Abel Reyna Puff Piece

February 1, 2017

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Abel Reyna Puff Piece

Mañana, there will be a special place in Hell for McLennan County prosecutor Abelino Reyna. Mañana. Always Mañana.

Here, now, today Reyna is the subject of a tone deaf, 1,400 word article published by Texas Lawyer and written by staff writer Miriam Rozen. It is an article aimed at people who have never heard of what Reyna calls the “Battle of Twin Peaks.”

“Before he was elected in 2011 to serve as the McLennan County district attorney,” Rozen begins, “Abel Reyna represented criminal defense clients for 13 years. So Reyna, not surprisingly, offers an opinion – or two – about the strategies of a criminal defense lawyer who represents one of the 155 bikers who was indicted based on charges stemming from a May 17, 2015, shootout in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas.

“‘There is no way in hell I would be a part of those shenanigans,’ Reyna said about criminal defense lawyer Clint Broden of Broden & Mickelsen in Dallas.”

Obviously Broden does not subscribe to Texas Lawyer and Reyna does.

Writ Of Mandamus

Rozen describes the “shenanigans” to which Reyna refers as a 9,252 word Writ of Mandamus Broden filed last December with the Tenth Court of Appeals in Waco. Broden asks the learned justices – who loiter in the same courthouse and probably drink from the same toilets as Judge Matt Johnson, Reyna’s former law partner – to overrule Johnson and remove Reyna from the case.

The issue according to Broden, is whether his client, Matthew “Clendennen is denied due process by allowing the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute him in this case given the fact that the elected District Attorney as well as some of his assistants will be necessary witnesses at trial and given that the elected District Attorney has a huge financial interest in the outcome of these prosecutions. Stated another way, whether (Judge Johnson) abused his discretion in denying Mr. Clendennen’s Motion to Disqualify McLennan County District Attorney’s Office and Appoint an Attorney Pro Tem.”

According to numerous witnesses who have already testified in Johnson’s court, Reyna did not merely prosecute a case presented to him by police. Reyna actually participated in the police investigation and wanted, advocated for and recommended the arrests of all Bandidos, Cossacks and members motorcycle clubs that could be tied to either of those clubs in even the slightest way. Reyna passed a law on the spot that outlawed all indicators of membership in a motorcycle club. Consequently 177, mostly innocent people were arrested and held on million dollar bails in an inadequate jail. The experience troubled most of them. It was the sort of experience that the Founding Fathers of the United States expressly sought to forbid

According to testimony already presented, Reyna ordered then police chief Brent Stroman by phone to authorize the mass arrests of witnesses being held at the Waco Convention Center. Stroman was out of town at the time and had no idea what the witnesses were being arrested for.

Texas Lawyer goes out of its way to let Reyna claim, “The chief made the call.”

You can read this example of trade magazine junk journalism for yourself right here.


12 Responses to “Abel Reyna Puff Piece”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey Reyna, you worthless, gutless, air-wasting pussy…test the warning label on a plastic bag and do the planet a favor.

  2. BigV Says:

    Dear Iron Rider: I loved what you wrote, and it should be 100% correct if we were living in someplace other than the Soviet States of America. Here in das nashinal , cities, states, and the Federal Government hides behind Sovereign Immunity. See a state isn’t enough of thinking, living being, populated by thinking, living beings that it can choose to secede from an agreement of unition, but it is enough of a thinking, living, being that you have to ask the state in court: please Mr. State can I sue WACO for high speed injections of copper jacketed lead, costing me my shed, my sled, and my old ball and chain ?

    This fucking machine runs us, we are just shit in the petri dish.

  3. Galveston Out Law Doll Says:


  4. Galveston Out Law Doll Says:

    No one ever made it to the bathroom

  5. Shyster Says:

    This puto Reyna needs to star in a snuff film.


  6. Gandalf Says:

    Every now and then someone says EXACTLY what I’m thinking. TY Iron Rider and Sieg. Between the 2 of you Y’all covered everything. “…everyone and their dog knows…” Gotta Luv the Old School line. I Haven’t heard it used in years. :)

  7. rw Says:

    It doesn’t take but 1 aw shit to fuck up a whole bunch of attaboy’s and that peter puffer Reyna has a whole string of aw shits heading his way.

  8. Iron Rider Says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else look at this Reyna piece in Texas Lawyer and wonder aloud that this looks like something you would see from a reputation management company or a firm specializing in crisis management

    Reading the puff piece in Texas Lawyer reminded me of the scenario I mentioned above. The scant coverage of the violation of 177 peoples constitutional rights, civil rights and criminal rights in the fiasco that Twin Peaks was that cost people there lives is an abomination and the fact that many criminal acts and violation of police procedure that were committed by those in Law Enforcement that were glossed over and many “thata boy’s” that were given out leaves one wondering if there will ever be justice for those that were wronged that day and are still being wronged to this day.

    Rebel has been one of the most outspoken voices to challenge the Law Enforcement spin of what took place between Law Enforcement and MC members and non affiliated motorcycle riders that day in Waco, in fact other media’s coverage has been scant at best unless you count those media outlets who just regurgitate Police PR statements.

    It has been over a year and a half and Reyna & Co still have no real solid evidence or anything remotely tangible by the way of DNA, Ballistics, Forensics etc that is sufficient enough to bring ANY of the 177 people indicted to trial…Zip…Nada….Zero.

    Yet those from Law Enforcement who broke police policy regarding procedure regarding firearm safety, and putting innocent lives in danger by firing into a crowd of hundreds of people and killing people and putting other civilians at risk had a record breaking investigation that cleared them of any wrong doing and found that NO regulations or policy was violated by firing into a large crowd of people boggles the mind and shows that there are two kind of justice and if you are part of the blue wall then you are free to put lives at risk and kill with impunity and if you are not of the Blue Wall then you are expendable at any cost.

    All over the U.S. more and more people would rather not report a crime even ones that are egregious to the average citizen so as not to have involvement with those in Law Enforcement due to the fact that Police are abusing their powers and are apt to consider even the victim of a crime a suspect. How many people have lost their lives due to the fact that they had an encounter with someone from Law Enforcement and lost their lives, or have been shot or beaten for no valid reason.

    You hear Law Enforcement unions complaining about how they are under the microscope and that citizens shouldnt be allowed to video them and they should have the right to due their job without being recorded. How many times have we heard about Law Enforcement agencies officer who have been mandated to wear body cameras where the cameras are turned off or the video turned off or the audio turned off or the cameras disabled or video footage from a body camera disappearing ?

    Years ago most citizens never had an inkling to video the police in the course of their duties or their interactions with them, because while Law Enforcement officers abuse wasnt very prolific. Times have changed and citizens are taping Law Enforcement because of the amount of corruption, abuse of power and unjust laying of criminal charges and jailing people for acts of crime they never committed all to justify and cover up police wrongdoing.

    Honestly what the fuck do those in Law Enforcement expect citizens to do when the amount of crime committed by those who are supposed to be upholding the law and enforcing it legally. How many citizens have had charges or indictments dismissed because someone video taped the cops and the cops story didn’t match up with what the victim or witness stated. How many of those folks would have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law if video of an unjust act by police wasnt brought forward.

    Law Enforcement abusing their power and corruption is what got the Police this attention, their own Officers crimes and abuse of power is what made citizens video the cops because you don’t know if your dealing with a good cop or a bad cop and people are just flat not going to wait to see which one makes an appearance, and I dont blame them at all.

    Law Enforcement has long ago left a community policing model were there is a lot of interaction with community groups and it’s citizens as a proactive measure to prevent crime before it happens. Those days are long gone, the Law Enforcement mentality now that we see is based on a militarization style that everyone is the enemy unless determined other wise and should be treated as such, and the take no prisoners mantra is alive and well as is the one for all and all for one when it comes to looking after your own.

    The Law Enforcement militarization mantra is clearly seen in the mentality and the way the interactions with the public occur,and it is their way or no way mindset. It is no secret more and more Law Enforcement agencies are apt to break laws rather than enforce them, and if a citizens constitutional rights or criminal or civil rights are violated that is of no concern to them.

    This not only extends from those in Law Enforcement on the ground but to those in courts and the justice department in the state and federal level. You can see examples all over of how the amount of collusion between where the ethical line is keep repeatedly being moved further and further back. Law Enforcement routinely violates court orders, misleads the courts on information uses to obtain warrants for a variety of uses, conceals information and misdeeds from the courts and defense counsel, and willfully omits acts all due to keeping the upper hand and securing a conviction at all costs.

    Judges have also become far to cozy with the Justice department at state/federal levels and when evidence of wrong doing, lying on warrants, using information obtained through unlawful means, law enforcement officers deliberately lying in affidavits and testimony in cases and most judges are content to let this take place to save the state/federal governments case. Judges who are supposed to be impartial and weight the evidence and testimony fairly routinely are not impartial and are biased towards a defendant and their counsel.

    Reyna and Co and the State of Texas are more than complicit in this activity and the Twin Peaks cases are more than enough proof of how the Justice system has turned into a cesspool of political cronyism, favoritism and and nothing more than a bloated failure to those that come before it, much like the United Nations more and more courts have become nothing more than a rubber stamp to clear cases and help prosecutors keep those conviction rates high while failing to be effective, efficient, impartial and fair.

    The Twins peaks case and the handling of it by all of the Law Enforcement and Justice officials in it and the courts system shows how biased the system really is and how those on the law enforcement side will be protected at all costs and if peoples criminal, civil and constitutional rights are being violated, then that is the way it is, and if it ruins their lives, financially and professionally, and personally, that seems to be just in the minds of those on the Justice system side of the equation can live with.

    The Texas Lawyer piece just goes to show you can Op-Ed and write anything these days and maybe someones ego has been taking a beating within the rank of Texas Lawyers and possibly are hearing the snickers of laughter from other as one passes by in the hallows of the court halls.

    Reyna in my opinion has a delicate ego and his professional and personal reputation has taking a significant beating. Reyna has made Twin Peaks into a fiasco because everyone and their dog knows trying to convict a 177 people of the crimes of which they were indicted is well beyond even a hail-mary attempt and is going to lead in many acquittals and the proliferation of lawsuits that will be filed for false arrest, malicious prosecution, and abuse of civil, criminal and constitutional rights which the payout’s in settlements will costs the state of Texas and the taxpayer of McLennan County and the town of Waco taxpayer millions and millions of dollars for more years than people will be alive all due to the fact that someone wanted to beat their chest and pump their ego up to get on the 6’o clock news and make headlines and turn nothing into something where many lost their lives and freedom due to Law Enforcement fanning the flames to incite a war between MC’s to justify getting money and toys to play up conspiracy that was invented by Law enforcement itself.

    So tell me who the real criminals were here again?

  9. Gandalf Says:

    What Sieg said!

  10. Paladin Says:

    @ Sieg,

    From your lips to God’s ears.

    Long May You Ride,


  11. Sieg Says:


    Someday Reyna will answer for this, and hopefully it will be old-Tejas style with a horse getting slapped on the ass.

    FTF / FTP

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