Third Kingsmen Deal

October 5, 2016

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Third Kingsmen Deal

The highly secretive, pre-trial phase of the “racketeering” case against 16 members of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club officially broke another man this morning.

Ryan Myrtle, the former president of the club’s North Tonawanda chapter, pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy and possession of firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking crime this morning. Myrtle, who is 32, can expect to spend a little less than six years in prison. In return, he confessed in court to District Court Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford that the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club was a pyramidally structured, criminal organization with club president David Pirk at the top.

Death Penalty Case

If convicted of racketeering murder, Pirk could be sentenced to death for allegedly ordering the execution of Kingsmen Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski outside the North Tonawanda chapter clubhouse in the early morning hours of September 6, 2014. A Kingsmen named Andre L. “Li’l Bear” Jenkins was convicted of the murders in state court on August 20, 2015 and sentenced to life in prison on October 21, 2015. Reportedly, Jenkins could have pled his sentence down to 25 years if he had agreed to testify against Pirk. Allegedly, Jenkins told multiple witnesses that he was a club “enforcer” who had come north with Kingsmen national president David Pirk to assassinate five Kingsmen who were threatening to leave the club.

Also allegedly, Jenkins told a jailhouse snitch, “Everyone and their mom knows I killed these two.” But, he refused to testify against Pirk.

Local, state and federal police raided five Kingsmen clubhouses and a private residence in upstate New York six days after Jenkins was convicted. Federal officials announced the indictments against the 16 accused men last March 22. Jenkins is one of the accused and he now also faces the death penalty in federal court.

Slow Justice

In addition to Myrtle, two other Kingsmen, Emmett Green and Thomas Koszuta, have reached plea and sentencing agreements with prosecutors. All the deals are sealed.

Myrtle agreed to his plea deal on August 5. The sealed agreement was filed on August 11 and Myrtle was released from custody the same day. His change of plea hearing wasn’t scheduled until two days ago. Myrtle will be sentenced on March 7, 2017.

Koszuta will be sentenced on February 8, 2017. Green will be sentenced on November 9.

In addition to Pirk and Jenkins, Kingsmen Timothy Enix; Filip Caruso; Edgar Dekay; Jason Williams; Gregory Willson; Robert Osborne; Stanley Olejniczak; Jack Wood; Thomas Scanlon; Glen Stacharczyck and Sean McIndoo remain in legal limbo. There is no trial date yet and the trial will not be scheduled before a status conference to be held on January 12, 2017.


21 Responses to “Third Kingsmen Deal”

  1. Ex KMC Says:

    Hang around, fuck those guys. They should just cover their tats. Did you see where the NY chapter had a tranny pose on a members bike for pics. Bunch of fucking fags. That’s how Tank got his diseases, by fucking trannies.

  2. Hang Around Says:

    The Final Chapters

  3. Hang Around Says:

    Those with tattoos just add the “N”

  4. Hang Around Says:



  5. Leonard Goveia Says:

    Get use to it guys,I know it’s bullshit but as long as the prosecutors can hang sentences that run 3,4 decades on folks they will get cooperating witnesses..Ben Franklin was right about secrets..Brotherhood vs your life,its tuff…My point,these brothers who turn are just getting more and more common place ,so protect yourselves and don’t fall into that false sense of security that others will always have your back..It’s a changing fucking world out there and our community is getting hammered..and no ,it ain’t right ,ain’t fair,but sure the fuck happening…JusMyThots

  6. Dark Corner Says:

    No argument anywhere with with that Paladin.

  7. Paladin Says:

    Hopefully, a day will come when “doing 1%er shit” can be successfully sifted and removed from doing blatantly stupid shit.


  8. Dark Corner Says:

    It’s all fun until it’s time to do 1%er shit.

  9. LoneWoofwoof Says:

    This is nothing new, unique or novel. The belief in “brotherhood” is diluted in the absence of DNA. The individual in power rarely misses an opportunity to benefit the most while exposing themselves to the least hands on culpability. At some point, an individual may re-think how things work, and conclude that maybe the brotherhood concept was more of a con then they ever imagined. Lesson to be learned is have no one do your bidding, and do no one else’s. .

  10. Potmetal Says:

    It seems that the Kingsmen MC are getting a self-induced shower of kryptonte. Are these guys giving up their mums ATM pin number as well?

  11. don waldron Says:

    interesting a individual in the usa can’t post his opinion


  12. donny brasco Says:

    the kingman are suffering the feds are circleing

  13. Ben Says:

    The story wouldn’t be complete, without the obligatory jailhouse snitch. His presence makes the sordid affair all the more nauseating. He unscrupulously seeks to gain at other people’s expense. By stooping to collaborate with him, the prosecution becomes tainted. The question arises, are the prosecutors like him?

  14. dogbreath Says:

    Dealing in drugs leads to associating with unsavory characters, unpredictable behaviors and precarious situations.

    If Ryan Myrtle was ever of the character that is requisite to holding a patch and becoming an officer of an MC, that character was certainly destroyed by his relationship with meth. If he was always a rat bastard, that is another story entirely.

    “…he confessed in court to District Court Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford that the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club was a pyramidally structured, criminal organization with club president David Pirk at the top.” Un-fucking-believable.

  15. Blind Says:

    The Kingsmen are all a running joke in most places. Too bad for the guys that got their lives ruined for a club that doesn’t even back their own

  16. Victor 1%er Says:

    “Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead” — Benjamin Franklin

  17. Old KMC memeber Says:

    It’s funny how all the so called tough guys are now rolling over to the feds. Just wait we hear there is a few more higher players trying to make deals.. Snitching and crying like babies..I was in the club some of the things they are pleading guilty to was more a personal issue not a club issue lol

  18. Big John Says:

    Grown men playing gang banger…What a bunch of Scumbag losers.

  19. Paladin Says:

    One would think they could have collectively come up with a better means to accomplish their ends.


  20. Scooter Rick Says:

    Not sure if I read everything right, but it seems like Jenkins is one of the few that are not angling to get sentence reduction by snitching.

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