$850 Million Of Waco Love

October 13, 2016

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$850 Million Of Waco Love

There is a hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:30 in Waco. The point is to find out who is really indemnifying McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna for any potential judgments in the 15 federal civil rights lawsuits pending against him for false arrest – and, for that matter, another 155 potential federal lawsuits for the same thing. Reyna, his lawyers and McLennan County think the subject is nobody’s damn business.

At a hearing on August 8, Dallas attorney Clint Broden who is pursuing some of those lawsuits asked Reyna:

“…is it your understanding that if there was in fact a judgment against you in the criminal cases that – that you would have to pay that judgment because you’re being sued in your individual capacity?”

Reyna replied, “No.”

“Okay. Why is it – well, let me ask you. Is…is there any kind of an agreement by any entity to indemnify you, in fact, if there’s a judgment against you?”

“You’ll have to talk to Texas Association of Counties representatives and my lawyers about that.”


“All I can tell you,” Reyna said, “is what they represented to me as far as when we discussed the coverage.”

“Okay,” Broden said. “And you haven’t seen anything in writing to – to support the fact that they would cover any judgment against you?”

“No. I take it from their interpretation, TAC’s actual interpretation understanding of their own coverage is that. And I have not been provided any reservation of rights letters, which, as you know – now taking you back to law school – would be their indication that they may not cover it. They haven’t even done that.”

Broden pursued the line of questioning about who might indemnify Reyna for a judgment against him in a series of false arrest lawsuits. It is an important thing to know because it might indicate who or what Reyna is acting as a front man for and if he is not fronting, how much the taxpayers of McLennan County might owe and how much Reyna might owe.

Who And How Much

Reyna testified that Texas Association of Counties, “is going to cover $500,000.”

“Okay,” Broden nodded, “and then….”

“The amount of attorneys’ fees that they pay does not reduce that $500,000 policy. So it’s $500,000 of actual damages in the policy. After that, it is their opinion, as well as that of my attorneys, that I have…that I’ve communicated with that then the county would pick up from there.”

“Okay. So if there was a judgment against you for five million dollars, if my understanding…if I’m following you, McLennan County taxpayers would pick up the other 400…$4,500,000.00?”

“ That’s my understanding.”

“And does it matter…is that per lawsuit? Now we talked about the fact….”

“I don’t know that.”

Talk To My Lawyer

Broden returned to the question of just who has District Attorney Reyna’s back a little later in the hearing.

Broden said, “And I just want to go back to the idea of the civil lawsuits for a minute. And I think you…you talked about this. You don’t know whether that the…once the $500,000 is up from TAC and McLennan County taxpayers would have to start paying, you don’t know whether that’s…they’re going to cover you for one case or 100 cases?”

“I’m not even worried about that,” Reyna who provably falsely imprisoned about 170 people replied. “I’m not even worried about the $500,000. I’m not worried about the federal lawsuits.”

Broden tried to followup but Reyna wrapped himself up in a cloak of self righteous victimhood. “Sir….”

“I don’t…I don’t care if you take food out of my son’s mouth. I’m going to do the right thing. And a threat of a federal lawsuit or the threat of lawsuits in general is not going to have an affect on that decision. And it’s the right thing to do. And as far as, you
know, whether I’m exposed or what have you, I’m not worried about the federal lawsuit. I’ve read the lawsuits attached to your motion. The allegations are just inaccurate and false. So I’m not worried about your federal lawsuits. I’m really not.”


“And I….”

Broden, who finally undoubtedly knows the damage done to children and families by the arrests Reyna ordered after the Twin Peaks brawl, finally got a word in edgewise. “Whether…whether you should be worried or shouldn’t be worried, that’s between your son and his eating and your family. But that’s not the question I asked you. I asked you a question of whether to your knowledge will you be indemnified whether it’s one case, one judgment against you or 100 judgments?”

“I don’t know that. You’ve asked me that. I don’t know that.”


“You need to talk to them. And if you ask me again, I’m going to give you the same answer.”

“Need to talk to?”

“You would have to talk to TAC, talk to my attorneys. My understanding…you’ve got the attorney here…it’s discoverable. All of that information is discoverable.”

“And I take it then, you would waive any attorney-client privilege with regard to that?”

“No. Mr. Broden, seriously. No.”

“Well, seriously, you just told me….”

“That information…that….”

“I could call the attorney.”

“And that information is discoverable with respect to the coverage that I’m entitled to under TAC. That’s my understanding.”

“I’m not talking about TAC right now. I’m talking about the McLennan County taxpayers.”

“You’re talking about coverage as a whole for the incident is my understanding.”

“Well, then let me clarify,” Broden said. “I’m talking about any judgment over $500,000.”

“Again,” Reyna said, “you’d have to talk to my attorneys about that and TAC as to what would kick in. I guess county
officials, as well.”


So Broden sent interrogatories, which are a form of written testimony, to Reyna’s lawyer Thomas Brandt and to McClennan County Administrator Dustin Chapman. Broden wanted to know what Reyna claimed not to know – which is whether an individual, like Donald Trump, or an entity like the Texas Department of Public Safety or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had Reyna’s back; or if McLennan County would be stuck with the bill; or if Reyna was hanging out on a limb over a cliff all by himself. Both Brandt and Chapman refused to answer.

Matt Johnson (above), Reyna’s former law partner and the McLennan County judge who has managed to stall the case for 517 days so far, granted Broden’s motion for the hearing tomorrow. Two of the ten thousand or so incriminating details in the case is the fact that Reyna contacted Brandt’s law office on May 19,2015 – two days after the mass arrests – twice; and that the that the McLennan County Commissioners are represented by the same law firm.

But tomorrow’s hearing still might to much. Yesterday, Reyna and various McLennan County officials filed motions to avoid answering questions about who is indemnifying Reyna. It is not, as Reyna has implied, the Texas Association of Counties which limits claims for malicious prosecution claims against a district attorney to an “aggregate” sum of $1 million.  So if the judgments against Reyna eventually total $850 million, which seems like a reasonable sum of the damages Reyna and other yahoos in Waco caused, somebody besides the Texas Association of Counties would be on the hook for $849 million.

It is also possible that Reyna is all alone in this. It is possible that no one is backing him up in which case he may just now be realizing that he is a fool. Maybe whoever he thought is backing him up has covered their tracks by now. Maybe he is starting to understand that he can’t stall justice forever. In the American courts, it is the men who come to such realizations who make deals.

Stay tuned.


20 Responses to “$850 Million Of Waco Love”

  1. david Says:

    Reyna’s new theme songs are on the you-tube:

    Doyle Bramhall II – Going Down, Psy-Fi Eye and, ARC Angels – Too Many Ways To Fall-2001, 1016 vortex.

  2. david Says:

    Broden is strategically building his position for Un-Abel’s disqualification whether judge Johnson’s and Reyna’s legal incest interferes with Reyna’s conflict of interest persecution of defendants , or not.

    All four County Commissioners, County Administrator Dustin Chapman, Reyna’s bull-shit attorney Brandt and bull-shitter Reyna as well, can all play their bull-shit games, yet their refusal to answer SIMPLE questions will eventually back-fire and be used against them.

    Broden is able to, and may, file a “Motion to Show Cause”why every one of them should not be found in contempt of court for refusal to answer simple questions concerning Reyna’s qualification to persecute. Chapman and the four County Commissioners cannot use the “attorney-client” privilege bull-shit Reyna and Brandt are using for refusal to answer.

  3. James Crawford Says:

    Re Austin,

    In 1960, Democrats were circulating posters featuring Richard Nixon’s unshaven visage and the question,

    “would you buy a used car from this man?”

    In 2016, Republicans should be circulating posters featuring Hillary Clinton’s vicious visage without her medications and the question,

    “Would you buy a blow job from this woman?”

  4. Michael Wood Says:

    I think WE all now know that Reyna was going on the false allegations of a well known (but not for his actual expertise) “motorcycle/organized crime expert” who was going to be running one of his “Boys’ Drunk Night Out – courtesy of the taxpayers” pseudo science seminars. Whether he was given the false information directly, or it was passed on by someone else hoodwinked by these seminars is a question that perhaps we will eventually discover.


  5. Neuro Says:

    Just lettin’ you know, you’re right, no big deal.

  6. Okey Dokey Says:

    @ Neuro

    @ Austin
    Correction. Thank you Ma’am.

  7. Neuro Says:

    Looking at Unable’s speech patterns, it’s difficult to believe he could pass the state bar exam.

  8. Neuro Says:

    Okey Dokey, Austin is a woman, and liked here.

  9. Paul Says:

    I’m not sure Reyna is bright enough to understand how deep a pile he is standing in. Maybe he thinks his buddies on the bench will have his back. My hope is that he is financially ruined as an example to others who want to trample on the Constitution.

  10. LoneWoofwoof Says:

    Suing is easy. Winning and collecting a judgement against a governmental entity, or a governmental employee is not so easy. Lots of immunity protections built into the system. Lots of saber rattling by the Attorney’s, we’ll see if any cash actually gets paid out.

  11. popeye Says:

    Pride goeth before the fall , Mr Renya you smug motherfucker

  12. Okey Dokey Says:

    @ Austin
    Thank you sir.

  13. Paladin Says:


    Just a suggestion, but why not take your politics over to the Saloon? If I had to guess, I’d guess that’s why Rebel has the Saloon on his site. You know, to trade opinions and discuss topics not related to the thread at hand.


  14. Austin Says:

    @Okey Dokey Ouch!!

    I just noticed Mr. Reyna, you know – that guy in Waco, Texas…. The dude, you know – he’s that guy who wrapped himself up in a cloak of self righteous victimhood! A trendy new style which a certain segment of metro dudes are wearing this Fall.
    That poor victim Mr. Reyna who has singlehandedly, or in combination with some pork, That Mr. Reyna who has caused/cost at minimum 200-ish people untold pain, damages, suffering, time, life. I was catching up on the only real news around – and I noticed that Mr. Reyna has a similar speech pattern as the Contender. But now you want to police a free speech zone which is not even yours?!

    If Rebel needs to give me a… Ahhhh….. A tongue lashing, or mete out some… ummm… Discipline, I am confident he has holstered at his disposal a perfect Big Tool which he knows how to use. Plus- he knows where to find me, and my safe word.

    Whatever you are being bombarded by probably unplugs. Or perhaps you could slide into your saddle and go for a ride. Careful out there – Deer season is upon us.

    Pssst… Rebel~ I’ve been very naughty. Punish Me Now.. I’ll be eagerly anticipating you, C’mon – Take me In Hand! I’m running wild again.

  15. Paladin Says:

    Okey Dokey,


    Long May You Ride,


  16. Okey Dokey Says:

    @ Austin
    You just had to play the fucking Trump card didn’t you. Isn’t it enough that we’re bombarded with that crap enough 24/7. In case you haven’t noticed this ain’t a political soap box site.

  17. Austin Says:

    “…And it’s the right thing to do. And as far as, you
    know, whether I’m exposed or what have you, I’m not worried about the federal lawsuit. I’ve read the lawsuits attached to your motion. The allegations are just inaccurate and false. So I’m not worried about your federal lawsuits. I’m really not.”

    He’s a chip off the Old Trump all right! Deny, Deny, Deny.

  18. ak rack Says:

    If Reyna hadn’t stupidly maneuvered himself into the position of a desperate gambler chasing his losses, dollars to doughnuts he’d have a different idea of what “doing the right thing” amounts to. To call this guy a self-righteous, hypocritical prick would be bragging on him.

  19. Griz's Gal Says:

    Hi, guys.

    It looks like Clint is tired of screwing around with Abel. You’ll get a good chuckle out of this.



  20. Sieg Says:

    Always entertaining to watch a nest of weasels turn on each other.

    You can be sure that the FedCoats won’t do a thing to help him, I’d really be surprised if there wasn’t already a string of e-mails between “Reyna and the ATF” which plainly state they cannot belp him or indemnify him, and which “he” acknowledges.

    Similarly, I doubt the State will back him up, so if I lived in that county, I’d be waiting for my real-estate bill to quaruple.

    Old Chi-Town saying, “don’t make no waves, don’t back no losers”.

    FTF / FTP

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