Missouri Biker Fairy Tale

September 16, 2016

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Missouri Biker Fairy Tale

The easiest stories for reporters to tell are the ones readers already know. That is probably more true for biker stories than, say political stories. George Christie, for example, is now trying to get rich and famous by presenting himself as Forrest Gump.

And news consumers in Kansas City are currently riveted by the tale of the stupid boy who sold the family cow for a handful of worthless, magic beans and then learned a terrible lesson, only with an outlaw biker twist. America is rotten with tales of stupid boys who squander a family asset and then learn a terrible lesson about ogres – like the story of Jack and his beanstalk.

What makes the Kansas City story newsworthy is that bikers play the familiar role of the ogres. Most news outlets report that the ogres are members of the Galloping Goose. Television station KMBC insists the ogres are members of the Accused Motorcycle Club, which suggests a drunken reporter misinterpreting stereotypical cop-speak. The ogres may not actually belong to any motorcycle club. They may just be guys. But asserting their membership in a motorcycle club is what makes the story interesting. If the story wasn’t about motorcycle outlaws it would just be another sad tale of the dying heartland.


One ogre, KMBC informs, is “Randal G. Holmes, 52” who “should be considered armed and dangerous” and who is “the president of the Accused Motorcycle Club.” The second ogre is Randal Holmes’ son, 24-year-old Gerald Holmes. “Action News KSHB” describes both father and son as “members of the Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club.” Action News KSHB reports the two ogres “used tactics often seen by the group” to “viciously” assault a man. The third ogre, according to the Kansas City Star,  is 74-year-old Richard M. “Snake” Phoenix who is the only ogre identified so far who has a colorful nickname.

Jack, the stupid boy who sold the family cow for a handful of beans is now being portrayed by a 22-year-old Independence man named Coty Hollaman who is widely described as a victim of the three ogres.

Family Cow To Market

According to a consensus of news reports, the victim was given a car and $16,000 in cash and assigned the mission of buying “drugs” in Colorado. The victim decided to drive to Las Vegas instead – apparently with the intention of turning $16,000 into a more substantial sum in the blink of an eye, a turn of the wheel, a roll of dice or a few hands of cards. What could possibly go wrong?

Also apparently, when he did not return from Colorado with “drugs” or $16,000 and a car, the three ogres became very annoyed. Many journalists report that the police say the victim was kidnapped from a home in Independence, Missouri at gun point and taken to another home in Kansas City where he was beaten unconscious.

The Star reports, “the victim later told investigators that twice he was beaten unconscious but was given methamphetamine to wake him up so he could be beaten again. His abductors beat him with a ball peen hammer and threatened to cut off his fingers and toes.”

Then the biker ogres inexplicably and cruelly drove the victim to a house in Benton County, Missouri where he was beaten some more. The victim told police that the ogres talked about fishing in the victim’s presence. Reportedly one villain said to the other, “You bring the cinder block and I’ll bring the rope.”

While in the house in Benton County, the victim is reported to have called his father. Police traced the call and the victim was saved. The biker ogres all face 20 years in jail.


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  1. rose Says:

    Ill give ya a clue. He very clearly and unmistakenly in my opinion told exactly who he and Sever did this for who did the accusing which in my opinion snitched is the better term and who continues to wreak havoc for GGMC in other states. Another clue tripods. West Coast aint got nothin on us Cooky Pooh. And you dont terrify this 5 ft 2 inch chick. Next time you wanna set chicks up to take the fall for all those little parollees you use to do your dirty work you get the facts straight and honest.


    Has anyone heard about this kid who has now plead guilty to conspiracy to transport drugs in a federal case. In federal court the kid took a plea for over 200lbs of weed from col to kc. Why has this not been out there

  3. Erik Says:

    Kyle where can I get supporter gear for both clubs

  4. Adios Says:

    Stupid should hurt

  5. Bagger Says:

    Riddle me this. How is a cop in KC that claims to be an “expert” and by his own admission and statements had over 1000 hours of training. Owns a company that now trains most of the Law Ennforcemnt in the U.S. and clears well over a million a year allowed to do this? This self prclamied Jack Ass created a larger issue. Sometimes you have to allow what you might think is an evil to keep what will be more evil from happing. Now instead of what was a a calm club or two that only made the news when they raised hell a little. KC has gone to the home of many 1% clubs and their support clubs. More than Steve Cook would ever know what the hell to do with,,,,,,,

  6. FF Says:

    Steve Cook’s a fag hag.

    I mean, c’mon. Look at the guy.

  7. swampy Says:

    “The Steven Cook Memorial Bathhouse and Public Toilet”
    Sieg, I got a good chuckle out of that one. I had a good friend that went 77 from a smaller Club. He got sick and passed. A lot of people were trying to get in touch with him just to see if he needed anything. When word of his passing got to me, there was a message: “I lived life on my terms and I left on my terms.” Good enough. RIP Booger Red.

  8. Sieg Says:


    “The Steven Cook Memorial Bathhouse and Public Toilet”

    Amazingly enough, once upon a time, the Goose even got as far north as Oak Lawn, a southern ‘burb of Chicago. They were there for awhile, I guess, I know I got a chain-belt with their center-piece on the buckle from a guy I worked with, he claimed to have removed it after an altercation with them, and he must have been in his 50’s then, that was back in the 70’s. He rode with a club which, as far as I know, is long defunct, but was bigtime along the Ogden Avenue strip in the 50’s-70’s, the Dellacatos MC (sp?). “Rat” Mesich was their main man…good people.


  9. Hellisonitsway Says:

    Funny how the media when questioned why they jumped to this conclusion their answer was. This is the information that law enforcement gave us. So a self proclaimed and somewhat media proclaimed expert works for the police Dept who released this info. Cook the proclaimed expert also co owns a company who travels the country and the now the world to train other law enforcement agencies most of which is paid for by tax dollars. Making the company that Cook Co owns over a million dollars. And they gave the media the wrong info…. there might be the news story there

  10. Tooj Says:

    Say what you will, but Steve Cook hasn’t done shit other than hold some seminars. I hear his latest offering will include self esteem techniques and fire walking on top of his “gang expertise”.

    Best to you, Kyle, from another Kansas runner…

  11. bcnasty Says:

    @ old &stoned,
    “until it’s time to do 1%r shit”

    amen to that

  12. Davr Says:

    Many thanks to the two Galloping Goose MC members who in 1974, Took Care Of Business by beating the crap out of those anti war protesters/hippies at the Del Taco in Alameda, Ca who were harassing U.S. Navy sailors. Respect.

  13. Hangaround Says:

    Since “Jack” was on a mission I wonder how many days he lost…

  14. Tooj Says:

    Bringing cannabis into Kansas from Colorado is a criminal offense. And again the media spin goes immediately to accusing the club rather than the individuals involved.

    But hey, if a patch doesn’t like being harassed by the cops… har, har, har, aren’t we all so cool for stopping the guy on a bike??

    And some has-been starts claiming expertise in “how clubs work” for the media machine…

  15. Kyle Says:

    They founding member of their brother club. El forastero that is

  16. Kyle Says:

    This is the first time I have posted on here but I check in here with rebel everyday to check the stories. First off thanks Rebel for your coverage and excellent writing secondly the. Galloping Goose and their brother club El Forastero are strong and alive running KC Just like always. Still in the same club house since the chapter was founded in 1969. I was there recently at a party with a friend who is a member. Stand up guys and true 1%er MF’s don’t believe everything you see or hear especially from Gangland. The GG and EF have multiple chapters in several states. Little extra fact here David Mann was one of the founding members of the Kansas City chapter. KC has a rich motorcycle history and it ain’t going away ever. Much respect

    Cobra Kyle Jones
    Lawrence KS USA
    GG and EFMC supporter

  17. Stevo Says:

    I wonder if Steve Cook sucks cocks out of the side of his mouth too?


  18. Hellisonitsway Says:

    There are a few things wrong with this entire thing and make it smell of one hell of a set up, First off as far as any media source should have been writing there are no more Goose in KC because that is what they have been told by law enforcement. So the heading should have read something like this. Law enforcement after years of telling the city and the nation that they “Took down the Galloping Goose” have had to retract their statement because they are now blaming them for a crime in Kansas city. (2nd) They media stated that they are members of the Galloping Goose but show a picture of the cut that Holmes might be wearing and it clearly has the patch of the Accused right on it. (3rd) Independence Police did the investigation on this and made what arrests have made so far. Not one work from Steve Cook. Now the little fairy Cook can’t help himself from being the spotlight of a corrupt investigation of any club especially in his own sandbox and not one word no TV interviews nothing not even his little peeping in on comments in different places. Something really is wrong with this whole thing. And this kid who has a public page on FB and a few other social media pages would by all accounts have nothing to do with the biker life at all. I see this as the story changes as time goes on

  19. T Hell Says:

    So Coty Holllaman the “victim” in this fairy tale took $16,000 cash in addition to a vehicle under false pretenses and did not return either, who I ask is the victim? Was he forced to take the money or did he do so willingly? When I was very young I learned the very important parable that should be number 11 in the list of commandments “don’t shit where you eat”……………..


  20. Elmo Blatch Says:

    @ Swampy

  21. FXRNIT Says:

    Who SAYS “Ya can’t beat a Dead Horse”!?
    Well……. One that SHOULD BE dead anyway.!

  22. old & stoned Says:

    Life is much simpler when folks do as they’re told. interesting they say nothing of how these badass mofo’s came to ‘trust’ this kid with a 16k mission solo.

    “until it’s time to do 1%r shit”

  23. BMW Says:

    I must missed the resurrection of the “Galloping Goose”. Is this the same club that the famous Stevie Cookiestealer became famous for destroying? Last I checked, Stevie Cookiestealer had achieved fame for his claim that he singlehandedly destroyed the “Galloping Goose” motorcycle club.

    So now the most recent at/STD protégé is claiming that the previous ATF/STD protégé faked his claim to fame? After a large number of twists and turns that make it hard to believe ANY such claims,we are supposed to believe this? Are they lying now, or were they lying before?


  24. swampy Says:

    Never bet anything that you can’t afford to lose. Steve Cook has imbedded his stink so deep it has become a legacy; passing on to a new generation of cop. He dreams of having a building named in his honor.

  25. Ben Says:

    The media should drop the “motorcycle gang” angle, and milk the story for it’s comedic element. I see a comedic road movie here. Think of “Dumb and Dumber 3.” That would entertain the public and garner box office revenue. They’re missing a big opportunity.

  26. Aanon Says:

    Forrest, for all his struggles, at least had some class.

  27. Gandalf Says:

    Moral: “Ya can’t fix stupid” even with a “bigger Hammer.” “A fool and His $ are soon parted.” “Not my Monkeys, Not my Zoo.” Take your pick.

  28. Paladin Says:

    An interesting follow-up story might one that explains how a stupid Coty Hollaman was able to get to a phone and call anyone.

    Not wanting to go off topic, but is it really surprising to anyone that GC would try and spin his conniving, treachery, and disloyalty into a learning disability?


  29. Johnny Rotten Says:


    remember em well

    what do sheep eat in a fantasy?


    oh, but this is our reality….

    da fuck is wrong with this reality?

    its gettin fucked

    thanks fer all you do rebel
    and respects to those deserving


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