Kerrie Droban Again And Again

November 28, 2016

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Kerrie Droban Again And Again

A century from now, when someone wants to know what the long day of the motorcycle outlaw was about, he will probably open a book written by Kerrie Droban. That is how history works. What you might read here is what historians call ephemera. Droban writes accounts, like the Chronicles of Jean Froissart – which historians of The Hundred Years War consider to be a “primary source.”

Droban’s resume is impressive. She is an “expert/consultant” on “biker gangs and criminal pathology.”  She has “been a keynote speaker at gang task force conferences” and has appeared on CNBC, A&E, the American Hero’s Channel, Investigation ID and the Discovery Channel.

During the last nine years the guardians of America’s truths have published and polished with praise three of Droban’s true crime books about the motorcycle club world. Running with the Devil: The True Story of the ATF’s Infiltration of the Hells Angels was published by Lyons Press and won the USA News National Book Award for best True Crime in 2008. Prodigal Father, Pagan Son: My Life Born Into Madness was published by St. Martin’s Press and won the USA News National Book Award for Best True Crime and also for Best Memoir. Vagos, Mongols and Outlaws: My Infiltrations into America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs was published by St. Martin’s and was transmogrified into a television series called Gangland Undercover. So great is Droban’s insight and charisma that the subjects of her first and third biker books, Jay Dobyns and Charles Falco – previously known as Ashley Charles Wyatt – have become stand alone motorcycle gang authorities.

The only noteworthy, world weary, ex-outlaws Droban seems to have missed in the last decade were Falco/Wyatt’s fellow snitch George Rowe and disgruntled Hells Angel George Christie. Although Christie and Droban share a common acquiring editor – a man named Peter Joseph who basically decides what readers want to know about motorcycle outlaws and what they don’t want to know. Droban has said that she tries to give readers the vicarious experience of being outlaws – an audience of Walter Mittys – and, at least until Christie’s book came out two months ago, that seemed to be what Joseph thought he could sell. The vicarious experience of being an outlaw here and now.

Big Pete

Last May Droban landed another big fish. Her next book, about former Chicago Outlaw Peter “Big Pete” James, will be published about the time the snow melts in the Windy City. It will be called something like The Last Chicago Boss: The True Story of Big Pete, Outlaws MC or Godfather And The Outlaws. Both titles have been associated with the book in Publisher’s Weekly.

Already Big Pete is out there drumming up book sales. Last May, about the time Droban made the deal, he appeared in the CNN sweeps month “special report” Biker Brawl: Inside the Texas Shootout. Ed Lavandera, who presented the report, described James “President of the Notorious Chicago Outlaws” “for 16 years.”

James didn’t have much to say about the Twin Peaks brawl the previous May but he did flash some wit. His best line was, “The Cossacks, I can sum that up in one sentence. Who are they?”

He was chattier Saturday when he granted “an exclusive interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.”

Way We Were

“The times have changed,” James announced. “Somehow, there’s no testosterone out there.”

The Chicago paper noted that “Christie and James both have appeared on” CNN’s special last spring “to offer their expertise on biker life.” And James seems to think the current generation of bikers is going soft.

According to reporters Robert Herguth and Frank Main, “James says the main reason he wrote the book was to show how far things have slipped in what he regards as a once-noble brotherhood and to spur change in leadership and attitudes among the Outlaws in Illinois.”

“It used to be guys banded together who believed in something, and they had fun,” James told the paper. “There’s no brotherhood left in the Outlaws any more.”

It is currently a mystery how this nostalgia for the ways things were before RICO, DNA, CSI, Sons of Anarchy and the global war on motorcycle clubs will play in Droban’s next  book. Or the book after that. Or the one after that. Joseph’s acquisition of both George Christie’s and Peter James’ memoirs seems to imply that he thinks this is the Twilight of the Outlaws.

The recent election also suggests that there is a big, barely exploited audience of men out there who think this used to be a better world, a tougher world, a freer world. Maybe that’s who Droban and Joseph are aiming for next.

You can read all of James interview here.

And you can learn more about Kerrie Droban here.


24 Responses to “Kerrie Droban Again And Again”

  1. Rob Coen Says:

    As long as there are men and motorcycles,there will be outlaws.

  2. FF Says:

    Kerrie Droban, you will never be as cool as S.E. Hinton.



    I’ll bet Steve the fool Cook gets all hard and drippy over the thought of bangin Droban. Is she one of your expert guest speakers at your dipshit seminars Stevie?

  4. One Eye Says:

    She’s baaaack. My favourite high school English style writer. Hey, at least the book will be recyclable.

  5. Sieg Says:

    Big Pete is a legend in the buffet line.

    5 to 1

  6. SomeGuy Says:

    @Nuke n’ Pave Dave- We are pretty much there now. The traveling show is your local Harley dealer. You buy a bike and a costume and you can mix and mingle with real live “bikers” at various events.

    I think part of the draw of the big bike rallies is it allows the weekend riders a chance to see real bikers, particularly club members in the flesh, if only flashing by for a second, and kid themselves that somehow they are part of the same life.

  7. adios Says:

    Big Pete a legend in his own mind

  8. david Says:

    The “Life” of “Madness” book she wrote could have, and should have, been written about pigs, especially the ones who commit suicide.

  9. Ken the Citizen Says:

    WTF, where do they come from?

    No respect intended or implied


  10. Phuquehed Says:

    Droban…brings up the quandary of ‘If she’s a stinking cunt, does it also means she’s dumber than the turd I dropped last night’? This apparently answers that…yep, just a cunt looking for the money and getting it any way she can – lying, getting her useless info for her book(s) from even more useless lying shits and rats. She even knows the info she gets is from useless lying shits and rats, yet since the almighty dollar is most important to her she just says fuck it and uses it anyway.

    She and the other wasters of my good air – Dobyns, Falco, James and Christie – are comic relief to the fedtards, pests like fruit flies to real bikers and clubs, and one night stand teevee show hero’s to the imbecile everyday Joe citizen who would need to be watered twice a week if they were any more stupid than they already are. All of them, including the air-waster list, about as useful to the planet as the corner dingleberry cleaner. With any luck we’ll get to read someday that the stupid cunt Droban got raped and beat by some MS13 punks and we’ll get to see her backpedal on what she actually considers ‘gangs and gang members’ afterwards. Stupid fugly sow.

  11. russell1946 Says:

    This stuff hurts my heart.

    Hope I get an invitation to ride up for some David Berg hotdogs next year.

  12. panamaa Says:

    Gezzzzz, she looks like Spc. Dino Paparelli in Sgt. Bilko…

  13. popeye Says:

    A man selling out his club for cash and complaining theres no brotherhood no more. Yes things have indeed changed.

  14. Centurion Says:

    Kerrie, wait till you find out this FAT Pete is lying to you.
    The newspaper article reports he, “hungup his vest”. Reality, HE IS OUT BAD. When you lie, cheat, steal, scam. It’s what happens. So, now he lies, cheats and scams some more.

  15. Lee Grow Says:

    Can you believe this hack was actually a defense attorney? But she never defended any Hells Angels (fortunately). So she didn’t achieve her “expert” status by actually speaking with any of the men she writes about. Her husband however, is a Glendale cop. So I’m betting he waved his magic expert wand at her and, just like Jorge Gil-Blanco and Yves Lavigne and all the rest of the biker experts, she was an expert too! Now if only her husband had a magic writer wand…

    Just what the fuck is “full biker regalia” anyhow?I know that’s how Droban likes to describe anyone wearing a patch. Running with the Devil is probably the worst book I’ve ever read. And Droban is just one of many “experts” on a subject she knows nothing about. Her writing skills are about equal to her expert knowledge. It’s hard for me to believe people would actually pay money to buy any of her books. I stole my copy ;o)

    Keep up the good work Rebel. It’s always a pleasure to read what you have to say.

  16. Brad H Says:

    I can’t imagine what a mousey blonde haired WOMAN with bad makeup and tits that look like they should be stamped “Made by Goodyear” would know about motorcycle organizations. Her only experience with the genre is what a couple of self aggrandising wieners, rats and snitches may have told her.

    Motorcycle clubs and the life that goes with it is for men and men only, and the occasional hooker. That’s what she is; a literary whore!

    As I have never availed myself (or should that be abused myself?) to one of her masterpieces, I doubt I’ll waste good reading time with her next one.

    And, oh yeah, Fuck waco

  17. IronRider Says:

    Sorry But I had to actually Google Kerrie’s name cause I have never heard of her, being the name meant nothing to me before and after doing a little reading on her, it still means nothing to me.

    Another so called expert reciting the virtues of those whose fame has long worn off and those who are desperate to have someone notice them. Honestly I am sure maybe the SOA fans will be all pumped about this but the rest of us wouldn’t buy her book for the bottom of the bird cage.

    It will be nice when the next phase of shows come in that are not hyped up television or books about the MC life, these are starting to get rather stale and mind numbing. Honestly I would rather be strapped to a fucking chair and made to watch Jersey Shore than have to watch/read the latest docu drama about motorcycle clubs.

    If any of these so called experts knew anything about the MC life they sure wouldnt be spouting it out, and as for those that are out bad spouting away, I could give a flying fuck about em because they are desperate to cling to a part of their life that they will never ever be a part of because they forgot what it was like to belong to a brotherhood and lost the respect of their club and all those in it.

    As for these so called expert and their books and appearances, more people talking about shit from a world they have never been in and yet call themselves an expert, yeah right.

  18. Paladin Says:

    These writers and so called “experts” are nothing more than Vultures, jockeying for position on a carcass long since picked clean.


  19. Storyteller [email protected] Says:

    Oh yeah, we outlaws always put them broads in charge and informed about our doin’s. Oh, maybe the optimum word is “informed”.

  20. BMW Says:

    Just another name to avoid.
    Honestly, the titles alone told me that.
    There are only a few honest writers who write about our world.
    She ain’t one of those…


  21. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    In the 19th century the outlaws and gunmen reigned pretty much supreme in the west until the advent of the dime novels purportedly chronicling their lives. The fictions in those “true stories” wound up marking the end of their age. Then came the “Wild West Shows” turning them into cheap entertainment for the masses. I don’t profess that my timeline here is entirely accurate but it does demonstrate the general flow of events.
    So here we are now in the dime novel age. How long will it be until we get traveling shows entertaining the masses of asses with the sight of real, live bikers? If history does repeat itself here we probably ain’t far off. Just thinkin’…

  22. Sieg Says:

    Big Pete is a joke.

    And he ain’t an Outlaw.

    5 to 1

  23. donny brasco Says:

    The literary equivalent of harry potter! Next comes the movie. sad

  24. WheresMyBoots Says:

    She looks like a dude I was in the Navy with -boatswain I believe.
    If you read her book on Dobyns, Dobyns’ book on Dobyns, and was it Sher?’s book on Dobyns, it is like watching Rashomon while someone repeatedly punches you in the head, and you smell bullshit from three different directions.

    Me? I’ll stick with that Donald Charles Davis guy -he *does* put you right there, writes damned well, and makes you want to kick anyone in the nuts who offers you exactly a grand to do *anything*.
    Happy reading.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

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