FBI Creates Crime

December 2, 2016

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FBI Creates Crime

There is a strange and cruel case unfolding in Florida that apparently began as an undercover investigation of the Dirty White Boys Motorcycle Club Davie chapter by the FBI.

The Miami Division organized “a group of FBI Undercover Employees (UCEs), who (posed) as affluent violent members of a criminal organization with white supremacy extremist beliefs.” Obviously the FBI group couldn’t get anything on the Dirty White Boys but they did discover 44-year-old Adrian “Skitz” Apodaca who was broke and living in a trailer behind the Dirty White Boys’ clubhouse. Guess how Skitz got his nickname.

The investigation that eventually caught Apodaca took five months to complete and illustrates the transformation of the United States into a sadistic state as well as any case in the last year. A sadistic state is one that can’t accomplish much except to punish of those that fall into its traps. A sadistic state – rather than devoting its resources to fixing the roads, promoting job growth and giving homeless veterans a place to live – views punishment as its objective.


Apodaca has previous “convictions for resisting law enforcement, criminal confinement, pointing a firearm, disorderly conduct, criminal conversion” and “rioting” so he can’t legally possess a firearm or ammunition. He “has a history of mental health issues dating back to the age of 13.” He was found to be mentally incompetent in an earlier federal case. He has been on disability since 1999. So when the FBI task force couldn’t get anybody else they entrapped Apodaca.

Apodaca liked to brag. He claimed to be a member of the Vinlanders Social Club, a group that identifies morally and religiously with the Vikings. The group is usually described as a violent, racist offshoot of a group called the Hammerskins. The Vinlanders have a presence in six states. Apodaca bragged to the disguised FBI agents that he and other Vinlanders had knocked off a drug house in Arizona and that he had murdered 20 people.


In September they took him to a warehouse in Miami and flashed money in front of him. The next month the FBI agents paid him $200 to deliver a bag. A few days later they paid him $200 to participate in a “protection and surveillance mission during a meeting with the purported leader of another criminal organization who owed money to the undercover organization…. The purported debtor was driving an expensive sports car, but claimed he did not have any money to pay back the organization, When informed of this, Apodaca, unsolicited and in recorded statements, offered to steal the debtor’s car for the undercover organization.”

A few days after that, Apodaca “was paid $300 to help deliver and protect what was represented to him to be nine kilograms of cocaine being moved from the undercover warehouse to a car for high ranking members of another criminal organization.”


The next day, the FBI asked Apodaca to murder the debtor who drove the expensive car. Apodaca agreed to do it for $5,000. In a childish letter introduced into evidence in his case on Tuesday, Apodaca wrote:

“Oi Oi Brother.

“After much thought and foresight need a good high capacity round handgun w/suppressor, at least 5 – 10+ rd magazines. Extreme penetrator for Lehigh defense (Ammo type).
“Cheap gas mask.
“Bear off X2 in the event of multiples. Collateral damage is a last resort but will call a confusion to who or what.
“Body armor light vest with trauma plate (if possible) more than likely quick n easy as its not insergents.”

The FBI told Apodaca the target was in Georgia. An FBI agent drove him there, across state lines. They went to a motel. The FBI agent handed Apodaca a disabled gun. Then Apodaca was arrested.

He was denied bail Wednesday and is being held in the Federal Detention Center, Miami

He faces a sentence of 186 months to 294 months in prison.


20 Responses to “FBI Creates Crime”

  1. no use for a name. Says:

    2499 of the allegged 2500 “terrorism” cases the FBI have busted since 9/11 have been fabrications. The lone “real” one, was not a destructive act either, but a pakistan-origin cabi sending $7500 to an org in pakistan.

    The rest is simple. They find someone broke enough to accept a bribe, or desperate enough to fit in, and they frame ’em. Its easier than doing real police work. Your targets seldom have the requisite street smarts people in real orgs do. They know little about law enforcement, and you can easily push them around.

  2. xplor Says:

    “I’d rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother in the FBI.”
    The FBI is not what you see on television.
    It is very political and rife with corruption. If you want to know how bad look up Joe Salvati.

  3. Kelly Says:

    There is Precedence in the law to have cases dismissed. When the Leo’s provide the drugs or money they are guilty of Inspiring a crime that would not have occured without their interference.

  4. Slide Says:

    Not sure who the real yahoos are. I wouldn’t get out of bed for that kinda money. Looks like the FEDS are focused on one thing. And it ain’t the bad guys. I do know who the FEDS should of paid the cat to drop…rats.

  5. TX_Biker Says:

    Nothing new. This has become the tactic and it is a waste of taxpayers dollars big time.

  6. Frosty Says:

    Read behind the lines on this… they will work at getting this poor SOB to flip.

    In either case, Skitz has less to work with between his ears than burn out tracks.

  7. Paladin Says:


    I agree. Based on the fact that Apodaca was found mentally incompetent in a prior federal case, me thinks it shouldn’t be too awfully hard to get his current case dismissed.

    These jackasses reminds me of douche bags swinging by the market, buying some fish in a feeble attempt to save face after getting skunked on a fishing trip.

    Long May You Ride,


  8. chromedome Says:

    looks like he might have a strong case for entrapment


  9. Boris Geller Says:

    Thanks for posting this. The key here is the “grooming” of this patsy’s behavior. I’ve seen this time and time again when studying how these stings go down. It can start as innocently as asking for a cigarette or “what time is it” and then proceeds from there. This is done to determine how “approachable” a target is, and then proceeds from there; usually using the advise of the FBI’s dopey “psychologists”. Would love to see any pics from the fake FBI “gang” in Florida. Its amazing how those on Wall Street crashed the economy back in 2008 and the FBI never prosecuted a single person. Instead, they go after retards like this guy. Oh, I’ve heard time and time again that the FBI has long been under the direction of the Anti-Defamation League, which would also explain how hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars where spent on this “sting”. Oh, I also suspect that some form of radionics were used as that seems to be the norm for the FBI and similar these days.

  10. BMW Says:

    @Nuke n’ Pave Dave:
    Absolutely on point. The FBI,ATF,etc. cannot fight real crimes, so they invent criminal actions and then arrest the mentally handicapped people who are entrapped into the scheme. This gives them “statistics” that the fibbies then use to “prove” that the money is well spent…

    We have gotten to the point where the crimes are not only choreographed by a director, but the “crimes” are totally imaginary. Does anyone believe that the CROOKED federales REALLY placed 9 kilos of drugs into the bag? In this case, even the pistol was imaginary; it was not a firearm — because it could not chamber and fire a bullet…the “victim” was imaginary as well; an actor, whether a federal agent or not — not a real person.


  11. Sieg Says:

    Milwaukee magnified. Seems the FBI is taking some cues from their butt-buddies in the ATF, maybe it’s a seminar, “Working Retards For Fun And Profit”.

    I won’t comment on any of the groups involved, but really, no matter who it is, or what their views, if they don’t have the right to hold them, NONE of us have a right to ours.

    The only solution to all this shit is the total abolition of ALL the FedCoat gun-thug “enforcement” agencies, and a reaffirmation of Constitutional law.

    Guess that just means something i keep saying…


    FTF / FTP
    5 to 1

  12. Brad H Says:

    Sure not like the agents in the old black and white TV show!

    Assholes would more accurately describe these “agents”.

    And, oh yeah, Fuck waco

  13. anon Says:

    Do the Vinlanders still exist? They got hit hard in Arizona by LE. One of the founders started AV (easy enough to figure out). It’s a weird chain of events for them to be an offshoot of HSN. Started with Outlaw Hammerskins, which morphed into a few state crews, which then morphed into VSC. The general public can get some idea from that documentary Erasing Hate.

    Apodaca sounds like the kind of undesirable that claims affiliation but that these groups try to disown. Seems like he would have fit in better with the IKA in Kentucky.

    There are only one or two clear connections to MCs and these groups that I am aware of. A founder of OHS JR became 81 at some point. No idea about current situation. “Brown” E admitted to murder in retaliation for a motorcycle rider that may have been in an MC. There is supposedly a current or former HSN leader in FL that is in AOA. Allegedly caused some problems with VF in the region when they still existed.

    Before anyone complains, I’m not revealing any club/org business. Everything I said or suggested above is public knowledge.

  14. Paladin Says:

    Bottom feeders, one and all. The most pathetic aspect of this is that the agents involved will actually brag about this travesty.


  15. IronRider Says:

    FFS really. So the Feds found someone who has mental health issues an found that he was easily susceptible took full advantage of someone who lives below the poverty line and led him into a Mr Big operation that any sane person would see it for what it was.

    You might be thinking “IronRider what the fuck are you talking about?’ Allow me to explain: The Feds led this guy into transporting bags with unknown contents in them and for $200 bucks…twice and on top of that took this guy to Miami. Then the Feds tell him there is 9 kilos of coke in the this bag and ask him to take it somewhere and for doing this he would get $300 bucks. Who the fuck in there right mind is going to haul around a bag with 9 kilos of coke in it for $300 bucks!!!!

    Honestly no one in their right mind is going to take a bag willingly, knowing there is 9 kilos of coke in it and transport down the fucking block even for $300 bucks! Anyone with a pulse would know that your risking some serious fucking federal max penitentiary time for getting caught with 9 kilos of coke..period!

    As Rebel said the FBI should have known full well that this poor schmuck didnt have all his wits together to agree to take a bag with 8 kilos in it and happily take $300 bucks to do it. You asked any sane person and they would have laughed their ass off at the Feds.

    Then they goad this guy into doing a hit for them for 5k and he accepts and asks for a boatload of stuff to help him to do and mentions insurgents in the same breath and on top of it puts it in writing? Like who the fuck does that? I’m surprised the guy didn’t stick a map from a kids Happy Meal in the letter as well saying it was his escape plan and to pick him up at the location of the free fries.

    I would love to see a FOIA request on how much the Feds spent on this stellar operation that achieved such high results and totally shut down one broke guy living below the poverty line in some shithole shack that to him probably is like being at the Ritz.

    This Op smells and reeks of desperation from the agents in charge willing to hang this on anyone they could muster up so the FBI agents involved can call it a success instead of having to go back to their superiors and say why they spent so much money and man hours on an operation that didnt go anywhere and didn’t even get a sniff anywhere near the group they were seeking to bust or anyone who was a member of it.

    The US DOJ counsel who was either advised of this Op or had this piece of shit land in their lap ought to be losing his job for even allowing this Op to get this far, and to further try to bring this to court and take it to trial ought to have their head examined. I cant wait for this poor guys counsel to take the FBI and the US DOJ to town over this, because this case totally fits the definition of how the FBI likes to make up these big elaborate stings and hold a press conference stating what a success this operation is and how a dangerous criminal is off the street.

    It really fucking amazes me rather than going and really investigating crimes that are worth justifying the resources and cash one of theses Op’s takes that the FBI/DEA/US DOJ is more than willing to squander resources and cash to go after a guy that even the local cops wouldn’t bother with

  16. Philo_Bedo Says:

    “A sadistic state is one that can’t accomplish much except to punish of those that fall into its traps.”

    This right here is the perfect description of our modern police state.

    The, “law” doesn’t try to hide it. They barely even bother making excuses for it.

    On the bright side, laws of the universe apply to all. One of the big ones is, “What cannot go on forever, must stop.”


  17. Cookie Says:

    Next a undercover cop will just walk up and ask you to hold a bag or backpack, then cuff ya for whatever is in it!


  18. Johnny Rotten Says:

    didnt we jus read about similiar events regarding incompetent , lower i.q. type individuals being puppeted by the alphabet boys…
    such a proud and honorable orginafuckinzation
    im glad when i lay my head down each night i can reflect on the days events and know i acted appropriately

    this i doubt they can do

    fuckin fucks

    respects to those


  19. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Well Gee, I guess when you’re incapable of solving actual crimes you have to create imaginary crimes to keep your job. It’s much easier to take some incompetent schnook and lead him down a rosy path paved with hundred dollar bills than it is to bother working to solve an actual crime. And according to their propaganda we’re supposed to respect that? We’re supposed to eat up that shit and believe they’re doing this to keep us safe? Excuse me if I’d prefer a wee bit less safety and a bit more freedom. Especially from them!

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