Yves Lavigne Yet Lives

September 28, 2016

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Yves Lavigne Yet Lives

There has been an Yves Lavigne sighting. Lavigne is the former reporter for the Toronto Globe and Mail who has found a way to eke out a living for the last 30 years as an outlaw biker expert.

He has written four books about the Hells Angels and a fifth book called Death Dealers about the illegal drug business in the United States. Lavigne was a pioneer in the True Crime – Outlaw Biker publishing genre. It is probably fair to state that without Lavigne there could have been no William Queen, Julian Sher, Kerrie Droban, Jay Dobyns, Peter Edwards, Alex Caine, Charles Falco, George Rowe or George Christie.

He was a go to biker expert for decades but he fell so curiously silent after the Twin Peaks biker brawl that he might have been dead. Not to worry.

Middle Of Nowhere

Earlier this week he was interviewed by CBC News about an incident in which five members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club allegedly stole the leather vest of a member of the Syndicate Motorcycle Club in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have accused the Syndicate of being a “puppet club” for the Edmonton charter of the Hells Angels.

Len Isnor, another piece of work who is a detective sergeant with the biker enforcement unit of the Ontario Provincial Police has alleged that members of the Syndicate sell drugs for members of the Hells Angels in Fort McMurray, because the town of 61,000, 270 miles north of Edmonton, has “lots of money, a very high-income community, a lot of disposable income that is used recreationally and people want drugs, so there is a huge market.”

According to news reports, the five Warlocks used pepper spray to remove the Syndicate patch holder’s cut.

He’s Baa-ack

Lavigne warned Canadian reporter Janice Johnston “Someone might get gunned down over this. The theft of colors is a killing offense.”

“What this gesture shows us – five guys attacking one guy – is how spineless these punks are,” Lavigne continued. “To go after a guy’s colors. They would never do it one on one.”

Lavigne was outraged that the Warlocks were alleged to have used pepper spray. “Weapons like that indicate a person is a coward,” he told Johnston. “It’s disappointing to me living back east. I would have hoped there would be some hint of manliness left out west, especially in Alberta.”

“I think they’re going to kill someone for it,” he said. ”They’re going to send a real serious message.”

“My concern is collateral damage,” Lavigne worried. “Since this robbery took place in public, retribution may take place in public. And I would not want to see an innocent person hurt or killed.”

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25 Responses to “Yves Lavigne Yet Lives”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Cornbread,

    No. Different guy.


  2. Cornbread Says:

    Is this the same guy who is a horrible MMA ref?

  3. d.neumann Says:

    Hey Rebel,

    Diss him all you want, but he’s being interviewed by the lamestream media and you’re not. That’s the way things roll in the modern era.

    And that’s why anti-biker paranoia is a contagion and the cunts in Waco get away with their cover-up of Twin Peaks.


  4. tiopirata Says:

    “Yves Lavigne yet lives”

  5. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Aside from a weird upper lip twitch, and a pathological dislike for all things Biker, Lavigne, as pointed out by one Amazon reviewer, has an obsession with ‘bizarre sexual references’, assorted other bad writing habits, and an penchant for posting gruesome pictures of deceased men -something I am sure the families and friends don’t appreciate.
    Under the impression all of his garbage was out of print, there he is again, like another STD. He is in desperate need of a *battery* of shrinks.

  6. Lone Wolf Says:

    Hes a chickenshit lil fag from frogland…riding on others coattails…


  7. Ben Says:

    This news story is off the topic, but I thought it was amusing:

    “An elaborate undercover narcotics operation at a Maryland Burger King ended not with a bust, but with a whimper.

    After spending nearly two months masquerading as a fast food employee, a Thurmont police officer was able to confiscate a mere 5 grams of marijuana and two morphine pills, The Frederick-News Post reports . . .”

    The officer must be pissed about busting her ass in a Burger King for two fruitless months, when she could have been cruising in a patrol car and haunting the doughnut shop.

  8. Stevo Says:

    How can a ‘man’ that’s had so much cock in ‘his’ ass not be dead of AIDS?

  9. Potmetal Says:

    A waste of a good mans chow.

  10. david Says:

    The media’s the most powerful entity on earth.

    It has the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent, and that is power.

    The media controls the minds of general public.

  11. andy uk Says:

    its all about the media and making a buck.

  12. FDTS Says:

    Lavagine? Is that French for pussy? If not, it should be.

  13. BMW Says:

    So longtime police shill and informant Lavigne is suggesting violence and murder as a solution to rivalry between motorcycle clubs. I am not surprised, since his income must be falling, judging by the bad reviews of his books on the Amazon bookstore.

    Machine has made his living badmouthing the bigger clubs in Canada, where he lives. His continued existence is proof positive that his accusations are lies: otherwise he would not be spreading his false information today. If, as Lavigne claims, “motorcycle clubs were actually drug gangs”, according to his own paranoid theory, surely they would not rest until he is gone. Lavigne has accused several motorcycle clubs of almost every form of crime and antisocial act. Despite Lavigne’s paranoid rantings, despite the fact that he claims that motorcycle clubs are secretly murderous drug gangs that ONLY he has the “courage” to expose, Lavigne continues to spout his lives and slanders about motorcycle clubs. To me, that alone is proof that he is lying.


  14. Bone Head Says:

    panamaa Says:
    Who is THIS little punk bitch… Lavigne, sounds like a women’s product….

    He does sound like a douche, doesn’t he?

  15. Shovelhead Says:


    “Who is THIS little punk bitch… Lavigne, sounds like a women’s product”

    That shit is funny panama!!

    Hunter Thompsons book came out in the mid 60’s. We all know the story!

  16. fozz Says:

    Half the world away an it still smells ‘ vultures will be vultures

  17. Elmo Blatch Says:

    A man once told me, “an expert is someone that can tell you 50 different ways to make love to a woman but never has one to do it with” Yves Lavigne, the front runner of the parade of dick wits who have made careers of being “experts”. Including Steve the Slack Jaw Jackass Cunt Cook.

  18. Not Surprised Says:

    99 percent of what he used to write came from cops and newspaper clippings.

  19. Paladin Says:

    “My concern is collateral damage,” Lavigne worried. “Since this robbery took place in public, retribution may take place in public. And I would not want to see an innocent person hurt or killed.”

    If Lavigine was truly concerned about collateral damage, he and others like him would keep their mouths shut and stop stirring the pot.


  20. jonny sumo Says:

    ‘I would not like to see an innocent person killed’…..but I suppose I could write about it afterwards?…would people think I had contributed o the situation with my provocative rhetoric?…hmm….they might, but not the people who read my books……

  21. TX_Biker Says:

    an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense.
    a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

  22. Ben Says:

    George Wethern set the precedent with this book, “A Wayward Angel: The Full Story of the Hell’s Angels by The Former Vice-President of the Oakland Chapter,” It came out in 1978. It preceded any of Lavigne’s books. Lavigne’s first book, “Hell’s Angels: Taking Care of Business,” came out in 1987. Hunter Thompson’s book came out about 10 years before “Wayward Angel,” but I don’t think Thompson’s book falls into the true crime category, while Wethern’s does. Another early (1960s), and lesser known, book is “The Bikeriders,” by Danny Lyon, but it’s not true crime. Getting back to Lavigne, if you ever read one of his books, his bias is guaranteed to piss you off.

  23. panamaa Says:

    “Lavigne was outraged that the Warlocks were alleged to have used pepper spray.”

    What the fuck, would he have felt better if they had shot ’em… Who is THIS little punk bitch… Lavigne, sounds like a women’s product….


  24. Len Goveia Says:

    Mr Livigne is one in a long list of writers making a living on so-called criminal organizations..Is he better/worse than most ?,that’s a personal opinion..I’ve read a book by him about the HAMC written decades ago and found nothing eye opening about it,pretty much re-hashed material that’s common knowledge…Should he be making a living like this ?,fuck i’m the wrong person to ask…read him ,don’t read him really doesn’t matter..Unless your bored,its a thick book that will keep you busy reading for a while…but then ,drinking beer will also keep you busy, so ,for each his own sounds great to me…

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