Devils Ride Postscript

December 27, 2016

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Devils Ride Postscript

Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn, a star of a “reality “ television show named The Devils Ride which ran on the Discovery Channel from May 8, 2012 until March 10, 2014 has won a legal victory in his attempt to vindicate himself of charges that he molested his ex-wife’s eight and 10-year-old daughters from a previous marriage.

In a video recorded interview with a forensic child psychologist employed by child welfare services, one of the two girls graphically reported being molested by Quinn. Quinn later described the girl’s demeanor during the interview as “bizarre” and “rehearsed.” Quinn was arrested on August 28, 2012 while visiting Carla Sottile, the girls’ mother and Quinn’s then wife at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California.


The television show, produced by Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, LLC about a San Diego motorcycle club named the Laffing Devils, was promoted as: “Life inside one of Southern California’s biggest motorcycle clubs doesn’t come easy…but it’s sure intriguing. For the first time ever, The Laffing Devils allows a never-before-seen look into the gritty world of motorcycle clubs.”

The Laffing Devils was a real motorcycle club and Quinn was one of its founders. The club disbanded during the first of the show’s three seasons. During the run of the show, Carla Sottile was a San Diego police officer. The network listed Quinn’s profession as “bounty hunter.”

The initial accusation that Quinn had molested the girls was made by Christopher and Carie Keller. Christopher Keller is the girls’ father and Carla Sottile’s first husband. At the time Keller accused Quinn of molesting the girls, Keller and Sottile were engaged in a longstanding dispute in family court over custody of the girls.


After he made bail, Quinn hired a lawyer named Richard Berkon who showed police evidence that indicated Quinn was incapable of the crimes. According to Berkon, Quinn suffered from erectile dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation at the time of the alleged molestation and was suffering from a service related back injury that made him unable to lift more than ten pounds. The charges against Quinn were dropped.

Quinn believes the accusation of child molestation shamed him and caused him to lose his job as the “star” of a television show. After the incident, Carla Sottile also divorced him. And according to the The San Diego Union-Tribune, Quinn is “now working odd jobs.”

Quinn filed suit against the Kellers in August 2014. In general in California, a “person reporting a known or suspected instance of child abuse or neglect shall not incur civil or criminal liability as a result of any report authorized by this article unless it can be proven that a false report was made and the person knew that the report was false or was made with reckless disregard of the truth or falsity of the report, and any person who makes a report of child abuse or neglect known to be false or with reckless disregard of the truth or falsity of the report is liable for any damages caused.” Quinn thinks he can prove the Kellers “recklessly” accused him.

The Kellers were served with Quinn’s complaint in March 2015. In August of that year, they moved that Quinn’s suit should be dismissed. A trial court first granted then denied their motion, eventually ruling that Quinn could probably prove that the Kellers “had coached” the two girls “to falsely accuse Quinn of sexual abuse.”

The Kellers appealed that ruling. Yesterday, the California Fourth Appellate District Court of Appeal ruled that Quinn could proceed with his lawsuit.


11 Responses to “Devils Ride Postscript”

  1. BarHopper666 Says:

    He tends bar at a few bars in La Mesa. He even wore his Laffing Devils cut to a season finale of Sons Of Anarchy viewing party at one of the bars he works at out there… Which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be “cool” to interested parties. Fuck BHE…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I plead ‘broke dick’.

  3. chromedome Says:

    he us definitly workin odd jobs lol. i seen his facebook page you should check it out if you want a quick good laugh


  4. Jim Jones Says:

    Wow that did not work out right!

  5. Jim Jones Says:

    Deleted my post? Did not figure you to side with a fictitious club over fictitious crap! Feel free to add my email to your spam lists! I doubt I will ever read your stuff again, little on comment!

  6. Jim Jones Says:

    I got just 1 question about happened to “The Devil’s Ride” actors, Who fuckin’ cares?

  7. SomeGuy Says:

    Speaking of biker themed “reality” TV, has anyone noticed that season 2 of the Charles Falco show, Gangland Undercover has disappeared? The first episode was ridiculous, and no other episode seem to have aired.

  8. Dasein Says:

    Whether innocent or not, the claim of “retrograde ejaculation” would actually seem to work against him, as in, a reason for the lack of (semen) DNA, as opposed to, “they’re making it up”. Also, biker club founder unable to lift 10 pounds? And ED? I think most here would agree that’s pretty situational. None of this seems like grounds for dropping the charges. AS a “bounty hunter”, he probably has quite an intel network, and possibly had something on the other parties, and beyond…

  9. Paladin Says:

    I’ve got no love for Bischoff Hervey, the Laffing Devils, Quinn or all that stupidity. However, if Quinn was maliciously accused of molesting those kids, I hope the keller’s spends the rest of their lives cleaning Quinn’s toilets and scrubbing his floors.


  10. anon Says:

    Rebel, do you know what happened with the charges Robert “Sandman” Johnston faced? I don’t think I could ever find the final outcome.

    Typing that also reminded me of another case that got a bunch of publicity but that I never heard the result. Stephen K. “Skinz” Kinzey, the alleged meth-dealing kinesiology professor. Not sure if this is correct, but it’s all I could find. If true, he got a fine less than $200, some probation, no jail, and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit a crime and being armed with a firearm during a Health and Safety Code offense.


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