Cops, Angels And Parking Spaces

December 16, 2016

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Cops, Angels And Parking Spaces

New York City police threw a temper tantrum this week because members of the local charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club don’t want to talk to them.

The police are investigating the shooting of man named David Martinez last Sunday morning. The Angels don’t know anything. The police insist they do and insist they should cooperate.

Martinez was shot as a result of a parking dispute outside the Angels East Village clubhouse on East Third Street. When the Angels moved in in 1969 the neighborhood, about six blocks from New York University, was down on its luck. Over the years the block has become increasingly fashionable.

Street Parking

Finding a place to park has always been an ordeal in Manhattan. So for years the New York Angels have blocked off six parking spaces in front of their club house with traffic cones. A sign on the front of the clubhouse reads, “No Parking, Except for Authorized Hells Angels.” The Angels have a reputation for aggressively defending what they see as theirs so for years the sign has been enough.

Five days ago, at about one in the morning, Martinez moved one of the safety cones. He was a passenger in a Mercedes caught in traffic on the narrow street in front of the clubhouse. According to multiple news reports, a hired car was blocking their way. Someone who has not yet been identified told him to put the cone back. Martinez’ three companions exited the Mercedes and an argument turned into a fist fight. Then someone shot Martinez in the stomach. Police allege the gunman was a Hells Angels prospect. In the absence of a cooperating witness, police hope to identify Martinez’ assailant using DNA removed from Martinez’ boot.


Monday the police seized the traffic cones, threw them in the back of a cruiser and drove off. According to the New York Post, the cop made a woman at the scene cry and a club member shouted “It’s harassment! This is harassment!”

The cops returned Tuesday and inflicted more mayhem on the club. A couple of bikes parked on the street while wearing motorcycle covers, in December in the Northeast, were ticketed for “failing to display license plates.” The cops stole a park bench the club had installed outside their front door and ticketed the Angels for blocking the sidewalk with a couple of planters. They also dismantled and stole a bike ramp.

A police source told the New York Daily News, “It was done just to fuck with them. They’re not cooperating with the investigation. If they’re gonna give us a hard time, we’re gonna give them a hard time.”

“We want them to feel our presence and to let them know we are here,” the police source said. “They don’t own that block and they have no right to block parking spots for themselves. It’s a public street.”

Sure it is.

Wednesday, the city forced the Angels to move their bikes from in front of their clubhouse so that a film crew for the television show Madame Secretary would have a place to park. “In order to facilitate filming, we will need to hold parking for our production vehicles,” the film crew explained in a written statement. The film crew lined the block with about 30 traffic cones.


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  1. Marty33 Says:

    What’s the deal with pulling a gun and shooting when you lose a fist fight? Dude got knocked on his ass and pulled a gun. Lame. If Tipton and Duran can’t do it, how do you justify this incident? It’s bs in my book.

  2. bcnasty Says:

    Hmmm, the fifty plus year old could be a prospect due to a patch over ?? Me rather than knocking the man thinks more power to him for attempting this and wish him all the luck in the world.

  3. FF Says:


    I don’t know your age or what club you are in, but that’s a huge red flag to see somebody shooting his mouth off insulting people he doesn’t even know… for what? What’s to be gained from that kind of behavior?

    Talk is cheap.

    Respect to the Real.
    Frequent Flyer

  4. Paladin Says:

    Neuro Says:
    December 23, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    “If I was that prospect, my answer to BFXR would be, “Yes, it is very sad but praise God I have this late chance to go for the Dream…”


    The problem with your post is that you are not the prospect in question and based on your post I can’t imagine you ever having been a MC prospect. If a prospect’s attitude was such that he would actually state what you’ve quoted above, no legitimate club would allow him to hang around, much less prospect.


  5. 10-Pin Says:

    BlackFXR – WTF??? I give you “some” credit cuz I like FXRs, but Neuro says you ain’t a newb, so you should know better…
    52 ain’t old. And to add onto Shovelhead’s point, maybe he was inside for a while? Ya ever think of that?
    There’s all manner of reasons why a man might not be able to come around until that point in life! And unless you know what they are in this case, you’d demonstrate more wisdom by keepin’ yer yap shut! The fact that the club is letting him be in that position regardless of his age says something…

  6. Neuro Says:

    Not sure what you mean Sieg. When I said you two are both correct, it was to BlackFXR/Paladin. I did not make a comment to you. I agree with what everyone said, including BFXR.I totally relate to the prospect in the story. Don’t you?Sometimes the truth is hurtful.If I was that prospect, my answer to BFXR would be, “Yes, it is very sad but praise God I have this late chance to go for the Dream…” So, I agreed with both.

  7. Base Says:

    Comment for Commenters with troll-istic quality’s.

    Contained with in many of the comment sections all over this site some commenters who believe that their comments are earth shattering and shake the pillars of heaven it’s self or as one commenter posed a question that:

    “Shook someone’s core of belief”

    Something this type of commenter seem to ignore, overlook, do not grasp or just do not care is they and the sarcastic, condescending, self absorbed comments are most of the time not relevant. More often than not their comments are poor speculation or a slanted perception of an individual or group.

    “It was on TV. It must be true!” or ” He said she said, so it must be true!
    No real opinion of their own, rinse, wash, repeat. Easier than thinking!

    Although many grey areas of the world at large and life exist and we as a living organism must make our way through all the black, white & grey areas there is one cut & dry question all should ask themselves when your eyes open in the morning.

    Am I part of the solution or the problem?

    In simpler terms, left hand on left ass check, right hand on right ass check. Push until you here a pop!

    you will come to find that once your head is pulled out of you own or another’s ass you breath better, see better and hear way more than what some one is telling you!

  8. Base Says:

    Assumption & speculation are the parents of fuck up!

    Both parties involved decided they didn’t need or ask for LEO assistance or involvement.

    LEO & the prosecutors can’t allow an opportunity to add more souls to the prison industrial complex, or cash flow to fade so easily. So they inject themselves by using the chicken little stance ” The sky is falling” spreading fear that is readily swallowed by jo citizen.

    Jo citizen doesn’t understand that the fear mongering is just a distraction from bully tactics used by the Municipal against their neighbor’s.

    Seeking something more.
    It is not uncommon for people to seek out something outside themselves that involves joining up with an organization that fits or replaces what they feel is lacking in life. At any age. Often the young or those lacking in true maturity pop off with snide comments directed to the elder population,,,,,

    “Is there anything sadder than seeing a 50-year old man wearing a Prospect patch?

    Instead of accepting that others are not beholding to them & they were given 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason. All you need do is look around, there is plenty of sad situations that cause way more harm to the populace than 50 year old joining an MC. Such as LEO over reach, civil rights violations, vandalism , theft & violence perpetrated against the populace of a nation on a scale higher than ever before by the very government that claims they will save everyone from themselves!

    And the beat goes on.

    Stay frosty, eye on your 6.

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