Final Solution For Bikers

October 4, 2016

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Final Solution For Bikers

Yesterday the German Bundestag passed legislation that will allow Germany’s federal government to prosecute and pursue forfeiture actions against motorcycle clubs – Germany calls them rockergrupen. The new legislation probably signals a refinement in the German war on bikers.

The Federal Republic of Germany is comprised of 16 states. Since     1871, when Germany became a politically unified nation rather than a culturally unified but politically divided nation, police power has traditionally been reserved to the various German states. The one exception was the Nazi era, when police power was centralized. After Germany was reunified in 1990, most police power continued to reside with the states. The duties of federal police in Germany have been largely limited to securing the country’s borders. And, since the advent of the European Union, which effectively eliminated national borders in Europe, the federal police have been mostly delegated to policing airports and trains.

In the United States investigations and prosecutions of motorcycle clubs are always directed by the Department of Justice and by federal police forces like the ATF, the FBI, the DEA and the Department of Homeland Security.

National Menace

But in Germany, for example, the German state of Berlin banned wearing the Hells Angels patch in May 2014; the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia banned insignia associated with both the Hells Angels and the Bandidos a couple of months later; and an incident in which two Mongols were allegedly shot by Hells Angels in Hamburg last December was investigated by police there.

A German appeals court recently overturned the German patch bans. The new national legislation was introduced after prosecutors in Hamburg dropped their appeal of that decision.

Germany has seen motorcycle clubs as a national menace for more than three decades but has been unable to eliminate them. As Wolfgang Dick, a reporter for German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, put it four years ago: “The main problem is that many members of motorcycle gangs – mostly men aged 40 to 50 with a good education – have regular jobs. They live in inconspicuous small houses with neat gardens. They are well connected and have a strict, self-imposed code of honor.”

“Because of that, we don’t receive any testimony,” anti-biker zealot Frank Schleiden told the television reporter. “Aggrieved gang members never betray the perpetrators. The gangs shut themselves off completely and sort things out between themselves.”

But Federal German Police, instigated by American federal police, have been chomping at the bit to get in on the action. After the 2014 Berlin ban, André Schulz, who is the director of Germany’s Association of Criminal Police, told Speigel “that a nationwide phenomenon like biker gangs…needs to be…centrally investigated.” Today Germany is a step closer to doing that.


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  1. Paladin Says:


    The United States’ safeguards are written into its Constitution and Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, these safeguards are only as effective as a citizenry’s willingness to enforce them, which at the moment is becoming a bit problematic.

    The United States is not without its faults and there is certainly room for improvement, but for the most part, we as citizens on the whole can pretty much do as we please, say in public and post on the Internet what we think and have maintained our God given right to self defense through the carrying of firearms.

    Unlike the European Continent, the United States is not being overrun by so called “refugees”. Our women and children aren’t being sexually assaulted, raped and murdered by these “refugees” and we refuse to allow ourselves to be made defenseless by a government that puts political correctness ahead of what’s right. There is a reason the United States has never been invaded. Because Europeans have long ago allowed themselves to be disarmed, they will continue to be invaded, as they are now. When relinquishes one’s right to self defense, one relinquishes all their other rights as well.

    Long May You Ride,


  2. Bolo Says:

    Angela Merkel hates Western Civilization. She was raised by parents who defected to East Germany to be a Communist zealot. She was approached (and probably worked for) the Stassi in highschool to help root out and destroy percieved enemies of her Communist faith. When communism was defeated and discredited in the 90’s she swore bloody vengence on the West. We are witnessing this today. She has been working for the past 25 years to see Europe destroyed by any means and what is more representative of Western Freedom than the American style Biker? As a muslim supporting Communist she and her cronies hate anything that represents freedom, independence, masculine virtue and honor. German males are raised to be weak, docile and self loathing. Everything a biker is not.

  3. fozz Says:

    Not trying to contradict you paladin. ,what safe guards as a nation , in Europe we dont see the cops shooting innocent people wholesale and getting away with it ‘ Europe has about the same population and a quarter the prison population ,

  4. Chopper Says:

    Well stated by everyone here. Scooter Rick covered the gamut. Lawlessness is at the top of America’s leadership chain and it’s running rampant.

  5. Scooter Rick Says:

    Wow. James Comey, the lead dickhead at the FBI, has shown us that it is now ran by criminals. Loretta Lynch, head bitch of the Dept of (in)Justice has shown us that a lying thieving crooked lawyer can pretty much do whatever the fuck she wants. Our beloved negro-in-chief has shown us (repeatedly) how it pays to break the law. And they are all after us for perceived criminal behavior? What a crock of shit.

  6. Paladin Says:

    Because the European nations lack the safeguards we in the united States have within our Bill of Rights, their government’s can do as they please, regarding the censorship of their respective citizenry. I would imagine that the citizenry of the European nations would be eternally grateful to have the rights that we as a Nation seem all too willing to let slip through our fingers.


  7. Richie Saurkraut Says:

    I am a first generation American from German parents. I spent some wonderful summers in Germany as a boy with my mother, grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousin— the only blood relatives I have. I wish I could speak more German than I do (even after four years of it in school) and do you know why? Because my folks never spoke it at home— Mom said, many years ago, that “We are in America now, and in America we speak English.” How times have changed!— but I digress…. I also have a family album full of swastikas and at the same time, am married for 30 years to a lovely Jewish woman whose parents were Holocaust survivors. I was raised Catholic but celebrate Jewish High Holy days in my home. I am NOT an anti Semite, not prejudiced in ALMOST any way–I have been tattooing for 25 years and at least half my clients are people of color.. The POINT of all this history is the fact that ANGELA MERKEL, to compensate for eternal guilt of the holocaust, has allowed thousands of a people who pray five times a day, but consider KILLING UNBELIEVERS (including the opposing MUSLIM sect) to be their SACRED DUTY—they believe females of all ages to be on the same level as GOATS–George W. BOOB said it was a “religion of peace hijacked by extremists”—NONSENSE! It was bathed in blood since it’s very inception—-ACCEPT THE KORAN OR DIE BY THE SWORD—ISLAM WAS/IS SPREAD BY VIOLENCE and Merkel has forever polluted Germany’s gene pool with this infusion by these vile, anti Christian, anti Jewish, anti female people—- and who gets suppressed by the VERY EFFCIENT German Federal forces but the ONE PERCENTERS—There just ain’t no justice in this world….

  8. Sieg Says:

    ach, doch…die Endlosung, naturlich!

    What Phuquehed sed.

    FTF / FTP

  9. david Says:

    Perfect name, “Germany’s Association of CRIMINAL Police”.

  10. DocB Says:

    “The main problem is that many members of motorcycle gangs – mostly men aged 40 to 50 with a good education – have regular jobs. They live in inconspicuous small houses with neat gardens. They are well connected and have a strict, self-imposed code of honor.”

    LOL … Problem ?? Really??

    Get your women and children off the street!! here comes the guy with the neat garden in his yard!!!

  11. Potmetal Says:

    ^^Well Said^^

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    All this means is that now the USA is the leader of the Axis Nazi movement and *telling* its allies, like Germany, what to do to look like they’re actually stemming some kind of criminal behavior. Meanwhile those on the Axis side allow ragheads to do as they please to their citizens without recrimination.

    Fuck the US DoJ and police-state alphabet souptards and fuck the EU fucktards who blindly follow the lead.

  13. Wino Enzed Says:

    If You have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear

    Joseph Goebbels.

    Angela Merkel Would rather Thousands of radicilised Rag Heads run around molesting, raping and killing her own people than let Bike Clubs that have been there 50 years remain. The mood of the peoples of Europe is changing and the right wing is on the rise as a reaction to her stupidity.
    Why is Britain leaving the EU ??

    “Christianity–and this is its finest merit–subdued to a certain extent that Germanic lust for battle, but could not destroy it, and if some day that restraining talisman, the Cross, falls to pieces, then the savagery of the old warriors will explode again, and with it that mad berserker rage about which the Nordic poets have told so much. This talisman is decaying, and the day will come when it will crumble. Then the old stone gods will arise from the forgotten ruins and wipe the dust of centuries from their eyes, and Thor will at last leap up with his hammer and smash the Gothic
    Cathedrals.” Heinrich Heine

    Sorry for the quotes but they seemed appropriate

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