Confirmation Bias Tonight At Ten

December 8, 2016

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Confirmation Bias Tonight At Ten

Since the Presidential election, very many journalists have been tossing around the psychological term “confirmation bias” as they try to explain how they miscalculated the eventual election result.

Confirmation bias describes manipulating what you see to conform to what you assume to be true. It means there is no miracle of the immaculate perception. When Donald Trump would go into a Twitter frenzy about securing the southern border with a wall the very best journalists, say Dana Bash of CNN, assumed Trump was losing votes. Actually, as it turned out, he was gaining votes. The same thing happens with reporting about motorcycle clubs. When clubs organize, say, toy runs federal police and those who depend on them as sources see a criminal act hiding behind a bogus charity.

Confirmation bias drives what can and cannot be said about motorcycle clubs. And a most excellent example of that debuts on A&E tonight at ten: Gangland Undercover, a “fact based.” “scripted,” “drama series” based on Charles Falco’s 2013 “memoir.” The great mystery about this television thing is why the producers didn’t just call it Bad Biker! No! Bad Biker! Bad! And cast it with pitbulls and rattlesnakes.

Kerrie Droban, who actually wrote Charles Falco’s book – also his name isn’t actually Charles Falco although it could be worse, he could have chosen to publish as William Shakespeare – is drumming up publicity for the series with an interview published today by the Phoenix New Times.

Don’t Blame Kerrie

According to the New Times’ Stephen Lemons, Droban had no clue the Falco “book’s TV rights had been sold” until after the fact. “You write a book and you kind of give it up,” she said. “What happens in the next medium is completely out of my hands.”

According to Droban, Falco, who lives in Oregon, “still has a price on his head” and she “likens what she does to journalism.” Although, simultaneously, “her interest in outlaw motorcycle gangs is purely anthropological.” She says she has ridden a motorcycle but doesn’t like to ride and doesn’t own a bike.

“I’m the one percent of true-crime writers that write about one-percenters,” she told the Phoenix weekly. And she sees motorcycle outlaws as sheep. “It’s really intriguing to me that they are so concerned with their public/private image,” she said. “They want to be nonconformists, but they conform the most of anybody I’ve ever met.”

Confirmation Bias

You can get your mind right for watching Gangland by reading all of Droban’s interview here.

It might be interesting to produce, and there might actually be an audience for, a television drama that portrays motorcycle club members as victims of officially sanctioned sociopaths like Falco. Droban’s pronouncement aside, there isn’t a price on Falco’s head. If he was actually in hiding he would be in a lava cave in Kau on the Big Island. But if he did have a price on his head it would be interesting to consider why. Is it because he is a terrible, dishonorable man who delighted in ruining his closest friends? Or is it because the bastards he once called “brother” just hate heroes?

Unfortunately, when somebody like Falco comes along with a tale to sell there’s only direction the story is allowed to take.


11 Responses to “Confirmation Bias Tonight At Ten”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ‘Sons of Anarchy’ left a void after its airing ended on FX.

    Gangland Undercover is A&E’s attempt at eating out the void thats filled with FX’s sloppy second cream pie.

  2. xplor Says:

    The real leak was the NSA they know everyone’s e-mail thru operation Prizm. The know everything from 2007.

  3. WeThePeople Says:

    Freedom of the press to report the news is a joke in the US and the very freedoms the country was founded on have eroded away. How about all this Russia hacking crap? Our CIA was either incompetent or more than likely instructed not to recover Hillary’s emails themselves but the news focuses on the fact that Russia is responsible for finding and posting the “lost” emails? Well good for Russia…oh, but they aren’t our friends. We are suppose to trust the US government who couldn’t or wouldn’t provide the truth themselves. How about a news story from the national media groups on why our CIA didn’t recover these emails themselves instead of hour after hours on what country did find them and the fact Trump said he wished they would find them. How about the fact this proves many of the claims Trump said during his campaign which the media groups tried to spin into paranoid, irrational rants.

    Oh, and not that I believe 99% of the Falco/gangland story but now it has totally disappeared from TV schedule? Wonder who could possibly be responsible for that. The great US, the Constitution’s first three words—”We the People”—affirm that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens — according to the US senate.

  4. Angry White American Says:

    Fuck Falco!

  5. Hangaround Says:

    “Honestly I thought Ms Droban used to be Jay Dobyns which wouldn’t be a surprise at all by the looks of both of them.”
    Quote of the Day!

  6. Steel Says:

    I would say other biases apply as well such as stereotyping and selective perception along with confirmation bias. Out of pure curiosity to see what this show would be about, I was not surprised at all that the violence element was ramped up, the perception of bikers as all drugged up crazed men who also are drug dealers was increased, and Falco as a hero without a current cause which is what stereotyping and selective perception achieve. Definitely the LE view and done for effect. The general public is too stupid to realize this is all script generated and not really based on facts.

    Respects to deserving


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Droban needs to get that bacterial vaginosis fixed…I can smell the bitch way over here.

  8. Hose-A 1%er Says:

    This was so much bullshit. Now I know how the Vago’s felt.
    I knew it was going to be bullshit,but Scooby Do is more believable than
    Hose-a 1%er P.M.C.retired

  9. IronRider Says:

    The fact that many news organisations (and I use that term lightly) got their polling numbers and projections wrong on the fact that they predicted a Hillary Clinton win was because the Democrats were out there soliciting certain media companies to endorse Clinton and in turn they would get leads on pending PR releases and favorable access to Clinton’s team.

    News organisation after news organisation in the Print and Television genre went and public declared their support and proudly touted Clinton as “their choice” of her as POTUS. The fact that they were all aghast afterwards at how they didnt see a Trump win and the pollsters got the numbers so wrong was because of the fact that the Democrats were running around and telling everyone they had the numbers and the pollsters said Clinton had a lead by a country mile and she was sure to win.

    IMHO opinion Clinton and the Democrats spent a lot of money and time making sure that their message that Clinton had support never seen before in an election and was all but guaranteed a seat in the oval office. Trump seems to be the only one who believed he had the numbers to win and win he did.

    The fact that the night after the results came in and Clinton couldnt even face her own supporters because she was so gobsmacked by the results shows you just how much her team and the Democrats were pumping up her ego and tires. The Clinton email leaks, the fact that the DNC sabotaged Sanders campaign as they felt Bernie gaining momentum and then the scandals of the Clinton Foundation and the “donations” to it that look like bought and paid for advocating while Secretary Of State and finally Clinton taking DNC official’s who resigned because of the Sanders scandal and clinton cushioning their fall by adding them to her team is in my opinion one of the reasons Americans didnt elect Clinton because they would have just electing the status Quo of what they have been seeing for years and years.

    I am no fan of Clinton or Trump, but honestly how bad did people not want Clinton as president to elect Trump a man who has been bankrupt more than a couple times, someone who while saying he will create jobs has done his best on his own projects to get labour as cheap as possible, someone who has been sued multiple times for failing to pay his contractors. No one saw Trump being elected, hell even I thought Clinton would win.

    I do believe that Trump saying what he thought and not sitting there and when asked what would you do about this or that and answering those questions and not doing the political two step by not really answering the question like most politicians do and really speaking his mind no matter what he thought of it appealed to people, that they werent getting bullshitted like they normally do every election.

    I have said it is going to be an interesting 4 years with Trump in the Whitehouse. Now do I think Don will make it four years, fuck no. I can guarantee you this, the forces are being assembled and every detail of Trumps life and every deal he ever did is being gone thru with a fine tooth comb and it will be trotted out the minute Trump sets foot in the Oval Office and both the DNC and RNC will be looking to get Trump to resign or they will seeking to get him impeached. Trump is not the RNC’s man, they just got stuck with him because none of them thought he would get this far…no one did.

    As for the Media and pollsters that got the election prediction of Clinton being a shoo in for President, maybe they should have stopped drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid and went out and did some independent polling instead of relying on the the polling Clinton and the DNC put out to the media and the public. Then you have the fact that Sanders supporters I doubt all through their support to Clinton, I would bet a number of them were disgusted and through their support to Trump rather than Clinton.

    As for Droban’s, IMHO I fail to see how her publishers wouldn’t have checked to make sure there were no copyright issue before they published her fiction book. Publishers are pretty concerned to make sure they have all the rights and clearances to publish so they dont get sued. Could it be Droban’s was in a rush to get her fiction book out to capitalize on some of the MC stories still fresh in the minds of the media and the fact that there is an aura around Sutter’s new Mayan MC series about to air in the coming months not to mention Christie desperate attempt at a book to stay relevant so he doesn’t have to turn tricks for drug money.

    I am going to hazard a guess and say Droban’s expertise isnt really in demand these days and her book is a way to stay relevant and hope that some news cast will put her on TV so she can pimp her book and scratch some change up for her ” expert” opinion on a culture she knows next to nothing about besides what she watched on SOA and I wouldn’t even ask for a show of hands on who has heard of Dobbins before. Honestly I thought Ms Droban used to be Jay Dobyns which wouldn’t be a surprise at all by the looks of both of them.

    As for Falco. or whatever name and rock he is hiding under, another person akin to Christie who is looking to cash in on a life he once had and will never be part of again, obviously his only love was to himself and he was all about self preservation ala Christie and set up his brother for the fall. I fail to see how that is heroic or something a man would do, seems like something a lowlife coward would do.

    As for Falco, Droban, Dobyns and Christie’s attempt to hang onto their fifteen minutes, the time is almost up and soon they will fade into obscurity back where they all belong and that moment will come none to soon

  10. Cookie Says:

    “confirmation bias” That’s about 95% of the news, local or national.


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