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September 8, 2016

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Welcome To The Zoo

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, which calls itself “The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement” on its tax returns, has “unveiled a new temporary display and video about outlaw motorcycle gangs.”

“The display features artifacts obtained from Jay Dobyns, a retired ATF agent who went undercover with the Hells Angels in Arizona in the early 2000s. The video includes interviews with Dobyns, author of No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels” and Tom Barker, an emeritus professor of criminal justice at Eastern Kentucky University who specializes in outlaw motorcycle gangs and who is the author of Biker Gangs and Transnational Organized Crime.

In promotional materials for the exhibit Geoff Schumacher, who  is the Mob Museum’s director of content, claims “Outlaw gangs grew and evolved in the 1960s after Ralph ‘Sonny’ Barger became the leader of California’s most notorious outfit, the Hells Angels. Barger moved the gang into drug trafficking and other organized criminal activities.”

The special exhibit will be on display through Spring 2017,

Waco Of Course

Schumacher also references more recent biker history when he tells prospective customers, “Biker gangs are often involved in brawls and shootings, but rarely do these conflicts reach the magnitude of what went down in 2015 in a restaurant parking lot in Waco, Texas. A territorial conflict between the Bandidos and Cossacks turned into the most deadly biker battle in American history – and it started with an argument over a parking space.”

In addition to video recorded insights from Dobyns and Barker, the exhibit features biker “artifacts” including a Hells Angels belt buckle identified as “one of Dobyns’ belt buckles” and “a leather vest worn by a member of the Pistoleros biker club.” The cut once belonged to a Pistoleros vice-president named “Bird.”

Bird can visit his old cut if he travels to the Mob Museum at 300 Stewart Avenue in Las Vegas and pays the man who sells the tickets $23.95. If Bird is over 65 or a cop, a soldier or a teacher, he will only have to pay $17.95.  If, by some miracle, he can pass for a child under ten he can visit his old vest for free.

Your Taxes

According to promotional materials, “The Mob Museum cost approximately $42 million to construct and was funded through local, state and federal grants. Of the total amount, approximately $12.4 million came from general fund sources with $8.3 million coming from matching local, state and federal grants that were awarded following the city’s financial commitment from both its general fund and Redevelopment Agency funding source that can only be spent on projects located in the city’s redevelopment area. General funds were allocated for the Museum in 2004. Grants of note include a Save America’s Treasures grant from the National Park Service, multi-year grants from the Nevada Commission for Cultural Affairs and local grants from the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.”

So you paid for this thing, but you still have to pay more to get inside.

Big Close And Video

Kerrie Droban, the poet and prosecutor who became a biker authority once said that her intention was to give daydreamers the “vicarious experience of being a Hells Angel.”

The Mob Museum brags that it brings “real stories…to life with engaging, multi-sensory exhibits and unparalleled insights from those on the front lines of both sides of the battle. The Mob Museum offers a provocative, contemporary look at this fascinating topic through hundreds of artifacts and immersive storylines. We bring Mob stories to life so completely, you’ll feel like you’re part of them.”

So if you have heard of Kerrie Droban and you would like to read her books so you can have the vicarious experience of belonging to a motorcycle club but you are an illiterate moron, the Mob Museum might be just the thing for you.


25 Responses to “Welcome To The Zoo”

  1. SoonerFan Says:

    How much ya wanna bet Dobyns, in his lust for fame and fortune, sells a piece of 81 paraphenlia he stole from an ATF evidence locker while on duty..

    Kinda like Rampart Division circa 1998, only this time, selling the goods to the the public as “memorabilia”.

    Dobyns is a menstruating cunt…. we can only hope he bleeds to death.

  2. lorelei Says:

    Elmo Blatch reading your post of the $42 million used to construct propaganda sickens me when that money could and SHOULD have been used to help every veteran as much as possible and more!! Let’s not forget the incredible sacrifice of all veterans everywhere no matter how you view your government.

  3. Elmo Blatch Says:

    $42 million to construct! That money could have helped a lot of veterans.

  4. Sick Rick Says:

    I wonder if Tom Barker has ever encountered John Whitfield and his gang? Madisonville isn’t all that far from Richmond.

  5. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Museum? More like propaganda class for the idiots who don’t even know how to use their own eyes. But then after all, we are surrounded by sheeple who only know how to do what they’re told. What a shame that this “museum” wasn’t built, staffed and inventoried by the people who actually know and live the life. Now that would be worth the money to enter and learn from… IMHO
    And as an afterthought, the funds from that museum might be used for good purpose. Like maybe a legit legal defense fund or something else actually useful? Just a thought…

  6. Paladin Says:

    If one were to take an unbiased look at the small percentage of criminal activity conducted within the motorcycling community, one would come to the inescapable conclusion that what little criminal there is, is anything but organized. However, history has shown that without a doubt, the criminal activity perpetrated against the members of the motorcycling community and the citizenry at large highly organized and sophisticated as well.

    Law enforcement’s transformation from keeper’s of the peace to a highly organized and sophisticated criminal enterprise would give the Sheriff of Nottingham one of those four hour boners some of us wish we could get.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  7. Bob Says:

    Pretenders and infiltraters only point to a very small part if any to support their narrative, they know absolutely nothing about being a real 1%er, I can say that for fact because I am proudly one.

  8. Stickerman Says:

    Hey bros! I wonder if they will also have the gun Jax used to kill Gemma! Everyone loves Sons of Ikea and every BRO knows that show was HARD m’f’n’ CORE!!!!!

    Sons of Ikea stuff would fit right in to this amazing exhibit of biker gangs!!

  9. Mercyful Fate Says:

    “Kerrie Droban, the poet and prosecutor who became a biker authority once said that her intention was to give daydreamers the “vicarious experience of being a Hells Angel.”

    So dykes can now also become “biker authorities”? I’d wager that there will soon be more “biker authorities” than bikers in the near future.

    I’d also wager that museum attendance is mandatory (as is circle-jerking to dobyns’ book) for all urine odor members.

  10. Glenn S. Says:

    I read the rats and pigs books too, to know my enemy, and then pass them on to anybody similarly interested for the same reason. Occasionally, I can’t stomach the damn book and can’t get past the first chapter, especially when it’s some rat writing the goddamn thing like the busted junkie has magically been transformed into a man on a mission from God right after he learned that his charges will disappear after he befriends and betrays better men than himself.

    But I’d rather watch pink paint dry on a Yamaha 650 than to visit this so called museum. You want to visit a museum, check out the Wheels of Time at Maggie Valley, NC. It’s real history in thousands of made in the USA motorcycles and related accessories. One of my brothers, his OL, and I rode there last weekend (my second time). The place is fascinating, and a great escape from life’s little irritations.

  11. Slide Says:

    Right down the road is HagsNHephers.” (sic) See real bikers, real biker tourists, real bartenders dancing on the bar and real celebrity pictures on the wall visiting. What you will not see is “insignia, colors or any “gang” related clothing of any kind.” Guess you have to go up to The Mob Museum to see that. Mob; strange term to describe La Cosa Nostra. Museum is even stranger. But I am m sure the four families are raking in their “cut.” And what prospect wears a club belt buckle? A lying ass goat fucking snitch named Jay George Christie Dobyns. GC just think, you rate right up with the top snitches of them all. Happy now?
    Rebel, you show the absurdity of the systematic rise and fall of what is now called entertainment. What a waste of money. Our money.

  12. Nobody Important Says:

    I’ll be honest. I bought Jay “Ratfucker” Dobyn’s book ( on clearance, used, for a dollar) because I’m a big fan of ‘know your enemy’ much like Patton read Rommel’s book, I read Ratfucker’s.

    It was an interesting read, in that it’s an amazing series of excuses, evasions, and flat out admissions of fraud an entrapment, from a man with a staggering lack of self awareness.

  13. Bone Head Says:

    “…Tom Barker, an emeritus professor of criminal justice at Eastern Kentucky University …”
    Eastern Ky. U. is basically cop school. I passed through Richmond Kentucky last month; “creepy” is a good word. The mentality of the “students” is ridiculous. I’d suggest by-passing that exit off I-75.

  14. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Stevo brought up an interesting point. Given 81’s rather vigorous protection of its intellectual property, I’m honestly surprised that they haven’t sued to have club indicia returned to the club yet!

  15. jonny sumo Says:

    Mr Rebel….Mr Rebel….I be a illegitimate meringue….could ya take me to the mooseum….could ya Mr Rebel…please…I wanna see how brave the truthful agent man was…can ya…huh?…..

  16. Va.Bob Says:

    Twenty-four bucks.You’d have to be a serious sheeple to do that.I’d wager that there will be all kinds of coupons for admission,shortly.In a city with cheap buffets and lots of complementary drinks,that’s a hard sell.

  17. T Hell Says:

    @ xplor
    How do you keep an informant or pig in suspense?




    still confused pal……..

    Respects to those…….

  18. BMW Says:

    Dumb and Dumber, exhibiting the memorable moments of the Dumbest: Jay Robbins! Is Mr. Robbins credible? Not according to his former employers at ATF, who ATF claimed set fire to his own home for some reason never explained…but on the other hand, the ATF has repeatedly demonstrated it’s own inability to tell the truth about anything. The ATF (my autocorrect keeps changing ATF to STD for some reason) LOL

    The ATF/STD has been caught lying about the first and the second WHACO invasions; the ATF/STD has been caught lying about the the Ruby Ridge entrapment; the ATF/STD has repeatedly been caught lying about their “big time” Milwaukee entrapment schemes – in the course of which, an agent supposedly had a machine gun stolen from his car; the ATF/STD was caught lying about several different motorcycle clubs.

    Despite this tendency towards fabrication and exaggerations, the ATF/STD has been powerless against the illegal weapons controlled by the Crips and Bloods–although the ATF/STD did manage to sell thousands of weapons to the drug cartels.

    Yes, this is the sort of INcredible source that any professional museum would depend on–NOT!


  19. david Says:

    Perfect name chosen, :The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement.
    The government being the largest organized criminal outfit, with so-called LE being the leading executive branch criminals.

  20. xplor Says:

    What the mob says about hells angeles is they are slackers and are never to be trusted.
    One way to spot an informant is if they show any hustle.
    Sure some of them have a job but how many have two or more.

  21. Stevo Says:

    Gay Dobyns stolen property should be reclaimed from this propaganda shithole by the clubs who own it. Isn’t there a clever enough hacker out there that could retrieve Gays video evidence that ‘didnt’ show him taking those drugs and ‘didnt’ show him screwing those women behind his wife’s back and ‘didnt’ show him breaking every law he swore to uphold and was paid exorbitantly to do so? I’d love to see that cum stained cock sucker brought to book.


  22. Whitepride Says:

    Like I’m gonna pay money to see one of Jay Dobyns used tampons!

  23. R&R Says:

    So now Hells Angels and Pistoleros are elevated to the same status as the Mafia by being represented at this museum? We’re talking about Capone, Nitti, Lansky and of course, Bugsy Siegel. Followed by the Genovese family, the Bonnino family and surely you remember John Gotti. I’m leaving out a ton of others. Bikers are under the same roof as those folks? Give me a fuckin break. On the bright side though, I’d only have to pay $17.95 to get in cause I’m a geezer.

    Wonder if they display the last photo of Bugsy, the one where his brains are in his lap.


  24. Ben Says:

    I bet George Christie wants to get in on the act. He’d fit right in.

  25. Paladin Says:

    “Schumacher also references more recent biker history when he tells prospective customers, “Biker gangs are often involved in brawls and shootings, but rarely do these conflicts reach the magnitude of what went down in 2015 in a restaurant parking lot in Waco, Texas.”

    The magnitude of what went down in a restaurant parking lot in Waco, Texas was brought to you and made possible by the following sponsors: ATF, Waco PD, FBI, DHS, and the Texas DPS.


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