Grim Anniversary

January 30, 2017

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Grim Anniversary

A year ago today, a prison guard and member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club named Derrick Joseph “Kong” Duran, provoked a fight with members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club working at a booth at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver, Colorado.

When he realized he couldn’t physically defeat a Mongol named Jared “Hercules” Chadwick, Duran pulled a gun and shot the Mongol in the abdomen. Duran then escaped up a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs, he paused to murder another Mongol named Victor “Nubs” Mendoza.

The Iron Order, which counts numerous peace officers as members, encourages those members to aggressively seek confrontations with members of other motorcycle clubs, to use deadly force to win the fights its members start and coaches members to present themselves as victims to police.

The Iron Order’s organizational style is at odds with that of the clubs they confront. Most motorcycle clubs discourage members from cooperating with police and from testifying in court except for the defense. The Iron Order cynically exploits its defacto status as a police death squad. In the words of current Iron Order vice-president, Army Lieutenant Colonel Mike “Cgar” Crouse,  “I know our club has the advantage. One percenters won’t call the cops. So what the fuck, destroy any fucker that confronts you. It’s a free ticket….”

The tragedy last year in Denver played out exactly the way Crouse told his club brothers it would. Iron Order members portrayed themselves as victims of the Mongols. Mongols, including Chadwick, declined to cooperate with police. Duran was never charged with any crime. Shortly after he was cleared, he sold his home in Longmont, Colorado and disappeared. His disappearance was so professionally accomplished that one informed source volunteered that Duran – although he was never charged with a crime or appeared at trial – seemed to have been enrolled in the United States Marshals Witness Security Program.

Duran was last seen in suburban Minneapolis.


18 Responses to “Grim Anniversary”

  1. Concerned Citizen Says: anyone see this?? These clowns are a joke but I’m not a fan on how they speak about rebel

  2. Irish 1%er Says:

    Being the pathetic pos he is and has always been, he’s never known what true brotherhood is. He pretended along with the other rats in Urine Order to have brotherhood but he has never known it and he never will! He took someone’s brother and I can assure you there are many that will not rest until there brother is avenged. I know if it was one of my brothers I would die before I gave up looking to right that wrong. Might not be next week, might not be next year but eventually the stars will align and that fat lop will look up to see an avenger smiling down on him and it will be the last thing he ever sees. You can’t outrun karma or true brothers! Respects to the real.

  3. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Is there any news on the fallen mongols wife’s lawsuit against those UO pussies?

  4. Paladin Says:

    @ popeye,

    COs are LE rejects.

    Long May You Ride,


  5. The Kraut Says:

    Fucking Duran is probably Chazz Bonos’ stunt double…

    Fucker needs to be hurt..repeatedly.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  6. Kicker Says:

    Every time he hears a beer open or a garbage can close or a rustling leaf he’ll turn around. he shot out of fear, couldn’t handle level one had to take it to the next level,now he’ll be looking over his shoulder for ever

  7. David Larson Says:

    I think it’s a crime that no charges brought on the iron order mc,, it’s true anyone else we would be awaiting trial for murder if not at least manslaughter why has this gone on so long without this man being in jail. I believe this man is a coward and his day will come do on Judgement Day

  8. RLG Says:

    If he is in witpro he will be working in a different trade.

  9. Whitepride Says:

    If it was one of us that did something like this on the one year anniversary we would be behind bars awaiting trial. But then again if it were one of us the incident wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Iron Order is a bunch of gutless cowards!

  10. Mercyful Fate Says:

    And the Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground.” Genesis 4.10

    Good and evil are repaid in kind, just as shadows follow bodies, and echoes follow sounds.

  11. Sieg Says:

    Do believe Popeye is right, and this tubby piece of shit is working as a hack. There are several federal joints in Minnesota he could have found work in, that way, if he IS dancing with the FedCoats, they can control access to him, and keep him all cozy. Also, the places where they have those joints have so few real gigs for people that aren’t tradesmen or like that, that people that DO have gigs want to hang onto them, so they are more likely to keep their collective traps shut about a strange, lumbering homosexual in their midst.


  12. Shovelhead Says:

    Iron Order Cowards, everyone of them. I bet most members live in Mommies basement.
    Time to change their name to fit the club….How about “Mamma’s Boys MC”. You could have a baby in a diaper as your center patch.

    Respect to 1%ers

  13. popeye Says:

    I’d put money on it that he’s still working somewhere as a CO. With his cowardly personality and low IQ he would have a hard time finding other work where he can bully other men with impunity. CO’s are more cowardly and power hungry than even LEO’s

  14. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Sooner or later, he’ll turn up. Just like Blondie sang, “One way or another, I’m gonna getcha… I’ll getcha, getcha”. He’s toast, just hasn’t acknowledged it yet, the stupid bastard!

  15. deuce Says:

    You sleep tight, Kong. Hear?

  16. bbally Says:

    Tragedy that someone would use the law to hunt specific people because of their association with an MC.

    May “Kong” look over his shoulder one time to feel the terminal affect of a 30 caliber aneurysm!

    You ruined lives Duran, you ruined a great event, you brought shame to your profession, and in the end you ruined yourself!

  17. rollinnorth Says:

    A sad anniversary.
    May that p/o/s, whatever name he goes by these days, spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder.
    Thank you, Rebel, for the update.


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