Banning Dutch Bandidos

November 15, 2016

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Banning Dutch Bandidos

The American-led, worldwide crusade to ban motorcycle clubs lurched forward yesterday when a bureaucracy called “the National Office of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service…requested the district court of Utrecht to ban the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in the Netherlands.”

Holland is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It packs about 17 million people into an area about the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined. Its total population is about two million less than Greater Los Angeles and the nation is slightly less populous than Davidson County Tennessee which encompasses Nashville. In addition to the Bandidos, the nation also has chapters of the Hells Angels, Mongols, Satudarah and No Surrender Motorcycle Clubs.

The Bandidos have had a chapter in the Netherlands since 2014. The Dutch have tried to ban motorcycle clubs before and have failed. Dutch prosecutors are currently most aggrieved by a brawl between members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Rotterdam last April.

A press release issued by Dutch prosecutors explained, “This request concerns both the international motorcycle club and its Dutch branch. Therefore, the DPPS has filed two legal applications at the district court. The purpose of this procedure is to end the presence of the Bandidos MC in the Netherlands.” In other words, if you are Bandido in Santa Fe, Dutch prosecutors want to keep you out of the country.

English is one of the Netherlands four official languages.

Subculture of Lawlessness

The release describes motorcycle clubs as a “subculture of lawlessness” and cites its own suspicions to justify the request to the court.

“According to the DPPS,” the DPPS announcement continues, “the activities of this so-called 1% motorcycle club violate public order. In March 2014, the Bandidos MC expanded to the Netherlands and established chapters in the cities of Sittard, Alkmaar and Utrecht. Shortly after this expansion, members of the club became subjects of criminal investigations. The present applications are based on articles 2:20 and 10:122 of the Dutch civil code.

“To ensure that the activities of all members of the Bandidos MC will be banned in the Netherlands, it is necessary for the DPPS to target both the international organization of the Bandidos MC and its Dutch branch . During the last couple of years, Dutch members of the Bandidos MC have threatened multiple times to call in foreign members of the Bandidos for support or retaliation.

“Governmental administrations of various countries worldwide have taken measures against the Bandidos MC. Germany, for instance, has banned some chapters. The United States authorities have arrested and indicted the main leadership of the organization.

Disrupting Society

“In the filed applications, the DPPS elaborates extensively on the international activities of Bandidos MC and their disruptive effect on society. The comprehensive and detailed evidence in the filed applications lead to the conclusion that the activities conducted by the motorcycle gang in the Netherlands and abroad, present a threat to the community.

“According to the Prosecution Service, the motorcycle gang cultivates a violent image facilitates crime and creates a subculture of lawlessness. Acts of violence are stimulated and facilitated. Members of the Bandidos MC, including board members, commit violent crimes and other serious offenses, such as the trade in illegal drugs and weapons, intimidation and extortion.

“The Bandidos MC  imposes a code of silence on its members and intimidates witnesses and civil servants to obstruct the judicial process. Also, members of the Bandidos MC are frequently victim of violence or extortion by fellow club members, particularly when they (are forced to) resign from the club.

“Moreover, the Bandidos MC is engaged in an ongoing turf war with other outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs). Over the last couple of years, and as part of this conflict between OMGs, multiple attacks were executed with Molotov cocktails and hand grenades, targeting vehicles, cafés and houses in the Netherlands. Moreover, people have received death threats, have been shot, stabbed or assaulted.”

The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf gathered a couple of quotes from DPPS spokesman Oebele Brouwer. “We have been using the criminal justice system to combat biker gangs for some time, but that approach has limits” the Dutch daily reported. “You can only tackle individual members. But by using civil law we can ban the entire organization.”


19 Responses to “Banning Dutch Bandidos”

  1. Irish 1%er Says:

    Meanwhile 85% of all rapes and sexual assault are comitted bye Muslims! 1 and 3 women in the Netherlands will be rapped and or assailted bye the religion of peace! Muggings and robberies are comitted bye ” refugees” more than any other group but let’s make sure and harass the MC’s! Typical Western European genocide!! Lived in holland for many years and it’s sad to see the muslims completely change the fabric and feel of the country! White Genocide is in full effect!

  2. Angry White American Says:

    Here’s some more fucked up shit.

    Britain has passed the ‘most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy’

  3. BMW Says:

    The misunderstandings about so-called “Outlaw” motorcycle clubs drives me crazy. It tends to be spread when absolutely dead-lazy federal persecutors copy and file the same “boilerplate” in subsequent court pleadings. “Outlaw” does NOT mean a club doesn’t obey ANY statute or decision (we’re all adults, so we all know that I am NOT talking about traffic laws, OK?). The “gang” moniker has been used by people who don’t like our tight support for each other and are trying to equate us with car theft gangs, gangs of horse thieves, drug gangs or street gangs. Being an old fart, I remember when the men who created hot rods were referred to as gangs by crooked cops. In construction, we commonly refer to ourselves as a “gang”, “work gang” or “crew”. We have been doing that for more than 4000 years, back when our predecessors were building the Pyramids. Today this has picked up a bad vibe, but not in construction. However, MOTORCYCLE CLUBS ARE NOT GANGS! Only corrupt officials trying to deflect attention, or extremely lazy persecutors (trying to get convictions on emotion instead of facts, or lazy AND corrupt former cops (making a living by supposedly “teaching” about a “threat” deliberately refer to clubs as “gangs”. (For an example, see the words to the musical production “The Music Man”; “We have trouble right here in River City”.)

    “Outlaw” is also deliberately misused. An “outlaw club” really means that the club is not affiliated with the biggest North American federation — the “American Motorcyclist Association”. The AMA, years ago,claimed that it was the”official” federation, much like the American Federation of Labor under Sam Gompers claimed that only it had the right to approve new craft and trade unions. (You can ask John L.Lewis and the CIO how well that worked. Today, in polite society, AFL members say “unaffiliated unions”. More than a third of the unions in America remain unaffiliated to this day. Many are affiliated, but it is pure libel to call them “outlaw unions”. My club is unaffiliated with the AMA and “Outlaw” name calling just runs off our backs as we pay attention to the things that are important. Keeping to my musical metaphor, just listen to one of my favorite performers, Waylon Jennings, “Don’t you think this outlaw bit has gotten out of hand!”


  4. Leonard Goveia Says:

    Woo,woo,woo @sieg ,with due respect u have misunderstood my’s the nature of the beast..If your getting hammered over & over by the state you can’t fight back on their terms,if u want to survive.You will keep getting hammered and one by one the state will jail the state right ? ,fuck no ,but reality is they’re making life miserable for a lot folks..If the club’s don’t evolve ten years from now we’ll be having the same conversation ,the only difference will be many more bikers locked down..Pisses me off,but again it’s the fucking reality..

  5. Sieg Says:

    Paladin, i know your context, not to fret. It’s the “you’re all bad boys” crows that was meant for.

    And woof-ticket, the AMA has always been unreasonable that way.

    FTF / FTP

  6. Gandalf Says:

    @ Seig. My comment was a quote from a song and just a guess at how the MC world might react (adapt?) to this News. :)

  7. Paladin Says:


    When I advocate adaptation or evolving, It’s always in the context of becoming smarter in the ways one does what one does, not actually changing what one does.

    Long May You Ride,


  8. LoneWoofWoof Says:

    Sieg Says:
    November 16, 2016 at 1:53 pm
    ” What they DON’T have to do is to become some cookie-cutter, government-registered, neutered little boys-club like some AMA thing.”

    Does the AMA still ban hand grenades at sanctioned events?

  9. Sieg Says:

    Anyone else get a chuckle when they see people posting about “…gotta change, gotta adapt, gotta do what they say”, and even better, “…well, you do bad things, what do you expect?”

    Both statements, in all their iterations, display a staggering ignorance of the MC world, and our world of two-wheels in general.

    Yes, EVERYFUCKINGTHING changes as it evolves. Clubs today aren’t the same as they were when I was 25, lo these many moons ago. What they DON’T have to do is to become some cookie-cutter, government-registered, neutered little boys-club like some AMA thing.

    As to the second quote, it typically comes from pigs, urine odor or their ilk, or frustrated desk-jockeys suffering from terminal body-by-Microsoft.


  10. Leonard Goveia Says:

    Hand writing been on thev wall for quite awhile here and in Europe…clubs do as clubs do,witch is there weakness ,unless they can change,adapt ,their future could get a lot tougher…do I think they will a adapt,smarten up..Hmmm,kind of doubt it…wish them the best

  11. Frank Says:

    Outlaws do all their outlaw shit and then are surprised when the government doesn’t like it and tries to do something about. Wake up 1%ers.

  12. Ghost Says:

    I thought I spelled it right the first time!!!! Fucking autospell Sieg

  13. Ghost Says:

    Sorry Siege nailed it!!!!

  14. Ghost Says:

    Siege nailed it !!!! Never quite heard it like that… Well put!!!!

  15. david Says:

    DPPS spokesman stated MC members actions “present a threat to the COMMUNITY”. Oebele actually meant, ANY individualistic acts by INDIVIDUALS are considered a threat to, any community.

  16. Gandalf Says:

    “My only words of wisdom is Suck my Dick!” (kid rock)

  17. Sieg Says:

    Popeye, you got that shit right!

    I have it on good authority that members of a world-wide criminal conspiracy that goes the the name “government” are to blame for more deaths yearly than all other criminal conspiracies put together.

    FTF / FTP

  18. popeye Says:

    Meanwhile islam is the second most popular religion in the Netherlands. I think they got bigger issues than bikers fighting amongst themselves

  19. TX_Biker Says:

    “Governmental administrations of various countries worldwide have taken measures against the Bandidos MC. Germany, for instance, has banned some chapters. The United States authorities have arrested and indicted the main leadership of the organization.
    I believe there is no relationship between the US and Overseas clubs….

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