Long Island Kerfuffle

October 31, 2016

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Long Island Kerfuffle

Sometimes, the moral equivalent of war does not need pistols.

Old acquaintances met and greeted each other about noon yesterday in the parking lot of the Pennysaver Amphitheater at Bald Hill in Farmingville, New York on Long Island. The Amphitheater was hosting the 19th annual Monster Mash Car Show. The meeting, as politicians say, was “frank and blunt.”

According to Newsday “A large puddle of blood was visible on the ground after the fighting had dispersed and cops arrived.”

No Arrests

Police and witnesses described the excited demonstrators as about a half dozen members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club and something more than 40 members and supporters of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. According to sources speaking on condition of anonymity, Pagans and Hells Angels were merely showing each other mechanical tools while a couple of men slipped in the pool of blood. The source did not know how the blood got there but speculated that it might have been part of a Halloween prank.

Fourteen patrol cars, a police dog unit and a Suffolk County Police Department Swat team, comprised of boys and girls who like to dress up as Delta Force “operators” for Halloween,  responded to the scene. Police credited themselves with “breaking up” the encounter. Witnesses say police questioned and photographed the Pagans while they dispersed the Hells Angels. All the detained Pagans told police they were looking at classic cars when the alleged fracas occurred. No shots were fired. Two people were transported to a local hospital for treatment. No arrests were made.

Television Moron

This morning in New York, a moron named Michael Gargiulo who models nice suits on television station WNBC said, “Now the interesting thing here…is even though it involved 70 people, even though several people got hurt, when police got there and broke up the fight, nobody decided to press charges against anybody else and there were no arrests! So the people on Long island are now wondering what’s going on there with biker gang fights going on and we’ll have to see if these two gangs have reached a truce and whether this will happen again. That’s one of the stories we’re following today.“

So, if you live in New York be sure to stay tuned.

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45 Responses to “Long Island Kerfuffle”

  1. Wolfman Says:

    legalized extorsion is not a crime just ask the CIA

  2. FF Says:


    It’s yesterday once more. ;)

  3. Shovelhead Says:

    Hey man, I love the Carpenters! Brings me back to another time.

  4. Mike 184 Says:

    This is a place where we can keep in the loop about things effecting all of us in this life. I feel like its the only way to keep up with how the feds are attacking whomever they want to go after that week/month/year.

    As far as supporter, I guess you could say that. I support it with my life and and everything I have to give to it. I was once told “you never stop prospecting”. I really get the meaning to that statement.

    Now you want to come on here and be disrespectful, to those here as well as to those you represent, shows what you are in it for. I guess you can brag about wrecking stuff when and if we come face to face.

  5. Sieg Says:

    Wait….did some troll just call me an 81 supporter?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  6. bcnasty Says:

    What Big Ang Diamondback said thumbs up

    This is neutral ground on this site please respect that for those of us that respect many in both.

  7. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Big Ang Diamondback,

    Very well stated, sir.

  8. Shovelhead Says:

    Big Ang Diamondback

    Respect to you also!

  9. rollinnorth Says:

    Fartwhothinkshe’sathug should remember that children should be seen and not heard.

    Respect, to those…

  10. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Ps- I just realize somebody was impersonating shovelHead with a user name, shovel heads .
    I am vouching and standing up for the original, longtime member of aging rebel shovel head . He is a true hard-core supporter of this website . Respects

  11. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Just for the record, coming on to neutral territory aging rebel and preaching what you are preaching is not only disrespecting 81, but disrespecting the club that you are speaking for . In this case, the 16’s. I I personally will not speak for any club because frankly it is distasteful, and none of my business . I hope in the future, you can have the same manners because this isn’t the place for it.

    There are MANY patch holders here, and non-patch holders here, and there has been a fine line of respect and gentlemanly behavior that is called neutral ground . Shovelhead is really good people . No disrespect intended to you, at all. Just gentlemanly advice.

    -Big Angelo
    Hempstead, Long Island, NY

  12. Fuckyouethugs Says:

    Mike and shovelhead are typical fag supporters prob shove hammer up each other’s asses I’ll wreck you both bare handed.. It’s funny when 81 supporters are more
    Scared bc 16 is making a huge comeback

  13. Mike 184 Says:

    @Shovelhead, well I have kept that handle since I have been coming to the site. For the last three years the niumbers have been reversed…. Thank you though.

  14. Shovelhead Says:

    Mike 184,
    I have no problem with you or your statement. I was referring to the idiots posting before you calling certain clubs rats. You’ve been around long enough, Myself and I’m sure others know where you’re coming from.
    184 has my respect!

  15. FF Says:


    Total respect.

  16. FF Says:

    I tried posting earlier, don’t know why it didn’t work or if it’s going to work now but

    Mike 184

    I respect you but what you said about Gorilla was way out of line. Philly and NYC are worlds apart.


  17. Fuckyouethugs Says:

    Mike shovelhead and sieg and okok your all pussy stfu prob could swing your ways out of a wet paper towel..

  18. RVN69 Says:

    I have friends in one of those Clubs and I hope all their members are going to be Ok. You wear a patch this happens, talking shit about either club anonymously on the internet show’s you have no class.

  19. Mike 184 Says:

    “If anyone has a beef with a patch holder, or wants to accuse them of being a rat. Instead of posting your bullshit here anonymously. Go find your Balls, then the Patch Holder and say it to their face…”

    This was what I was getting at…. I should have not put it that way.

    I felt like the situation was handled like we do things, like it is supposed to go, then all the mud slingin and shit talking. Got pissed and threw some BS out there.

    Rebel, if you would take that shitty post down.

  20. Sieg Says:

    Second Shovelhead. Not only doesn’t it take any balls to cry rat online, it shows a most distinct lack of class, and actually makes the person yelling it out to be a rat himself. Kinda like the “he who smelt it, dealt it” of our yout’s.


  21. Shovelhead Says:

    If anyone has a beef with a patch holder, or wants to accuse them of being a rat. Instead of posting your bullshit here anonymously. Go find your Balls, then the Patch Holder and say it to their face…

  22. Rusty Says:

    Ahhh the good ol days….once upon a time this wasn’t news worthy…

  23. FF Says:

    I’m just glad nobody was murdered or arrested. Peace.


  24. Wildwestie Says:

    81 Long Island = known government informants

  25. Sieg Says:

    No worries, Shovelhead, I know I caught that immediately, and I’m sure everyone else did as well.

    Neither Patch needs protection, and no one needs to be protected FROM either Patch, unless they go WAY out of their way to mess with them.

    Nothing to see here, folks, move along.


  26. Okok Says:

    Looks like 81 is hand in hand with law enforcement they do w,e they want and no problems… Remember back in 2002 when the pagans went to go beat up 81 and the cops arrested everyone even pagans that didn’t even get out of their car yet…… But that’s none of my business bc most of the longisland bikers are fags all 40-50 fat old club foot retards that throw on a 81 support patch and think their badasses I’m glad the pagans are back… To show all these ass clowns what real 1%ers are especially their support clubs

  27. Shovelhead Says:

    The person using the name “shovelheads” with an S on the end, is not me. I’ve been posting here for several years now. Don’t want anyone to mistake this person for myself.

    Also, 81 does not need protection from anyone!!

  28. UnaffilatedObserver Says:

    And the general public remained entirely safe.

    So be it.

  29. BMW Says:

    There is always a danger to using professional tools; that is why professionals use tools. The season brings extra hazards, like improperly supervised children who have eaten too many jelly donuts, dressed as SWAT assassination teams, slippery substances, and my personal worry when I was riding the streets of Long Island: piles of wet leaves near stop signs or school crossings.

    Only a true professional can navigate the hazardous autumn streets of Long Island without accidents or police examination. Obviously the mechanics were both prepared and professionals.

    Who the he’ll allowed sugar-fueled children to run around dressed like SWAT assassination teams? What the hell were the adults responsible for supervising these children thinking? Sounds like some county legislators need to investigate that problem.



    suffolk county pagan’s and suffolk county pigs have not liked eachother for the last 50 years.

    new york law enforcement has had a close relationship with HAMC since the sandy alexander alien days.

    how else would you explain having the same clubhouse on east 3rd street since the late ’60’s?


  31. wild wilford Says:

    @Whip: Guess u never hung around many 16’s, I did a lot when I was younger. I always referred to them guys who could take a baseball bat to a gun fight, and hold their own!

  32. whip Says:

    Let me start off by saying I have neither friend or foe in either club. But I was there and witnessed what happend their were about 7 pagans vs 60 hells angels plus they’re affiliates… And let me tell you re pagans held their own like you wouldn’t believe… One pretty big pagan called out almost ever member of the demon knights and silent rage the angel came out with weapons as if they forgot how to throw a punch I couldn’t stop thinking wow they must be scared.. Then finally the Angels started jumping the pagans or say attempting to.. And when the cops pulled up they let the Angels go rite by no problem didn’t even pull one over or anything. The pagans got surrounded searched pictures taken and questioned.. When they were the ones who were their first and got jumped…. Very very fishy I’ll leave it at that…… But Pagans gained a lot of respect that day… Considering they were out numberd 10-1 and still fought like it was nothing…

  33. Shovelheads Says:

    I was there Angels were protected by the cops

  34. panamaa Says:

    And THAT’S how it’s done, son…

  35. Don the Con Says:

    DAMN!! That’s really all I can say.

  36. Tba Says:

    Stop the snitches just use hollow points

  37. RLG Says:


  38. Dark Corner Says:

    Courtesies were exchanged between hale fellows, well met. Later, drinks all around. Used to be just another day in the life. Now it will be justification for another massive violation of civil and constitutional rights by the para-cops. Just watch.

  39. Sieg Says:

    That fake blood is some slippery shit.

    Props to all the men there looking at classic machinery and comparing notes on the right tool to use for the job for showing everyone how it’s supposed to be done.

    FTF/ FTP

  40. IronRider Says:

    Well if the Urine Order was there, they’d have the hurt feelings report all filled out for cops and would be showing them all their boo boo’s that the real bikers inflicted upon them, but that never happened here, because as the MC members said, nothing happened and no one said anything happened but a couple fellas slipped…sounds about right

    As for the media, there so called” investigation into a nothing event should go real far, the only comments they will get will be form Law Enforcement who will whine on and on about how danger is in the air, and law enforcement needs more resources and funding to tackle the “gang problem” and maybe some of the weaponary and equipment left over from Iraq to do the job.

    So as much as the media would like there to be more from the MC side so theey can make a story that sounds good, sadly they will just get the cops PR person begging for more cash for new toys.

  41. rollinnorth Says:

    Matco! SK! Craftsman! Tool time,eh?
    Someone please tell the woman narrating the video how to speak English.

    A good read as always, Rebel. Thanks.


  42. Lurch Says:

    REAL bikers don’t snitch, even on other clubs.

  43. popeye Says:

    Much respect given to both clubs and the honorable men in them

  44. Griz's Gal Says:

    I’ll bet ol’ Abel’s got a big ol’ brown skid mark in his britches!


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