George Christie’s Nasty Publicity Push

September 22, 2016

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George Christie’s Nasty Publicity Push

George Christie, the disgraced Hells Angel who has a book to sell, has been trying to win his argument with his former club by outshouting everybody.

During his career in the Hells Angels, Christie beat a murder charge; he was accused of being part of a conspiracy to sell vast quantities of prescription medications to high school students; and he was accused of trying to burn out his competitors in the tattoo parlor business. He has bragged about avoiding service in Vietnam and he was dishonorably discharged from the Marine Corps reserve where he served as a telephone repairman. He literally sat on a throne in the club’s Ventura clubhouse and expelled other members and seized their motorcycles whenever he needed spending money. He went out of his way to draw attention to himself and ingratiate himself with celebrities who embellished their own charisma by associating with a real, live Hells Angel. Former members remember him as a “con man” who swindled his own club and friends of his former club.

There are sordid stories about Christie as well. But for the last 30 years, Christie has polished an image as a bright, reasonable, likeable Hells Angels spokesman. The public at large assumed he must have been an important member of the club because he presented himself as a spokesman for the club so often. Angels remember a guy who just couldn’t shut up.

Why He Quit

Factually and provably, Christie quit the club after a respectfully regarded member of the Oakland charter sent him a letter advising him to quit.  That letter read:

“You just don’t know when to shut up. So just shut up and keep oral COPulating with your law enforcement buddies. You don’t have to open and close every door for everyone. If they want to be involved they don’t need you to involve them. They can do it themselves. This Club would be much better off if you’re not a part of it. Stick your head back up your ass and quit letting the cops pull it out every time they need a motor-mouth to fill in the blanks with words that are yours not ours. Our words are ‘I have nothing to say,’ not the endless hours of ass kissing, mumbling, jerk-off mouth bullshit you talk with law enforcement about our Club and its members. The Ventura Police Department and all the other law enforcement agencies are laughing at the Ventura charter behind their backs because you’re still in the Club. The cops know as long as you are in the Club, they can manipulate the Ventura Charter.

“If I am wrong I will see you at the South Run on May 21, 2011.

“I said it before and I am saying it again. For the benefit of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, the Ventura charter members and yourself, QUIT THE CLUB.”


After Christie suddenly and unexpectedly quit the club, his status was changed from “retired” to “out bad no contact.” Angels who are in a position to know say that the expulsion was inevitable, that Christie knew it was coming and that one reason he voluntarily quit was to avoid expulsion. After being kicked out of the club, Christie lied to outsiders about his status and continued to wear his club insignia. He was also arrested for trying to burn out his competitors in Ventura. He was probably actually guilty of that.

A source has told The Aging Rebel that Christie had discussed the scheme with him before carrying it out. The source claimed to have told Christie not to do it because “it was stupid” and Christie did it anyway. Christie faced life in prison. He arranged a plea deal and wound up doing seven months. Christie has vehemently and repeatedly denied that he was treated leniently because he agreed to cooperate with the FBI.

Late last month he told a self-described writer, director, comic creator, actor, producer and former major drug dealer named Seth Ferranti, who writes for Vice: “If they want to say I’m ‘out bad,’ I don’t have a problem with that, but they’re also inferring that I am an informant, which is absolutely not true. If I am, who did I testify against, and what trials did I testify at? There’s no paperwork on me. The US attorneys sealed my case files (over the allegations of arson and conspiracy to commit arson against rival tattoo parlors) because there are ten informants in it. From that point on, all the records were sealed. They seal cases all the time, and I was the only one who went to jail.”

Christie’s explanation might sound reasonable to people like Ferranti, but the fact of the matter is that Christie was not the only defendant in the case. He was just the only one whose case was sealed. The names of all the informants appear in the public filings of the cases against Christie’s co-defendants. Sealing Christie’s plea deal was not done to conceal the identities of the confidential informants. It was done to conceal the contract Christie made with the Department of Justice. Christie may very well intend to testify against his former club brothers. A former friend of the Christie family thinks the Christies are planning a move to France. It is also possible, that Christie may have told the FBI everything and the FBI, like many of his former Angels acquaintances, found most of what Christie had to say to be incredible. The FBI might have found that Christie was a good source of background information. He has been talking to police for years anyway. Prosecutors may simply have discovered that what he has to say probably wouldn’t hold up under cross examination.

What is undeniable is that police had Christie cold, he virtually escaped punishment and he came out on the other side with a television show and a major book deal. It might be cynical to wonder why, but one clue is a statement by a Ventura detective named Terry Medina near the beginning of an interview he conducted with Christie, “I’ve been after you for a long time dude,” Medina declares. “You know why? A lot of people have poured their hearts out to you and have copped to a lot of dirty deeds to you.”

None of this is to say that Christie didn’t make the smart move when he debriefed with police. It is only to say that one cannot be a police informant and a righteous motorcycle outlaw simultaneously.

Sonny Barger

For years before he was thrown out of his former club, Christie took pains to insult club founder Sonny Barger. That has only gotten worse in the last couple of years. Last Thursday, the New York Daily News ran a feature article by book editor Sherryl Connelly that  began “Sonny Barger, the notorious and feared leader of the Hells Angels, was actually a hell-raising hypocrite who relied more on his biker mystique than actual menace. In his new book Exile on Front Street: My Life as a Hells Angel and Beyond, Barger’s one-time heir apparent George Christie exposes his ex-boss as snitch, a wife-beater and a phony.”

Within the first two hundred words of Connelly’s story, Christie accuses Barger of being a delusional snitch and Barger’s ex-wife Noel of being an FBI informant. Christie, apparently, realized this after learning that Barger had called his ex-wife an ambulance when he knocked her out in a nasty domestic dispute.

“‘An outlaw didn’t dial those three numbers … it’s the same as testifying,’ Christie fumes,” according to the Daily News. “’Sonny had been the model of the wild, unbending outlaw. But living with an informant? Beating a 14-year-old girl? Calling 911. Those were things a Hells Angel didn’t do.’”


Connelly seems oblivious to the irony in Christie’s self-righteous accusations. She can’t be expected to know about Christie’s rumored ménages à trios with teenaged girls but by now she should have heard the widely circulated tape recording of one of Christie’s many chats with police; the one in which he admonishes his children, “Hey! Be quiet. I’m trying to talk to the police here!”

Barger has had no comment since last September about any of these attempts to assassinate his character. An acquaintance of Barger’s, who took pains to make clear that he was not speaking for the Hells Angels founder, suggested that Barger has recently had nothing to say about Christie because, “You can’t win a shit fight with a monkey.”

Multiple sources who know both men have all offered the same explanation for Christie’s accusations. “George wants to be Sonny.” “He pretends he was Sonny.”

Whether Barger is annoyed or sanguine about the insults Christie is hurling at him, a number of Angels on the West Coast are annoyed enough to keep making Christie an offer he keeps refusing.


At the beginning of August, an alternative weekly newspaper named the Ventura County Reporter ran an open letter titled  “A Challenge to George Christie.”

“Ventura, SFV, Dago and So Cal Motorcycle Club charters offer you $2,000 to take a three-part polygraph test regarding your upcoming book, Exile on Front Street, and the Outlaw Chronicles television show,” the brief, open letter began. “You were dishonorably kicked out of the motorcycle club, yet you continue to profit by using the club’s name and logo in the media. While a few in the general public may believe you, we were there and know the truth. We will prove that multiple claims in your show and book are lies! Contact [email protected]” The letter was signed “William Gunner Wolf, Ventura.”

Christie has been openly contemptuous of the offer. Last week on an internet radio show hosted by a woman in Milwaukee named Cindy Mich, Christie said “Of course I’ve been challenged to take a lie detector test by Sonny.”

Mich agreed the challenge came from Barger, not Christie’s former club brothers. “Oh yeah. I can imagine that. ‘Cause I’ve read that…Basically I’ve found this on social media, where it is. It clearly asks you to take a polygraph test to prove whether you’re lying or not.”

Christie explained for some minutes that everything in his current book had to be true because his publisher, Thomas Dunne, extensively reviewed his book to ensure that the publisher could not be sued for libel. Since most of the tales George tells fall into the category of “club business” the publisher felt confidant that the motorcycle club would not bother to counter the sort of gossip Christie is selling. Although, the only defense against libel is that a statement must be “provably true.”

Cable channel History, which ran a televised version of Christie’s stories, tried to avoid libel with the disclaimer: “This program recalls past events and behaviors as recalled by George Christie and other featured individuals. The content of this program reflects only the views and experiences of those individuals as they relate to the people and events described, and not the views of the network or producers.”

Last week, Christie told Mich that one of his objections to a lie detector test is that they “don’t work…. But you know, Maybe if Sonny wants to take a lie detector test I guess maybe I could take one too.”

Another Offer

Yesterday, the Hells Angels were back in Christie’s face again. This time the letter in the Ventura County Reporter was titled, “A challenge to George Christie, Part II.”

This one read:

“Predictably, your response to our challenge was a lengthy dissertation or, to quote Shakespeare, ‘much ado about nothing’ on why you won’t take a lie detector test. The net result is the same. You have declined to take the test. This is not a challenge from Sonny Barger. This is from the Dago, SoCal, Ventura and SFV charters in California and the Nomads in Washington. We are hereby offering you double the original $2,000, to $4,000 in cash or cashier’s check or money order, which you can donate to any charitable cause or keep for your family. We simply challenge you to take a three-part polygraph test administered by reputable third parties who are professionals in this specialized field. You don’t even have to pass it. Just take it. Any reasonable person would conclude that, if you are telling the truth in your book and on the History Channel, you will gladly accept the challenge and the money. Here is your chance to extinguish all reasonable doubt, of which there is an abundance. What could be easier? You can reply publicly in your blog as you did before, or privately to [email protected]

Again it was signed “WIlliam Gunner Wolf, Ventura.”

This nasty publicity push by Christie may end soon or it may never end. If it continues and grows it seems a shame that Celebrity Apprentice is no longer on the air. It might have been fun to see how Christie made out.

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50 Responses to “George Christie’s Nasty Publicity Push”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear MojoRisin,

    Yeah. Calling an ambulance for your wife after you knock her out is exactly the same as singing to the feds like a canary. Excellent fucking point!


  2. MojoRisin Says:

    GC may have talked to the police but there is also a recording of Sonny Barger calling the police. Why is he still a member etc…one standard for one person and another for a different person.

  3. Harvey Says:

    Thought George Christie was “no contact“ so why are the Hells Angels so worried about what a “Retired Angel” says don’t you do freedom of speech. I’d take the lie test but that’s me, if what he has said are lies he has a lot to lose . Thus you can see why Mr Christie is avoiding the subject.

    Be no good for his hips dancing as Georgie had a accident and hip replacements

    Take care rebels

  4. JerryJ Says:

    GC was not the only one that went down in his latest BS nor was he the only one that went to jail..

  5. Fizzy Says:

    After reading and viewing what everyone has to say on all sides of this perfect example of the sad state of the Club lifestyle nowadays, I am left feeling that everybody involved in slinging shit is guilty of spewing atleast a certain sized pile of bullshit. One or another may have a bigger pile but this airing dirty laundry in public shit is 100% bullshit. Like a bunch of old women. What a sad day for club life and clubbers everywhere. The glory days are truly gone.

  6. lee griffin Says:

    didnt want to put money in his pocket but bought the book as I had to read it just to see what he was saying, well what can I say, from his mouth it was everyone elses fault an not his, these words reek of someone trying to cover up almost like a kid trying to lie his way out of something. I hope the guy does take the poly graph but I doubt he would ever go near one for fear of it smelling his bullshit from 50 yrds, and I doubt he really has the balls to go near any member ever again to be honest, he did seem to blame you for a bit REBEL it seems your not in favour with this weasel….. well I guess sometimes lady luck shines on us all lol, respect to all those that ride free guys.

  7. Kelly Says:

    Re the colors of the rockers, back in the late 60s and early 70s I spent a good amount of time with members of the Buffalo NY chapter when it was the mother chapter of the State. I was told that red letters on a white rocker meant that if you saw a patch from blocks away and couldn’t make out the name red on white made it obvious what club it was, made sense then and still does and that is why other clubs are advised not to use that color combination.

  8. slo joe Says:

    when did outlaws start settling disputes by asking each other to take a lie detector test WTF…. Whatever happened to just kicking a guys ass?

  9. Tooj Says:

    Club continues and this person isn’t a member. Case closed.

  10. Suckered Says:

    I just finished the book and gave it an excellent rating. Obviously, by reading other bikers posts, I have been fooled by a master. I apologize for being so naive. The Angels are number 1 and I now see what was wrong in believing otherwise.

  11. Marcos Soria Says:

    A common theme among the mc. The president is kicked out bad and then writes a book. Then hits the book circuit to make $$.. and yet people continue to join…searthing for.

  12. Not Surprised Says:

    Thing is, the target demographic of this book will never know just what a heinous, weak piss back stabbing thing it really is

  13. Richie Saurkraut Says:

    Sorry, I thought the first post had been deleted by mistake, the message is the same.

  14. Richie Saurkraut Says:

    What do I know? Only what I read, and there is lot to read over the years in print and on the web….So, accordingly, Berdoo was started by the aforementioned three guys,( Buzzard just showed up at a Christie book signing in Ventura, still alive) Rocky from Berdoo brought the patch to San Francisco in 1954 and patched over The Market Street Commandoes. Mother Miles brought a charter from Berdoo to patch over his Hell Bent for Glory MC to become the North Sacto charter, later the Nomads. Sonny writes in his book that one of his guys came up with a No. Sacto patch, liked it, and had it copied at a bowling embroidery shop. Without a doubt Barger made the club into what it is today and therefore deserves the title of FOUNDER. Only Wikipedia mentions some “Bishop family”, nowhere else is it found.

  15. Richie Saurkraut Says:

    What do I know? Only what I’ve read, and there is a lot to read out there from years of print and web sources—-So, accordingly, Berdoo was started by the aforementioned guys ( Buzzard just showed up at a Christie book signing, still alive), Rocky from Berdoo brought the patch to Frisco to the Market Street Commandoes who became the Frisco charter, and Mother Miles got a charter from Berdoo to patch over his Hell Bent for Glory MC to the North Sacto. charter, who became the Nomads after. Sonny wrote in his book that one of his guys came up with a No. Sacto patch and they copied that at a bowling embroidery place. No doubt that Barger built the club into what it is today, so founder is an accurate title…..Only Wikipedia makes mention of some “Bishop family”, nowhere else is it mentioned.

  16. Brad H Says:

    Was at the local Barns & Noobles looking for something new to read. A copy of the book in this article was selling for $26.99 + tax.

    I had no idea toilet paper was so expensive!

  17. jonnysumo Says:

    @Glenn S; in Rebels book ‘Out Bad’ (great read if you haven’t already), one of a major MCs members goes to a national officer and shows him a picture in Queens book of an ATF agent who is in the process of infiltrating their club at that time – even using the same name!, he is dismissed by the officer….perhaps ‘know thine enemy’ is good advice, especially in that case.
    much respect, J

  18. Woodstock Says:

    The post I made above was supposed to be in Guns, Weed, Bikers and Judges. Don’t know how I managed to post it here.

  19. Marcos Soria Says:

    ..if u are out..
    then u r out…why is it that way everyone turns into an author once they leave a club…

  20. Glenn S. Says:

    I usually read the rats’ and cops’ books with the hope that some nuance of the way they conduct their dirty business will reveal itself and I will recognize it if it happens around me. But I have no interest in peeking into somebody’s collective or individual private life and I surely have no interest in the secondhand ramblings of somebody who has done so and now believes he has a grudge to settle by puking on the pages of a book. I won’t be reading this one.

  21. Woodstock Says:

    When you are playing in a rigged game what is the point of discussing what the rules are? In theory there are three choices available to you. Keep playing, and losing, get out of the game, or kill the motherfucker running the game. We are not allowed to quit, we are in fact required to play so in the end there is only one choice left to us. Question is when will we make it?

  22. Not Surprised Says:

    Christie isn’t the first to attempt to cash in by writing a tell all about the club, he’s just the most ridiculous.

  23. Floyd Says:

    “You can’t win a shit fight with a monkey.”
    Out here in flyover farm country we put it another way: “Never try to wrestle a pig in the mud; you will just end up covered in pig shit, and the pig will really enjoy it.”

  24. don waldron Says:

    christie will fade and a new scum bag will take his place.

  25. Elmo Blatch Says:

    “You can’t win a shit fight with a monkey.” How appropriate. God damn I love that one.

  26. Potmetal Says:

    GC: The empty can rattles the most.

  27. Damon Says:

    In the late 70s I bought some parts from a member of a new self-styled ‘outlaw touring club’ from the far western suburbs of Sydney. So, I rode out there a few times to meet and greet and went on a couple of runs, and eventually asked how they chose the colors for the rockers. Apparently, several months before they’d decided that white rockers with red letters would really look good with the centre patch they’d designed. They knew no better. At their very next meeting, so I was told, two Hells Angels turned up. They pointed out the error and told them how to fix it, and left. I thought on that for a while, two guys riding Harleys from one side of a big city to the other, through the territories of a lot of different clubs, to go to a meeting of a dozen or more unknowns in their own pub and set them straight, then ride home. I knew even then that there might have been more to the story, but I decided then that if I couldn’t be that, I didn’t want to play.

    Seems to me that the best way to support those challenging their ex-member was buy a Washington Nomads support shirt on eBay. It might not be much, but it seems better than badmouthing someone I’ve never met.

    Respect to all,

    Damon, fading back into the woodwork.

  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear Archer801,

    Barger was A founder of the club.

    I have been told and believe that three Hells Angels clubs were formed independently. One story I have heard more than once is that Barger and another guy saw the deathhead in a store and liked it. So they wore it. Then they became aware of the other Hells Angels in California. I have been told and am inclined to believe that Barger was THE founder of the club as it existed after the unification of the disparate Hells Angels.

    I am well aware that Berdoo was considered the mother chapter forever. Maybe some people still think of it that way. I don’t know. I’m not an Angel. And I have heard stories forever about how Barger and Oakland stole the Hells Angels.

    I think that the current Angels would have been impossible without Barger. I think George Christie wishes he was Barger and wants people to think he was at least Barger’s peer.

    The point of the article was not to discuss the founding of the Angels. I have done that in books and I think I most recently described it as the Angels “foundation myth.”

    I take great pains to be accurate and measure my words. Don’t call me a liar again. I don’t like it.


  29. Richie Saurkraut Says:

    As far as I know, the Angels were started by Otto Friedli, Doug Frizell (not sure about spelling)and Beautiful Buzzard ( real name unknown) The “Bishop family” is listed on Wikepedia. Like, who the hell are they? The three of them were all of 17 years old in 1948. Anybody know?

  30. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Archer801 : I think Rebel means the Hells Angels as we know it now, structurally, in its present platform from say, 1964 to 2016. Sonny would be the first to say that he didn’t start the club but was instrumental in getting the disparate versions of it together under one philosophy so to speak.

  31. Archer801 Says:

    “club founder Sonny Barger”… since when? the Bishops where the founders of the club, the HAMC came to took its first breath and came to life back in the late 40’s, SB was the founding member for the Oakland chapter, while there is no question SB fought for and grew the club to what it is now, but, he was not the founder of the Hell’s Angels. Accuracy in reporting goes to credibility gentlemen.

  32. MN LONER Says:

    This fucking (RAT) just NEEDS to shut his fucking mouth and move on.Thanks rebel respects

  33. dogbreath Says:

    Celebrity Apprentice may be gone, but GC could still do a season of Dancing With The Stars. He might even win, he has become so skilled at dancing around the truth.

  34. Kat Says:

    Maybe is should of been a Clinton/Christie ticket….Birds of a feather flock together..

  35. Stickerman Says:

    Snitches don’t get stiches anymore they get book deals, publicists, and D-list celeb status.

  36. TX_Biker Says:

    I can’t wait for the day we all say “George who?”

  37. bob watts Says:

    Nothing like an unbiased article! I believe Mr. Christie got a general discharge, not a dishonorable. As for a lie detector test, I’m sure neither Mr. Barger nor Mr. Christie would submit to one. There are some crimes that don’t have a statute of limitations, not that I’m saying that either of these two gentlemen are guilty of anything. Nobody but Jesus was perfect, and look what they did to him!

  38. Frank Says:

    I’ve read the book, and as with many books like it, it’s an interesting read but also intensely self serving, offering an almost rosy picture of the his past in the club and his stature in it. Glazing over his crimes and his total lack of acknowledgement of the crimes committed by those around him is obvious, but laughable. And if there was any lingering doubt in my mind that he is a rat, it’s gone now. The degree to which he debriefed remains a question, but I think he definitely talked.
    I would love for George to take the test, I have a few questions I’d like to ask, but certainly there is more than $4,000 in the kitty for this, no?

  39. Maven Says:

    In my humble opinion the guys in CA are helping this dirt bag stay in the lime light by challenging him to take the test. His 15 mins are almost up, I’d just ignore him.


  40. bcnasty Says:

    ” Not my monkey not my circus but I do not talk to the cops rings true in all lives not just ours.

  41. Dasein Says:

    He’s a lot like Hillary.

  42. Paladin Says:

    “Barger has had no comment since last September about any of these attempts to assassinate his character. An acquaintance of Barger’s, who took pains to make clear that he was not speaking for the Hells Angels founder, suggested that Barger has recently had nothing to say about Christie because, “You can’t win a shit fight with a monkey.”

    I look forward to a time when others come to the above conclusion. Just because one shouts the loudest doesn’t automatically mean they have anything to say.


  43. Grimey Says:

    George is going to keep feeding the sheep lies and the rest of us will just shake our heads. George is like an old man sitting in front of a general store telling stories about the giant catfish he caught back at his secret fishing spot. Except his fishing spot was a sandbox and the catfish was a cat turd.

  44. Scooter Rick Says:

    I don’t know squat. Red and White hasn’t told me a dam thing. Not that they ever do, mind you. So, all I can comment on is what I see and hear in public . I don’t believe that George Christy has any personal pride whatsoever. If he did, he wouldn’t put his shit out on front street. A long time ago, I was married to a miserable wench who constantly accused me of screwing around. Yeah, right. I was too busy working. Years later, I learned that while I was working to feed my family, wench was screwing every guy in town. Ahhh, the old saying suddenly comes to mind…the one making the accusations is usually the guilty one. No, that most definitely does NOT mean that I am fucking Georgie. But it does make me wonder…he is making a lot of accusations. And the one making accusations…

  45. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Yep, this whole fiasco is nothing more than a pissin’ match with a skunk. Even the winner, if one can ever really win, will come out stinkin’ to high heaven. My condolences to all involved, except for the skunk of course…

  46. gooch Says:

    @ Dr. Sardonicus,

    yes, it’s true. they quoted Shakespeare; believe it or not. .Even people who ride motorcycles can read and write.

    Although I like the other quote better “You can’t win a shit fight with a monkey.” LOL

    Rebel On!

  47. IronRider Says:

    It really is something else when you see a Con Man doing their thing.

    When the Con Man has started to spin a story, the first thing they have to do is remember what the objective is and then who they are going to tell the fable to and start to fabricate how places, people, events and they fit the story.

    At first the Con Man story never sounds as smooth and there are parts of the story that dont jive and maybe some of the Con Man’s lies dont sound plausible to recipient of the story, so the Con Man refines and refines again and repeats the process tell it sounds more plausible.

    Now the Con Man you have to remember has to tell the story from memory with the changes to the story that have been made. Nwo fo course the con Man story still might sound fishy or the way it is being told might not come off very smooth when it is being told.

    So when the Con Men tells the story again and again and again it begins to roll off the tongue much easier and the Con Man can tell it to the recipient much easier and say it much smoother than when first concocted.

    As the Con Men tells the fable more and more and has it memorized with the details newly added, one is able to tell it confidently and it convincingly, and once that happens the Con Man can tell it over and over with ease and it sounds very convincing to the listener because the Con Man has it down pat now and can say it with ease so well that it lulls people into the sense the story must be true and at that point the swindle is on.

  48. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    The Hells Angels quoting Shakespeare – who would have thought?

  49. gooch Says:

    Christie must be avoiding any and all mirrors, or he is a sociopath.

    “a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

    How else could he go on; knowing that he sold out his brothers, and sold his integrity for a nickel and couldn’t but it back for a billion dollars if he wanted too.

    Snitches get stiches

    Rebel On!


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