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January 2, 2017

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Chatting With Shark

John C. “Shark” Whitfield (in the photo above) is the “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” for the Iron Order Motorcycle Clyb. The Iron Order is frequently offended by the content of this page. The Aging Rebel believes that members of the Iron Order or independent hackers working for members of the Iron Order hacked and shut down this site for about three weeks in April 2015.

9:36 a.m.


This is John Whitfield. You know me. Is it possible to have a discussion as to the post you made recently on your site about Duran? I would like to talk with you if you have the time.

John C. Whitfield
19 N. Main Street
Madisonville, KY 42431
270-821-0656 (KY Office)

1205 4th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208
615-921-6500 (TN Office)

9;58 a.m.

Sure.  I just tried you at both 270-821-0656 and 615-921-6500 but was unable to reach you. Tell me a good time to call.


1:10 p.m.

We can talk on a few minutes but I need an agreement that it’s OFF THE RECORD.

John C. Whitfield
19 N. Main Street
Madisonville, KY 42431
270-821-0656 (KY Office)
270-452-1297 (Cell)

1:34 p.m.

Nope. It won’t be off the record. The best I can do for you is deep background.

These are the AP’s definitions:

On the record: The information can be used with no caveats, quoting the source by name.

Off the record: The information cannot be used for publication.

Background: The information can be published but only under conditions negotiated with the source. Generally, the sources do not want their names published but will agree to a description of their position. AP reporters should object vigorously when a source wants to brief a group of reporters on background and try to persuade the source to put the briefing on the record. These background briefings have become routine in many venues, especially with government officials.

Deep background: The information can be used but without attribution. The source does not want to be identified in any way, even on condition of anonymity.

In general, information obtained under any of these circumstances can be pursued with other sources to be placed on the record.

I can say The Aging Rebel has learned and use indirect quotes.

Your call. Want me to get it right?


1:57 p.m.

Nope. Not how I operate.

I have given you the perfect opportunity to “get it right.” I would give you the CORRECT facts off the record and then decide how this goes and would consider on the record after that. I don’t know you from Adam except for what you write, much of which is incorrect as to the IOMC, Mr. Duran, and even me. It is for that reason that I requested off the record initially. If you are TRULY interested in getting things correct I would talk to you freely as long as it’s off the record. Assuming our conservation is with honor, then we can discuss an on the record conversation to answer things you claim to want to know. That’s the only way I will do this.

Secondly, I am humbly asking you to remove the Duran post on your website. It is conceivably dangerous and could potentially cause Mr. Duran harm. I can answer the questions you pose in that post without speaking to my client.

Third, please be advised that should you post any further personal information about Mr. Duran that is not authorized by him or me, you do so at your own risk legally. Please accept this as notice of same. If you refuse for me to answer the questions you pose, privately and off the record at first, I can only assume your intentions as to Mr. Duran are bad. You can obtain what you need without delving into the personal situation of Mr. Duran or speaking directly to him.

Finally should you decide to post any of this email on your website, then all contact between us ceases.

You are on notice.


2:21 p.m.

Look pal,

You are talking to a reporter. And you just told me, “please be advised that should you post any further personal information about Mr. Duran that is not authorized by him or me, you do so at your own risk legally. Please accept this as notice of same. If you refuse for me to answer the questions you pose, privately and off the record at first, I can only assume your intentions as to Mr. Duran are bad. You can obtain what you need without delving into the personal situation of Mr. Duran or speaking directly to him.”

What an asshole you are.



48 Responses to “Chatting With Shark”

  1. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” never fails to make me snort with laughter. It’s just so over-the-top and needy. Is there a “special pin” for his minions in the “Division?” Just too funny.

  2. Dasein Says:

    Anonymous’ posting of Whitfield’s Twitter account reveals that he supports Hillary. The urine odor and Hilary (I think podesta even said she smelled like urine), this explains a lot, even adds to this:

  3. Mad Dog Says:

    @Tx_Biker: “Hey Rebel is it redundant to call him a lawyer and an asshole. Are they not synonymous?”

    This also applies to the term “criminal attorney.”

  4. panamaa Says:

    just tom Says:

    “Whitfield is a bottom feeder,making money off of other people’s”

    You got that right, 20% to 30% right off the top of all the settlements you see on that page… And if he comes after Rebel he might bite off more than he can chew. I don’t think he wants to go into court with the legal representation Rebel is able to acquire…

  5. just tom Says:

    Whitfield is a bottom feeder,making money off of other people’s misery.

  6. Badd Guye Says:

    Interesting to say the least….

  7. deuce Says:

    Fuckin’ comic book biker wouldn’t know “honor” if he sat in it.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    “Assuming our conservation is with honor, then we can discuss an on the record conversation to answer things you claim to want to know.”

    John C. Whitfield an iron order patch holder wants to have a “conservation” with honor, HA! it’s not even April yet.

    Here’s a link to Mr. Whitfield’s twitter account:

    Most of what I can see on his twitter account are idiotic trump bashing comments, A Urine Odor officer wants to salute hillary clinton as she steps off of air force one in her pants suit, why am I not surprised…

  9. Badboy Says:

    So this fuckstick put you on notice….FUNNY SHIT….Next the muffin heads will be calling you from spook number telling a Noman will be coming to see you.I been waiting on that day since I was told that.. Only it ain’t happen.But can’t wait till it does eye for eye Iron Orfix Scrotum Lickers

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    The term ‘Stupid should hurt’ is on that shit-stain Whitfield’s ‘diploma’ from whatever useless school he went to…they thought he was a cunt there too.

  11. Rob Says:

    Hey whitfield, you think Rebel would fall for that shit. Nice try asshole!

  12. Rob Says:

    Fuck you iron order cocksuckers! Keep hiding behind the badge. It’ll catch up with you.

  13. TX_Biker Says:

    Hey Rebel is it redundant to call him a lawyer and an asshole. Are they not synonymous?

  14. Kat Says:

    What kind of “personal information” on Duran did Rebel write???


  15. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Rebel, Did you happen to ask him if there’s any truth to the rumor about his having to take his hat off to take a piss?

  16. Slide Says:

    It is truly a wonderment what the written word can be in the hands of you Rebel. That was one Cool Hand Luke response.
    Boss Paul: “Now I can be a nice guy, but if you trouble me, I can be a mean son of a bitch.”
    Off the record…hmmm where have I heard that before? You can run but you can’t hide Duran, just ask your Counselor. Happy New Years!

  17. Tom Barker Says:

    As I said, I agree with you, he is an a___hole. I should have also added that when he sees what I ma writing about the Iron Order MC, he will threaten me also.

  18. Tom Barker Says:

    I agree with you Rebel. He is an a___hole.

  19. Catfish OCNY Says:

    Rebel, you as usual are freakin awesome!

  20. Paladin Says:


    Happy New Year to you as well.

    Long May You Ride,


  21. RLG Says:

    This confirms Shart is a clown. Email is never legal service of notice.
    Then threats under the color of authority. Actions like this show IO are doomed.

  22. Whitepride Says:

    Well said Paladin. Right on point as usual. Happy New year to you

  23. Potmetal Says:

    I do enjoy watching any counselor try and demand control of information during any exchange with a known providor of information, I think Rebel’s particular brand of red ass is particularly frustrating to snark.

    Sucks when the other guy is smarter than you, huh dummy?

    That aside, I feel like it is my responsibility to remind the fatboy shooter that the laws of physics are unchangeable and apply to more than just objects; they apply to people too.

    For any casual “passing through” readers I’ll recap:

    The fatboy shot and killed an unarmed man. He did so because he is a cowardly piece of garbage. He has thus far suffered zero consequences for the murder.

    ………thus far. Stand by fatboy, Karma will eventually knock on your door. Think about that…….every day for the rest of your life.

  24. Hold_The_Phone Says:

    Oh, is poor little fishey going to sue Rebel? What a way to bitch out. You either want to talk on the record or not talk. I suspect fishey knew Rebel would tell him precisely where to stick it and tried to use it to his advantage. Now the MC community looks “unreasonable” because we didn’t want to talk on his terms. I wouldn’t be surprised if that coward sues, not because he’ll win, but because the UO has raked in enough $ on selling patches that they have far deeper pokets than Rebel. Just like Waco, they’ll use the courts to intimidate us.

    Hey fishey fish, the problem with your tactics is that members of REAL MCs are more than willing to lay down their lives or worse, their freedom, for their brothers. You can’t intimidate men like that.

  25. NCRider Says:

    Whitfield – Since you aren’t very good at communicating with Rebel, why don’t you just tell Big Boy to call Rebel himself? After all, you just want Rebel to “get it right”. Dirtbag.


  26. Big Bry Says:

    Christ, Whitfield sounds like an insufferable asshole.

  27. Grimey Says:

    Hey Whitfield, you and your cronies are a joke.

  28. rookery Says:

    Thx Reb…. I rather enjoyed that exchange of views…..

  29. Sieg Says:

    Circular lawyer “logic”. His client and fellow cum-monkey kills someone, and that’s cool, but talk about it? Oh hell no!

    What’s behind the thought-process…I can almost hear them thinking…

    “I paid $300 for this patch set, $25k for my bagger, $200 to get someone to teach me to ride it, and $150 for my Hi-Point…if that doesn’t make me gangster and get me some respect, NOTHING will.”


    The urine odor is stepping up efforts, especially online, to control the dialogue about what it means to fly a Patch. THEY and their pet-shonsky are the ones threatening people. Be aware of their bullshit and watch your backs.

    FTF / FTP

  30. panamaa Says:

    “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” my ass…Whitfield is a fucking Tort (lawsuit) attorney, the absolute scum of all attorneys… Stick with what you know asshole.. This motherfucker is a “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” in about the same way he’s a biker…

    Fuck you Whitfield….

  31. Mad Max Says:

    There is nothing illegal about posting public record and ANY lawyer worth salt knows this. Just a weak attempt at a scare tactic. Making a statement that someone is trying to contact Duran wouldn’t be illegal either. Shark is grasping at straws.

  32. Shovelhead Says:


    Go Fuck Yourself!!

    As for Dong Kong Duran, all his problems are because he Murdered and unarmed man. What ever happens to him in life is of his own doing.
    He’ll pay in this life or the next….Karma!

  33. popeye Says:

    I’m pretty sure whitfields facts are on a form letter entitled “We are a law abiding club”. That sack of shit has no intention of shedding the light on anything but instead he just wants to control the narrative.

  34. Not Surprised Says:

    I’m not a lawyer for a fake MC or anything, but I’m pretty sure thrte is no law again st posting info that is already public record. I’m gonna post his shit on FB

  35. Dasein Says:

    So, he wants the post taken down, and he’s willing to trade some sort of “answers”, to “the questions you pose in that post without speaking to my client.”, but all off the record. Thus, whatever “answers” he provides, are not only unattributable to him, but to Kong also, as they are obtained “without speaking to my client.” And then, if “our conversation is with honor”, he offers to “discuss an on the record conversation”. Basically, he’s offering anything he wants to make up, in exchange for removal of the post, with the suggestion that there could be more, later, provided the foregoing was done with “honor”, which with this empty line of bullshit and threats is already unilaterally impossible, not to mention how he can still even use the word “honor”. He probably wears an honorary cut, proudly.

  36. IronRider Says:

    LOL the only information about Duran is that he quit his job and sold his house and went back under the rock he came from. If Duran wasnt worried about what may or may not happen after killing someone, maybe he should have thought that through before playing tough guy.

    As for the Urine Order worried about their image and playing tough guys, well plenty of that going around from them, you want to provoke confrontation , then just remember you reap what you sow.

    As for the IO lawyer wanting to set the record state, then go ahead, but you want to dictate all the terms and then onto of that say that, this is off the record, then say I will decided if there is anything I will agree to let you post, as long as I can have a say on the narrative… Yeah sounds on the up and up.

    Rebel could have talked to you and reported every fucking word you said. The email chain just shows what anyone else knows that the Urine Order wants to control the narrative of how you want the story framed, it goes to any situation where the Urine Order is involved Duran’s shooting investigation comes to mind.

    Since when does the Urine Order care what Rebel writes, of is it the fact this is a story that you cant control and it pisses you off. Or maybe your worried that all these little killings your boys are doing is going to put them at risk.

    All I will say is that, you can only push some people so far before they push back.

    Rebel, good on you man for not letting someone dictate the story to you and then tell you what you need to write, I would rather have the truth instead of some spoon fed PR bullshit because some people are only worried about their image

  37. ipsick Says:

    Rebel’s on “double secret probation” with the IO. LMFAO

  38. Nick Mead Says:

    Awesome — What a wonderful start to 2017. Please continue the way you started.


  39. Cookie Says:

    I don’t think that went the way he wanted it to.

    Way to go Rebel!


  40. PJ Says:

    “You are on notice” sounds a lot like “Govern Yourself Accordingly.” According to Ken White of Popehat, the only appropriate response is, “Snort my taint.”

  41. Nihilist Says:

    “It is conceivably dangerous and could potentially cause Mr. Duran harm.” I’m flabbergasted he actually even conceived of this idea, let alone put it forth as a reason for not talking to you. And I’m stunned he used the word HONOR. As both a lawyer and one of the highest ranking assholes in a worldwide group of assholes, he has no right to even speak that word. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 10+ years, anyone knows the risk of dangers and personal attacks that are part and parcel of the comeuppance that comes with putting on the waterhead monkey patch. Fuck you, Mud Shark, you hilljack.

  42. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Haha! Oh no, Rebel! He put you on notice!

    Is being “put on notice” some sort of legalese, like the step right before you get “put in time out”? WTF?

  43. Gandalf Says:

    Hillary could have used that Shark with the WikiLeaks guy.

  44. Bone Head Says:

    Whitfield is an idiot. I would guess he visits this page on some sort of regular basis or one of the girls tells him when to read. He might even “troll” here.

    So how in the fuck did he think Rebel was going to play by Whitfield’s rules?


  45. NCRider Says:

    Hey Whitfield. You didn’t get too far with that plan, did you? Rebel is not going to kiss your ass. Tell Duran its not that easy.

  46. Tiggirl Says:

    That was difficult to read. Are you sure it was Whitfield and not some nigerian trying to sell you inheritance?

  47. Paladin Says:

    Looks like the cunt Whitfield is worried about the cunt Duran, which stands to reason, since their both members of the iron order of motorcycle cunts.


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