Waco Swat Skates

September 14, 2016

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Waco Swat Skates

Three Waco Swat officers who fired their M-16 style rifles during the May 17, 2015 biker brawl at the Twin Peaks restaurant were “no billed” by a McLennan County grand jury this morning.

Grand juries are peculiar to the United States. The purpose of a grand jury is to examine a prosecutor’s evidence against a person suspected of a crime and determine whether charges should be brought. The institution of the grand jury  is widely, and naively, considered to be a check against unscrupulous or overzealous prosecutors. In general, grand juries do what prosecutors tell them to do.

The phrase “no billed” (sometimes the phrase is “ignoramus” or “not a true bill”) is written at the top of the presenting document when the grand jury disagrees with a list of prosecutorial claims called a “bill of particulars.” When a grand jury agrees with the prosecutor’s claims the foreman of the grand jury usually writes “true bill” on top of the list of allegations. When the grand jury agrees with the prosecutor’ claims against a suspect, that suspect is said to be “indicted” and must enter a plea of guilty or innocent.

So far, 154 people have been indicted for participating in an organized criminal conspiracy that resulted in the brawl at the Twin Peaks. Thirty-eight more people were arrested after the brawl but the bills of particulars against them have not yet been presented to a grand jury. So far, none of the 192 people who are not police officers who have faced prosecution have been no billed.


The Swat officers no-billed today were Andy O’Neal, Michael Bucher and Heath Jackson. Nine people died during the 109-second-long brawl. Bucher and Jackson killed at least four of them: Jacob Lee Rhyne, Wayne Lee Campbell, Daniel Raymond Boyett and Richard Vincent Kirshner Jr. According to police reports, O’Neal fired his rifle but ballistics reports obtained by The Aging Rebel suggest that he did not shoot anyone.

According to a report written by Swat Team Leader, Sergeant Vrail George, “Officer Bucher and Officer Jackson had multiple suspects down on the ground. I went to them to check and make sure they were okay. They both told me they were okay. Officer Jackson informed me that they were engaged by gun fire as they exited their marked police unit. Officer Jackson said they both returned fire and struck multiple suspects with their patrol rifles. I visually inspected both officers for any possible injuries, but did not locate any. I continued around the crime scene checking on all Waco officers. I found Office O’Neal sitting in a vehicle close by. He explained to me that he also engaged a suspect with a gun, and that he was physically okay.”

In radio traffic, Bucher was the first Waco officer to report that shots had been fired.

In a report produced five days after the brawl, Waco officer Jeremy S Finch wrote: “Officer Bucher was telling us over the radio that he had shooters that were on the ground still shooting, and that one person was crawling towards our direction and that he still had a gun in his hand.” The statement may describe the death of Daniel Boyett who was shot in the top of the head by both Bucher and Jackson.


After the grand jury found no reason to indict the three officers, Waco Police Information Officer W. Patrick Swanton issued a written statement that said:

“The McLennan County Grand Jury met this morning and completed their review of the Officer Involved Shooting that occurred at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015. The three officers were “No Billed” in today’s hearing.

“Our department along with numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have worked tirelessly on the still on-going investigation of Twin Peaks. We have completed an exhaustive internal investigation on the officer involved portion of the incident which was reviewed by the Texas Rangers. The three officers have been cleared by the investigation, and the action of the Grand Jury affirms those findings.

“The officers involved in the incident are 15-year Officer Andy O’Neal, 11-year Officer Michael Bucher and 9-year Officer Heath Jackson.

“Interim Chief Frank Gentsch, upon hearing of the Grand Jury decision, stated ‘These officers acted professional under very difficult circumstances. I’m glad to have this caliber of officers protecting our city. I appreciate the job conducted by the Department Investigators, the Texas Rangers, the McLennan County DA’s office and the Grand Jury in this case. I will be returning these officers to full duty immediately.’”


47 Responses to “Waco Swat Skates”

  1. Leonard Goveia Says:

    Cops shooting/killing citizens is common place,now and then LEO being held accountable is uncommon..With so many cameras out there citizens are starting to believe what many of us having been saying for years..Am I surprised LEO got a pass on the executions ? ,Regrettably No I’m not

  2. Mike Smith Says:

    For all of the bikers attending political events; like Bikers for Trump; the only hope of getting any review is to make noise where the candidate can see that the press can hear you. Every Wing nut, Right or Left, needs to face the facts. Both of the our Parties have looked this atrocity squarely in face and chose not to even mention it. I have the letters to prove it.

  3. James Crawford Says:

    Re IronRider

    I think you nailed it. This is precisely why I came tonthid sight and commented soon after the massacre of bikers.

    Just for the record, i sm not a member of an outlaw motorcycle club. Except forba residual interest in my younger sons Honda 150 dirt bike, i dont even own a motorcycle.

    The issue for me has always been the grossly indiscriminate use of force. According to thr best database available at KilledByPolice, cops in the US kill well over 1,000 people a year. This is far above snd beyond the 300+ people killed by pokice recorded by the FBI which relies on presumably honest self repirting. The huge discrepencie in the number killed should tell you something.

    The FBI data offers interesting insight because it reveals that when police kill, they are almost always killing to protect themselves or fellow cops. Police almost never, ever escalate to deadly force to protect mere citizens! Given this self documented fact, how credible is the claim that the police escalated to deadly force against specific individuals in thr crowd of motorcycle club members because they were a threat to other MC club members or bystanders?

    The implausibility that the police were employing deadly force with proper discrimination explains why they arrested every identifiable MC club membet at the scene. If everyone who was wearing a patch or just a teeshirt can be demonized as a dangerous criminal, then the indiscriminate use of deadly force can be excused.

    Of course the near certainty that undercover police officers and confidential informants were in the crowd of MC mrmbers at Twin Peaks creates interesting complications. The police no doubt opened fire because they believed that their undercover officers were endangered. It is likely that the only target discrimination exercised was to avoid shooting undercover officers who displayed some particular item of apparell to indicate that they were cops.

    The most embaressing aspect of this massacre is that it is the pokice who incited and ensbled the confrontation that they exploited to justify escalating to deadly force. Thanks to this sight, many people understand that the Cossacks were specificall uninvited to this CoC meeting and the venue was even changed in an attempt to exclude them. It was the police who informed the Cossacks of the location and enabled them to not only drop in uninvighted but to ambush the Banditos.

  4. rollinnorth Says:

    Good luck with that, David. There are lots of men, and women, with BOP Register Numbers that thought like that.


  5. david Says:

    With respect to and for rollinnorth,

    Pursuant to Art.1, sec. 8, clause 17 of the United States Consti.(1787), other than the U.S. capital and forts, magazines, arsenals, and other needful buildings, Congress has no jurisdiction over unceded remaining areas within the State of Texas.

    In United States v. Bevans, 16 U.S.(3 Wheat.)336(1818), a principle was established federal jurisdiction extends only over the areas wherein it possesses the power of “exclusive legislation”, and this was incorporated into ALL decisions regarding the extent of federal jurisdiction. Never over-ruled.

    A State via its legislature needs to cede land to the United States before the U.S. has jurisdiction thereof.

    New Orleans v. U.S., 35 U.S.662,737(1836)

    “Special provision is made in the Constit. for the cession of jurisdiction from the States over places where the federal gov. shall establish forts or other military works. And it is ONLY in these places, or in the territories of the United States, where it can exercise a general jurisdiction.”

    Federal jurisdiction results only from a conveyance of state jurisdiction to the federal gov. for lands owned by the federal gov., and therefore federal jurisdiction is extremely limited in nature. And there is no federal jurisdiction, IF there is no grant or cession of jurisdiction by Texas to the federal gov. Therefore, federal jurisdiction exists ONLY in Wash. D.C., the federal enclaves within Texas, and the territories and possessions of the United States. For more info. INCLUDING limits of federal criminal jurisdiction See: Lowell H. Becraft,Jr.’s article at, http://www.constitution.org/juris/fedjur 1.htm

    U.S. Congress can pass all the laws it desires as long as those laws are not repugnant to the Consti.(Marbury v. Madison), and the codification of U.S. STATUTORY law is superseded by the UN-WRITTEN common-law which is based on logic, reason and common sense, readable as when applied to individual cases by state and U.S. courts.

    States don’t have any “authorities”, states have office-holders, and the People have all authority based on the People’s written constitutions, and a number of U.S. Sp. Court case decisions based on the common-law. State office-holders acting outside the Rule of Law can never justify their own personal “law unto themselves” actions as lawful, by turning state cases over to the United States.

    If the City of Waco is a military fort, Coconut head Reyna ain’t saying.

  6. &iwasneverhere Says:

    It’s time to stop accepting their definition of justice as the final authority.

    Regardless, in the future, always have over-watch, even if it’s with just a video camera.

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    (not just that state’s taxpayers) foot the bill.


  8. rollinnorth Says:

    With respect to David, you are wrong about Federal jurisdiction. Read up on the “United States Code.”
    Also, state authorities turn cases over to the Feds for prosecution on a regular basis; tougher sentencing and all taxpayers ( not just the stat just the state’s taxpayers) foot the bill

  9. popeye Says:

    Joe s – I remember the texas COC doing absolutely nothing when this happened. No lawyers provided , no legal advice , no bail help. They didnt even issue a statement until months later. Just another “biker” ripoff with its hands in your pocket.

  10. david Says:

    Submitted with respect,


    Photos and video evidence exists placing Federal gov. agents on site at Twin Peaks May 17th. indicate to any reasonable person Federal gov. complicity prior, during and after that date. The United States Dept. of Injustice had branch FBI and BATF agents present.

    Federal jurisdiction includes the District(Corp.) of Columbia(read:Columbia Corp.) and extends only to U.S. Territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico.

    In the State of Texas, Federal gov. jurisdiction includes ONLY, U.S. military installations, national parks, BLM lands, and any small tracts of land fenced and posted with a U.S. gov. placard.

    In Texas, Federal gov. FBI, BATF and any other Federal alphabet agencies lacked ANY jurisdiction to conduct any operations whatsoever in Waco TX on, before or after May 17th. Any benefit or profit State agencies derive from U.S. jurisdictional incest, is never an excuse for any Federal agents to breach clear jurisdictional boundaries to unlawfully operate outside U.S. property, in any of the fifty states.

    Furthermore, every Federal agent who in the PAST has infiltrated any MC for intel. or any other purposes, also lacked ANY jurisdiction on state land in ANY of the States where they conducted operations. This fact negates any, and all, previous Federal gov. “convictions” in any Federal case.

    Please notice, officer of the Court criminal defense attorneys never raise this basic and important issue of Law when “defending” their so called clients who they are charging fees.

  11. Joe S Says:

    I’m surprised by how many of y’all are still (a) surprised and (b) complaining. You got the Texas Rangers investigating a backward ass backwater ignorant old school Texas Sheriff Buford T Justice and a bunch of jack-boot PD with high-powered weapons… What did you think would happen? Those people who were arrested are seriously f’d. At minimum they’ve lost a part of their lives, money, and now they have a record. That’s the lucky ones that DIDN’T get shot by the cops.

    Stop complaining here, to your brothers and others.

    Start doing something.

    Are you members of your CoC? Are you attending? Are you part of the various legal movements in various states to get Bikers Rights promoted?

    The good ole USA. It’s the court of public opinion, my friends. Good news bad news. You turn the public opinion against the LEO in WACO and their asses will be on the street in no time. But if you don’t they act with impunity.

  12. Dave-o Says:

    Sounds like the cops set the whole thing up….
    like shooting fish in a barrel…and weeks later..
    something smells funny ……….
    ya think!

  13. Armadillo66 Says:

    @David…They are doing exactly what they are being told from the Federal level. This problem in Waco did not originate in Texas, let alone in Waco. This is simply an ongoing process from the previous Waco incident. Waco has simply become the focal point in Texas. This kinda crap goes on everywhere, sadly, in our union to one degree or another. To think that this is somehow special to the State of Texas is to be blind to the reality all around us.

    Ride safe. Stay frosty.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    @ david… It was no coincidence Jade Helm 15 was held mostly in Texas. The other 49 are ready. Those Walmarts and Convention Centers will be FULL of Texas Politicians, Judges and DA’s one day.

  15. david Says:

    Shared with respect,


    Facts so far show, the entire Texas Judiciary, via judicial Branch member Reyna’s initiation, introduction and encouragement, has moved to act and rule in all criminal cases as if the United States Consti.(1787) is a REVOCABLE compact Texas entered into when it chose to join the Union compact States. The Union compact is IRREVOCABLE by Texas or any other State. Texas statehood is conditional upon the State and ALL its public office-holders obeying, respecting, honoring and operating in full compliance with the United States Constitution. Statehood was granted by the U.S. Congress assembled, under those terms.

    The State of Texas, including its Judiciary which includes all attorneyprosecutors and defense officers of the State Supreme Court under direct jurisdiction and control of said Sp.Ct, is required by reason of its entrance into the Union to abide by ALL terms of the United States Consti., including honoring and upholding the all important U.S. Bill Of Rights SECURED certain unalienable Rights of the People.

    Facts so far show, neither the Texas Supreme Court, nor the Texas Legislature, nor any State Executive officer has moved, or acted, to secure any of the UnitedStates constitutionally secured unalienable rights of those arrested and charged by Texas in DIRECT violation of the IRREVOCABLE compact Texas agreed to abide by when Texas entered the Union.

    If the State of Texas wishes to remain insubordinate by not respecting, honoring and adhering to the explicit terms it agreed upon admission, or thinks and feels those terms are oppressive, Texas retains its ability to exercise one of its admission options, namely its ability to leave the Union.

    Treason to the United States Constitution, not the country, as defined by a former U.S. Supreme Court justice occurs when Public office-holders fail to obey, follow or provide for, any and all terms thereof, such violations being not merely a breach of the national Public’s trust.

  16. leah the ttbear Says:

    this whole thing is such absolute bull shit! it truly is sad what our country is coming to , looks like 1984 finally reared its ugly head, our freedoms are cut off and there are more rules about what you cant do everyday, its becoming a police state and soon anyone they dont like will be locked up in camps, pretty scary stuff happening every where, people need to stop fighting amongst themselves and work together, you will always be stronger as a whole then you are alone, just a few thoughts to chew on guys
    respect and love ttbear

  17. BMW Says:

    I will probably never again visit this town, where those who go to a family breakfast can be held on a million dollar bond, and those who admit to murder can walk free in the streets. Sounds a lot like Tombstone BEFORE the OK Corral…I don’t think it is a safe place for students, motorcyclists, or any other average, normal folks. Towns and counties run by any form of organized crime just aren’t safe.


  18. caretaker Says:

    Base and Paladin said it best. The only thing I can add is a few “rules” I live by,that have helped me to stay out of the line of fire so to speak.

    1) The best offense is a good defense
    2) Improvise Adapt and Overcome
    3) Keep your friends close,and your enemies closer
    4) The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    and finally,
    5) When in doubt,read Sun Tzu


  19. Base Says:

    What has become of our country has been in play many, many years. Due to the dumbing down of the populace, it has gone almost unchallenged. There has been and will continue to be those hardy souls that will fight the good fight.

    But they need soldiers!

    Propaganda has been used for thousand’s of years to influence the populace and further an agenda. Look back through out history, facts are presented selectively (lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than a rational response and or acceptance of information presented. They the oligarchs have become master’s at this craft with plenty of Henchmen to do their bidding all for a lick of the boot! Isn’t that right Sgt. Swanson?

    “They want a bow on the box dam it!”

    It has been going on with such success the American way of life is on life support! They have been successful at keeping us at one another’s throats along racial, social, culture & economic lines all the while making back room deals for themselves and back dooring everyone and anyone who is not down with the sickness!

    The populace needs a reality check! And then get active & push back.

    When people make such statement’s such as or similar,
    “The Constitution is a dead document & we lost our rights.”

    I asked why they let it happen?


    Like anything it can be a good or bad thing. I ask all scooter folk, would you prefer running around naked getting chased by a hungry bear or do you actually like your bike? Adapt & overcome should be a mantra among all peoples. How else will you survive? By the good graces of your fellow man? Best wishes with that.

    The world is getting crowded, people are running out of places to be left alone. The oligarchs are ravenous and will not stop until they have it all. That is a truth that presents a clear and present danger to not only MC’s but to many other ways of life.

    So,naked running from a hungry bear?
    Or,adapt & over come?

    Eye on your 6

  20. Johnny Rotten Says:

    As you walk through the field of life two rules will never bend

    Never whittle toward yourself or pee against the wind



  21. Mk Says:

    It’s a shame our country has come to this

  22. Gandalf Says:

    …and not disclose anything, knowing that it’s coming.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    Example: Now that the LE Shooters names are public they will begin to get “death threats” (faked) One, or all the LE Shooters refuse to testify out of “fear for their families lives”. (my 5 year old was threatened) He quits the WPD and moves. Reyna is “forced” to drop all charges because “my witnesses are intimidated”. No admission of guilt and effectivly tainting the Civil Trials Juries. Of course He has to wait as long as he can though… for the effect.

  24. Paladin Says:


    I never suggested or implied that one should acquiesce or “get along”. I did suggest that one consider evolving in order to become a smarter outlaw. I personally find nothing wrong or dishonorable with becoming a smarter individual or a smarter group of individuals. By smarter, I mean changing up the way things are done, not changing the things one does.

    I find it hard to believe that in the part of the motorcycle outlaw frontier that is TX, there wasn’t Intel available that forewarned of a pending problem at the Twin Peaks restaurant. Outlaw motorcyclists (patched or otherwise) have been earnestly at war with law enforcement since the early ’60s. In a war (covert or overt) it behooves one to gather Intel on one’s enemy. Law enforcement has been gathering Intel on MCs, OMCs and bikers in general for decades.

    A little Intel gathering on the part of those sponsoring the meeting at Twin Peaks might have gone a long way in preventing what happened. I can’t help but think that those caught up in this mess might agree. Yes, I understand about one’s right to peaceably assemble and all the other rights that were denied that day and continue to be denied to this day. Trouble is, as one can plainly seen, those that are supposed to uphold those rights don’t give a shit, and probably won’t any time soon.

    One can always piss into the wind, but why not move upwind, so when one pisses, it rains on ones adversary, not on oneself? If tactics aren’t developed to counter the enemy, those living on the motorcycle outlaw frontier will continue to be mowed down until there’s no one left. The foregoing may or may not be avoidable, but why make it easy for the government, and why go quietly?

    Long May You Ride,


  25. TX_Biker Says:

    @Paladin, I don’t think evolution is the answer. Once we compromise our values we are no longer outlaws we are something else, something less than we were. No honorable brother will acquiesce just to “get along”. It is not who we are.

  26. Gandalf Says:

    In Butchers Dash Cam Video there is a guy on the steps… He waits for some time then pulls a gun and starts shooting…1st down at someone, then across the parking lot. Looks like He is shooting right at the Camera. I think He is Shooting dude with the helmet who is trying to get behind a pole… Then the shooter drops. Prob shot by Butcher. That Video alone gets the cops off. Looks like dude is shooting right at Butcher. The Question is not, “Why did the Cops (pawns) shoot.” The Questions I have are; Why were the Cossacks even there? Why were they armed? Why was everyone arrested? Why did the Media instantly have access to Cossacks (unknown Cossack Pres) and Interview them?(and their wives). Stevie Wonder can watch those Videos and see the Cossacks attacking the Bandits… Why did the Press(and LE)so quickly take the Cossacks side? That Judge who said, “They were not from Here” Kinda slipped up… The Cossacks WERE from “Here” and all Waco PD knew that. Why wasn’t the Cossacks on “the gang list”? LE set the “Battle” up to snag the Bandits with the “Patch” story ready. “The Bandits are picking on us and attacked us.” LE realized the Video shows their boys obviously jumping the Bandits and shooting people so they HAD to arrest them. They knew yesterday all the Bandits would be arrested. The original plan was to NOT arrest the Non-1%er, Non-Gang Cossacks. They had “The Bully Bandit” Story ready. “Operation Texas Rocker” Really? How much more stupid can the Feds be? I still believe something is going to happen and the case will be dropped on ALL the Bikers. They will try to blame it on the bikers or a loophole. Then continue to keep the Media Press on. Maybe blame “Slick Lawyer tricks”. They will tell us how Laws are too soft and the Bikers got away with murder.

  27. Dark Corner Says:

    Since when did outlaws expect justice from the system they reject? I don’t see or hear any Bandits complaining; there is a lesson in there for everyone expressing frustration and anger in this space.

    Expect no mercy, give no quarter.

  28. Griz's Gal Says:

    IronRider, I think you’ve got it down pat.


  29. IronRider Says:

    wow so two officers decided to shoot into a large crowd of people and killed 4 of them. Someone explain to me how these two officers managed to pick out 4 people who allegedly were firing a weapon out of the hundred some people that were all over the Twin Peaks parking lot involved in a brawl?

    With all that commotion going on and the these two cops were able to pick out 4 people out of a hundred + people out in a parking lot were a brawl was goingh on and these cops could pick 4 people out during all that commotion and shoot them without putting anyone else in jeopardy? Bullshit.

    Lets be honest here I bet these cops just fired into the crowd, no way with all the commotion going on during that brawl these cops could pick out 4 people that had a weapon and fire on them safely. They fired into the crowd unsafely and indiscriminately in my opinion and that alone is a crime.

    The fact that the cops are saying we investigated and our boys did the right thing is a joke, what else would they say? The Blue Wall protects it’s own. firing into a large crowd is never justified and all police are trained to avoid doing just that in case they hit innocent civilians. There is no way during that brawl the cops could tell who was an aggressor and who was a victim. no fucking chance.

    These cops just got away with murder if you ask me and broke many rules in relation to firearms training and the law itself. Hell even a hunter is told to never fire a shot unless they are aware of their surroundings and have a clear shot at their target.

    The fact that two cops killed 4 people only while shorting into a large crown is beyond fathomable and shows you just how trigger happy the cops were and that anyone with a t-shirt or vest that day at Twin Peaks was ripe for a pickin.

    There needs to be a serious outcry from the victims families and rights advocates and the USDOJ needs to investigate the shooting and clearing of these officers. I know asking the USDOJ to investigate is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse but asking Texas cops to investigate Texas cops is a joke.

    Her is how the cops investigating the cops goes;

    Investigating cop: Why did you shoot?
    Shooter cop: Saw people with weapons heard shots.
    Investigating cop: SO you felt civilians and officers lives were in danger?
    Shooter cop: I sure did
    Investigating cop: then what happened?
    Shooter cop: Observed suspects with weapons pointing them and feared people would be shot or killed or officers shot or killed.
    Investigating cop: So you felt your fellow officers were at risk?
    Shooter cop: I sure did
    Investigating cop: then what happened?
    Shooter cop: I and my partner yelled to drop the weapons and observed subjects with weapons who appeared to be reading to shoot.
    Investigating cop: then what happened?
    Shooter cop: I saw their was an immediate threat to loss of civilian or police officers lives and made sure I had a clear shot and fired taking the suspect down, and then another threat and took that suspect down and another and another.
    Investigating cop:So you had a clear line of sight when you shot and did so only because you feared more loss of life?
    Shooter cop: I sure did
    Investigating cop: Well looks like it was by the book, you probably saved a lot of cops lives today, your a really hero. good job. I should nominate you for employee of the month. Well I am going to slap this smiley face sticker on my report that say you did a good job killing those terrible criminals and should get a medal. Let me shake your hand.

    Cops investigating cops pretty much goes like that ask any defense lawyer and even they will tell you that. These cops are murderers in my opinion, you never ever fire into a large crowd of people especially in a situation like this and the fact that killed four people shows they fired indiscriminately in my opinion and they broke several law and police policy, bet on it

  30. Ben Says:

    The detective was giving head to both grand juries. How else could he have gotten these verdicts?

  31. Ben Says:

    Police, firing weapons and killing people, are cleared, yet unarmed people, running away from the melee, are indicted. It’s an example of why I lack faith in juries. I got called to jury duty one time, for a DUI case. The prosecutor asked potential jurors if they had preconceived opinions about drug testing. I said I was opposed to it for several different reasons. Then, the defense attorney, who wanted me on, asked if I could set aside my views, be an impartial juror, and take instructions from the judge. I said NO. Of course, the prosecutor excluded me from the trial. I don’t regret it. Under those circumstances, I couldn’t have done any good for anybody, including myself. People should not set aside their conscience and beliefs in the courtroom, it only empowers the professional actors, who get paid to play their game.

  32. Jim Jones Says:

    Well, let’s see, the corrupt system investigated it self and found NO wrong doings! Is this suppose to be some kind of surprise? Did anyone ever expect anything else?

  33. Chesty Says:

    Was Detective James Head the head of this grand jury as well or just the grand jury to indict the general population? Just wondering if this is another of the situations where they tell us that he has no conflict of interest here…

  34. david Says:

    Fake, DA hand-picked, gov. employee stacked bull-shit grand juries will always “decide” to no bill pigs. Corrupt, greedy, and ignorant County office-holders will always protect the pigs, after elevating them to sainthood status.

  35. Nobody Important Says:

    I am fundamentally unsuprised.

  36. Bubblehead Says:

    The Republic is dead. Carry on brothers.

  37. Elmo Blatch Says:

    But of course. Did anyone really expect any other outcome?

  38. Sieg Says:

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you!

    I think maybe Osama bin barry should pardon Lt. Bill Calley before he leaves office.


  39. panamaa Says:

    My,my,my………… Justice at it’s finest…

  40. Paladin Says:

    Those that become extinct, become extinct because they can’t evolve in order to adapt to their rapidly changing environment. In the political environment of the ‘50s, most of the population of the United States was on an alcoholic binge, either to dull the pain from the losses incurred during WWII or to celebrate its ending. Motorcyclists, MCs and their members were viewed for the most part as good old boys, just letting off some steam and having a good time.

    During the ‘60s, the alleged rapes in Santa Cruz, CA at the hands of some members of a motorcycle club was just the excuse that was needed by politically motivated opportunists to launch a law and order campaign against a group within a subculture that was seen as easily identifiable prey. As is typical, the news media (Life and Post magazines in particular) and Hollywood sensationalized the MC lifestyle and depending on one’s preference, one could view MCs, their members and bikers in general as either the misunderstood or the sociopathic, but not both.

    The Regan years of the ‘80s brought the war on drugs and because MCs their members and bikers in general were a closed society and steeped in mystery and controversy they became the easy targets of Federal and State law enforcement agencies. The fact that MC members wear an identifying symbol on their backs makes the abuse that much easier.

    Today, we have government agencies that devote huge amounts of their budgets and manpower to the tracking, harassing and killing of MC members and their associates. History shows us that not only has law enforcement’s abuse increased over the years, but has also increased in its frequency, intensity and scope. The incident at Twin Peaks is not an anomaly. It is a harbinger of what’s to come.

    When MCs, their member, and bikers in general truly accept and understand the fact that they will never be afforded the same rights and protections under the law as the average citizen, only then can those that choose to live on the motorcycle outlaw frontier begin to evolve and thereby adapt. To do otherwise is to become extinct.

    I am not suggesting that one should stop being an outlaw. I am suggesting that one should consider becoming a smarter outlaw.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  41. LoneWoofwoof Says:

    Has it been determined if Rhyne, Campbell, Boyett and Kirshner, were armed, discharged their weapons, injured/killed anyone, or refused to comply with LEO command’s to drop their weapons?

  42. von Zipper Says:

    Was there any doubt that would happen? Kangaroo courts and the blue wall go hand in hand skipping merrily down the road while those of us outside pay the price. Was there any info on how many they murdered? Or any info on how many other LEs opened fire? I doubt it. Fuckers, all of them.

  43. R&R Says:

    No one was firing on pigs sitting on the perimeter but those candy asses heard shots and opened fire. This continues to be a clusterfuck and looks to be for the foreseeable future. How long will it take for the innocent to be separated from this mess?


  44. Paladin Says:

    Oh, say it ain’t so!


  45. Brad Milch Says:

    Confucius say: ‘A Waco assfuck, no matter how dressed up, is still a Waco assfuck’

  46. Shameful Says:

    If Bucher and Jackson shot Diesel in the head, how did his step son witness a B or B associate execute him after yelling Take this! ? Isn’t that what was reported by the Houston Chronicle and regurgitated in the media worldwide? Had it been flipped, I’m sure WPD would have chastised the media and came to their patsies’ aid in the media to dispel the focus shifting away from their intended target.

    F the nutsacks

  47. Johnny Rotten Says:

    this is gonna be the new fuckin standard….
    sheep will bite and swallow wholeheartedly
    set em up, mow em down…..



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