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September 21, 2016

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Following The Money

In the screenplay for the old movie about Watergate, All The President’s Men, a world weary whistle blower code named Deep Throat tells an eager, young reporter named Bob Woodward to “follow the money.”

Of course, it never happened in real life. The line was an invention of screenwriter William Goldman. Nevertheless, the command to “follow the money” became a credo for just about anybody who went into journalism after 1976. As Joel Bellman, who used to write for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner back when El Lay was still a two paper town, wrote:

“If a couple of brave reporters and their courageous news organization can uncover a monstrous criminal conspiracy in our political system and successfully drive the rascals out of the highest elective office in the land, rescuing democracy and proving The System works, then why – 40 years later – is The System more paralyzed, polarized, sclerotic and delegitimized by the electorate across the ideological spectrum? Rather than restoring public confidence, the aftermath of the Watergate scandal has seen it demolished. After Woodstein, what fresh-faced journalistic aspirant wouldn’t want to become an investigative reporter? All you needed was enough attitude, aggressiveness, and a simple credo: ‘follow the money.’”

In the same think piece, Bellman calls Watergate, “Our catastrophic extinction event: It shattered trust in elected officials, destroyed confidence in government, and deeply undermined the fundamental legitimacy of a public sector empowered to levy taxes and undertake projects or activities on behalf of, or deliver vital services to, the general public.”

Slab Of Pork Belly

The so-called “Battle of Twin Peaks” may have been Waco, Texas’ “catastrophic extinction event.” Everything in America and everything in Texas looks tiny when you compare everything to what Texas and America were 40 years ago. Currently the role of Richard Nixon is being performed by a mouth breathing slab of pork belly named Abelino Reyna. The Washington Post has become the Waco Tribune-Herald. And the investigators are now a couple of big city lawyers named Clint Broden and Abigail Anastasio. Anastasio represents a member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club named Ray Nelson. Broden represents a Scimitar named Matt Clendennen. Brodin speaks for Clendennen in both Clendennen’s criminal case and in a federal lawsuit against Reyna and two other Dukes of Hazzard rejects for false arrest.

The legal aftermath of whatever you think happened in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco 494 days ago has devolved into something stupider than Bachelor in Paradise, only without the show’s sex, charm or production values. The short version is, Reyna arrested and ruined very many innocent people with his almost magical powers of accusation. All of them would like to have their lives back. None of them can begin to do that until they are allowed the opportunity to prove their innocence at trial. Reyna refuses to try any of them. Brodin and Anastasio have been trying to disqualify Reyna from the case for 128 days so all the criminal and civil cases may finally proceed.

And yet, still nothing moves. It is tempting to call Waco an Ionesco farce but to do so would flatter Waco.

Financial Stake

Among the arguments Anastasio and Brodin have applied to Reyna is the provable fact that it was all his idea to arrest all these people in the first place. The Texas Rangers wanted to let most of them go. Local police were prepared to let most of them go. Reyna insisted on arresting them for the opinions they wore on their tee shirts. Technically, it isn’t actually illegal to express your opinion and technically it is illegal for a prosecutor to be bring charges based on what he has learned from watching episodes of Sons of Anarchy. Also, since he is being sued for false arrest by multiple defendants, Reyna has a financial stake in delaying the criminal cases as long as possible.

The Twin Peaks Ambush

The big rock in this stream of justice is a clown judge named Matt Johnson who is Reyna’s former law partner. Johnson holds control of all the criminal cases and he has ruled against virtually every defense motion.

For example, Anastasio  entered her motion in May. Johnson has given Reyna until September 30 to submit a brief explaining why he should not be recused. And then Johnson, whose lips get sore when he has to read a lot, must read it and consider it before he can finally rule in Reyna’s favor. And then Brodin and Anastasio can appeal. And so on. And then eventually somebody at the Waco paper, or the Dallas Morning News or the Houston Chronicle may notice the “shattered trust in elected officials, destroyed confidence in government, and” the public’s deeply undermined trust “of a public sector empowered to levy taxes and undertake projects or activities on behalf of, or deliver vital services to, the general public.” Maybe somebody will notice after a few of Reyna’s victims finally commit suicide and after Entertainment Tonight runs the story first.

Recent Motion

Yesterday, in an attempt to hammer a hole through the endless stone wall, Brodin filed a 35 page motion demanding to know who was going to pay the people who are suing Reyna for false arrest and false imprisonment when – theoretically there will be a when – they finally get their day in court. Brodin thinks Reyna’s financial interest in the civil cases is inseparable from the way he has handled the criminal cases.

Broden wrote: “The fact that Mr. Reyna rushed approximately 154 indictments through the grand jury (at a rate of less than five-minutes per indictment) and then admitted that he would not be prepared to try any of the cases for at least a year appears to be indicative that his actions in this case are best explained by financial and political interests.”

Waco has become a broken record.

Brodin asked Reyna about the money during an August 1 hearing.

Brodin –  I asked you a question of whether to your knowledge will you be indemnified whether it’s one case, one judgment against you, or 100 judgments?

Reyna – I don’t know that. You’ve asked me that. I don’t know that.

B. Okay.

R. You need to talk to them. And if you ask me again, I’m going to give you the same answer.

B. Need to talk to?

R. You would have to talk to (an insurance company known as) TAC. Talk to my attorneys. My understanding you’ve got the attorney here – it’s discoverable. All of that information is discoverable.

Ask My Lawyer

So Brodin sent interrogatories to Reyna’s lawyers.

Waco is an unprecedented case. But based on previous judgments for false arrest and false imprisonment, and considering the flagrancy of Reyna’s conduct, it is very conservatively estimable that Reyna could be on the hook for $15 million. It is already established that McLennan County, which envelopes Waco, will indemnify Reyna for the first $500,000 of his legal expenses and liability. When Brodin asked Reyna who would be paying the money, Reyna told Brodin to ask his lawyers. “Well, again, you’ll have to talk to my attorneys, and they’ll clarify for you,” he said over and over.

But when Brodin asked Reyna’s lawyer and a McLennan County official who might know where the money was coming from, they typically replied like this: “Bacon the pig-faced lawyer objects to this interrogatory as set forth above, and asserts that it seeks information protected by the attorney-client and attorney-work product privileges. Bacon the pig-faced lawyer esquire further seeks a protective order relieving him of the obligation to respond to this interrogatory in any respect.”

The motion filed yesterday seeks to compel Reyna’s entourage to answer questions about the money. Barring that, Brodin wants to put Reyna back on the witness stand and grill him some more.

Reyne replied to the motion in an interview with television station KWTX. “To disqualify a district attorney from a case simply because he or she is sued by a defendant defies all logic and common sense,” Reyna said. “Probable cause has been established by arrest, the indictment was issued, and we are preparing for trial in accordance with the law.”

“My goal is simple and clear,” Reyna lied. “I took an oath to see that Justice was done in each and every case presented before me. I will follow that oath regardless of the size of the case or the frivolous allegations lodged against me.”

Even Nixon would have laughed at this guy.


20 Responses to “Following The Money”

  1. Dark Corner Says:

    Y’all might not have noticed, but the FBI, the DoJ and the POTUS just wrapped up sanitizing multiple felonies for a woman that expects the office of POTUS has been reserved for her.

    Deliberate compromise of TS/SAP intelligence; destruction of evidence under subpoena; perjury; obstruction of justice. All right before our very eyes. The conclusion? This future POTUS is too stupid to indict. All this happened right before our eyes; on live TV. And not a peep from the sheep.

    I’d like to be outraged for the victims of Twin Peaks; they deserve some empathetic support. But my lifetime supply of outrage is completely spent. Reyna knows what he’s doing; he hasn’t got a care in the world. He’s part of a well oiled machine that is fueled by money and power in the hands of people that know how to use it, and are unafraid to do whatever it takes to keep it.

    We can’t even keep a bunch of cock suckers from mocking us with their mail order cuts; but we expect a win against the machine that successfully runs traitors for President?

  2. Gandalf Says:

    “probable cause has been established by arrest” is a slip. It means that Reyna has always deferred the decision of probable cause to Police and never questions the Cops probable cause to arrest. In the case of Twin Peaks since Reyna over ruled Police and told them to arrest everyone what He is really saying is this, “Probable cause has been established because I said so.”

  3. david Says:

    What’s even more stupid about Reyna’s “probable cause has been established by arrest” statement is; his statement was made AFTER Broden moved to have a probable cause hearing in court and the hearing was had, subsequent to Matt Clenndenen’s (sp.) arrest.

    Reyna truly lied about the substance of the oath he took to “uphold the U.S. Consti.” as a sworn officer of the court.

  4. Damon Says:

    It beggars belief that the justice system in the land that prides itself on having invented freedom has so many fucking holes in it that this farce has been allowed to continue past the first weekend. It would be an injustice if Reyna escaped his destiny by dying. He must be exposed and shamed for the corrupt piece of shit that he is. I want to see him lose his house and his license to practice law, to see his wife and kids have to move away and change their name. For so many ordinary John and Jane Does to have been scooped up with no reasonable grounds for suspicion of any offense other than being there is a travesty – what the fuck does “Probable cause has been established by arrest” mean? Have I misunderstood something, or is that basically saying “they were arrested so they must have done something”? And this cunt’s a lawyer? I…ergh…fuck this, my brain’s melting…I have to go kick my neighbors stupid yappy fucking white dog and then go bang my head on a tree for a while….

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Again, Reyna and his cock-sucking buddy judge Johnson (damn straight I didn’t capitalize it Judge, because you deserve respect from *NO ONE* you corrupt PoS!) need to step off a curb into the path of *any* large vehicle doing at least twice the posted limit at that area, preferably a large construction vehicle so that much of the remains is too hard to scrape up from between the cracks in the road.

    Or, if that is too gross a thought for some, they can both go test the warning labels on plastic bags. Either way would be a planetary-wide Good Thing.

  6. mark larson Says:

    hey reyna when you jump up with your zipper down you’re going to get your weiner skin’t.

  7. TX_Biker Says:

    I had to laugh at the line ” And then Johnson, whose lips get sore when he has to read a lot, must read it”….

  8. Downtown Says:

    Journalism went from just reporting the facts and the who, what, where, when, and how, the night Walter Cronkite offered up his personal take on the Vietnam War on the evening news. That was the start of “spin” and paved the way for all future reporters to feel free interjecting their “spin” of the facts into the story to sway public opinion.

  9. Glenn Says:

    @Leonard Goveia

    “September 8, 1974 was a disappointing day for many Americans; not only were they reeling from the news that Gerald Ford had issued a pardon for Richard Nixon, but their favorite dare-devil [Evel Knievel] had failed in his attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon.”

    A day notorious (to my thinking) when entertainment subverted the public interest in official corruption.

    Recently a Friday-night-before-holiday dump concealed the crimes of Hillary, these for which lessers (lesser in the corrupt dumpers’ eyes) have gone to jail.

  10. Maven Says:

    Damn Rebel. If only I could write as well as you.

    I kinda wish you would send this in to one of those Texas papers you mentioned as a letter to the editor. Perhaps that would get more of the public clamoring for some justice.

  11. Jim Jones Says:

    Is Matt Johnson the only Judge in McLennan County? The Johnson and Reyna connection is a Glaring appearance of impropriety! Every time Reyna gets scared, he goes down on his safe place, Judge Matt’s “Johnson”!

  12. rw Says:

    Old & stoned I believe I read AR and his law partner buddy judge both sucked and swallowed they’re way through Baylor

  13. Rocco151 Says:

    AR’s photo of the newspaper headline at the top of this story tells an eerily similar tale to the Waco case story. An atrocity has been committed and the powers that be are trying to stall justice in the hope that it will go away. Nixon resigned with the express order that Ford “pardon him”. Ford’s pardon was so angrily viewed by the American people that it doomed him from being re-elected or running for office again . We can only hope that Mr. Reyna will experience a similar fate. While the faithful readers of AR wait for justice to be served we can keep an eye open for a sign that the wheels of justice are turning…watch for those in power to make an arrangement for Mr. Reyna to leave office, under whatever guise they can think of, in order to distance themselves from this Waco situation. The longer Mr. Reyna stalls his exit the stronger the backlash from the public will be ! The only shame in this whole cabal is that innocent lives have been done damage from which they may never recover. Thank you to AR for keeping this story alive for his readers !

  14. Bubblehead Says:

    The 4th Estate has been compromised for several decades now. It is up to the 5th Estate, Rebel included, to continue to shine light on the facts of the Twin Peaks massacre.

  15. Leonard Goveia Says:

    10 yrs after Nixon, Reagan should have been impeached only north falling on his sword prevented it..north conviction was point,the justice system has a long history of abuse by those in power..waco is a great example but by no means is this an’s the Norm..Can the system be fixed ?, ,if those in power would admit it’s broken…Will it be fixed?…I doubt it..

  16. Shyster Says:

    Kill yourself Abelino. You piece of shit lying corrupt pussy. Fuck you and your crippled bitch. You will lose. You cannot win.


  17. Gandalf Says:

    @ T-Hell I never thought of the Waco Trib as the “liberal establishment press.” I imagine the Trib and Tommy W supports Trump…. (Along with the Police Unions.) Libs ain’t the problem in Waco (all 3 of them) and the real “liberal establishment press” will follow Tommy and the Trib wherever they go. I hope. I’m thinking Tommy W and the Trib is starting to Understand. We all knew this was inevitable.

  18. david Says:

    Ignorant Un-Able cannot distinguish between probable cause needed to effect an arrest, and an actual arrest.

    Some of the money given to Reyna/Jarrett and judge Johnson to special-interest protect the pigs may have come from the 330,000 member Fraternal Order of Police. The FOP has a lot of money, and is the largest Masonic Lodge in the country.

    Waco Texas is proud of the fact the controlling Lodge for the entire State resides in Waco. An inordinate number(an actual monopoly) of TX public office-holders today are Masons. Following masonic money would be a good place to start.

  19. old & stoned Says:

    “Probable cause has been established by arrest”

    what law skool did this clown suck dick at to get his degree?

    Nice writeup, as usual Rebel.

  20. T Hell Says:

    The age of Watergate is dead and buried the main stream media is now no more than an arm of the Democratic party concerned only with what politically correct call to arms fits their narrative of the day, the thin blue line is nothing compared to the line drawn by the liberal establishment press, if, as a member of the press, you dare to cross that that line be prepared for a blackball and a future at the car wash….

    Fuck Abel Reyna, respects……………………….

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