Bonfiglio Gets Two And Two

September 23, 2016

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Bonfiglio Gets Two And Two

Steven Bonfiglio, a former prospect with the Bridgerunners Motorcycle Club in Staten Island, New York, was sentenced to two years in prison and two years supervised probation earlier this week. His attorney, Louis E. Diamond, told the Staten Island Advance that the sentence was “far better than being dead.”

Bonfiglio was a prospect, and consequently at the beck and call of members of the motorcycle club, when he was summoned to a bar called the Boulevard Tavern around 3 a.m. on June 29, 2014 by club member Michael Raimo. Raimo told Bonfiglio to drive his ex-girlfriend, a woman named Kirsten Morgan, home. Morgan was also the mother of Raimo’s 16-year-old son.

Earlier in the evening, Morgan had been involved in a loud argument in the bar with her then boyfriend, Stephen McMahon. McMahon had left the bar before Raimo and other Bridgerunners arrived.


When Bonfiglio arrived at the woman’s home, he found McMahon waiting for them. McMahon stuck an automatic pistol in Bonfiglio’s face and pulled the trigger. Witnesses later interviewed by police established that McMahon was known to carry the pistol and bullets in a plastic bag.

McMahon’s pistol jammed when he tried to kill Bonfiglio and Bonfiglio then disarmed McMahon with a ball peen hammer. Bonfiglio would later explain to police that he carried the hammer because he used it to start his balky motorcycle.

In the hand to hand struggle that ensued, McMahon wrested the hammer from Bonfiglio and beat the prospect to the ground with it. From the ground, Bonfiglio grabbed the pistol, cleared it and mortally shot McMahon who died the next day. Bonfiglio fled and threw away the pistol. The entire incident was caught on surveillance video. When police caught up with Bonfioglio, he told police what had happened and where to find the pistol.

Mike McMahon

Former Congressman and current Richmond County District Attorney Michael E. “Mike” McMahon (above) decided to make an example of Bonfiglio because of his association with the Bridgerunners. McMahon convened a grand jury and had the jurors listen to the testimony of a never named “motorcycle gang expert.” The jury indicted Bonfiglio for second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, criminal weapon possession, criminal firearm possession and evidence tampering.

On March 15 of this year, a judge named Stephen J. Rooney dismissed the murder and manslaughter charges against Bonfiglio because he thought the gang expert’s testimony poisoned the case. “There is nothing, in terms of gang affiliation, to show intent, motive, or to rebut justification,” Rooney said. “The expert testimony was gratuitous and had no probative value.” Rooney let the weapon (ball peen hammer) possession, firearm possession and evidence tampering charges stand.

McMahon was undeterred. After the dismissal he issued a press release that stated, “We respect the court’s decision and will now move forward to re-present this case to a Richmond County Grand Jury for its determination.” He was as good as his word but the second grand jury declined to indict Bonfiglio for homicide.

Plea Deal

In July of this year, 25 months after McMahon died, Bonfiglio and his lawyer finally caved under McMahon’s relentless pressure and they agreed to a plea deal on the weapons possession and evidence tampering charges. Bonfiglio pled guilty in return for a less than maximum sentence.

After Bonfiglio was formally sentenced Wednesday, Diamond admitted his client was “doing two years in jail because of taking the gun from the scene” but added the line that the sentence was “far better than being dead.”

McMahon wanted all of the greater New York Metropolitan Area to know that he had “vigorously pursued” the charges against Bonfiglio and that the sentence was “consistent with the case that could be proven.”

So presumably, now that the evidence tamperer is off the streets, New Yorkers can reflect on a system that lets politicians like Mike McMahon build their tough on crime resumes by locking up guys like Bonfiglio.


25 Responses to “Bonfiglio Gets Two And Two”

  1. Dutchboy frmo Says:

    Hope the day he walks the MC is outside with a full patch, his bike and a few cases of beer. Not to suggest how an MC should TCB but looks like the Prospect has earned his patch.

  2. Lunchbox Says:

    I am with Nags on that! When he gets settled I will put a few dollars on this mans books He got the shaft!

  3. Dino Says:

    Good idea, Nags.

  4. Scooter Rick Says:

    I would think that Bonilla will be patched in the day he is released. And I like the idea of everyone putting a couple of bucks on his books.

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    DA Michael E. “Mike” McMahon – Go test the warning label on a plastic bag you corrupt, air-wasting, useless fucktard. Ask your wife how her ass feels tonight.

  6. Mercyful Fate Says:


    Nailed it.

    Much respect.

  7. jonnysumo Says:

    My best wishes to Mr Bonfiglio…..
    So, yet again, I am stupefied by the American ‘justice’ system….a man can have his house attacked by police and then charged because a clumsy policeman ‘apparently’ shoots his pal in the head…..a man can shoot various people at a bike show and not even be charged, possibly because he is a member of a LE based club?…but Mr Bonfiglio defends himself from a man who was originally pointing a gun at his head and gets prison time?
    Perhaps his greatest crime is to be a club member in waiting…I wonder, and this is just my obvious ignorance, had he been a prospect of ‘another’ MC would he have even been detained?
    With great respect and some sadness for a Man, J

  8. gooch Says:


    To; D.A. McMahon

    There is no doubt in my mind that Steven Bonfiglio saved to lives that night. His own life. And the life of Kirsten Morgan the mother of Michael Raimo’s 16-year-old son.

    Steven Bonfiglio was a true brother. He did what he did, to survive. That’s self defense.

    D.A. McMahon; what goes around, tends to come around.

    I look forward to info, where to donate on Mr. Bonfiglio’s behalf.

    Rebel On!

  9. FDTS Says:

    So this guy is doing two years for defending himself because a corrupt, self-promoting, hack politician can’t pass up to chance to do some grandstanding? Well that’s how it is here in the dying empire state.

  10. Paladin Says:

    Mercyful Fate,

    Unfortunately, when the government wants you, it’s near impossible to not get got. Obviously, D.A. McMahon had an ax to grind and had no problem using tax payer funds to sharpen it.

    His thinking clouded, after having just survived a near death experience (through no fault of his own), Bonfiglio left the scene of the crime, which he was the victim of, taking a piece of key evidence with him and then throwing it away.
    Stress can cause one to temporarily act in an unpredictable manner. I can’t think of a more stressful situation than having just survived an act of attempted murder.

    Judges are not bound to accept the terms of a plea deal. A recent example was when U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson rejected former Sheriff Lee Baca’s plea deal with federal prosecutors as being too lenient. Conversely, the judge in Bonfiglio’s case could have reject his plea deal with D.A. McMahon as being too harsh, and this is why I previously stated that in my opinion, any spirit within the law was killed off long ago.

    Long May You Ride,


  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mercyful Fate,

    Not that I know.


  12. Ben Says:

    If it were an off-duty cop, government employee, or relative of one, instead of Bonfiglio, he would not have been persecuted. American governments often emulate the mafia. If you’re not connected, then you’re nobody. They will treat you according to their whim. I hope Bonfiglio gets early release.

  13. Mercyful Fate Says:


    Any connection or relationship between Stephen McMahon, the deceased, & Michael E. “Mike” McMahon, the prosecutor?

    It looks like an obvious vendetta by a relative but maybe just coincidental due to similar last names.

  14. Mercyful Fate Says:

    “In July of this year, 25 months after McMahon died, Bonfiglio and his lawyer finally caved under McMahon’s relentless pressure and they agreed to a plea deal on the weapons possession and evidence tampering charges. Bonfiglio pled guilty in return for a less than maximum sentence.”

    A man has a gun put to his head, defends himself, survives the encounter, but is subsequently targetted and “made an example” of? What in the serious fuck is wrong with McMahon?

    This is what the system does. They pursue you relentlessly, destroy you financially, until there is nothing left to fight back with. It is what the gov’t wants: a name to be registered and a reason to increase spending to show the sheeple that they’re fighting “the good fight”.

    Unfortunately, that “good fight” is such a twisted vision of how our government should actually work that it is damn near impossible in today’s Politically Correct environment to actually witness what should be true justice: The dismantling of various federal agencies; The arrests and incarceration of crooked cops, judges, and prosecutors; The removal of big money interests from politics; etc, etc…

    The America of today ain’t what it used to be.

  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear Nags,

    When he gets settled in I will.


  16. Nags Says:

    Sorry for the double post. Damn smart phone isn’t as smart as it ought to be.

  17. Nags Says:

    Rebel, is there anyway you can post up Bonfiglio’s contact info and his residence as a guest of the government? If a few of us in the community threw a few bucks on the books for him maybe we could make his time a little less shitty not to mention let him there are still other real men out there who appreciate a guy who’s willing to T.C.O.B. when need be.

  18. Nags Says:

    Rebel, any way you can post the pertinent info on how to contact and throw some $ on Bonfiglios books? If a few of us in the community can throw a few bucks his way to possibly make his time as a guest of the government a little less shitty and let him know we haha his back

  19. Chief Says:

    The American injustice system.

  20. fozz Says:

    Admiral Yamamoto said its impossible for japan to defeat the U S A as there is a gun behind every blade of grass , seem s there are mostly sheep in the fields these days , and the U s justice system the modern sheep herders just leadig the citizens on to the slaughterhouse

  21. Mumbles Says:

    I’m from the same town as him and know the story
    It’s hysterical to me that he is going to jail. Any respectable man out there would of done a favor for there friend/brother by driving home a women who is the mother of their child. Bonfiglio and Bonfiglio’s Brother did not know this psycho would be waiting at her house when dropped off! He stood his ground and defended himself and now he’s going away for 2 years. He will 100% man up and do the time with no problem at all BUT will not be free to hop on his bike, be with friends/family and enjoy all the other freedoms he deserves. Fuck The System…

  22. Paladin Says:

    Any spirit within the law was killed off long ago.


  23. IronRider Says:

    So If Bonfiglio wasnt an associate of a MC would the charges have been pursued so vigorously? Or is that Mc Mahon just thought he would look great on the 6o’clock news by pursuing this with a heavy hand.

    Honestly this sounds like a case of self defense to me. I have to wonder if this was some ordinary joe not connected to an MC if McMahon would have pursued this at all. I gather if you belong to an MC there is a different set of rules for who gets prosecuted and who doesnt.

    So even though the Judge said this was a no go and a Grand Jury said no to an indictment the second time around McMahon decided on his own that this was worth taxpayer dollars to pursue Bonfigilo and prosecute him for fending off someone who was trying to kill him.

    Once again this shows you how rogue prosecutors can go against the law and the courts own rulings to pursue a vanity case that makes them look good on the 6’o clock news.

    This is really a travesty and the fact that no one above McMahon didnt have the balls to say stop, enough is enough this case goes no further. If it wasnt for the weight of the stress and financial pressures I doubt this would have went any further, the fact that Bonfigilo is going to sit in a cell for two years is the real crime that was perpetrated here.

  24. Dan-O Says:

    I respect Mr. Bonfiglio for standing his ground and taking care of business. I have no doubt he’ll do the two years he got stuck with like a man.

  25. old & stoned Says:

    having so called ‘biker gang experts’ testify at Grand Jury is nothing short of ‘jury tampering’ using hearsay evidence. I have not heard of one ‘expert’ testify to relevant case material, or personal knowledge of defendant or their ‘chapter’. they can’t indict a dead man for attemtped murder, but SOMEONE’s got to swing,,, all things considered, lucky prospect.

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