Warren Gunfight Arrest

November 23, 2016

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Warren Gunfight Arrest

A second murder suspect has been charged five months after a gunfight between two Youngstown, Ohio area motorcycle clubs that left two men dead.

Police announced that James A. Gardner, a member of the Forever Two Wheelz Motorcycle Club, was arrested yesterday and charged with aggravated murder and two counts of felony assault with a firearms enhancement. He faces life in prison with the possibility of parole after 20 years if convicted.

Poker Run

The charges originated with a brawl between about 20 members of the Forever Two Wheelz and the Brothers Regime Motorcycle Club at a bar named Shorty’s Place on June 18. The clubs were there for a poker run and police have never announced a motive. Two members of the Brothers Regime, Jason “Foot” Moore and Robert “Chopper Bob” Marto were pronounced dead at the scene. They were both shot in the head. Two other members of the Brothers Regime, Walter Hughes and Andrew G. Claypool were shot.

Marto was the president of the Brothers Regime. David H. Bailes Jr., president of the Forever Two Wheelz was accused of shooting Marto ten days after the gunfight. Bailes was also seriously wounded during the fight.

About 70 people attended the poker run.


Bailes and other members of his club were drinking at the bar before the FTW was seen arguing with members of the Brothers Regime in the parking lot. Thirty shots were fired during the exchange

Police charged Bailes with two counts of murder but those charges were dismissed on September 21 “due to defendant’s medical condition,” Bailes has never appeared in court.

Police shuttered the Forever Two Wheelz clubhouse in June 23 but later dismissed a civil lawsuit against the club and allowed the building to reopen.

Forever Two Wheelz and the Brothers Regime have a history. A Forever Two Wheelz member named Charles V. Moorhead was convicted of shooting three Brothers Regime members at the Powerhouse Bar & Grill in Warren in August 2012.


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  1. LoneWoofWoof Says:

    “People inside the bar told deputies they heard yelling followed by gunshots, when many of the bar patrons ran from their seats to the front window to see men shooting at each other .”

    Now, right there you get some insight as to the average IQ of that gene pool.

  2. Moses Says:

    Them fellas musta been holding their guns sideways?

  3. IronRider Says:

    Of course it took the cops five months to lay charges, no Urine Order members were involved so there was no cry babies there

  4. Sieg Says:

    30 shots, 2 hit. WTF is right! And that pic…

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