Here We Go Again

December 20, 2016

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Here We Go Again

There is a quote, generally attributed to Albert Einstein – although Einstein never actually said it – that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Maybe the most prominent defense attorneys in the “Battlle of Twin Peaks” case have now gone mad.

Yesterday morning Clint Broden, who is the most aggressive and persistent of the defenders in the case, “filed a Petition for Writ of Mandamus asking that the (Texas) Tenth Court of Appeals review the District Court’s refusal to disqualify the office of Abelino Reyna from prosecuting his case and to appoint an independent and unbiased prosecutor to take over the case.” A writ of mandamus is an order that compels a public official to obey the law. In this case, if granted, McClennan County Judge Matt Johnson would be ordered by a superior judge to remove McClennan County Prosecutor Abel Reyna from the case.

Judge Johnson is Reyna’s former law partner and throughout the case he has aided and abetted Reyna, as the Tyrant of the Brazos Valley has maliciously prosecuted, falsely imprisoned, obstructed justice and tried to cast himself as a victim of the outlaw motorcycle gang lobby.

Oh No Bandidos

Most of the world has a superficial understanding of what happened at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015. About 70 members and supporters of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club crashed a meeting of a political action group called the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents and stole all the chairs and parking spaces. When a small group of Bandidos Motorcycle Club members rode up on their motorcycles the Cossacks surrounded, harassed and threatened them and a brawl ensued which quickly turned deadly. Local and state police had anticipated the brawl and took great pains to record it and did nothing to prevent it. At least four and possibly five of the dead were killed by police.

About seven hours later, Reyna, who had participated in the investigation, decided to arrest 177 people without probable cause. The Bandidos were the subject of a federal investigation at the time and the propaganda blitz that followed the worst brunch ever was intended to demonize the Bandidos as a public threat. The confrontation was almost certainly encouraged and possibly planned by the two federal agencies that have acknowledged investigating the Bandidos, the FBI and the DEA, and probably involved the ATF which is the federal police force that specializes in infiltrating and prosecuting motorcycle clubs and which had raided a Cossacks clubhouse just a month before the brawl at the Twin Peaks.

Since then, Reyna has probably acted on behalf of the Department of Justice. The ATF in particular probably cannot survive another Operation Fast and Furious. Reyna had most of the witnesses arrested. He has actually lied in Johnson’s court about the “intelligence” that prompted the Waco police and the Texas Rangers to loiter in the Twin Peaks parking lot while they waited for the killing to start. He made moot the initial arrests  by practically compelling a grand jury comprised of nitwits and bumpkins to indict those he had falsely arrested. And, he has refused to bring anybody to trial. If everybody gets arrested and nobody is allowed to clear his good name, it’s a coverup.

Waiting For Rico

Most people who are even minimally informed about the case have been waiting for it to go federal for a year, and McLennan County seems to be counting on that. Reyna has probably been promised that. Fifteen parallel cases in federal court are stalled until the state criminal cases Reyna has brought are settled. If Reyna can just stall for about another six months, the federal investigation that led to the Twin Peaks brawl will be untraceable – except maybe to some mythical, do nothing entity like Congress. If he hangs on just a little while more, Reyna can turn the whole giant mess over to the feds and concentrate on his reelection. CNN will promote him as “the man who stood up to the most violent biker gangs in America.” It will be a wonder if he doesn’t get a book deal. Kerrie Droban will coauthor. The book will become a movie. This guy has every reason to think that if he can just hang on for six more months or so he will eventually be transmogrified into Benicio del Toro. Then after that who knows. Governor Reyna. President Reyna. Dear Leader Reyna.

A Houston lawyer named Abigail Anastasio and Broden have been trying to break this endless feedback loop by having Reyna removed from the case since last May. Eventually, after five months of delays, the matter of whether Reyna should be replaced by a neutral prosecutor wound up in Johnson’s court in October. Johnson, to the absolute surprise of no one, ruled, Anatasio and Broden’s motions “should be in all things and in all regards denied.”

Reyna gloated, “These rulings are what we have always anticipated.  We felt confident that Judge Johnson was going to follow the law and not be side tracked by the ridiculous dog and pony show put on by these two defense attorneys.  I am thankful that we can continue to move forward on seeing that Justice is done in this case and for the citizens of McLennan County.”

At that point the patriots who dreamed what this country used to be or the French peasants who grew weary of tone deaf tyranny a few years later would have taken up arms. Broden turned to his word processor and the result was yesterday’s petition for a writ.

Fine Lawyer Words

“We believe that the testimony from the hearing on this matter clearly indicated that Mr. Reyna needs to hand this case over to an independent prosecutor. Broden wrote.

“First, it was clear from the hearing that Mr. Reyna orchestrated the wholesale arrest of the motorcyclists even when all three of the Waco Assistant Police Chiefs on the scene that day correctly determined most of the motorcyclists to be mere witnesses.

“Second, despite Mr. Reyna’s testimony under oath that he had extensive discussions with Waco Police Detective Manual Chavez about the preparation of the fill-in-the-blank arrest warrant affidavits fo the 177 motorcyclists, Detective Chavez testified under oath that he never even saw Mr. Reyna that night. In other words, both gave testimony under oath that completely contradicted one another.

“Third, the civil rights lawsuits against Mr. Reyna create a situation where he must see these frivolous persecutions through in order to embolden his position in the civil rights cases pending against him in Federal Court.

“Finally, although Mr. Reyna testified under oath that he expected McLennan County taxpayers to indemnify him for any judgments in the civil rights cases filed against him, it was later determined that McLennan County Commissioners have made no such agreement with him.”

Maybe all these fine, lawyer words will work this time. Maybe some appeals court judge will read these fine lawyer words and slap his forehead and go “Ah Hah!” Maybe Santa will bring you a lingerie model for Christmas.


13 Responses to “Here We Go Again”

  1. Paladin Says:

    The ACLU can’t get any political mileage defending the civil liberties of Whites. Hence, crickets.


  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear “-low,

    The ACLU has remained silent.


  3. "-low Says:

    Imagine the nationwide outrage if every person at the BLM rally in Texas last summer were arrested after the cops got shot…

    @Rebel, as you are closer to this story than anyone, has the ACLU been contacted by any of the defendants? I’d be interested to see if they turned this one down.

  4. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    As for the 6 months investigation doesn’t add up or match up with any past issues. Bucher & Jackson was already shooting at people before the fight started, and if you watch the patio video and keep your eyes on the sidewalk of a guy standing under the banner you will see him fall to the ground. He was shot twice and was 3 or 4 parking spaces up from where the fight broke out from watching the dash cam video.
    The police admitted knowing that there could be a problem, then set up with military weapons, and started shooting. In the eye’s of the law..this is
    PRE-MEDITATED MURDER as what they are trying to cover up. They also stated that the 44 casings recovered was all police, and 12 shots fired from the. 223 rounds that killed 4, but 14 officer’s was placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after firing their weapons. .so who are the other 11 officer’s? We know DPS & SWAT…. Bucher, Jackson & O’Neal was the 3 WPD who killed 4..being Diesel, Rattlecan, Bear, & Sidetrack… O’Neal said he only shot 1 shooter I am guessing that is Sidetrack because he had 1 shot and it came from a different location of where Bucher & Jackson was.

  5. TX_Biker Says:

    @Sieg Truer words have never been spoken. I’m just waiting for them to tell us to eat cake….

  6. Lunchbox Says:

    Very well said!

    Its coming and when it does it won’t be pretty for any of us. I just hope that there will be enough AMERICANS on our side to accomplish what needs to be done, to get rid of the evilness you have appropriately name FEDCOATS!

    The problem I see is the pussification and dumbing of American citizens. The FEDS have created a bunch of sheep who are all blind to what is really happening.

    If something doesnt happen soon, there won’t be anyone willing to stand up to them. Because they will al be wearing safety pins and looking for a safe place.

    I will go out guns blazing!

    RIDE ON!

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Reyna, the corrupt, lying, used tampon needs to just kill himself and put the planet out of its misery. His cronies should then all follow suit to show their support of him. That includes the shit-stain laughingly called a ‘judge’, Johnson.

  8. Shyster Says:

    Amen Sieg.


  9. IronRider Says:

    @ Sieg

    Well said. Totally agree with your viewpoint

  10. IronRider Says:

    So five moths Broden and co counsel waited for this to land on a judge’s docket and it just happens to be Matt Johnson?

    I bet Reyna was on his knees praying and giving thanks to St.Jude for this blessed miracle that his prayers were answered…or you could assume that the fix was in and it is in no fucking way a coincidence that lands on the desk of the Judge who has gone out of his way to help stall these cases.

    I find it interesting that 177 people can have their lives turned upside down by being indicted with the smallest mouse ass whisker of evidence and their criminal, civil and constitutional right violated and no one minus Rebel and motorcycle riders seems to give a fuck? How the hell does that happen?

    Why the hell isnt the ACLU filing a lawsuit or complaining loudly about any of these? Are these bikers the wrong skin color? Is it because they are affiliated with a club and ride? Not media friendly? Not worth the time?

    I find it baffling that there is no one saying WTF other than those who ride, the defense lawyers and Rebel. There doesnt seem to be a whole lot of outrage and justice for these 177 people and it’s fucking sad!

    Reyna keep saying that he has evidence and then he says he is waiting for evidence come available and then saying when we have a way to develop this evidence further we will? Wait…What???Sorry but if you are still trying to develop evidence then you either show your hand and try these folks or set em free.

    The day we should all wait so they can develop some way or toll or methodology to create evidence is not an indicted person problem, that’s is a Law Enforcement problem, you either have the evidence or you dont! You dont get to pick and choose that your evidence isn’t good enough so you will keep a 177 people swinging in the wind because you didn’t have shit to try your case with, that.s not the way it works.

    The fact that Law Enforcement and the Texas Judicial system seems to think that Johnson handling all these cases while feigning to actually give a fuck about being impartial and treating people equally and being able to abide by the law and rules of court seem to be showing us all how the courts who are supposed to be an impartial part of the process and making sure everyone is playing by the rules is just a fucking fantasy and that you are guilty until you can prove your innocence.

    This is another case among the many where prosecutors and Judges are way way too cozy and how impartiality and your right to a fair trial and seeing the evidence against you is a myth and that the system is gamed against an accused from the start.

    The Government and its law Enforcement entities have gone and turned the Judicial system and Law Enforcement upside down and inside out by allowing the system to be corrupted by those who serve it, there is no level playing filed the odds are tilted against an accused and that balance of power is so tilted off the scale that its beyond embarrassing.

    The Government break’s it’s own laws, it allows Law Enforcement agencies to break the law, it allows Police agencies and it’s officers to break the law and the courts even when confronted with evidence of Law Enforcement and prosecutors breaking the laws, and covering it up allows cases to move forward because it is more concerned with the status quo then following it’s own rules and being impartial. Impartiality in a court room has been dead and gone for a long time

    The case with 177 people indicted and being denied their day just further shows you how peoples constitutional rights, civil rights and criminal rights are dead and gone and now its like a game of spin the bottle because there is no way to know where and when these gross violations will stop on your rights

  11. von Zipper Says:

    Reyna: (ah sol) Living proof why incest is illegal.
    See: To be Reynaed, Orifice used to expel feces, but ineffectively.

  12. Paladin Says:


    It’s on the horizon.

    Long may You Ride,


  13. Sieg Says:

    And it all begs the question of what the final trigger will be.

    The FedCoats have developed and perfected the punitive raid to deal out extrajudicial punishment, and are now polishing their latest weapon in their ongoing war against the American People, endless prosecution, endless persecution. Sooner or later, the structure of unjust laws, enforced by corrupt, sadistic gun-thugs, for the benefit of a Mandarin-class, will become too glaringly obvious for those People to bear. At that point, the Constitutional guarantee of the RIGHT of the People to dismantle the government and build a new one will be invoked.

    The sooner the better.

    FTF / FTP

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