4 or 5 of his cabinet members that have history with Goldman Sachs, and other billionaires who if they aren’t key players in the oligarchy, they at least look like the type that make up the oligarchy. In other words, we were once represented by politicians who answered to the oligarchy. Now, we are directly ruled (“represented”) by the oligarchy, and the middleman (politicians) have been removed.

  6. Warlord 4 Says:

    Correction on my first para. I meant Selflessly.

  7. Warlord 4 Says:

    Rebel, I have to say your intro to your article struck a nerve and correct me if I have misinterpreted it. 1st off you use the term “Stupid Wars” Mmmm.. Why do you explain those words to the 22 year old Lance Corporal that selfishly gave his live for his Brothers and Country. Or his brothers that tend his gravesite at Fort Rosecrans nestled in hills above Point Loma, CA.

    An Infantry Marine does not care where you send him to fight or the politics and politicians that decide it. He is there for his brothers and his country. We take this very seriously and will give every inch of our heart and soul to bring our brothers home in one piece.

    You state that Soldiers and I assume you include Marines refer to themselves as “War Fighters.” Well news flash we are. We serve in total and complete 100% all volunteer fighting force. Any young man that decides to be and Infantry Marine or an Army 11B does so knowingly and willing to fight for his country. I urge you read a book called On Killing. you will be astonished on the Kill ratios of current Marines and Soldiers to the brave men that went ashore before us. We are bred to fight, trained to fight and yes, We are “War Fighters”.

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    @neverwaz – You did read then, about how both some dems and repubs tried to pass a bill to stop that kind of thing while Odamnus was still pres last year, right, and it didn’t work?

    Now’s the time then to tell your reps and congresscritters and Trump too to have civil forfeiture stopped. Sitting back and bitching about it won’t get anything done.

    I remember last year a list or something I’m on sent out an e-mail with a link to sign a petition about it to Obama and our reps and congresscritters. I signed it and if I remember it was signed by an awful lot of other people. Apparently didn’t do any good, but now that damn near everyone in the government justice system is new, it’s time for the people with the smarts enough to write theses kinds of letters and petitions to do it again and get it out there for people like you and me to sign. Let Trump see and hear how We the People feel about it, since he *seems* to at least care a fuck of a lot more about us than that shit-hole Obama did.

    Me, I’ll be a PITA to this administration too if they start to slack off and ignore us. I’ll be writing all my reps/congresscritter and Trump and letting them know in my, as Sieg says, really good diplomatic way what fucks I think they are if they don’t fix whatever shit I’m writing them about.

    Obama got one of those at *least* every other month from me and he never got to read me calling him a nice black man either.

  9. neverwaz Says:

    Mr. Trump is not only all for civil forfeiture, he wants to make it easier for cops to take property. Even when he was told cops sometimes keep property from suspects who are never charged, he asked what he had to do to make forfeiture easier.
    BTW – This when there has been movement to restrict it and to raise the bar for when CF could be used.
    I think Trump is a package deal – like a turd in a punchbowl…


  10. Hangaround Says:

    Trump or Hillary, bot poor choices. I do hope that Trump squashes the H1-B visa program though.
    The jobs given to foreigners by this program are the ones which are the future of America. Anyone who thinks that decent paying factory jobs are going to return to America under any president is smoking and should pass that over here! Those jobs are automated and the money is in programming the robots and automation machines which do the factory labor.
    The H1-B visa program is additionally bad for the economy in that the money earned by H1-B visa employees is to a vast degree sent home to support the workers family, or worse used to by a 7-11 which, after being unable to find staff at minimum wage will then qualify to bring in unskilled workers on work visas to staff the store.
    The catch 22 here is that the new American economy for the most part is going to require higher education and with runa away tuition costs this is becoming unachevable for a lot of Americans that need initial training and education or job retraining and education to quailify for the position.
    Unfortunately I don’t see Trump doing much to help the dire state of our current education system for most Americans.

  11. Shovelhead Says:


    I’m with you Man.

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    !RLG – There’s no fucking way I can be any more “disappointed” in anything happening in this country that hasn’t already happened in just the past eight years. All I’m seeing at least is shit actually being done that the majority of Americans have been wanting the government to do for the past twenty five years. There isn’t a thing Trump could do to disappoint me except to literally tell us he’s NOT going to do anything he said he would…and he’s already at least TRIED many of what he DID say he would do. How can that be disappointing? Odamnus did absolutely NOTHING he said he was going to do. NOTHING. *THAT*, was what disappointing is.

    For fucks sake, give Trump at least a snowballs chance in hell. The fucker’s only been in office two weeks yet he’s got all the wasters of good air crying their fucking heads off the whole time. That’s nothing but A GOOD THING™®©

  13. RLG Says:

    Phuquehed, be prepared for disappointment.

  14. Sieg Says:

    Always in awe of Phuquehead’s diplomacy and way of putting everything in kind, gentle terms that even the most snowflakiest out there can understand!

    FTF / FTP

  15. Hermis Says:

    Trump is what this country full of cunts and muslim cocksuckers needs! Make America great again means step-up and do your part instead of sitting on the sidelines bitching. And Tom Brady is the all time best, says the statistics.
    Best regards Rebel!

  16. Phuquehed Says:

    Oh, and by the way, all libtards and whiny snowflakes (I know, I’m repeating myself there), if they really wanted to do this nation right, just need to each test the warning label on a plastic garbage bag and their world will be all nice and snuggly once again.

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    Sieg summed it up for me damn well on this one. Me and my best friend of 25 years are watching his 23 year old daughter-in-law now. She’s enamored with some nigga gangsta thug wannabe wierd-breed of some kind at the moment. They both work at the same factory, so it’s gonna be funny as hell when they (HOPEFULLY!) break up and have to still be around each other at work. I even asked my mom why some women are just so strange that they want to be mudfish and she said she couldn’t understand it herself but that it sure disgusts her too.

    At least Trump’s already getting shit done, even if it gets ‘blocked’ afterward…it’s far more than any president has done in the past 25 fucking years, and I believe if he was so gung-ho about setting the law straight(er) to his liking about gangs – MC or otherwise – he’d have already signed that shit off, being’s it’s one of the easier things to do since *ALL* the sheeple – repugnicans and democRATS alike – would jump on and be happy with just because they’re sheeple.

    I mean fuck…how can anyone think he’s doing bad when all the whiny pussy libtards/snowflakes are all up in arms having apoplectic fits over anytime Trump scratches his ass? No one on the right screamed half as loud during the time Odumba was in charge, there was screaming, but not like the libs are doing. That just means shit is going against their Marxist/Stalinist/Communist ways and its kicking them in the ass like a size 12 steel-toed boot. If they could figure out a way, they’d get Chairman Mao to come back from his grave and show them what they should/could do to try and stop Trump from ruining all their work of the past eight years.

  18. Dasein Says:

    With all due respect to everyone’s opinions here, Trump doesn’t give a fuck what you think, especially any butthurt “feelings.” He pushes till he wins, second place is a loser. That winner-take-all attitude is the essence of his appeal to the individualism that is a fading value in this increasingly collectivist amoral liberal swamp. I would suggest he is a true 1%er, not just that he’s a billionaire, and he’s certainly no biker, either, but that he’s a go-it-alone, uncompromising flame-thrower. To me, that’s just instinctively admirable.

    The following is probably for the most part here “preaching to the choir”, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway. It’s a post I found, addressed to liberals.

    “It happened because you banned super-size sodas. And smoking in parks. And offensive ideas on campus. Because you branded people who oppose gay marriage ‘homophobic’, and people unsure about immigration ‘racist’. Because you treated owning a gun and never having eaten quinoa as signifiers of fascism. Because you thought correcting people’s attitudes was more important than finding them jobs. Because you turned ‘white man’ from a description into an insult. Because you used slurs like ‘denier’ and ‘dangerous’ against anyone who doesn’t share your eco-pieties.
    Because you treated dissent as hate speech and criticism of Obama as extremism. Because you talked more about gender-neutral toilets than about home repossessions. Because you beatified Caitlyn Jenner. Because you policed people’s language, rubbished their parenting skills, took the piss out of their beliefs.
    Because you cried when someone mocked the Koran but laughed when they mocked the Bible. Because you said criticising Islam is Islamophobia. Because you kept telling people, ‘You can’t think that, you can’t say that, you can’t do that.’
    Because you turned politics from something done by and for people to something done to them, for their own good. Because you treated people like trash. And people don’t like being treated like trash. Trump happened because of you.”

  19. The Kraut Says:

    Harley-Davidson is a business…Pres.Trump is a businessman, the two meeting and knoshing is not out of the ordinary for either party.

    That being said…I saw the Presidential election of 2016 as a choice between 2 individuals who best personified a historical match-up…

    Stalin vs Hitler

    Hitler usually laid his cards out and voiced his intentions clearly.

    Stalin just smiled and said nothing…he waited for the applause to end so he could see who stopped clapping first…fucker plotted and never tipped his hand.

    I voted for the “Fuhrer” as the disingenuous cunt resembled Stalin a bit too much.

    I do not for a second think Pres. Trump will accommodate the MC community to any degree other than what will serve his own interests.

    I do applaud the man for choosing studs like Generals Mattis and Kelly to head up our military and NSA…now if he would only change the name of the Dept. of Defense back to the WAR Dept. Get ready brothers, the revolution is coming.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  20. Austin Says:

    Nobody Important says get ready to bend the knee & kiss ass. I think that is exactly the ‘again’ The Donald means. Kiss the ring and tug your foelock.

  21. Gandalf Says:

    On a far more important topic…. GO FALCONS! TBrady sucks cock! :)

  22. Tim 1%ER Says:

    Fuck trump, and fuck harley for even entertaining his horseshit

  23. Mark Matis Says:

    I wonder what percentage of the bikers that support President Trump are Iron Order? Did they have a significant presence at his inauguration? If not, why not? After all, if President Trump is pro-cop regardless, why would creatures such as them not turn out in celebration?

  24. Sieg Says:

    I give a fuck what anyone thinks about Trump, but anyone that thinks the hildabeast-or any other DemocRAT-would be a better choice has been smoking rock out of Bills ass.

    Hildabeast, as well as every other elitist, Statist, antifa scum politrixian, hates Whites, hates strong Whites especially, holds the working class in absolute contempt, and would be happiest if everyone would just make tan mudpuppies to perpetuate the NWO.

    I’ll take a crap-shoot on the Donald any day. He can’t be worse tha. The Magic Monkey was, and Anyone is better than the hildebeast.

    FTF / FTP

  25. Largeandy Says:

    The biker community ( all of em) mostly support Trump becuase they were are sick and tired of Obama’s reverse racism muslim loving bullshit for 8 fucking years. The VA has sucked since the 70’s but it really sucked under Obama. it was on Obama’s watch that we had police operations like “Fast and Furious” which was a complete violation of a number of laws not to mention just plain stupid thanks to Obama’s hand picked black stooge Eric Holder.

  26. Kenny 1%er Says:

    Trump is a piece of shit. U think any person in gov gives a shit about a club member u must be really high. The coperate world is whats wrong with the USA…Greed and the fact they strive to fuck the workers outta everything they can.

  27. popeye Says:

    @ Gandalf and g-rod. Trump is a law and order guy and that troubles me but like everything Trump he is a contradiction. I know of one well respected club in the New York area that has been doing Mr Trumps debt collections for many years. Trumps relationship with bikers goes back a lot further than his presidential campaign. Trumps a dealmaker and doesnt mind breaking rules to get it done but I’m still wary

  28. Paladin Says:

    Gandalf Says:
    February 4, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    “Benghazi, E-Mails, Immigrants, ISIS, Mexicans all do not effect me as much as that Cop who just pulled me over and wants to Taze my in order to look up my ass hole for the joint I had to stuff up there. LOL”

    The problem is that if the Hildabeast had been elected, the terrorists among the thousands of sand savages admitted to this Country would start killing people in one fashion or another, and that might affect you or someone you care about. All one has to do is look at the doin’s in Europe to see the writings on that wall.

    Under a Hildabeast Presidency, LE, due to the liberal mandate of political correctness would be slow to react to any domestic threat. Trump may not be the ideal choice in all areas, but overall, I think he’s the better choice than the alternative we had at the time.

    Long may You Ride,


  29. chromedome Says:

    i use to feel that all non white males should be banned from wasting good oxygen but then a few white brothers turned their backs and a nigger saved my life so i learned to judge a man more by his actions than his skin color. that is all i have to say bout that. fuck alah


  30. Bolo Says:

    The Libs love police if they are targeting whites and bikers. Most liberal retards think all bikers are white and that if they can be (mis)reresented as criminals than it somehow admonishes the black and hispanic street gangs that plague American cities. The liberal media were pissing themselves with joy when Waco happened and they were happy they could point the finger at “white gangs” fighting as though it could compare to blacks slaughtering each other daily in Chicago and Baltimore. Whether you like it or not Trump is the best choice for America now. He wants to cut spending and that means the alphabet cops are going to have their budgets for harrasment reduced or be eliminated altogether.

  31. Philo Bedo Says:



  32. Philo Bedo Says:


    POTUS Trump’s support for the ever growing police state while championing the Constitution is a quandary that did not begin with him. It’s been an elephant in the room for the American right since Ruby Ridge and Waco. He may, (hopefully) be able to reconcile the issue, but he certainly didn’t create it, nor is he an authoritarian for giving law enforcement support. That’s pretty boiler plate stuff for every politician.
    While I agree that making America great again shouldn’t include cops abusing anyone, that’s on the cops as much as anyone. You prefer the alternative – the roits, the race war against whites?
    And why are you so surprised that bikers support Trump? Did the Sonny Barger not offer to send guys to Vietnam at the height of the anti war movement?


  33. Nobody Important Says:

    Speaking as someone who comes from a tech background, I can say without reseveration the H1B visa system is a complete fuckup.

    It allows corporations to push down wages by claiming they can’t find any americans who can do the work. Which is completely untrue. They can’t find americans willing to do the work for wages that low. Your average IT geek has 6 years of high end college, plus a never ending flow of training certificates that have to be met, costing anywhere from 2 grand to 25,000 dollars -a year- in training and certs. Yeah, it’s that bad.

    And places like Infosys want to pay 25,000 a year for a position that’s worth three times that much.

    And it’s no picnic for the foreigners who take those H1B visas. you’re paid shit. You’re effectively a slave, because your sponsor company holds your visa. You can’t quit, you have effectively no rights. So yeah, you’re working 80 hours a week, but paid 40… Oh, and if you’re an attractive female? If you’re not willing to put out, don’t even unpack your bags, honey, you’re already fired. On -top- of that, if you get kicked back by your employer? you’re blackballed for getting a visa to travel to the US ever again. So.. better be ready to bend that knee, and kiss that ass.

    lovely, no?

  34. Gandalf Says:

    I’m with G-Rod and would add that Hating Clinton for whatever doesn’t change the fact that Trump loves Police(Police Tactics) and the Libs do not. That is the ONLY issue I’m concerned about. Benghazi, E-Mails, Immigrants, ISIS, Mexicans all do not effect me as much as that Cop who just pulled me over and wants to Taze my in order to look up my ass hole for the joint I had to stuff up there. LOL

  35. Union proud Says:

    Being a union member myself this story caught my eye and I wanted to say thanks for putting it out there.

  36. Tommy The Rider Says:

    God Bless Harley Davidson and President Trump.

  37. G-Rod Says:

    I don’t understand the love affair between the outlaw biker community and Trump. He’s a died in the wool
    authoritarian, who has been openly supporting law enforcement and the idea of a police state. He should be the last person anyone who enjoys freedom and liberty should want to see in office. “Making America Great Again” doesn’t include putting a cops boot on my back. Just my opinion.

  38. Filburt Says:

    President Trump

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