Jason Williams And Facebook

October 25, 2016

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Jason Williams And Facebook

Jason “Toop” Williams is the former vice president of the North Tonawanda Chapter of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club and one of 13 remaining defendants in a federal racketeering case that arose after club national president David Pirk allegedly ordered a fledgling motorcycle outlaw named Andre L. “Li’l Bear” Jenkins to execute a couple of Kingsmen named Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski in a parked car outside the North Tonawanda clubhouse about three in the morning on September 6, 2014..

It was a stupid, callous, foolish murder. Jenkins lured Maue and Szymanski to a car parked in a lot next to the house – possibly with the promise of a line of something that should be legal but is not or a toke of something that should be legal but is not – then Jenkins slid into the back seat behind them and put bullets in both their heads. As he drove away on a borrowed motorcycle  he was heard to exclaim “LKDK,” which was understood to mean “Live Kingsmen Die Kingsmen.” Jenkins was found guilty of the two murders in state court last year and sentenced to life in prison.

Jenkins, Maue and Szymanski were on different sides in a civil war within the motorcycle club. Pirk, some Kingsmen have alleged, wanted the club to become something more like “a real-life episode of the Sons of Anarchy” and so it did. Jenkins, a black ex-convict from South Dakota, self-styled himself as a club “enforcer.” In the less dramatic part of his life Jenkins drove a towel at a car wash called DeLand Auto Spa in Florida. Who knows what was going on between Pirk’s ears.

Long Investigation

Some Kingsmen quit and joined other clubs or found new interests. Some stuck it out. Because the Kingsmen was a mature motorcycle club it had attracted the attention of the FBI for years. Most of the current case is a state secret but the Department of Justice began building it sometime before September 2009, which was a year after Sons of Anarchy debuted, four years before Pirk decided the Kingsmen should become something more interesting and dangerous than it had previously been and five years before Maue and Szymanski died.

The animosity between the Kingsmen’s two factions came to a head a month before the murders and Toop Williams was there. The Department of Justice alleges: “On or about August 3, 2014, Kingsmen members from the Northern Region of New York, including defendants Filip Caruso, Ed Dekay, Jason Williams, Glen Stacharcyyk and Paul Maue and others, obtained firearms from the North Tonawanda Chapter KMC clubhouse and went to the South Buffalo Chapter KMC clubhouse to confront defendant David Pirk about KMC rule changes. During the confrontation defendant Filip Caruso possessed a Kel-Tec firearm in his waistband and several armed KMC members, who were in town from Florida, arrived to support defendant David Pirk during the confrontation.”

The accusation that Williams was at that “confrontation” is the most serious charge against him. The government also alleges that within the confines of the Kingsmen clubhouses, members smoked marijuana and snorted cocaine and that members and friends of the club shared and sold those drugs among themselves. The clubhouses are accused of buying untaxed cigarettes at Indian reservations and selling them at a profit to members. The clubhouses had bars and sold drinks to members without liquor licenses. Some of the clubhouses also had slot machines, and sometimes they had raffles and sometimes members played cards. And Williams now faces life in prison because he was a club officer and a custodian of one of those clubhouses.

Still Technically Innocent

Williams seems to have done some soul searching since he was indicted on March 16. He is not alone. Three of his codefendants, Emmett Green, Thomas Koszuta and Ryan Myrtle who was the North Tonawanda Chapter president have already made plea deals. Williams has been under house arrest for most of the last seven months but on September 20, Federal District Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford let him out of the house to attend a weekend religious retreat.

Williams is still technically innocent. He hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet. The crimes of which he has been accused are both explicable and comparatively minor. He is clearly ready to get on with his life so earlier this month his attorney, whose name is A. Joseph Catalano, asked the judge to modify the conditions of William’s release from “home detention” to “electronic monitoring with a curfew.”

The government’s objections to that epitomize this case, the sadistic nature of American justice and the influence mass media and social media have had on everything.

Williams has already been punished with embarrassment and restrictions and legal fees and the government, as is almost always the case, has hidden evidence that might tend to prove his innocence of the charges against him. For the last seven months it has refused to make its case because it simply doesn’t have to. It can continue to punish Williams indefinitely without even a nod to the hollow phrase “due process.” In its response to Williams’ request to go to a movie every once in a while “the government” told the judge, as if it was already an established fact, “that the defendant, who was arrested in Florida, maintained a leadership role in the charged criminal organization, that is, he was the Vice President of the North Tonawanda KMC Chapter, and that the defendant was involved in distributing cocaine and marijuana.”


And then the prosecutors went on to remind anyone who might ever see their words that we are now all living in a Panopticon prison run by a sadistic state.

“A review of the defendant’s Facebook page,” the federal attorneys continue, “also revealed numerous references to weapons, violence, drug use, and hatred, and included the following statements:

“On August 19, 2015, the defendant posted on Facebook, ‘Becoming a cold hearted motherfucker wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am.’

“On August 26, 2015, the defendant posted on Facebook, ‘I BELIEVE IN KARMA…BUT I ALSO BELIEVE IN A THROAT PUNCH WHEN IT’S FUCKING DESERVED.’

“On September 14, 2015, the defendant posted on Facebook an image of a warrior with a caption that read, ‘I will fight until I am out of ammo or until I am out of blood.’

“On September 17, 2015, the defendant made a Facebook post which read, ‘Have you ever seen a handgun fired from a moving motorcycle? Keep riding my ass.’”

The prosecutors argue that only the police, “law enforcement” can “assess the defendant’s danger to the community…and/or the effect a potential 80 year or more prison sentence may have on the defendant’s risk of flight.”

Eighty years or more. For slot machines. For untaxed cigarettes. For weed and coke. For answering a casting call to become a bit player in a “real life episode of Sons of Anarchy.” Eighty years for Facebook.


21 Responses to “Jason Williams And Facebook”

  1. david Says:

    Face-Book, the face picture for potential Book-ing.

  2. Ex KMC Says:

    Fuck the Kingsmen, bunch of fucking snitches. Goose from Volusia chapter old lady was a fucking fed that tipped them off to Pirks location…

  3. bcnasty Says:


    ” That being said a person has to have some discipline and rules when using these things these days. Shit I won’t even talk about anything important on a phone but I’ll be glad to meet face to face.”

    That in a nutshell.

  4. Scooter Rick Says:

    I spend more than just a little time on FB. The “quotes” from the brothers page are posted everywhere, verbatim. Damn. Now those pukes are gonna start arresting everybody on FB.

  5. LONER Says:

    @ east coast 22. Well Said,can’t agree with you more,it’s the fucking truth.

  6. Ron Adams Says:

    So if in that position is it best to insist on a “speedy” trial?

  7. LenGoveia Says:

    Yeah the Fed/state can and will use laws on the books to make your life MISERABLE..No doubt the man is being fucked with..The problem here are folks talking to much,posting to much in other words giving the state power..As long as people play right into the prosecution’s hands don’t be surprised when they use what you gave them against you..Is it right ?,Fuck No,but it’s reality..you can bet your ass on it if you choose…

  8. Angry White American Says:

    “A review of the defendant’s Facebook page,”


  9. fallendesperado Says:

    People post the strangest things on Facebook and don’t use their brains it seems. I also put a few ride/event videos on Youtube for the club because it’s easier to share with the Brothers than mailing a bunch of dvds or blurays. I can just send a link. Everything that is used that has an electronic signature has to be considered a NO PRIVACY zone. Phone, text, FB, Youtube, etc etc all of it should be considered public and as public as being shouted from the rooftops. The only thing that “might” be “private” is a face to face conversation. That being said a person has to have some discipline and rules when using these things these days. Shit I won’t even talk about anything important on a phone but I’ll be glad to meet face to face.

  10. Sieg Says:

    If they want you, they will take you.

    It’s that simple, and it doesn’t matter what you post where, they may use that as window-dressing, but that’s about it. We have no protections under law, no one in this country does. Those days are over, our generation, and the one before us, let those slip out of our hands, and into the hands of the Oligarchs.

    Two world wars were staged in order to destroy enough of the best White males to thin the herd to the point where that takeover was possible, and know all that’s being done is housekeeping. Anyone that is perceived as a threat, for whatever reason, will get hammered.

    So, that’s all known. So is the solution. Do what needs to be done.


  11. East Coast 22 Says:

    Good point Ben, but who cares but us? That sounds like LE “conspiracy”, a charge they level at us.

    Anyone with a free thinking brain should know posting anything on social media is like emailing it to FBI and copying all other alphabet agencies.

    The old, lock em up until they plead or hopefully rat, is the cornerstone of their fight for biker genocide and increasing their funding.

    If you were an elected sexual predator or enabler of one, a corrupt “purchased” politician, the FNI would see no wrongdoing and leave you alone, but no, we’re bikers with no constitutional rights.

    So, loose lips…..blah blah. Trust No One! And don’t fall into the trap of doing something stupid, unless it’s absolutely required. And stop with the social media stupidity. Don’t load their gun for them to wear you out with the system. Require your brothers, family and associates to stay of the fed controlled, Facebook. Keep your privacy, and what you eat for dinner, private. Use your heads.

    There can be internal penalties for the use of social media. It might as well get you labeled as a rat.

    Ride safe
    Ride strong
    Stand your ground

    Respect to the deserving

  12. Mercyful Fate Says:

    The FBI raided the KMC clubhouses and seized cash, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
    Three letter agencies “earning” – fucking low-life criminals with a badge.

  13. Coates Says:

    Big brother is watching, and all I have to say to The Man is Suck My Nuts. The constitution may be the blueprint for our government, but the Declaration of Independence remains the enunciation of the American Spirit – and that hallowed document is fairly explicit about the American response to tyranny.
    Liberty or death

  14. TX_Biker Says:

    All I post on Facebook is pictures of my cat….and I don’t have a cat….

  15. Ben Says:

    The waiting game can be a dangerous tactic, in ways that LE can’t anticipate. The pressure placed on some, might lead them to desperation. Consider the case of Trey Short. Up until his arrest at the Twin Peaks restaurant on the trumped up charge of participating in organized criminal, he had no criminal history or arrests. He stayed out of trouble, he worked, had a family and, apparently, was a law abiding citizen. Then, the government slapped a serious, and unfounded, charge against him and confiscated his motorcycle. Maybe he needed his bike to get to work and feed his family. Maybe with the pressure on, and under the hardship, caused by the government, he resorted to desperate action. Not long ago, while riding a stolen motorcycle, he refused to pull over for the police and led them on a short chase, which ended in a crash, killing him and injuring two others. Would this tragic series of events have happened, if his victimization, at the hands of the government, had not happened? If they didn’t take his bike, his good name, his peace of mind, and whatever else? If they didn’t impose the mantle of criminal on him? Would he have continued being the law-abiding citizen he was? Can you blame him for trying to get away from the perpetrators of his troubles? These were his enemies and they chose to be so. At least, Mr. Short knew who his enemies were and resisted them. That’s an admirable thing, in and of itself. When LE backs people into corners, they might get more than what they bargained for. Desperate conditions beckon desperate acts. Maybe we need more of them. So far, the defense lawyers have accomplished, about as much as you could expect from having to work within a theater of the absurd. Desperate acts speak louder than pleas. I hope the stage burns down!

  16. Hangaround Says:

    “Again the FBI not saying anything”. Goverment accountability has gone right out the fucking window.

  17. Ben Says:

    The waiting game is a major tactic on the part of LE to win cases, when they have flimsy or no evidence to win. Pressure builds on the accused, over time, from restrictions in their daily lives, the cost of legal defense, the worry over what the prosecutors may come up with, etc., to find a way out. By placing people in this state of purgatory, prosecutors are pressuring them to make deals, to give testimony. Such testimony should be considered coerced, because it is being given under threat, as if a gun was held to their head. In Waco, they’re taking the waiting game to the outer limits.

  18. RLG Says:

    The Internet is a spy machine. As is the phone system.

  19. BMW Says:

    This sounds like one of those third world countries like Iran, where a citizen can be for posting on Facebook…you know, the kind of country where only the members of a couple of families have the ability or understanding to run the country…where only the very rich can serve in the Senate…Oh, the USA has become one of those…


  20. Nobody Important Says:

    Everything you say on the internet is ‘discoverable’.


    everything you say over a phone, is -also- discoverable.

    pay attention.

  21. Griz's Gal Says:

    Holy shit. Time to start talking recipes and gardening secrets.


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