New Iron Order Lawsuit

October 10, 2016

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New Iron Order Lawsuit

Late Thursday afternoon Laura Ramirez Mendoza, the widow of Mongol Victor “Nubs” Mendoza, filed suit in state court in Denver against the man who killed her husband. The suit also seeks damages from the Iron Order Motorcycle Club and the Colorado Motorcycle Expo.

Victor Mendoza was killed by a Colorado prison guard and Iron Order patch holder named Derrick “Kong” Duran at the motorcycle show and swap meet last January 30.

According to a Denver police report, while members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club were selling souvenir shirts at the Expo members of the Iron Order including Duran engaged the Mongols in “a verbal altercation” near the Mongols booth. “At some point the verbal altercation turned physical.” During that fight, Duran fought with a Mongol named Jared “Herc” Chadwick. When he began to lose that fight, Duran pulled a gun and shot Chadwick, who was seriously wounded, in the abdomen. Duran and several other members of the Iron Order then retreated up a set of stairs where, according to numerous witnesses, Duran waved his pistol in a menacing manner.

According to police, someone – it has never been established who – fired a single shot that struck an Iron Order member named Daniel McCallister and grazed Duran. Duran then shot and killed Victor Mendoza who was below Duran on the stairs. Duran was detained and questioned by police but not arrested.

No Criminal Charges

According to the police report, the homicide investigation continued until April 21. Two days before that investigation concluded, Denver District Attorney Mitchell R. Morrissey announced that Duran would not be charged with anything. The April 19  announcement said “The case was presented for consideration of charges yesterday, and the legal review concluded that there is no likelihood of a conviction due to the self-defense claim of Mr. Duran.”

The lawsuit filed Thursday describes the Iron Order as: “A motorcycle club that has been involved in several high-profile altercations with other motorcycle clubs across the country. On Jun 5, 2013, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Iron Order members were in a fight with members of the Los Lobos motorcycle club. On April 27, 2014, in Crawfordsville, Indiana, Iron Order members had an altercation with the Sons of Silence motorcycle club in a parking lot, involving bats, firearms, and knives. On June 26, 2014, an Iron Order recruit shot and killed a member of the Black Piston motorcycle club in an altercation outside a restaurant in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. On June 7, 2014, Iron Order members were in a fight with members of the Chosen Sons motorcycle club in Baltimore, Maryland. On April 21, 2015, Iron Order had an altercation with the Pistoleros and Bandidos motorcycle clubs, which resulted in 3 people being shot. On June 10, 2015, in Erlanger, Kentucky, Iron Order members had an altercation with the Iron Horseman motorcycle club wherein one person was struck by a vehicle. On June 19, 2015, Iron Order members were involved in an incident in which a woman was killed when she was thrown into traffic while trying to stop a fight between Iron Order members and her boyfriend in Reading, Pennsylvania. In June 2015, there was a fistfight between members of the Iron Rockets, an affiliate of Iron Order, and other bikers at the Tejon Street Bike Fest in Colorado Springs, Colorado.”

Start Altercations

The suit alleges that: The “Iron Order encourages its members and chapters, including but not limited to Iron Order Colorado, to start altercations with other motorcycle clubs. Iron Order has a set of unwritten rules detailing how Iron Order members and chapters, including but not limited to Iron Order Colorado, should deal with conflict. Iron Order considers an attack on one member to be an attack on all members. When one Iron Order member is assaulted, every Iron Order member is expected to respond in force with no mercy. There is no ‘I give up’ quarter given. The Iron Order members do whatever they have to do to eliminate the violence and neutralize the threat. The aggressor or aggressors are sent away with a strong message to everyone they ever meet ‘to never pick hands up to an Iron Order member for any reason.’ Iron Order’s National Vice President, Michael Crouse, explained Iron Order’s philosophy on social media when he wrote: “’ know our club has the advantage. 1%ers won’t call the cops. So what the [expletive deleted]!? Destroy any [expletive deleted] that confronts you. It’s a free ticket. . . if they can.’ Upon information and belief Iron Order of Colorado has adopted in fact and in practice and has internalized the foregoing philosophy of Iron Order and so has encouraged its members, including Defendant Duran, to act in accord therewith.

“At all times necessary to this action, Defendant Duran was an agent and member of Iron Order and Iron Order Colorado and was acting within the course and scope of his agency with Iron Order and Iron Order Colorado and with the authority of Iron Order and Iron Order Colorado, such that Iron Order and Iron Order Colorado are liable for the acts or omissions of Defendant Duran, as described below, pursuant to general agency law.”

Two Lawsuits

Denver attorney Charles G. Crichton filed the suit on Laura Mendoza’s behalf.  The lawyer and the widow are seeking relief from economic injuries including medical expenses; funeral expenses; “ the value of Victor Mendoza’s life; past and future economic support; past and future household services; and other economic losses.” The 10 page suit also seeks compensation for “noneconomic injuries, including, but not limited to grief, mental anguish, anger, loss of companionship, impairment of the quality of life, pain and suffering,” and “emotional distress.”

This is the second wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Iron Order in the last 15 months. In July 2015 Timothy Daly filed suit against the club in state court in Philadelphia on behalf of the estate of a woman named Tonya M. Focht who was pushed under a moving car during an altercation in a fight in the parking lot of Anna’s Bar-B-Q Pit in sinking Spring, Pennsylvania.

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39 Responses to “New Iron Order Lawsuit”

  1. Real Time Says:

    I hear IO members sometimes bragging how tough and Badazz they are and what they’ll do if confronted, I think they look for trouble to improve their self egos. If all Clubs would stop all the discord among themselves they could shut these wimps down

  2. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Condolences to Ms. Mendoza, your family, friends, and the brothers of your husband. Best wishes for you to win against these cowards.

    Condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Focht, may you win yours as well.


    To the cowards,

    Once again: how the fuck far out of your way did you have to go to get to the Mongols area? And you were supposedly trying to avoid them?

    A very learned and wise regular poster here once advised: “If you can’t walk the yard, don’t step off the porch.”
    Fake Bikers Who Start Shit, I’d think when the law turn their backs on you…stand by. I hear it can be mighty cold and lonely on those yards.

  3. Shovelhead Says:

    Another typical Iron Order Pussy doing what they do best…RAT!!

  4. FF Says:

    I don’t think that link worked so I cut and paste this

    3 charged in alleged motorcycle gang assault

    The alleged victim was wearing an Iron Order Motorcycle Club T-shirt.

    By TAYLOR BROWN [email protected]

    Three men are accused in the alleged assault of a Homestead man Sunday that police are calling a motorcycle gang-related incident in Washington Township.

    Charges were filed against Robert L. Morgan, 40, and James R. Vincent, 27, both of Fairmont W. Va., and William F. Metts, 47, of Smock after Washington Township police responded to a call around 4:45 p.m.

    Police said Ernest J. Gill Jr., 35, was riding his motorcycle along Perry Avenue when a group of bikers pulled out from the Pizon’s Place bar and followed him to Hollywood Street.

    Using several motorcycles and a vehicle to block the intersection, the men stopped Gill, allegedly because he was wearing an Iron Order Motorcycle Club shirt, police said.

    At the intersection of Hollywood Street and Koslasky Drive, the men repeatedly hit Gill in the head and face before taking his loaded Charles Daly handgun, Galaxy S7 cellphone and his T-shirt, police said.

    Before township police Officer Christopher Moody arrived at the scene, he witnessed several motorcycles and a gray Chevrolet Malibu speeding along Route 201, where he conducted a traffic stop involving Metts. The others drove from the scene.

    Moody proceeded to the intersection and found Gill bleeding heavily from his wounds.

    While Moody was talking to Gill, Metts allegedly rode by wearing a Pagans Motorcycle Club vest. Gill identified Metts as one of the assailants.

    Moody caught up with Metts at the intersection of McDonough and Victoria streets, where Metts was talking to Morgan and Vincent, passengers in a Chevrolet Malibu, who allegedly had their vests turned inside out.

    Both Morgan and Vincent were arrested after police allegedly found Vincent to be in possession of brass knuckles. Morgan allegedly was carrying a concealed Smith & Wesson revolver.

    A search of Morgan’s vehicle revealed a lock tied to a bandanna and a Keltec handgun in the vehicle, police said. Investigators described the lock-bandanna combination as a makeshift weapon.

    Metts, Morgan and Vincent each were charged with aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy, theft by unlawful taking, simple assault, harassment and recklessly endangering another person.

    Washington Township Police Chief Carl Fronzaglio said Gill was transported to UMPC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh for his injuries.
    A hospital spokeswoman said Gill has since been released. All three men are being held in Fayette County Prison, each in lieu of $150,000. They face preliminary hearings 1:30 p.m. Sept. 29 before Magisterial District Judge Daniel C. Shimshock in Masontown.

    North Belle PA

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Another big bad urine odor faggot named tattoo something or other, going after a woman and talking shit about her murdered husband. The tattoo bitch is another who likes those urine odor parties –>

  6. rollinnorth Says:

    Tiny tatu:
    De mortuus nil nisi bene.

    Respect, to those…

  7. Lurch Says:

    little tattoo must be part of the uo to post comments like that.

    Respect to the deserving.

  8. BMW Says:

    Condolences to the widow, brothers and family members of the murdered Victor Mendoza. I hope Mrs. Mendoza is successful in her lawsuit. These sorts of suits are only sometimes successfully prosecuted against an organization. However there are a few cases, such as when the Southern Poverty Law Center (I think that is the group) destroyed one or two Caucasian racialist groups.(The argument was that – as an organization, the group’s espoused violence against certain targets.) The Urine Odors has its greasy tentacles entwined throughout the entire American Injustice Industry and may be much harder to beat.


  9. Sohn Says:

    I’m sure the IO are sad that they won’t have the money to be able to video their gay porn with each other anymore.

  10. Big tattoo Says:

    I agree with the suit but the only issue I see is the widow is going to have to reimburse the IOMC for the cost of the bullet put in his head!! Also she’s suing for his life worth?? Again she’ll have to reimburse the IO for future collected disability , Medicaid , food stamps and cost to imprison the Mexican dirt bag. She’s do to lose a fortune!!!! I would think twice!!

  11. Paladin Says:


    I think the io playbook is well known by all. However, the io playbook is one dimensional in that it addresses dealing with 1%er clubs only. The io is at a loss when having to deal with any threat that’s outside that box.

    Because I carry a gun and have never had my Second Amendment rights restricted and because I know the law as it pertains to the use of lethal force in self defense, I have no qualms about trading lead with these assholes at the drop of a hat. As I’ve said in the past: If one knows the law better than one’s opponent, one can do what one needs to do without breaking it.

    Long May You Ride,


  12. NCRider Says:

    Much respect to Mrs. Mendoza for her willpower and courageously not backing down from these cowards. I hope this is successful and the IO is forced to take some kind of accountability.



  13. Potmetal Says:

    Agreed Stevo.

    That being said, I can see the uo turning into vaporware upon the first judgment against them. Even with snark in their corner, he’s but one man. In a trial against an MC you best have some hella dedicated counselors ready to put in the hours because the other team is only working for the biggest settlement they can.

    If one case goes against them, every other case is going to follow their battle plan. After that they’ve instantly become a radioactive financial liability.

    Fuck these motherfuckers. I hope they all end up homeless.

  14. To FxR. Says:

    And there not a club..Iron whores is a law enforcement organization.

  15. Stevo Says:


    The Iron Order starts trouble with 1% clubs in order to provoke them into breaking the law so they can be prosecuted. As Rebel says, Iron Order is a tethered goat. Their members are ordered to start fights and then step back and film the incident rather than help their brother. Fact.


  16. To FxR. Says:

    To FXR..To make it clear the wife of Mr.Mendoza filed the lawsuit,and shes a civilian who can choose to do what she feels in her heart..Definitly not the first lawsuit toward a club in the U.S.

  17. Ben Says:

    The family of the Iron Order is related to the family of cross dressing, transgender, LGBT, hermaphroditic, androgynous Boy George types, who are trapped in the wrong bodies. Their psychological problem stems from their irresistible urge to fly two flags at the same time. It would be better for them to fly only one flag. I suggest the rainbow flag.

  18. Sohn Says:

    Condolences to Mrs Mendoza.
    I know that civil lawsuits are somewhat common for MCS. It is the one place most every MC members have found any form of legal relief.. There’s been lawsuits almost entirely directed at government or police. Suing a motorcycle club may be unique. As far as the venue goes, I know that several Mongols tried to sue Harrah’s to no avail. I sincerely hope Mrs. Mendoza is successful in her endeavor but I’m not sure that suing the company that held the event is good for the MC community. But, I’m not going to fault a widow for her actions.

  19. Lurch Says:

    Brothers of like mind nation wide need to get together and take a page out of the leo hand book, and deliver a single massive blow to these wannabe fucktards. JS

    Respect to the deserving.

  20. Base Says:

    There is plenty of written bravado from the IO previous and current leadership to make a case.

    Finding fare in the justice system will be much harder.


  21. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    As Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. There’s a whole lot of clubs that need to be friends right now…

  22. Leonard Goveia Says:

    Iron order has their punk asses covered…they’ve laid out their M.O.which is simply to make it appear as self defence..regrettably it works,it’s working and it’s always going to work…Their Not interested in old biker rules of combat,their mission,to kill and get away with…Do not fight when you’ve been set up to lose..walk away,think,make a plan that levels the field..there is no honor in getting murdered…the book THE ART OF WAR gives examples of tilting the battle your way..check it out..and we all know I’m not preaching violence. with LE monitoring ,no I’m not…

  23. Concerned Citizen Says:

    My best wishes go out to the Mendoza family and some sort of justice comes out of this. The urine oder knows they fucced up they can only hide for so long, didn’t one of them get killed at bar in South Carolina or something?

  24. Phuquehed Says:

    With any luck the urine odor fucks will get it up their asses with an electric cattle prod, and even more good luck if Mrs. Mendoza gets an actual non-corrupt judge willing to see what a bunch of cowards those in the urine odor/illegitimate odor all are. A bunch of cowardly pigs, one and all of them.

    Kick their asses Mr. Crichton, no mercy for those useless fucks.

  25. Brad H Says:

    Condolences to the widow and best of luck on her lawsuits.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but tactics of going after an entire club have been used in the past, however I’m not sure it has ever worked. That being said, it should be expensive for the uo to defend, even with an in house shit scraper. I’m not sure these ass clowns have ever felt the crunch of having to defend themselves or the liability of their actions in a court of law, criminal or civil.

    On the upside, civil litigation has a lower burdon of proof than criminal litigation, if I remember correctly. Again, best of luck to these folks.

    Here’s hoping that instead of thousands of dollars for their next nationals, they have to stand on a street corner with a panhandling sign that reads “Help get us out of your town!”. I’d gladly pony up $.05 for that.


  26. Paladin Says:


    Only if one allows it.


  27. rob Says:

    It’s gonna be a long war…

  28. Ben Says:

    The Iron Order are offensive posers with an identity crisis.

  29. So cal Says:

    Wonder were there hiding fuck the u.o

  30. swampy Says:

    If life runs full circle then let’s hope C-gar’s words are coming ’round to bite him in the ass. Fuck the uo.

  31. Paladin Says:


    The io only attacks 1%er type clubs because the io knows these clubs and there members won’t call the cops or get involved in civil litigation. The io is very careful to avoid confrontations with those outside the 1%er community or those that when threatened, deliver instantaneous lethality without warning.


  32. Ben Says:

    I’m not defending the Iron Order, but I see similarities between this lawsuit and government RICO prosecutions. They share the premise that the organization, and all of it’s members, should be punished in response to an individual’s actions. If successful, this type of lawsuit could be brought against any club. It’s something to think about.

  33. Scooter Rick Says:

    They spent like $300,000 on a National Party a couple years ago. I hope they still have some money to pay their victim’s expenses. That’s the least they can do. That’s what they will do…the least.

  34. panamaa Says:

    AND……… Ol’ Mr Shark will be doing a lot of pro bono, I hope it breaks his ass….. Fuck him too…

  35. panamaa Says:

    Good on Ms. Mendoza. It seems the only way to get these fuckers, the cops,(their comrades in arms) and the DA’s won’t do anything.. Best of luck to Ms. Mendoza and to the family of Ms. Focht.. If successful, maybe to will open a door for Ms. Tipton…

    Fuck cigar and fuck the UO…

  36. Fxr Says:

    Is this a first for someone suing a club in the US? Hadn’t heard of it before now…

  37. Lurch Says:

    EVERYONE I know thinks the Urine Oder members are a waste of sperm that their mothers should have swallowed.

    These PIGS need to be held accountable. Given that their “upper management” has put it out there “’ know our club has the advantage. 1%ers won’t call the cops. So what the [expletive deleted]!? Destroy any [expletive deleted] that confronts you. It’s a free ticket. . .” and given the club et al has shown that they are willing to do just that, Make them pay dearly!

    Respect to the deserving

  38. chromedome Says:

    hope they get whats comin whatever that is.


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