Ralph Henry “Hank” Bauer III

November 29, 2016


Ralph Henry “Hank” Bauer III

Ralph Henry “Hank” Bauer III, a member of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club, died on Thanksgiving of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Bauer was born in Topeka, Kansas. He was a graduate of the University of Virginia and Baylor Law School and he maintained a private law practice in Arlington, Texas.

He is survived by his blood brothers, Donnie Bauer and Tim Bauer; his sons, Ralph Henry Bauer IV and James Clifford Bauer; his daughters, Martha Ann Bauer and Stephenie Blaise Bauer; four grandchildren; and his club brothers.

There will be a viewing at the Moore Funeral Home at 1219 North Davis Drive in Arlington this Thursday, December 1, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. His funeral service will be at the same funeral home the next day from 11 a.m. until 1:15 p.m. followed by his last ride with his club brothers to the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. His burial will be followed by a celebration of his life.

Ralph Henry “Hank” Bauer III was 64-years-old when he died. He wasn’t here for a long time. His friends remember he was here for a good time.

Requiscat In Pace.


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  1. BMW Says:

    Condolences to Hank’s Brothers, Family and Friends on the loss of a good man. We need to preserve his memory for a new generation. G*d knows we won’t find another of his calibre.


  2. Larry Riddle Says:

    Hank was true gentleman and a very good brother,I’ll miss him always ride in peace Hank I love you brother.

  3. Miyagi BFMC 137 Says:

    GBNF. I love you Brother. I will miss that smile, that devious laugh, and those words of advise I sought you out for at times. Save a seat for me at the bar–we shal have another drink together soon.

  4. NCRider Says:

    Please accept my true condolences to Mr. Bauer’s family, Brothers, and friends. May your sorrow and pain at this time be healed with loving and happy memories.



  5. BFMC Blender 69 Says:

    The entire Boozefighter Nation is in mourning today. We’ve lost 5 brothers in a 6 day period. The latest, my dear friend and brother, Hank “Trail Mix” Bauer. I truly believe of all the men I’ve ever met in my lifetime, Hank was undisputedly the happiest. He always had a smile on his face and his laugh was contagious. I never heard him utter a single unkind word. We spent many hours together, often laughing about life experiences. Among the many subjects we discussed were politics, guns, motorcycles and women, not necessarily in that order. He was indeed a man’s man, well respected and loved by all. Though always cordial and jovial, he was also a serious man who knew when it was time to put play aside and get down to business.

    Hank was killed Thanksgiving night in Lee County, Texas. He was rolling through an intersection when he was T-boned by someone driving a cage. Apparently, that person had his head up his ass and didnt see Hank. The result is the loss of a truly great man, the breakup of his family and tremendous pain felt in nearly every state in the nation and other countries around the world. He rode his bike(s) as much, if not more, than anyone I know, and he always wore his helmet.

    Although I know he wouldn’t like it, I’m finding it extremely difficult to stop the tears. The pain ebbs and flows, comes and goes. I know over time the acute severity will ease, but I’ll be taking this particular hole in my heart to my grave.

    So, ride on and ride free in Chapter 1 my brother. We’ll all be with you again soon enough. Say hello to the rest for us and save me a spot near your scoot until I get there. We’ll definitely ride together again one day. Meanwhile, the drink is on me tonight. I love you and I miss you, brother. Boozefighters up.

    -Blender 69

  6. Bone Head Says:

    May he rest in peace and ride forever. Sympathy to both his blood family and his Club family.

  7. Rusty Says:

    Condolences Big Chris to you and your brothers.

  8. Griz's Gal Says:

    My deepest condolences to the Bauer and Boozefighter Families.


  9. Stinkeye 170 Says:

    RIP brother I will miss you.

  10. IronRider Says:

    My condolences to his friends and family. RIP brother

  11. BF'er 2L8 Says:

    Brother, enjoy the golden streets of chapter 1. You are greatly missed, but you live strong in so many of our brothers through all the memories and stories. Never thought the last time I saw you would actually be the last time I got to see ya. Keep the sunny side up riding those streets of gold. I’m keeping the rest of the family in my thoughts and prayers. Whether you’re bustin’ through race track gates, pranking brothers by draining their gas tank when they aren’t looking, or walking powerlines with the originals up there… keep watch over us til we meet again. OWOF

  12. TX_Biker Says:

    RIP Hank, My condolences to his brothers and family.

  13. FF Says:

    My condolences to all who knew and loved him.

  14. Nu Yawk Says:

    RIP Hank “Trail Mix” Bauer. Say hello to Wino and the boys for me.

  15. bernard Says:

    To a brother and friend..RIP

  16. Kelt Says:

    RIP.Peace and Comfort to Brothers, Family and Friends….LnR, Kelt

  17. Maven Says:

    RIP my brother. You will be greatly missed.


  18. BFMC Big Chris Says:

    My Brother will be missed…..

  19. Paladin Says:

    Long May He Ride.


  20. Shyster Says:

    A biker and a lawyer. Respect. R.I.P.


  21. Gandalf Says:

    A FB Post. “A true loss. Hank was a wonderful man and father to my friends Stephenie and Martha. I recently did his first tattoo, a Boozefighters tattoo because he was very… dedicated to his MC club. Hank dedicated his life to being one hell of a biker lawyer and sadly was killed on his prized Indian motorcycle by a driver who WASNT PAYING ATTENTION. Hank helped people seek justice when their loved ones were injured or killed in the same way.
    Due to the negligence of that person behind the wheel, my friends have lost their father, and countless people have lost an amazing friend. I am so sad and shocked by this loss. If you are reading this- PLEASE- look twice for motorcycles, get off your phones and drive! You might just save a precious life. Rest In Peace Hank. You are already missed.”

  22. Gandalf Says:

    “I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time”- Hank Bauer RIP

  23. Sieg Says:

    Condolences to the family and Brothers.


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