Post-Truth Outlaws

November 22, 2016

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Post-Truth Outlaws

Last week “after much discussion, debate, and research, the Oxford Dictionaries,” a publication group affiliated with the 920-year-old University of Oxford – named “post-truth” Word of the Year 2016, Post-truth is “an adjective defined as ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’.” And then irresistible television giant A&E announced the premiere of “season two of the intense scripted series Gangland Undercover, inspired by Charles Falco’s 2013 memoir, Vagos, Mongols, and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs.”

As San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome once gloated, “It’s gonna happen! Whether you like it or not!”

Bible College Debt

Falco was born Ashley Charles Wyatt. His song and dance is that he was a hero who descended into a netherworld where  none of us who are not heroes would ever dare venture. And now he is selling his tale over and over again throughout all the world to pay off his debts to a mail-order Bible college. Last month, Debashine Thangevelo, writing for the South African news service IOL described Wyatt/Falco’s book as a “novel,” which is what it is.

Within our lifetimes, America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs and so on will replace The Grapes Of Wrath on the list of books you are supposed to read if you want to get into college. For Christmas this year, the McLennan County, Texas District Attorney is asking Santa to bring every naughty and nice, registered voter in Waco the two DVD set of the first season of Gangland Undercover – to help eventual jurors in the upcoming “Battle of Twin Peaks” trials better analyze the evidence the District Attorney will present.

As Debashine Thangevelo put it, Gangland Undercover “serves as a cautionary tale on what could happen, should you fall in with this dark crowd.” Or for that matter, let “this dark crowd” eat Sunday brunch at your local breastaurant.

Network Noise

According to A&E, “In Season 2, Charles Falco is living a strange new life as a man with no identity in an unfamiliar town in Virginia. It’s now two years since his undercover infiltration of the Vagos biker gang forced him to disappear into witness protection. He’s desperately trying to piece together a new life, but fueled by a restless unease and an inability to embrace his new world, he signs up for a new and more dangerous undercover operation that will put him on the front line of a violent war between several biker gangs. Before he knows it, he’s in over his head, and plunged into a world darker and more dangerous than anything he bargained for.”

Falco “joins ranks with Bullet, a relentless undercover agent with a personal grudge against biker clubs, and together, they recruit a team of informants to infiltrate not just the Mongols, but also their notoriously violent rivals: the Outlaws. Before long, Falco finds himself in over his head and thrust on to the front line of a territorial biker war between multiple clubs. While Falco’s undercover life grows increasingly dangerous, he simultaneously gets drawn into a passionate relationship with a sparky waitress named Sarah Jane. Trying to balance his personal and professional life proves increasingly complicated, and soon Sarah Jane finds herself hopelessly entangled in Falco’s dark and dangerous world.”

“Alongside action-fueled scenes, season two explores the characters’ inner turmoil, as viewers discover the mental and physical toll the mission takes on Falco and his assembled team of confidential informants. From misjudged drug deals to polygraph exams at gunpoint, viewers will be taken on an emotional roller coaster as they experience what it’s like to go undercover in one of America’s most dangerous crime underworlds.”

Season Two of Gangland Undercover debuts in the United States on Thursday, December 8 at 10 p.m. for an eight episode run.

Whether you like it or not.


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14 Responses to “Post-Truth Outlaws”

  1. oceans14 Says:

    Seriously what a distorted ex junkie…. what a fucking rat and his justification for turning on his brothers “is im helping the community” is freshly scripted from the ATF handbook on bullshit and disinformation 101

    To undermine the code to pretend to be staunch to be so deceitful, WTF what a piece of shit, and to boot than write a book and get airtime fuck off you parasite..

    your lower than whale shit

    Live to ride

    Ride to live


  2. Kat Says:

    @ Storyteller..Simple and sweet..that the way I like it….

  3. BMW Says:

    No documentation “documentaries” unreal “reality shows” scripted “live” shows. A spy paid to infiltrate a club, try to entrap members into violating a law (any law), lying in court about “brothers” betrayed…what is to see? A paid liar being paid to lie more?


  4. panamaa Says:

    Charles Falco is nothing but a big fucking galoot… I’m with Paladin..


  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Well, at least the faggots in the Urine Odor/Leghumping Odor will again have something to beat-off to during there little chapter peter-parties.

  6. Storyteller Says:

    He was a lying POS then. He ain’t changed. Think he still owes me 20 bucks.

  7. Brad H Says:

    Inner turmoil? He and his assembled “gang” of confidential PAID informants have no inner turmoil. They have no other marketable skills.

    And oh yeah, Fuck waco

  8. Paladin Says:

    I’ll be sure to miss it.


  9. IronRider Says:

    Well I am sure George will be sitting at home meted up wondering why everyone has forgotten him. Another series of this show’s depicting law enforcement as heroes, I am sure the air dates of Gangland will commensurate with circle jerk night at the Urine Order club houses were attendance will be mandatory.

    Much like Disney wants viewers of it movies to believe in make believe and fantasy, it would seem the producers of Gangland Undercover with co-operation for various Law Enforcement agencies seek to have it’s audiences believe the same. If they want the real deal on this let’s talk about all the unsuccessful attempts to infiltrate that didnt happen and the members who wouldn’t take a deal and wouldn’t rat out their brothers and are doing long stretches because they didnt want to screw over their brothers, Let’s talk about the rats that cut deals to save their own skin even though they preached code and solidarity (Hi George)

    These fucking reality/documentary shows have more liberties in them then what the viewer is going to see. There is so much shit left out than people know. Sure there have been some Law Enforcement success in raining shit down on some MC’s chapters. There have been way more failures than success’s and of course no one will hear fuck all about that, just what makes Law Enforcement look good.

  10. TX_Biker Says:

    @Popeye please post a warning before you post anything that funny again. Blanton’s burns as it exits the nostrils at high velocity….

  11. popeye Says:

    I heard falcos love interest ,Sarah was born as Sam and had a 8 inch swingin dick that was the object of falcos obsession. Falcos inner turmoil was a bad case of hemmoroids and an insatiable need for anal man love

  12. Sieg Says:

    Sounds very realistic and fact-based and stuff.

    FTF / FTP

  13. Mercyful Fate Says:

    “viewers will be taken on an emotional roller coaster as they experience what it’s like to go undercover in one of America’s most dangerous crime underworlds.”

    So we’re going to actually see how the dangerous criminal underworld of the ATF and DEA infiltrate, entice, entrap, back-stab, prosecute, and convict loyal, loving, trusting, hard-working american men? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either…

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