Chris Cox To The Rescue

January 17, 2017

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Chris Cox To The Rescue

Chris Cox, the chainsaw artist who is variously described as being from Northern Virginia and South Carolina and who last year founded a group called Bikers For Trump, told Fox News over the weekend that he intends to command a “wall of meat” to stand shoulder to shoulder with brothers and toe to toe with anyone to keep the peace at President Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday in Washington, D.C.

Cox vowed about the same thing last July at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. That convention was generally peaceful but whether Cox deserves any credit for that or not is debatable.

Cox was there. He made several tough talking television appearances in the days leading up to the convention. On the other hand, the city of Cleveland did get a $50 million federal grant before the convention. Thirty million dollars of that was spent on police overtime pay and about $20 million was spent on police equipment including 10,000 sets of plastic handcuffs and 2000 sets of “riot gear.” The federal government also deployed 3,000 federal police to the city. And Cleveland also surrounded the convention site with 3.7 miles of steel fence.


Several protests are planned to either coincide or closely follow the inauguration. The most widely reported is the Women’s March on Washington which is scheduled for Saturday. Organizers say that event is intended to “send a bold message to our new administration on their first day in office and to the world that women’s rights are human rights.” About 194,000 women have said they will attend.

According to Cox, Bikers For Trump should have the women outnumbered. He told Fox his group now has 200,000 members. “In the event that we are needed, we will certainly form a wall of meat,” Cox said. “We’ll be shoulder to shoulder with our brothers. And we’ll be toe to toe with anyone who’s going to break through police barricades.”

Brietbart News also reported last week that “a coalition of far-left protesters is converging on Washington, D.C. preparing to cause chaos at the Trump Inauguration.”

In addition, Cox is organizing “a celebratory ceremony to honor veterans” at John Marshall Park near the National Mall.

Last week The Washington Post reported, “Cox wants to ensure the group he founded, Bikers for Trump, strengthens its political muscle during Trump’s presidency and beyond.”

Lanmower Man

Chris Cox first found fame during a government shutdown in October 2013. While normal government services like gardening were suspended, Cox  used a thrift store lawnmower to mow the grass near the Lincoln Memorial. Police shooed him away but the next day he gave a press conference at which he declared, “I figured out that I could play a . . . valuable role as a janitor, if you will. So I started cleaning up the overflowing trash cans. I bought a blower and I’ve been blowing all of the trails, and today I cut the grass out here.”

At the time, Cox was in Washington for an art show.

A month later, Cox appeared at another press event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where the owner of a company called Belmont Power Equipment presented Cox with a Stihl MS 660 chain saw. “I didn’t set out to get this chain saw,” Cox said, “but I’m flattered.”

At the time Cox said he planned to use the saw and $1,701 in cash donations to fund the creation of The Memorial Militia, a volunteer group that would do gardening for disabled veterans.


33 Responses to “Chris Cox To The Rescue”

  1. The DL Says:

    A shot in the dark here, and maybe not connected at all…..but is this the chainsaw guy carving that is now in the old clubhouse of the Red Devils (Rock Hill SC) after the indictments etc. a few years a go???

    Can’t be…….

  2. Shovelhead Says:

    The Kraut,
    I rather enjoyed that rant.

  3. The Kraut Says:

    Hey Sieg, Yeah the truth is out there but the media wont or cant find it or agree with it. Gutbag Moore could feed a housing project full of cannibals for at least a month…another worthless voice bleating incessantly about nothing important.

    BLM has all the relevancy of a group of cockroaches seeking new areas to plunder.

    Fuckers need to be put down with extreme prejudice.

    Real liberals exist…think Bernie Sanders…faux liberals riot and loot when enough of the fooles gather together…fake liberals deserve the same as BLM…catch ’em in the act and destroy them in place, leave the carcass’ to the buzzards…

    Rant over…

    Respects, Kraut

  4. Angry White American Says:

    One other thought. Burning, looting, window smashing, vandalizing assholes are NOT protesters. They are anarchists and should be treated as such.

  5. Angry White American Says:

    It was pretty fucking ridiculous watch Fox broadcast the black man with his sign burn a trash can and newspaper vending machine in a pile with some other junk surrounded by about a dozen photographers. Anyway, I’d like to think the “wall of meat” helped keep the calm.


  6. Sieg Says:

    Kraut, that turned out to be a whole lotta nothin, dinna?!

    A whole 400 radical “protesters” showed up, out of maybe a thousand total. This after Tubby Moore & Co. said that there would be 100K+.

    Sa a couple scuffles with BfT types, the one I watched the nig-nog got his ass handed to him, but it would have been so much more fun if they had waded into Black Heads Splatter with ax-handles. Ah, I remember the good old days of Moratorium Day, and hippy protests.

    Anyhow, as I typed earlier, more power to this guy, whatever they do, they’re doing SOME fucking thing, which is more than I can say, right?!


  7. The Kraut Says:

    Just been reading the comments on Fox re; the protest/riot in DC…

    One poster said; “So much for the beer gut bikers, they didn’t do anything”

    Yet another post stated “Maybe the area where BfT was at was left quiet thanks to the bikers physical presence” (the afore are NOT exact quoates..words to that effect)

    Good thing someone noticed the place with scooter folk was unattractive to the untermensch of the BLM and DisruptJ20…

    Looters and rioters should be shot…repeatedly.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  8. Mercyful Fate Says:


    I agree wholeheartedly. In a rapidly degenerating, morally bankrupt world where men are becoming women, and women men, at least CC is trying to do something about it. Whether it is the right approach or not is debatable, but it’s his approach and I respect it. While I certainly don’t expect to see any MCs at this rally it should at least be acknowledged that some good-will may come from this that benefits all, providing no one fucks it up, of course.

    Who knows, maybe after the 20th Trump will declare a national biker day and pull back on the reins of the alphabet boys in their quest to eradicate all patches. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking and all that…

  9. bcnasty Says:

    Well go figure , yet again I am different. I do not judge anyone but can not help but think any one, no matter what their life style is, that will take the time to ride and show support for what they believe in has my respect. Because the twatwaffles of America are darn sure going in numbers to protest.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    NC Rider says, “If Chris Cox would show up in Waco and make some noise…” EXACTLY! CC too scared to show up in Waco. Stick to planting posies and mowing Lawns in DC Mr. Cox… Waco is out of your League.

  11. NCRider Says:

    Sieg – I completely agree with you. I voted for Trump mainly for two reasons. First, to vote against Hillary. Second, on the “economical/financial” side, I do believe Trump obviously knows how to help our country…I hope. In all sincerity, reading from many of you regulars helped me make my decision and gave me the concept of a vote for Trump is a vote against Hillary. No way would I ever vote for Hillary. As far as this thread, I am only speaking my opinion and always grateful that you regulars tolerate me. I do not believe Trump really cares about Bikers, but so be that. If Chris Cox would show up in Waco and make some noise, then I would have a better understanding of his agenda. Again, all of my posts are just my humble opinions coming from my beliefs in life. You and the other real regulars have experienced much more than myself.



  12. Largeandy Says:

    I dont know anything about the “Bikers for Trump” organizer and have no comment other than Trump’s inauguration is getting its ass kicked by Liberal Hollywood elitests, liberal Democrats and radical black activists like John Lewis who claim that Trump’s election is “not legitimate”. If this group trully shows up to support Trump during the inauguration then good for them. With respect to one commenter’s statement about HOG’s and LEO’s or the IO, I tend to think this group will be a lot more like vets who are sick and tired of anything Obama….with respect to HOG groups, I see no reason to spit on them……the vast majority of HOG riders really love motorcycling, they work their blue collar jobs hard to make their bike payments, they love to ride, they dont trailer bikes to motorcycle rally venues and they are not afraid to get thier hands dirty working on a motorcycle. You know, it aint always about clubs, for some of us its it is the true love of the bike and riding free regardless. No disrespect intended but the “clubs” need to understand that some guys who love motorcycles and aint in clubs are still a source of support for the lifestsyle regardless.

  13. DocB Says:

    Cox reminds me of a flea climbing an elephants leg with rape on his mind. I guess even a flea gets 15 minutes

  14. Sieg Says:

    Dasein is correct, some of the “protesters” are fairly serious types who think nothing of using extreme violence against unarmed/unsuspecting people. The Black Bloc contingent is supposedly going to be there, and that really ups the anti. I hope that the Accountants For Trump are ready to do some real rocking, but I doubt it.

    I think this guy Cox is probably well-intentioned, but he’s tasted a bit of public attention, and he’s not gonna give that up too easily. Hey-if he can parlay that into a career, more power to him!

    Now, personally, I’m a White Nationalist…I think most of the regulars here know that. That said, I supported Trump, and still do. Why? What are the alternatives? Leonard, Cathy, I’m listening. Yeah, you can refrain from voting and lean on the “they’re all the same” schtick, because deep down, they are. It’s all a question of speed. The only difference between the Republicrats and the Demicans is that the Demicans will sell us out faster. And if the Hildabeast had won, it would be A LOT faster. Does anybody really think we would be better off with that creature in charge? You want to talk about a police-state, man, Trump hasn’t got a speck compared to Hildabeast and her cronies-they demonstrated that quite nicely during the first Clintonista regime.

    All in all, think I’ll kick back and watch the show…if I was a few decades younger and didn’t have to work, I’d got to the Belly of the Beast and see if I couldn’t reenact the late-sixties, get in a few shots at some dirty hippy.


  15. slow-n-low Says:

    14 minutes and counting on the fame meter, glad this guy can round up every HOG and IO chapter so they can feel like their making a difference…

    Lots of excitement for another politician. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Support your local established clubs.


  16. Base Says:

    Media whore?

  17. R&R Says:

    The Kraut nailed it. O fuckin Bama gave his final middle finger to the country in general and our military in particular. And Bilkers for Trump is a joke.

  18. Hans Says:

    Trump’s own version of Night Wolves.

  19. fayettenamhoe Says:

    another fake patriot with his head so far up his ass so he can’t see the stupidity of his own comments let alone his actions, those women protesters may kick their jolly asses and send them home crying to mommy, and all those salty tears may make the cheap chrome rust on them shiny powderpuff pooh bear bikes, BFT,= bois for twump

  20. Bone Head Says:

    …”At the time Cox said he planned to use the saw and $1,701 in cash donations to fund the creation of The Memorial Militia, a volunteer group that would do gardening for disabled veterans.”…

    That’s just peachy. Disabled Vets I’ve known could use a wheelchair ramp built/repaired, steps fixed…but he’s going to plant posies…tells me all I need to know about him and his group.

  21. Dasein Says:

    This may amount to something. There’s a fairly
    serious asshole component to the Left, whose
    intentions may fall beyond the scope of officially
    designated security. My understanding is the
    bikes involved number only 5,000, and the
    ladies march the next day isn’t the issue. It’s
    the imaginary warriors of the moronic Left
    who intend to shut down the show. Some of
    these “Bikers for Trump” may actually earn
    something worthwhile if their 5,000 strong “wall
    of meat” confronts any significant portion of
    the expected 750,000 protesters.

  22. The Kraut Says:

    I would doubt any of the real will be part of the BfT…

    I’m betting the group will be composed of RUBs and other late bloomers.

    Trump could really celebrate his election by re-arresting Bradley/Chelsea Manning and crucify the fucking traitor on the Washington monument.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  23. Paladin Says:

    Cox knows all too well that there will probably be more LE at Trump’s inauguration than spectators. For that very reason, Cox knows that the chance he and his band of Bozos will actually have to go “toe to toe” with anyone is extremely slim to non-existent. Cox and his Bikers for Trump will be, and are as formidable as lawn jockeys.


  24. ak rack Says:

    @Hangaround: LOL! Thanks!

  25. Hangaround Says:


    Why do I have a feeling that “chainsaw” and his HOG group will need way more than 200,000 members to take on 194,000 angry women?

  26. Leonard Goveia Says:

    He’s an Embarrassment ,a gov’t Brown noser..a real patriot fights a over powering gov’t..Trump will not be a friend to bikers ,you will see more Waco type bullying by the gov’t..but he’s getting his 15 min of fame,no doubt my book he’s a clown

  27. Leonard Goveia Says:

    PATHETIC ,oh well he’s definitely has his 15 min of fame..The man does not realize a real patriot objects to a all powerful gov’t that Bully’s it’s people..Waco is a prime example…this man’s a kiss-ass,a gov’t Brown noser…

  28. NCRider Says:

    Funny popeye!

  29. NCRider Says:

    I have never really got this. I read somewhere Bikers For Trump had alot of leo. Afterall, its strange to me how these “badass” bikers can tolerate police presence so well. Just saying.



  30. popeye Says:

    Just another event for the HOG crowd. Out of shape accountants with too much time on their hands and a desire to play billy badass. Starbucks is stocking up on the latte cups

  31. Gandalf Says:

    LOL :)

  32. RLG Says:

    This guy reminds me of ‘Joe the Plumber’.

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