Thomas Jerome “Tom” Fugle

December 19, 2016

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Thomas Jerome “Tom” Fugle

Thomas Jerome “Tom” Fugle, a legendary bike builder and the co-founder, with Harlan “Tiny” Brower, of the El Forastero Motorcycle Club died after a long battle with cancer at about six-thirty last night at his home in Sioux City, Iowa.

El Forastero translates from Spanish as “The Stranger.”

One of the first people Fugle recruited to his new club was a young artist named David Mann. The two met at a bike show in Kansas City in 1964. Fugle would later say that when he first met Mann the young artist said he did not know what to paint. Fugle told him, “Well, paint what you see. That’s why he was painting what he saw. He did an awful lot of paintings. He built an awful lot of motorcycles with a paintbrush.” Fugle gave the elegy at Mann’s funeral.

Fugle built his first chopper in 1961 after buying a Harley-Davidson dresser with 3,000 miles on it for $800. He later said it was the most money he ever paid for a motorcycle. His last bike was an Evolution chopper.

In 2014 Fugle told Street Chopper magazine, “I love to build and ride choppers, as it is an expression of my art. I guess that’s because I’ve always been artistic. I feel that those who ride stock bikes must be autistic. So what I’m trying to say is; ‘Ride choppers or fuck off!’”

Fugle is survived by Jennie DeCora, his companion of 18 years; his daughter Natasha Reigneau-Hawke; his grandchildren Gregorian, Boudicca, Aubrey, Cassia, and Julian Hawke; and his brothers in the El Forastero and Galloping Goose Motorcycle Clubs.

Tom Fugle was 75-years-old. As long as men build and ride choppers he will haunt us.

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30 Responses to “Thomas Jerome “Tom” Fugle”

  1. Elijah Says:

    My dad and I knew an El Forastero down at the lake of the Ozarks, named Tim Blye(sp?). Tim was always good to my dad and I, so I have always in turn thought well of El Forastero MC. Ride on dudes and rip to Tom, Tiny and stay free,in your hearts and minds.

  2. robbie Says:

    R.I.P. Tommy

    I met Tommy back in the 80’s in sioux city down at the clubhouse,I didnt know he was well renouned until i saw this video,he was a preety cool guy,had alot of laughs in the club house with him,one crazy bastard lol,ill never forget goin over to his house and him showing me his leather work,he was good at that as well as building bikes,I have alot of stories about tommy,i always picture him standing at the bar in his leather hat with that big ole grin on his face,once again R.I.P Tommy.

  3. Pod Says:

    What I have learned about Tom brought realism to my life. His “Ride Choppers or Fuck OFF will always be remembered. He was the real thing. MLLH&R

  4. Uptown Dave Says:

    I rode with the Gooses’ in early 70’s in New Orleans.Tom stayed with me one time when he was in town, I will never forget the cross country run we made with a dozen other Gooses and El Forasteros to Ensenada mexico for a 4th of July run.We went to LA by way of Omaha. Tom was an orignal in everyway, one of a kind. Respect to all GGMC and El Forasteros.Moved on but never forgotten.

  5. bcnasty Says:

    My sincere condolences to his brothers and loved ones.

    Watching the video, when he said he some days felt like 27 and others felt 127 so rings true. Sadly another legend of days gone by. He will be greatly missed.

  6. Panshov Says:

    Tom will always be an inspiration to chopper jockeys everywhere that poured there heart, soul, sweat, and blood into the passion of building their own ride.
    RIP Mr.Fugle

  7. The Kraut Says:

    Respects to Mr.Fugle,and those who loved him and rode with him.

  8. just tom Says:

    RIP Tom,ride free and let the wind carry you home.

  9. Boely Says:

    Another Legend,Hero has passed on this year,damn too many Legends and Hero,s have passed this year,and Tom Fugle was a Biker legend/Hero,a Chopper builder,artist,and offcourse a long time Member of the E.F.M.C,my deepest sympathies and condolences to all his Brothers,and his Ol Lady,and to his Family and Friends,I never had the honor to meet him in person,butt I have read and heard lot,s of good about the man,and I loved the Choppers he build and the Art he made.
    He was one of the Orginals who where there from the beginning of this wonderful two wheeled madness.

    R.I.P Tom…

    Boely from the Netherlands…

  10. Fred Schnetter Says:

    Rest in peace my friend.I had the good fortune to become good friends with Tom spent many hours working with him and hanging out.The most talented man I knew and could work a most guys in to the ground.Tom asked me to go to Austin Tx with him and help at a bike show,It started get close to dark when a lady walked up to my side of a the booth and said she heard so much about the merchandise we were selling she had to check it out also stating are you a legend my reply was no I’m to young you want to see Tom and pointed to him.I miss you and will never forget you Thank you Tom for the times we had.You were a craftsman of everything you did and created will never forget you my friend Fred

  11. Chopper Says:

    RIP Tom. Myself, as a 51 year old bike enthusiast, Tom as many others have influenced me through their craft to be unique with our rides. Your memory and talents will live on. Ride free, Tom.

  12. tiny Says:

    R.I.P. you will not be forgotten MLH&R to the bros & sisters in the ELMC.

  13. Floyd Says:

    I met Tom Fugle in ’74 when he had a leather shop on W.3rd. I wanted to buy some leather scraps to patch my jeans with. He was very generous and let me have some for nothing.

    The real reason I went to see him though was to ask about how to get in his MC. However, I didn’t have the guts to ask him and I chickened out. I often wonder how my life and the lives of the members of EFMC would have been different if I had nutted up and asked him what was on my mind. But I didn’t and I’m pretty sure that it was all for the betterment of both me, and the EFMC. If I didn’t have the balls to ask a simple question, how would I have been an asset to the MC? And that’s the end of that story. I last saw him at a wake here in town for a local gearhead who passed away in summer 2015.

    All respect to Tom Fugle and the El Forestero MC. They have a rich history.

  14. Steel Says:

    R.I.P Tom and condolences to the ELMC and his family. He was and will remain a legendary figure.



  15. Tebag Says:

    I met Tom in 1961 with his best friend at that time Virgil White.Tom took me to his house on the West Side of town and showed me his native American drawings.We become friends but I lives went down different roads.All through the years when ever Tom and I would cross paths we still had a friendship.I will miss the Cycle King and I am sure so will you all.
    RIP Tom.

  16. Mike Says:

    I’m remembering the car show in Omaha where we first met 46 years ago and the EFMC quonset hut Christmas party you invited our club to in Souix City in 1970. I knew leaving that party that I had to be an El Forastero. The memories from the ride just the two of us took to and from the Minn run in ’71 is something that has never left my memory and I will cherish always. The years I spent being in the club and particularly being around you gave me a priceless education that has served me well. You stayed true to your principles all the way to the end and I always knew you would. Love you Brother… always have, always will. FFFF

  17. dogbreath Says:

    RIP / GBNF
    Condolences to all who loved him.

  18. Bubblehead Says:

    One of the true legends has gone to the great beyond.

  19. Maven Says:

    My condolences to his brothers and family.

    May he rest in peace.

  20. Nelitta rose Says:

    My condolences to Jenny Fugle. Tom was a wonderful talented man. He will be greatly missed. I love u Jenny. Tom is riding his Harley in the sky….. love u

  21. IronRider Says:

    RIP Brother and my condolences to his friends, family.

  22. Paladin Says:

    Long May He Ride.


  23. Cookie Says:

    RIP Tom. I have read alot about him but never had the chance to meet him. Condolences to his brothers and family.


  24. Storyteller [email protected] Says:

    R.I.P. Brother, you’ve earned it.

  25. Angry White American Says:

    Didn’t know Tom but back in the day I knew Tiny pretty well. If Tom was as cool as Tiny, Tom was one cool motherfucker. RIP Mr. Fugle.

  26. Bone Head Says:

    I did not ever have the pleasure of meeting this man, but from what I’ve read and herd of him he will be missed.
    Ride on in peace Tom. Condolences to all who knew him and called him friend.

  27. Knuckles Says:

    Condolences to the EFMC Ride In Paradise Tom

  28. One Eye Says:

    R.I.P., Tom. Condolences to the ELMC, his family and friends. Ride forever free.

  29. Grimey Says:

    ML&R to Tom and his brothers.
    He will not be forgotten.

  30. Sieg Says:

    RIP / GBNF

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