Johnson Kisses Reyna

October 20, 2016

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Johnson Kisses Reyna

Judge Matt Johnson, the 53-year-old former law partner of McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna perverted the course of justice again this morning, as he has repeatedly since the arrests and incarcerations of scores of witnesses after a bloody gunfight in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015.

Johnson ruled that his old law partner should remain in control of the frozen prosecutions of 153 people who have been indicted so far on the vague and terrible charge of engaging in organized criminal activity. A 154th indictee, Trey Alston Short, died in a motorcycle accident last Friday, October 14. At least 38 people still face the threat of indictment.

The affair is proceeding as if Reyna is waiting for all 191 of them to die before he presents his case against them. As British prime minister William E. Gladstone most famously remarked, justice delayed is justice denied. Both Johnson and Reyna seem determined to prove Gladstone was right.

Day 522

The charges made 522 days ago accuse the indicted of affirmatively conspiring to engage in an affray. Nine people died in that affray and another 18 were wounded – some grievously. The Aging Rebel has spoken with very informed sources on conditions of confidentially who said the gun play began when two men – one a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and the other a member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club – both standing near the patio railing of the restaurant simultaneously drew their pistols. The Aging Rebel has spoken to one of those men. The sources disagree about which man fired first and what his motivation may have been. Both of those men survived the encounter and both insist they acted in self defense. Based on court testimony and other parts of the official record in both the criminal and civil cases, The Aging Rebel believes that at least some investigators knew the two men’s names before the mass arrests.

Virtually all of those who were eventually arrested after the brawl were initially detained as witnesses. Numerous sources and official documents argue that District Attorney Reyna interjected himself into an ongoing murder investigation and ordered police to arrest anyone who betrayed a favoritism for either the Cossacks or the Bandidos, by their words or clothing or other constitutionally protected expressive behavior. Afterwards, 177 people were charged and imprisoned using an nonspecific, photocopied affidavit that, according to the testimony of Waco Detective Manuel Chavez, the man who swore to all the affidavits, was written by Reyna or one of his assistants.


Reyna is now being sued for false arrest by 15 of those he ordered to be charged. The financial consequences for Reyna personally and for McLennan County could be dire. Courts generally compensate victims of false arrest and detention at a rate of between $2,500 and $5,000 per hour of recklessly unjust imprisonment. In a case titled Martinez v. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the complainant was awarded about $8,400 for each hour of false imprisonment.

When asked about the lawsuits at a hearing in August, Reyna said: “I don’t…I don’t care if you take food out of my son’s mouth. I’m going to do the right thing. And a threat of a federal lawsuit or the threat of lawsuits in general is not going to have an affect on that decision. And it’s the right thing to do. And as far as, you know, whether I’m exposed or what have you, I’m not worried about the federal lawsuit. I’ve read the lawsuits attached to your motion. The allegations are just inaccurate and false. So I’m not worried about your federal lawsuits. I’m really not.”

Written In Water

Yesterday in a Memorandum of Law addressed to Judge Johnson, Clint Broden, who represents a defendant named Matt Clendennen and who, along with Abigail Anastasio, is one of two lawyers trying to get Reyna removed from the case, wrote:

“In the end, it is anticipated that Mr. Reyna will ultimately be held jointly and severally liable to Mr. Clendennen for a significant money judgment unless Reyna is somehow able to secure Mr. Clendennen’s conviction in this case.  Simply put, Reyna’s career and financial well-being are in jeopardy because of his flagrant disregard of well-settled constitutional law.  Nevertheless, if Reyna is somehow able to obtain a conviction in this case, he reduces his personal financial exposure for the false arrest he  wanted, advocated and recommended.”

“Of course,” Broden continued, “as part of a self-serving and repeated mantra Abel Reyna wants people to know that he will do “the right thing” regardless of the federal lawsuit even if it takes food out of the mouths of his family.  Nevertheless, all the Court need decide is whether Reyna does, in fact, have a financial interest in prosecuting these cases.  Moreover and to be frank, in light of the fact that Reyna is prosecuting Mr. Clendennen and taking food out of the mouths of Mr. Clendennen’s children when video evidence clearly establishes his innocence, Mr. Clendennen has zero confidence that Reyna will do ‘the right thing’ in his case.  The proof is in the pudding!”

Judge Johnson couldn’t have cared less.


17 Responses to “Johnson Kisses Reyna”

  1. SSJ Says:

    That guy said he you could take food out of his sons mouth. What kind of father is that? Thank you Rebel for keeping it real.

  2. UnaffilatedObserver Says:

    This insanity just goes on and on. There is no oversight, there is no correction.

    In the end, I suppose we will all have a detailed case study of just how horribly wrong things can go with our justice system.

    Here’s to Rebel for continuing to fight the good fight.

  3. T Hell Says:


    Bikers = bad
    cops = Good
    It can continue until such time as a lead projectile……….
    Ask your neighbors, your co-workers, in this day and age a biker is about as useful as teats on a bull

  4. Coates Says:

    How long can this farce continue before it enters the territory of the Declaration of Independence? “Pursuing invariably the same end of reducing the people under a state of absolute despotism” (or something very close to that) sounds like an accurate description.

  5. Angry White American Says:

    To Reyna and Johnson its just a fucking game. A big fucking joke. Until it starts costing them personal freedoms or money its gonna remain a big fucking joke. Until someone with the bigger dick above them tells them to back off this will never be settled.

  6. T Hell Says:

    “Johnson kisses Reyna” sorry Rebel this should have been called Johnson Sucks Reyna’s Dick


  7. LenGoveia Says:

    What a mess,seems to me the right to a speedy trial was waived..This puts the DA in a power position knowing all these lives are on hold…Why did only 15 filed a lawsuit?,every innocent person should have…This whole mess sucks ,it’s no doubt an abuse of justice by Texas which is business as usual for that state…DA has obviously got people way up the food chain backing him..This kind of justice corruption is hard to beat,they simply have the power to make your life miserable if they choose to..

  8. Woodstock Says:

    Yeah the above photo isn’t accurate. That’s not the location where the kiss was planted.

  9. Jim Jones Says:

    It would appear that Anal Reyna has again went down onto his safe place, Judge Matt’s “Johnson”.

  10. FF Says:

    The appearance of impropriety is palpable in this case.

  11. Potmetal Says:

    These 2 jackasses know where each others bodies are buried. Reyna has the squeeze on Johnson, and is simply holding him until he contrives an exit strategy, which he’ll never be able to do.

    Broden is smart, he’s just persistently checking all of the boxes until he can move out from under Johnson. I think they’ll eventually bankrupt that cesspool. I just hope the victims of this shitshow are strong enough to weather the storm.

  12. RLG Says:

    Apparently doing “the right thing” doesn’t include assuming innocence until proving guilt.

    I wonder if a complaint could be made to the Texas Bar Association.

  13. david Says:

    Obviously, the corruption based on money runs very deep in the county as the result of an apathetic, distracted, and maybe, clueless population. The only reason these two members of a gangster regime of infantile stooges with fake statements of “justice” are allowed to unlawfully operate, is because the people do nothing.

  14. BMW Says:

    These two corrupt politicians are STILL partners, as far as I can see. There is a pretty stringent set of rules known as “judicial canons” that seem to be the opposite of the conduct of these crooked clowns.

    Now, the judicial canons are ignored much too often, but sometimes they are applied rigidly: for instance, in the infamous Kentucky “Fen-fen trial”



    CANON 1
    A judge shall uphold and promote the, independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary, and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.

    CANON 2
    A judge shall perform the duties of judicial office impartially, competently, and diligently.

    CANON 3
    A judge shall conduct the judge’s personal and extrajudicial activities to minimize the risk of conflict with the obligations of judicial office.”

    CANON 4
    (Deals with election activity)…

    Now, doesn’t that sound like the opposite of what what these guys do?

    Texas has it’s own set of judicial canons:

    I have read that people opposing Donald Trump are conducting a boycott of anything with his name on it. Perhaps motorcycle riders everywhere should start a boycott of anything to do with WHACO until justice prevails?


  15. LONER Says:

    Fuck judge johnson,and Fuck reyna.I hope mr brodens luck changes soon.Thanks rebel respects.

  16. david Says:

    Since Matt Johnson and Un-Able Reyna are former law partners, and both members of an “elite” club of law-perverting, law-violating violating and law-ignoring money-grubbing slime, MAYBE Broden should have, or could have, asked for Johnson’s recusal prior to the latest bull-shit ruling.

    Conversely, Broden and his law partners are some of the best, therefore they realize the Johnson-Reyna legal incest show, including every ruling by Johnson so far, is an appealable issue if Clendennen is hammered by the kangaroo county court. That is, if Reyna ever gets around to conducting over a 179 INDIVIDUAL trials.

  17. rw Says:

    Really didn’t expect it to go any different. That judge hasn’t ruled against his partner yet. Why start now?

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