Another Waco Bike Night

November 18, 2016

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Another Waco Bike Night

Nobody died last night when Harley-Davidson of Waco, which is just a couple of football fields short of a mile from the location previously known as the Twin Peaks restaurant, held an Open House Bike Night. The event was scheduled to start at six, continue until nine and featured “live music, food & cold beer!”

According to Waco Police Department Public Information Officer W. Patrick Swanton, as reported by the Waco Tribune-Herald, the event was attended by members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and other motorcycle clubs who maintain respectful relationships with the Bandidos.

Kristin Hoppa of the Waco paper reported that after the event began members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club “and its support groups came and formed a perimeter line around the building.”

Police Called

“Management called in, saying they were having an event there and another group showed up and made everyone feel very uncomfortable,” Swanton told Hoppa. “Things got very tense because of who showed up … but it was significant in the fact that the same groups that were involved in Twin Peaks were involved in (the Harley of Waco) event. It got very tense because of those groups coming back together.”

“We were fortunate that there was not any criminal activity that occurred last night,” Swanton reportedly said, “but I think this serves as a reminder that these groups do not get along and there is still some extreme tension between them.”

According to Swanton, who refused to name the clubs involved, the club members left after about 20 minutes.


On May 17, 2015 the Twin Peaks restaurant in the nearby Central Texas Market- place was the scene of a brief but intense brawl that left nine men dead, 18 wounded and resulted in the arrest of 177 witnesses for engaging in organized criminal activity. The witnesses were all held on $1 million bails.

The Twin Peaks was to be the location of a meeting of a lobbying and political action group called the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents. Membership in the Confederation is enthusiastically encouraged by the Bandidos and by clubs that support or align themselves with the Bandidos. The Confederation is also enthusiastically supported by various motorcycle clubs that have little or no contact with the Bandidos and by independent riders who have little or no contact with any motorcycle club except at events sponsored by the Texas Confederation.

The Cossacks loudly argue that the Confederation is an extension of the Bandidos and that membership in the Confederation is a for-profit racket promulgated by the Bandidos. Multiple police “motorcycle gang experts” make the same argument.

The day of the brawl, members of the Confederation unaffiliated with either the Bandidos or the Cossacks reserved space at the Twin Peaks for an informative meeting. Seventy members of the Cossacks and two Cossacks support clubs arrived at the Twin Peaks about 90 minutes before the meeting was scheduled to start and took all the seats reserved for the meeting and most of the parking spaces.

Police Anticipated

Police anticipated the Cossacks’ presence would trigger a conflict over parking and prepositioned about two dozen police officers, including a Swat team, and numerous video recording devices, including a pole camera, around the parking lot.

At the time of the brawl, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration were two years into a clandestine investigation of the Bandidos. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was also conducting an investigation into alleged drug dealing by members of the Cossacks and a related group called the Aryan Circle.

There are currently ongoing federal investigations into both the Bandidos and the Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs.

A McLennan County grand jury has indicted 154 people who were at the Twin Peaks the day of the brawl for engaging in organized criminal activity. An additional 38 people who were arrested after the brawl still face the possibility of indictment. The first trial resulting from the case is scheduled to begin January 23, 2017. The defendant will be James Rosas, a 48-year-old welder who lives in Selma, Texas.


23 Responses to “Another Waco Bike Night”

  1. Travelin Says:

    Interesting trial covered by the Waco Tribune 12/1/16 referred to as Actel dog murder. The jury trial gave a women 8 years hard labor for probably killing a large Husky dog with maybe a pocket knife. Tells a lot about the mentality of the local populace, judge, law enforcement and DA. Twin Peaks Bikers won’t get a fair trial in Waco

  2. david Says:

    The media flies are drawn to Swanton’s words like flies to shit.

  3. david Says:

    The management at the Waco Tribune are drawn to Swineton’s words like flies to shit.

  4. TX_Biker Says:

    Things have definitely taken on a different flavor here in Texas. As Fr. Abraham wished cooler heads are prevailing here. I am hopeful that things will get back to normal, but what normal is I have no idea. Things Change quickly, Clubs come and go, I and my brothers are still here.

    Thanks for another well written piece.


  5. Paladin Says:

    When all else fails and as a last ditch effort, one could always resort to employing smarter tactics when TCB.


  6. Gandalf Says:

    Blaming Police in Court is a Tricky proposition. They Jury could turn on you. Esp in Waco. Defense must have absolute proof or insinuate it softly so the Jury thinks THEY put the pieces together that the Police were responsible.
    The Cossacks also have a Non-1%er defense and Not being on the Gang List. “How the Hell am I supposed to know I’m in a Gang if They are not on the list!” LOL Respects to all…Good Luck to all.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    When I read this story I saw a Legal Defense for the Bandits. I have no doubt that what Solo rider1 said is 100% true… But since when did the courts or LE ever deal with truths. Perception is all that matters in court.
    If I’m a Bandit Lawyer I’m blaming the Cossacks for attacking a Political meeting, arriving an Hr early and sitting in the reserved Patio…armed…attacking the bandits before they even got off their bikes. Why? To claim their territory(Waco). This incident Helps my case. ““Management called in, saying they were having an event there and another group showed up and made everyone feel very uncomfortable,” Swanton said. “Things got very tense because of who showed up. BECAUSE OF WHO SHOWED UP! “…witnesses and police scanner traffic indicated that members of the Bandidos and support groups were at Harley-Davidson before members from the Cossacks and its support groups came and formed a perimeter line around the building.” I can assure you I’m using that in court.

    If I’m a Cossack Lawyer… I’m screwed unless I can show LE (UC/CI) convinced them to be at Twin Peaks. Someone called that mandatory run…who had His ear? Did the Police tell John Wilson to be there a week before? That kind of stuff. Otherwise I might just rest claiming the DA didn’t prove His case.

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Solo Rider1,

    Thank you for commenting.

    I don’t doubt this encounter was a non-event and I thought the Tribune-Herald report was blatant propaganda intended to poison the jury pool in McLennan County. Personally, I would have liked it if Kristin Hoppa had been less cute in her piece, had asked Swanton why he refused to name the clubs since the only possible inference from what he said was that this involved Cossacks and Bandidos and I would have like some substantiation or attribution for her assertion that the Cossacks “came and formed a perimeter line around the building.” It would have been nice and professional if some editor had either deleted or insisted that she support the line that “two known rival motorcycle clubs were at the” dealership.

    Known rivals? Really? Now? Not a year and a half ago but now? Really? Who says? Steve Cook? Texas DPS? Who? Who said that when and why?

    The Waco Trib story screams “REAL LIFE SONS OF ANARCHY!!!” Nobody got hurt. There were no crimes committed. There were no arrests. Nobody was detained.

    But you know, this bullshit, amateur newspaper staffed by clueless clowns down in Waco ran the story so I had to report it. I had to report their report. So I did.


  9. Paperslice Says:

    Too much Sons of Ikea and not enough brotherhood.

  10. Solo Rider1 Says:

    Only 7 cossacks and 3 support showed up. They were there for only 20 minutes maybe 25 minutes. They stood outside of the H-D store and then left. There was no perimeter line,there wasn’t enough for that. There was 2 Bandidos and about 15 support standing around as well. There was no eye fucking from either side. Both were on their best behavior and you could tell that even from the inside of the store.
    Management called police because they felt uncomfortable not the public. Most everyone there just watched both groups for a few minutes and moved on with what they were doing. The band that was playing wasn’t all that bad.
    Cossacks left without issues and 10 minutes later the cops rolled in all around the location like they were wanting it to be a repeat but we’re sorely disappointed that there was nothing.
    It is a little known fact that the Bandidos, their support and the Cossacks and their support have attended numerous bike night events in that area without issues for the past 4 years. There have been hand shakes and cordial comments made at almost all these events. I have riding this area almost 10 years now and Twin Peaks was the only time these two groups ever had a major incident in this area like that.
    The news and the cops report so much Bullshit around here, it’s amazing that anyone can ride without fear from them or from any group.
    The alphabet soup in lists fear to control and this report by Fuck-head Swanton is no different. Rumors are a cancer that eats away at the very fabric of society and the cops are spreading more than their fair share.
    I had fun hanging out at this event even with both groups there. Lesson to be taken from this IMHO nothing happened except cops rolling in thinking they could get more patches of the road. That should say a lot for these two groups and how they are handling themselves now a days. Just saying…..

  11. chasra Says:

    So, this was the 1st “bike night” at the dealership…..

    You can bet Swanton’s thugs will be hanging out in the bushes at the next one.

    Good luck y’all

  12. popeye Says:

    No one died and the only thing missing was cops lying in ambush? Hmmm

  13. IronRider Says:

    Of course no one died, Law Enforcement didnt have the time like that had with Twin Peaks to run around and tell anyone with a motorcycle that “Hey there is war brewing” “They’re gunning for you” and fan the flames like they did before Twin Peaks.

    Of course you didnt have an agent in the mix propelling the same myths mentioned above and of course it helped that cops armed to the teeth with automatic weapons being told that their lives are in danger weren’t there either, so no one lost their life as a result.

    The mere fact that several groups were there shows that when the cops arent out fanning the flames of bullshit and trying to incite violence that people arent out for blood, and of course it helps that cops arent firing into a crowd of a hundred some people thus avoiding any loss of life.

    As for Swanton trying to make it sound like Law Enforcement did a wonderful job not killing people by firing into a crowd, yeah it is amazing how that works. Swanton desperate to make something out of nothing once again by inciting the myth of once again how dangerous things were at this event at the Harley dealer but the police saved the day just goes to show you how police PR works at trying to make a benign event seem way more than what really occurred.

    I am sure the media that assembled to hear the word of god from Swanton readily gobbled down what Swanton was offering without ever questioning was there any truth to what Swanton was alleging.

    Heaven forbid the media shouldn’t take such a stellar PR person like Swanton’s word for it and maybe walk over to the Harley dealer’s lot and see what is going on and maybe ask the folks at Harley how the event was going? No no, lets take the fact that nothing was going on and Swanton’s word that this could have been the Next Twin Peaks.

    It’s a crying shame that a Harley dealer’s promotion had to be sullied with Swanton’s bullshit statement to the media because of the need to hear himself on the nightly news. Swanton should be grateful that the Harley dealer isn’t filing any complaints or a lawsuit about the statements Swanton to the assembled media, perhaps the Harley dealer felt that the citizens of Waco will be paying more than enough from the civil lawsuits that are in progress and the future ones to be filed and took pity on them

  14. R&R Says:

    Another case of old timers disease on my part about the ownership of Waco’s Harley dealership. But still, an open event? Copsacks are upending the way we’ve rolled in Texas for close to 50 years. And for what?


  15. NCRider Says:

    R&R – The way I understand it…That would be John Wilson who is President of Cossacks and is the owner of Legends Cycles which is not a HD dealership. The Harley Davidson of Waco, who held last night’s event, is owned by Adam Smith.



  16. Paladin Says:

    One could argue that Don King is the greatest fight promoter of our time. I would argue that the government is. The government finds, agitates and incites through agents Provocateur, then promotes their combatant fights via the news media. The government makes their money through taxpayer funded ticket sales.

    When a particular fight is concluded on the Government’s never ending fight card, both combatants go to prison and the government declares itself the de facto winner. Then: wash, rinse, spin, repeat.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  17. rw Says:

    That chapter pres has an independent shop

  18. NCRider Says:

    Apparently, 9 dead, 18 wounded and 177 arrested is not enough for some people.

    Good luck Mr. Rosas.



  19. R&R Says:

    If memory serves me right the McLennan County H D dealer was Copsacks McLennan County chapter P. At at least he was on 5/17/15. So they host a bike nite and piss their panties when Bandidos make a check-in appearance. Dumb to host an open event and not expect it. Contemptible even.

    Paladin nailed it.


  20. rw Says:

    Kinda like the kid that lived up the street from ya that acted like an ass all the time but wonder=d why no one wanted to play with him.

  21. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Paladin, not just for the sake of R&G but for everyone who rides, I’m hoping cooler heads prevail. I think it would be in the best interests of just about every biker in America if this issue were resolved quickly and quietly.

  22. Lurch Says:

    Hmmm…. Seems like EVERYONE was getting along until the nutsacks and their bitches showed up…..

    So, who is the problem?

  23. Paladin Says:

    Looks as if some folks might be angling for a rematch. If so, just like in the past, everyone will lose except the cops.


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