Paranoia Strikes Deep

September 27, 2016

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Paranoia Strikes Deep

Bikers, Las Vegas, and bikers in Las Vegas are not yet paranoid enough so last Thursday highly visible biker attorney Stephen Stubbs filed a 41-page Internal Affairs Complaint against Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detective Joseph Gagliardi for perjury.

Stubbs was mostly a tax attorney – his practice was called Tax Law Solutions – as recently as three years ago. He became counsel for the Southern California Confederation of Clubs and in the last 18 months he has assumed the mantle of “club attorney” for the Bandidos Motorcycle Club (after the Twin Peaks brawl) and the Mongols Motorcycle Club – first after police harassment during a Mongols national run in Boulder City, Nevada and again after a violent encounter at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo left a Mongol named Victor Mendoza dead.

Gagliardi was one of the investigators in “Operation Pure Luck,” a joint federal-state investigation that began in 2009, ended in 2013 and was intended to infiltrate the Vagos, Bandidos, Mongols and Chosen Few Motorcycle Clubs and entrap members of those clubs. The investigation was also intended to infiltrate the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs. A Vago named Angel “Diablo” Ramirez was vital to the government operation. Ramirez was a Vagos regional officer and a Southern Nevada Confederation board member. He also helped Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Augostino Brancato, who was deputized as a Tactical Filed Officer with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, patch into the Vagos.

Stubbs alleges that Gagliardi was Ramirez’ handler so that what Ramirez knew Gagliardi knew. Stubbs also speculates in his complaint that he personally was also a target of Operation Pure Luck.

Spud Kimsey

Stubbs has long alleged that a founder of the Southern Nevada Confederation named James “Spud” Kimsey was part of the government plot against him. At the time, Kimsey was the president of a group called Iron Eagle. His official biography describes him as:

“…the founding consultant with AM Consulting Group LLC, a business which specializes in licensing, regulatory compliance and complex litigation management. He formerly managed the Legal Departments in Harrah’s (now Caesar’s Entertainment) and the Venetian Resort, and continues to work independently in the gaming arena.  A four decade rider, James founded the Lone Wolfs Motorcycle Corporation, an organization based on mutual respect and the love of the open road, and continues to serve as an advisor to the Governor’s Motorcycle Safety Committee, the Zero Fatalities Summit, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration program motorcycle safety assessment panels, and the Nevada Department of Public Safety Motorcycle Safety Instruction Program.”

Kimsey is an interesting man. The Las Vegas Sun has alleged that Kimsey is somehow “associated” with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. In 2013 the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Kimsey was a “consultant,” who worked for a lawyer named Robert Pool, who represented Las Vegas Constable John Bonaventura. The Review-Journal reported that Kimsey was “pressuring” Bonaventura’s deputy, Jason Watkins, “for information.” Kimsey has been convicted of perjury and practicing law without a license – the last time on behalf of Vegas strip club owner Rick Rizzolo. Kimsey was also a witness in a $5 million federal lawsuit Stubbs filed on behalf of the Southern Nevada Confederation against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the North Las Vegas Police Department.

Since 2013, Stubbs has claimed to “have physical proof that a biker named James Kimsey was communicating with police also. He was caught sending anonymous faxes to police departments and judges last November. He forgot that faxes can be traced and FedEx stores have security cameras. Kimsey tried to spread rumors that I was a CI and it blew up in his face.”

Former Boulder City Police Chief Thomas Finn, whom Stubbs sued, described Kimsey as “a Hells Angel who got caught practicing law without a license (basically a ‘jailhouse lawyer’) in the Rizzolo ‘Crazy Horse’ case.” Finn saw the video Stubbs believes is “physical proof” that Kimsey sent the fax that accused Stubbs of being an informant. “Kimsey has long hair and numerous tattoos, and he looks nothing like the anonymous faxer,” Finn wrote. “He works at the Fraternal Order of Eagles which, coincidentally, has its office at the same Jones Boulevard building where the Confederation of Clubs is located.”

The Anonymous Fax

That anonymnous fax began:

“Stephen Stubbs is an informant whose goal was to get close to the bike clubs first by ticket fixing and then by a civil rights action based on incidents that he actually staged, and now through being able to claim credit for the ouster of (Boulder City Police) Chief Finn.

“It is believed that the informant status comes from being caught on a fraudulent bankruptcy in 2009, during which Stubbs was able to purchase two houses, one not declared to the Court – as well as through personal indiscretions during motorcycle events. The concept is that Stubbs would get close to one of the clubs – the Mongols – by running interference in the prison lockdown classification of the son of the local Mongols President, banking laundered money through his ticket business and attorney trust account, assisting in money laundering by creating a scheme of money in – money out at restricted slot gaming establishments, storing drugs, money and guns at his home, and spreading disinformation about respected members in the biker community involving ongoing cases such as Vaqos, Hells Angels ( through O school chopper garage) and Bandidos. It is believed that Stubbs may have compromised his wife and children through photographic means as a way to convince the Mongols of his sincerity as their attorney.

“By becoming the local Confederation of Clubs’ attorney, and then spreading disinformation that results in arrests and disunity, the Mongols can slip into the power vacuum and play a larger role locally adding to the viability of a later case against that club.”


In his complaint, Stubbs thinks the point of the faxed accusation was to provoke him into trying to do something about it. Stubbs says he “immediately brought the facsimile to the attention of Angel “Diablo” Ramirez. The police informant asked Stubbs “to meet him in the parking lot of a bar and the whole exchange was strange. After I told Diablo the facts,” Stubbs says, “Diablo asked me what I wanted him to do about it. I told Diablo that I didn’t want him to do anything, and that I was telling him so that he knows what Kimsey did and knows that it was false. Diablo then offered to ‘take care of’ Kimsey (implying that Kimsey would be physically hurt in some way). I immediately said, ‘No. Don’t do anything’”

In hindsight, Stubbs thinks that was a setup. “I am convinced that LVMPD was attempting to set me up as part of the Operation,” Stubbs complains. “That would explain why LVMPD knew about the origination of the facsimile, knew that the facsimile violated multiple laws, but did nothing against James Kimsey. They were hoping that I would be upset and they could try and get me to participate in some kind of illegal, physical attack on Kimsey, who was doing everything in his power to provoke me.”

In October 2013 Gagliardi, the cop Stubbs wants investigated by internal affairs, stated in a sworn deposition that he knew “that Stephen Stubbs is not and has never been a Confidential Informant for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Squad. Furthermore,  the majority of interactions with Stephen Stubbs have been in an adversarial capacity in which Stephen Stubbs interferes during police contacts with outlaw motorcycle gang members. I have also cited Stephen Stubbs for jay-walking in June 2012 in Boulder City. I also interviewed Stephen Stubbs in March 2012 regarding an investigation in which Stephen Stubbs reported to the police that he was the victim of a battery committed by a Peckerwood Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Member. To my knowledge, no one was ever charged in relationship to that incident. Stephen Stubbs has also represented various outlaw motorcycle gang members in suing members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. None of the contacts I have had with Stephen Stubbs have been in a capacity in which he has provided information related to ongoing investigations to law enforcement (other than the reported March 2012 incident in which Stubbs claimed to be a victim) and to the best of my knowledge, no other member of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Squad has had any such interaction.”

Gagliardi also stated  that he didn’t know who sent the fax accusing Stubbs of being a snitch. Stubbs is convinced Gagliardi knows it was Kimsey and may even have put Kimsey up to it. So Stubbs has filed his 41-page complaint, he has sent copies of it all to 17 reporters and he has posted a video about it on YouTube,


12 Responses to “Paranoia Strikes Deep”

  1. Paladin Says:


    Spoken like a true cop.


  2. FF Says:

    And we sit and stare while we anticipate the next slaughter of American citizens by muslims.

  3. xplor Says:

    Attorney Stephen Stubbs has found paranoia a useful tool in reaching the outlaw biker genre. Maybe he has been watching Better call Saul while doing tax returns.

  4. BMW Says:

    Spreading paranoia, entrapment, creating friction between organizations, warrantless spying and the like are/were part of the COINTELPRO CIA/FUN programs since WWII.

    It is based on the sabotage programs developed for that war to undermine enemies. Now, at federal instigation these tactics are being used to destroy motorcycle clubs. The STD/ATF was caught utilizing an informer/CI to accomplish this as recently as 2015.


  5. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    And let us never forget that the most insidious “gang” of all runs around in squad cars with motorola radios so they can call in the rest of the rat pack as needed.

  6. Bats Says:

    Is it paranoia if they’re really out to get you??

  7. popeye Says:

    Watch your back Stubbs. Since you didnt fall for their entrapment their next step will be to just fabricate some charges.

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    Kick their asses Bowtie! Fucking pigs in Vegas are shit-holes, North Vegas pigs being the worst about physically fucking people up for no good reason and threatening them if they complain (one of my friends there at the time got stomped and baton’d by three of the useless fuck North Vegas pigs just because he wouldn’t say anything to them when one pulled him over as he was walking home from another friends house. He looked like he’d been thrown in a cement mixer when we saw him the next day, it was that bad).

    The only good justice system jack-booted thugs, are those not breathing.

  9. Potmetal Says:

    Don’t know the guy personally, and never had a conversation about him or anything else in LV (aside from gambling and partying stories), so I can’t comment on any of the meat in this article or his video. However, it’s quacking and waddling.

    That being said, he has definitely got his head on a swivel. That’s some heads up ball Mr. Stubbs appears to be playing.

    Respect to those that rate it.

  10. R&R Says:

    I give Stubbs credit for eyes wide open seeing a trap. It’s a shame more good people don’t see it coming.


  11. Paladin Says:

    Two of the many tentacles of the Evil Empire are the judicial system and law enforcement. Once upon a time, it was all about proving beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of the self proclaimed innocent. Today, it’s all about defending oneself against the evil that is the Empire.


  12. Shyster Says:

    You are right Stubbs. Angel Ramirez is a piece of shit. He did try to set you up. Fucken drug dealer gets caught moving shit on his own time and sucks Fed dick to get off. Rat scum.


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