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October 28, 2016

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Oh Canada

The story of the murder of a veteran Hells Angel named Robert “Bob” Keith Green in Langley, British Columbia almost two weeks ago gets more complicated every day. Langley was the site of the Hells Angels Canada Run in 2013.

Green, according to police, was shot and killed by Jason Francis Wallace at a party in the early morning hours of October 16. Green’s body was found on a rural road near a nursery. Wallace was arrested the next day and charged with second degree murder.

Wallace is a member of an increasingly notorious street clique named “856.” The group started as rowdy teenagers in Langley, Southeast of Vancouver, and grew, if press accounts are to be believed, into a major drug distribution network in Canada.


The 856 is named for a Langley phone prefix. The clique is said to tattoo the numbers 8, 5 and 6 on their inner lips.

Reportedly, the group was mentored into a life of crime by a man named Leonard Alan Joseph Pelletier who has been variously reported over the last five years to be either a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club or a Hells Angels associate. The New York Daily News reported on October 20 that Pelletier is Bob Green’s cousin.

In 2007, Pelletier survived a well publicized assassination attempt as he dropped his 14-year-old son off at a Langley high school. Pelletier tried to escape, ran his black Hummer into a tree and was wounded when three men fired multiple shots into his vehicle. Pelletier’s son was unscathed.

According to CBC News, police “focused” their investigation of the shooting “on a major youth gang in Langley, called the 856 Gang. Police said Pelletier’s other son, 16, was intercepted near the scene. They would not give details of the arrest but said he had to be Tasered and restrained.”

In June 2015, Pelletier and Wallace were both charged with multiple counts of trafficking cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and oxycontin. Their arrests followed a raid on a 10,000 square foot home in Langley in 2014. At the time of their arrests Pelletier and Wallace were both described by police as “senior members of the 856 gang.”


Two days ago, about one o’clock Wednesday morning, a Hells Angels prospect named Mohammad Rafiq was very sensationally shot in Burnaby, about 30 miles closer to Vancouver than Langley. After he was shot, Rafiq’s car crashed into a house and landed on top of a sleeping girl. She was not seriously hurt.

Later that day, a dismembered body was dumped at the end of a driveway near the intersection of  243 Street and Robertson Crescent in Langley. The body was dumped about seven blocks from the 10,000 square foot house that was raided in 2014.

In a carefully worded statement, Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokeswoman Meghan Foster said: “Investigators believe this to be targeted and linked to gang activity. Currently, investigators do not believe that the location of the remains is where the homicide took place.”

“At this time there is no evidence to confirm that this investigation is linked to other recent homicides or violent crimes however looking for linkages will be a part of our initial and ongoing investigation.”


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  1. Sandmann Says:

    @Neuro: The Giessen charter is not the one I was referring to but yes, it is also predominately Turkish.

    “Officially” the police are investigating in “all directions”…

    With regard to the murder of said president being an “inside job” – imo this goes way too much into the direction of club interna/speculations so with all due respect, let’s not discuss it here.

    Plus as of now, only those who were there that day know what really happened.

    Respect to the deserving,

  2. Neuro Says:

    Shaun Clary 856 rest in pieces…..

  3. Sieg Says:

    You miss my point, anon. Who is a member of what Patch is the business of that Patch.

    As for pics from the media, all i can say is that, if you’re foolish enough, you can buy a copy of any patch in the world. There is a little muzzrat turd in Indonesia that sells knock-offs on e-bay, and i personally know of at least one phony AOA patch sold into the States and displayed by an eejit on the East Coast.

    FTF / FTP

  4. Stevo Says:

    There is a black member of the AOA in England. There’s WAS 2 black members of the Hells Angels in England who have both passed away. I know their names and charters but won’t write them here, everyone in the UK bike scene knows of them.


  5. Neuro Says:

    Not to beat a dead dog, but you are on a bit of a roll, anon. Windsor is in Ontario, not B.C. and it was rumoured in print that there was a member of colour. It was also rumoured in print that Cleveland warned them, in the 80’s, that he had better never be seen in the United States. Big Respect to Cleveland.
    RIP Bob Green. East End is Top Shelf.

  6. Neuro Says:

    @ Sandmann Tom: Is that the Giessen charter? Wasn’t the president gunned down inside the clubhouse two weeks ago ? I read that German police suspect Frankfurt for some reason. should probably bounce to the saloon.

  7. Neuro Says:

    “Thanks” anon, I had heard this, but franky, did not believe it. That looks like a positive confirmation.

  8. Ben Says:

    I disposed of that book yesterday. It’s out of my life.

  9. Sandmann Says:

    Here in Germany, Turkish Hells Angels are a rather common sight: Of the three charters located close to/in my hometown, one consists almost exclusively of Turkish members.

    All the Turkish members I know personally are Muslims. But since religion is not a subject I or they care to discuss in detail, I don’t know whether they are religious zealots or not. Given their … “occupations” I’d guess the latter, but that’s just my impression.

    Respect to the deserving,

  10. anon Says:


    No disrespect intended. You’ve made it clear many times that you are on friendly terms with your local AOA. This is the “imaginary” picture I was referring to: http://www.outlawsmc-leicestershire.com/images/gallery/outlawsaoa/carlosaoa11.jpg. Member or not, he’s clearly wearing a certain club’s patches.

  11. Sieg Says:

    anon, if you’re just an “outside observer”, maybe you should let the AOA speak for itself instead of flapping your gips about some imaginary picture.

    FTF / FTP

  12. anon Says:

    I may be wrong, but this is the best of my recollection. Apologies if I am wrong, and please correct me. I am happy to follow up with a proper apology if someone feels truly offended, as that is not my intent at all.

    The “no niggers” rule was in a copy of the bylaws confiscated by police in the 60s. Sonny Barger may or may not be racist; I neither know nor care. I am fairly certain that I have seen a video of him much more recently than the 60s saying that there is no official rule about race but that there are enough racists in the club that it is unlikely a black man is admitted.

    Beyond that, my general is that clubs vary on how they interpret race. It goes from, “if it ain’t black, it’s white” to the more extreme “whites only.” Again, not my business, but that’s my understanding. 81 certainly has at least one familiar BHC member with some Asian heritage.

    As for black members, I feel like I’ve heard/read/seen pictures of one black 81 from maybe Windsor, BC. Might be wrong. I was much more surprised to see a pic of a black guy in AOA colors, which also may or may not be real. My uninformed understanding is that AOA was among the strictest 1% clubs about not allowing black men to be members.

    No offense intended to any who may feel that way. Wasn’t my intent, and I am certainly not speaking for any club or individual PH. I’m just an outside observer.

  13. smitty1961 Says:

    I’m 100% in agreement with Sieg about that Canadian douche and the true religion of our folks.

  14. Sieg Says:

    Yeah, the only quote of Lavigne’s I’d ever use is if he said “oh shit” just before getting capped.
    FTF / FTP

  15. oldshove Says:

    Yves is full of shit.Before the boys patched over they where told to drop a brother of colour.They said fuck you we all patch over or none of us patch over

  16. Ben Says:

    “Is there, or is there not, a nigger in the club in Vancouver?”

    Barger replied there was a rule about members being white, but it was formulated after the Vancouver Hells Angel joined the club. He said he had assumed the man was Polynesian until he heard his nickname was Buckwheat. He asked if the man was a “nigger.” The man then changed his name from Buckwheat to Detroit. Barger said that Detroit is also a “nigger-type name” and he might as well call himself Watermelon. (The black angel later changed his name to the Cuban.) (Hells Angels: Into the Abyss by Yves Lavigne Chapter 9, page 206.)

  17. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    my opinion is in line with Sieg and Dasein. I feel it is a religion of destruction of every other person on the planet that is not Muslim. Islam is the only religion that does not accept you if you are not Islamic. If you are not Islamic, you are lower than a goat to them . In my opinion that’s some bullshit right there .
    Much respect to any and all clubs mentioned in this article or on this website.

    Respect to all the regulars and rebel.
    FUCK the raghead terrorists

    -Big Ang

  18. Sieg Says:

    Damn! Andy, I completely forgot to mention, no one is talking about “gangs”, rather, we were discussing motorcycle clubs. Had we been discussing the pigs, then I could understand your reference to “gangs”.
    FTF / FTP

  19. Sieg Says:

    Andy, long, long before Europeans took up the desert-religions, they had their own indigenous beliefs. Many still practice them,in one form or another, to this day. It wasn’t until 900 AD that the last formal temes of our old gods were destroyed, by a traitor in collusion with the British, who had already bowed to the semitic public-relations blitz, aka “christianity”.

    Personally, I’d say that should make any practice of the original beliefs of our ancestors “accepted”.

    FTF / FTP

  20. andy uk Says:

    Interesting comments on religion,last i heard most ,if not all the accepted religions began in the middle east. Me ,i lean towards no religion,try not to judge until i know. On the gang thing, where there is money to be made the shit will follow.

  21. Neuro Says:

    Aka “Joey”

  22. Dasein Says:

    Actually, Sieg, with true respect, a “real muzzie (not only) could be a member of ISIS”, but in fact “What many people may not realize is that the “Caliph” of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has a PhD in Islam from the University of Baghdad, and that every single thing he does, even those that horrify us in the West, has a totally legitimate precedent in the official Islam of the Koran and the Hadith, the two texts, considered of equal importance, on which Islam is based.” ISIS, is not “radical”, nor aberrant; it is in fact True Islam. In other words, it is not a ““non-religious” org.” I understand and agree about ““cafeteria-catholics”, and “lukewarm Lutherans”, and I have to say, I don’t consider either to be TRULY catholics or Lutherans, nor is a “muzzie light” a true muslim. What I feel is that “muzzie light” membership in the HA, for instance, is not really a contradiction of beliefs, because a “muzzie light” isn’t a true muslim to begin with. A “muzzie light” amongst ISIS however , soon finds himself slaughtered.
    Here’s a recent speech by the mayor of Londonistan, who is either a “muzzzie light” himself, or more likely a Trojan Horse.

    Please don’t infer any offense from any of the above; to quote a rather sage individual who posts here: “that’s just me, and what do I know.”


  23. Sieg Says:

    oldshove, I have heard that they had ONE non-white member up there, but hey-I don’t study on the 81, none of my bidness.

    Dasein, I hear what you’re saying, but by that logic, no “real” muzzie could be a member of ISIS, or any other, hmmmm, “non-religious” org. The thing is, ALL semetic religions teach complete submission, it’s a pretty common middle-eastern concept. That said, there are plenty of “cafeteria-catholics”, and “lukewarm Lutherans”, I suppose you could be a “muzzie-light”.

    Personally feel it’s a mistake to allow them into a real Patch, but that’s just me, and what do I know.


  24. Dasein Says:

    Sorry, Knuckles, you cannot be a muslim, and also be ANYthing else. You are either not a real muslim, or you are not a real HA, or whatever. Islam means “submission”, period. An “ala carte” muslim, could also be a HA, but he would not be a real muslim. Islam leaves zero room for divided allegiance, hence the scholastic justification of isis’ atrocities toward those “fake” muslims that won’t stand with them. Pretty sure isis and the HA wouldn’t exactly get along. So, if “when in Europe there are plenty of Muslim memebers. Some chapters are all Muslims.”, those are fake muslims, which in my opinion anyway, are taking a step in the right direction. Islam is rabies, fuck islam.

  25. Knuckles Says:

    You guys are talking like there are no Muslim HA. when in Europe there are plenty of Muslim memebers. Some chapters are all Muslims.

  26. dogbreath Says:

    Clubs are international. Some of them foreigners have funny names. If you establish charters in countries like Turkey and Indonesia…

    R.I.P. Robert “Bob” Keith. Condolences to those who knew and loved him.

  27. AkClay Says:

    Mohammad Rafiq ??

  28. wharf rat Says:

    RIP Bob Green

  29. Stevo Says:

    Mohammed Fucking Rafiq for fucks sake?

  30. Bolo Says:

    If his name is Mohammad you know exactly what’s in his heart.

  31. oldshove Says:

    You should brush up on the history of the BC angels .They kinda go by whats in a mans heart not the colour of his skin

  32. Kat Says:

    Yeah Sieg…Amen to that…

  33. Kat Says:

    Yeah Sieg…I thought Sonny says “no niggers”..Doesn’t that mean Sand Niggers ALSO?

  34. Sieg Says:

    Mohammad Rafiq…the times they are a-changin’…


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