Another Waco Indictment

December 15, 2016

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Another Waco Indictment

A McLennan County grand jury indicted another innocent man yesterday.

Glenn Allen Walker, a member of the Los Comandantes Motorcycle Club, was indicted for participating in an organized criminal conspiracy that resulted in nine deaths during a brawl instigated by members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015. Walker is the 155th man indicted in the case. Walker was the only member of Los Comandantes there that day.

The evidence against Walker, if any exists, remains secret. Walker is a very large man who was carrying a Kimber .380 ACP Semiautomatic Pistol when a gun fight broke out at the restaurant. Two of the diseased were shot with .38 caliber bullets. A Cossack named Richard Vincent “Bear” Kirshner Jr, was nonfatally wounded by a .38 caliber bullet as he attacked other attendees at the Texas Confederation of Clubs meeting with a heavy chain. Another Cossack named Richard Matthew “Richie” Jordan II was apparently killed by a frangible .38 caliber bullet. Two fragments of that bullet were recovered from Jordan’s body.

Voluntary Interview

Walker was voluntarily interviewed as a witness to the incident by Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division Special Agent Morgan Conn “at approximately 6:48 p.m.” the night of the brawl.

Walker told Conn that he had attended “three or four” previous Confederation meetings and that when he arrived he saw that members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club were at the Twin Peaks “in force.” Fifty-seven members of the Cossacks and a dozen members of the Scimitars and Bogatyrs Motorcycle Clubs attended the meeting. The Scimitars and Bogatyrs were associated with the Cossacks. Neither the Cossacks, Scimitars nor Bogatyrs were members of the Confederation.

Walker’s statements during the interview were candid and unguarded – like a man who had nothing to hide. Walker told the detective that he did not expect a fight to break out at the meeting and if he had he “either…would not have attended” or he “would have brought more people to help.”

Walker’s Account

After going to the bathroom and greeting members of another club Walker “observed two unknown males arguing in the parking lot.” Walker told Conn “one unknown white male with bald or shaved head, believed to be wearing Cossacks Motorcycle Club colors, was yelling at another unknown male, believed to be wearing Bandidos Motorcycle Club colors.” Walker told the detective “that the bald male yelled: ‘I’m gonna remember you!’”

Walker’s account is consistent with multiple eyewitness accounts. The Cossack he saw was probably Richard Jordan. When he died, Jordan had a shaved head. Multiple published and unpublished accounts have identified Jordan as the first Cossack to die. Jordan was a Cossacks regional sergeant-at-arms. He was one of at least 14 Cossacks sergeants at arms to attend the meeting. Confidential interviews with multiple Cossacks who have purported to be eyewitnesses to the beginning of the violence describe the “Bandido” who allegedly shot Jordan as being someone much smaller than Walker.

At the conclusion of his voluntary witness statement Walker provided Conn with a telephone number where he could be reached if the detective had additional questions. Then Walker remained at the Waco Convention Center, where the witness interviews were conducted, while police arranged transport for the witnesses.

According to police records, Walker was officially arrested and charged with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity at 10:30 that night.


9 Responses to “Another Waco Indictment”

  1. Whitepride Says:

    Only one word is to be said to the cops “LAWYER”. Here is a guy who is most likely an innocent person and now his life is going to get ruined by these douchebag law enforcement officials. I hope it works out in the end for the guy but you have to keep your mouth shut or they will twist your words and use them against you.I pray real justice will come out in the end for these men

  2. Thunderbird Says:

    It seems that the administrative courts have a problem with the US Constitution in that they do not follow it regarding “due process of law.” The sixth amendment requires a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime was committed. Since this requirement has not been carried out perhaps a lawsuit should be filed by the apparent victims of this delay of due process citing Section 1 of the 14th amendment that their rights are being denied by the lack of “due process of law.” Of course this would require a constitutional court; not an administrative court.

    It seems to me that recourse for the victims in the ambiguous case against them would be found in the Constitutional Court. It is obvious that our rights under the US Constitution cannot be safeguarded in the Administrative courts.

  3. Jim Jones Says:

    “brawl instigated by members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club” That pretty much sums it up, or should!

  4. hoosier.roadie Says:

    The most important lesson I have learned in 30 years in the criminal justice system: Never talk to the police. I have had countless clients who would have never been charged with an offense if they had just kept their mouth shut.

  5. The Kraut Says:

    The badge comes around…the mouth goes shut.

    The last time I was pinched was late ’82 in San Diego…from the instant I was cuffed and stuffed my trap was shut and stayed that way until the Shore Patrol picked me up. The SP asked the Chula Vista pigs what if any charges were pending and they told the SP “…no, maybe you can get him to say something…”

    They asked what had happened and I told them my[future ex] ol’lady had me pinched ’cause I called her a cunt [which she was]…the SP turned me over at my ship with the explanation of “too much to drink, courtesy turn-over, no charges”

    Even drunk I always dummied up around any badges…

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  6. IronRider Says:

    ” Walker was voluntarily interviewed as a witness to the incident by Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division Special Agent Morgan Conn at approximately 6:48 p.m. the night of the brawl ”

    Voluntarily interviewed? I doubt anyone who had keys to a motorcycle or was wearing a vest or t-shirt with any affiliation was voluntarily interviewed. The fact that you are detained means you are not there voluntarily. The fact that armed cops held you in the parking lot means you were not there voluntarily.

    It is a crock of shit for Law Enforcement to say that period and cops love to use the line of “your just being detained for the purpose of investigation and I am going to handcuff you and search you for my safety” fucking bullshit!

    That’s the cops way of arresting you , questioning you and hoping like you will say something incriminating and that they can find something to connect you to a crime or arrest you for something.

    Silence is golden, anytime the cops start chatting you up isn’t cause they want to be friends. Like when they ask you the same questions over and over and over to see if you will say something different or to trip you up. You give them nothing, they get nothing.. you give them an inch, they will take a mile…you give them a rope , they want to be a cowboy and hang you with it.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    Reyna is sending a message to the other guys not indicted to STFU or your next.

  8. Paladin Says:

    Even a fish can stay out of trouble if would learn to keep its mouth shut.


  9. Dan-O Says:

    And another life ruined by the continued abuse of power.

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